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The Invitation

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As always, I want to thank my editor Todger65. This is a short one and is intended to be just for fun. That is especially true for mom, dad, and daughter.

The Invitation

The Bells are mistakenly invited to a masquerade party

The invitation arrived in the mail on Tuesday. We had no way of knowing at the time that it had never been intended for us. We found out later that the house number had been transposed by a distracted assistant. The couple expecting the invitation were extremely disappointed. They could not figure out what they could have done wrong that had resulted in being spurned by their friends. They absolutely would not embarrass themselves by calling and asking about it.

The invitation itself was a high-quality production made with the finest paper and inks. Hand calligraphy spelled out the details.

You and family members over eighteen are cordially invited

to attend the masquerade party at our home

8:00 PM, June 5th

1246 7th Avenue

Dress in your finest lingerie

Masks will be provided

Best Performance of The Evening Wins $5,000

I was confused about a few things when I read it. I did not recognize the address although I knew it was in our neighborhood. The lingerie thing did not make sense. Who cares what your underwear looks like at a masquerade party? The five thousand really got my attention. I was not too sure what they meant by performance, but I figured we could handle it. My wife and daughter act in local theatre and are incredibly good. I have some experience myself thanks to their refusal to let me just sit in the audience.

“Susan, Kam, come here. You need to see this.”

My amazing wife walked into the room. After nearly twenty years of marriage my cock still twitches when she walks into a room, “What is it Bill?”

“Susan, it’s an invitation. Here, check it out.”

I handed her the invitation. Our daughter walked into the room at that moment. She looks very much like her mother except that she is more petite. Susan is about five and a half feet tall. Kam is a couple of inches shorter. She is a scaled down version of her mother which I hope explains the second twitch of my cock.

She was wearing a long t-shirt, very obviously without a bra, and a thong. I give her a lot of shit over her clothing. If I am being honest, I do that more because of the effect her clothing has on me than anything else. A father should not think of his nineteen-year-old daughter that way. Did I mention she looks like her mother? That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

Of course, she just had to hug me in her own special way. She threw her arms around my neck, jumped up and straddled me, “Daddy! I haven’t seen you all day. Gimme a kiss.”

She kissed me right on the mouth. I could feel the tip of her tongue against my lip. Her crotch was rubbing against my rapidly growing erection as she wiggled. She has been teasing me like this for a year now. It makes me crazy and her mother laugh. Susan is aware of Kam’s teasing and has assured me she is just exercising her ability to attract males. I have always known it as cock teasing. A mean-spirited game that girls play with the goal of driving guys insane.

I had enough of this and finally did what I promised Susan I would do if Kam continued to tease. I called her bluff. I grabbed her ass with both hands, I opened my mouth, and aggressively responded to her tongue with my own. The result was hilarious. Her eyes shot open as wide as they would go, and her entire body stiffened. Susan laughed so hard she was nearly crying.

I was looking into my daughter’s eyes as she slowly released the hold her legs had on me and slid back onto her feet. Her face was flushed with what I assumed was embarrassment, “I can’t believe you did that Dad!”

“I just did what you did. If you don’t want to play, don’t start the game.” I let her think about that for a moment. She looked a bit sad and of course I took pity on her, “Now, can I have a real hug?”

This time she stayed on her feet. I expected her to put her arms around my neck. Instead, she wrapped her arms around my waist. I wanted to lean forward a little to hide the erection that had developed and her arms around my waist prevented that. My entire point was lost when she felt my cock against her stomach. At least this time she hugged me about as normal as she ever does and kissed me on the cheek. Her face was redder than before when we separated.

Susan looked down at my crotch, shook her head, and chuckled, “I guess you showed her, didn’t you?”

“I cannot help how my body reacts to an attractive woman. My body’s reaction does not mean I approve of cock teasing.”

I looked my daughter in the eye, “Kam, it is mean to tease someone into thinking you want to be physical with them when you have no intention of following through. At best it is a nasty way to treat someone. At worst, it could get you hurt or raped. You are not a mean person and I love you more Gaziemir Escort than anything.”

“I love you too daddy.” She paused for a moment, “So, you think I am attractive?”

Susan was laughing again. I cannot win.

We sat down at the kitchen table to discuss the invitation. Susan handed it to Kam, and we waited while she read through it. She finished and looked up, “Please tell me we are going. Pleeeease!?”

I looked at Susan, “What do you think?”

“Well, I think it would be fun, but I am curious about the lingerie requirement.”

Kam spoke up, “Maybe the performance part of the party is a lingerie show?”

That filled in the blanks for me, “I bet that is what it is. It makes sense based on what we know. Everyone will be wearing masks. A person can be daring without giving away who they are.”

Kam was literally jumping up and down with excitement. I couldn’t help but notice her perky c-cup breasts bouncing right along, “Yes Kam, we’re going, and I guess I need some new underwear.

“I do not want to know what either of you are wearing and I won’t show you what I am wearing. If I don’t know I won’t feel the need to watch you, while trying not to look at you. I would be walking into the walls the entire time we are there.”

I admit I cheated with Susan’s help. Susan told me later that she would make sure I had something suitable to wear, “I know you. You will show up in your boxer briefs and call it a day. If they have a male performance, I want you to win it. I know you have the equipment for it.”

She was smart about it. I should have known something was up when she shaved my pubic hair and chest. She made it sound like a fantasy thing and we did have a good time afterward. She did not give me my underwear until just before we had to leave for the party. She handed me blue, nearly transparent, mini briefs that barely held my junk. A hardon was going to be as evident as an egg fart at a perfume show.

A lot of guys would have immediately said ‘Hell no!’. I am not a lot of guys. I trust my wife in all things. She has led me past my inhibitions many times and I have always appreciated it in the end. So, I stretched the tiny britches around my parts and got dressed.

As for being led past my inhibitions, let’s just say we have had some fun. We agreed long ago that if the right situation were to arise and we both agreed, we could have sex with other people. Susan thought that the party might be one of those situations. After I gave it some thought, I agreed with her. While we have had some fun with other people, we’re far from experts. We’ve only done it twice. Neither of us really planned to screw anyone, but both of us thought it was a good idea to be on the same page if it happened.

Kam would make her own decisions. In the worst case I would recognize her yell for help even if she were wearing a mask. She could easily walk home if she wanted to leave.

Both of my girls looked amazing when we met in the living room. They managed to look sexy without showing a hint of what they had on underneath. I think Kam was wearing the longest dress she owned just to make sure she didn’t give anything away.

The party was only a few blocks away, so we walked over. We were met at the driveway and had to show our invitation. I was directed to a side entrance. Susan and Kam were directed to the front door.



The attendant at the driveway directed Kam and I to the front door. We walked up and the door was opened for us before we could knock. A woman in a mask immediately put her finger up to her mouth in the universal ‘don’t talk’ sign. We silently followed her down a hall and into a large bedroom. Curtains were hung from the ceiling, creating small dressing rooms. She closed the door and turned to us, “Welcome to the party. We can talk while we are in this room. Please step into a dressing area. You can remove all your clothing except your lingerie and hand it to me. I will make sure everything is hung up. I will write a number on the back of your hand. You might want to memorize it in case it gets rubbed off. When you are ready to leave the party just show me the number. I will explain how this party works while you undress.”

“When you are ready, I will take you one at a time to get your mask and escort you to the party. The goal here is to maintain the masquerade. There is no talking allowed. Guests caught ‘outing’ themselves or others will be asked to leave. The only other rule is ‘No’ means ‘No’ in whatever way it is expressed. Outside of that, do what you want, with whomever you want. There will be an announcement regarding the performance later in the evening.”

She marked my hand and walked me out and down the hall. We stopped at a door and she helped me put on my mask. She took my hand and we walked through the door. She led me through several rooms crowded with people, then released my hand and walked away. I saw a bar setup nearby and walked over. There was a list of drinks you could point to and a pad for writing Güzelbahçe Escort down anything else you might want. I got a glass of wine and began to stroll around.

I felt hands brush me as I walked through the crowd. Nothing too overtly sexual, just light caresses on my arm or shoulder. After a few minutes someone got bolder. A hand ran over my shoulder and up my neck causing goose bumps. I turned to see the source and was surprised to see a woman smiling at me. Her hand cupped my cheek, and she brushed her lips against mine. I smiled back at her and she kissed me. I returned her kiss, and it was nice, but I wasn’t quite ready to go any farther. I smiled and turned to walk away.

She lightly grabbed my hand as I did and pointed at the two of us and pointed forward. She wanted to go with me as I explored the party. I smiled my ‘yes’ and we milled through the crowd. I could see some heated kissing as we went. It appeared that some folks were more interested in mutual arousal than the performance that had to be coming soon.



My dad is so hot! I started to look at him differently when I turned eighteen. Now, I feel like I will go insane if I don’t have sex with him. I know it is supposed to be weird because he is my dad, but I am nineteen and this isn’t the middle ages. I am on the pill and dad had a vasectomy a while back anyway.

Mom figured out how I was feeling months ago. She told me she not only didn’t mind, but she also thought it could be great fun for both of us. She also pointed out that Dad would have a hard time accepting the idea. Mom has always been open minded about sex. I think it would be cool if the three of us did some stuff together. Convincing Dad is the hard part. Mom suggested taking it slow by doing little things that made him think of me in a different, sexier, way.

So, I started giving him hugs and kisses when he came home. I dressed as sexy as I could and made sure I rubbed as much of my body as I could against his. He really surprised me when he grabbed my ass and stuck his tongue in my mouth. I was so turned on! I rubbed up against his hard cock when I hugged him the ‘normal’ way. I knew then that he thought I was sexy too. I nearly had an orgasm right then.

I was so excited about the masquerade party. I thought it was strange when they separated Dad from us when we got there. I got nervous when the lady took Mom out and I was left alone. When the lady gave me my mask and took me out into the room I was in a sea of almost naked people. Some of them probably should have worn more clothes. There were a few hot men. One especially caught my eye. He had a nice body and a nice big cock showing through his nearly transparent blue stripper briefs. He had the biggest cock I have ever seen!

He must have been scoping me out too because he walked over to me. He motioned to the bar and I nodded. We walked over and ordered our drinks. He took my hand and we walked over to a less crowded area and sat down on one of the many couches. Both of us were a bit confused about what to do next. It did not take him long to figure it out. He started running his hands up my arms, across my shoulders and up my neck. His hands slid behind my neck and pulled me into a kiss. He was an amazing kisser and I enjoyed kissing him back.

We broke from the kiss and that is when I saw Mom. Mom thought she was being slick when she bought her lingerie for this party. She hid her lingerie in the bathroom closet, and she wasn’t paying attention to who was behind her while she hid it. I was watching from around the corner because I wanted to know what she was going to wear. The level of hotness she chose helped me figure out how little I could wear and get away with it. I was surprised to see some hot woman was standing with her body pressed up against Mom. Mom looked like she was enjoying the closeness.

I turned back to the stud next to me and kissed him again. I ran my hands down his chest and those nice abs. Travelling farther south, I ran my hands over his silk covered cock. It pulsed against my hands as it grew. I almost giggled when it grew out of his briefs. I decided the best thing to do was kiss it. He leaned back on the couch as I knelt between his legs. I could not believe how big and hard he was in my hands.

I kissed the tip before running my tongue around it. He filled my mouth with his satin steel and had plenty left over. I like to suck cock. The feel of it in my mouth is amazing and the feeling of power it gives me when it shoots is thrilling. I loved this cock, but there was no way I could do the deep throat thing. He was just too big. I decided to enjoy as much as I could get into my mouth.

His hands gently held my face as I made love to his cock. He pulled me up onto his lap after a little while. His cock stood between us like some erotic monolith. He kissed me again and I turned to jelly. His lips found their way down my neck to my tits. I pulled my shear bra out of the way and his lips sucked on my nipple. I forgot where I was for a İzmir Masaj Salonları while.

When he came up for air, I opened my eyes and saw that Mom was being entertained by her new lady friend. My new friend decided to put me on my back, and I gave him my undivided attention. He licked his way up my thighs and ran his tongue up my silk covered pussy. He pulled the cloth out of his way and began to lick me. He really knew his way around a pussy! I have never cum so fast!

Mr. Wonder Cock moved up my body and pushed the head of his magnificent cock slowly into my pussy. I am so glad he was considerate. He could have hurt me, but he took his time and allowed my body to adjust. I came again when he filled me. He froze for a minute until he realized that he hadn’t hurt me. Quite the opposite in fact! He was on his knees with both hands pulling me onto his cock when Mom leaned in and kissed me. She didn’t know it was me. She just needed someone to kiss.

We really went at it. She is a great kisser and the fact she is my mom made it really hot. I nearly lost my mind when Wonder Cock started to slide me on and off his cock. I was moaning in Mom’s mouth until her lips slid off mine. Someone was fucking her, and she couldn’t maintain lip contact. I was incapable of kissing anyway by this point. The cock in me was driving me crazy and it became my entire focus.

I don’t know how many times I came. It seemed like one continuous orgasm. I could tell when he was getting close and I wanted to swallow his cum. I looked into his eyes and pointed at my mouth. I am not sure which one of us figured it out first, but we recognized each other in that moment. That did not stop me from turning around and taking his cock in my mouth. He shot jet after jet into my mouth and I loved every drop. I licked and sucked him until he was as clean as I could get him.

I couldn’t read the look on Dad’s face when I rose up. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him hard. I was scared that he would be upset and would push me away. I looked into his eyes and he leaned down and kissed me. I was so happy. We kissed and he held me close for a long time and it was wonderful.



I was a little confused when they separated us at the party, but I ran with it. I walked in the door and some guy motioned for me to follow him. We walked into a room divided by curtains and he explained the rules. It wasn’t long after that I was given my mask and escorted to the party. I milled around a bit before I saw a vision of beauty. She was the petite epitome of sexual attraction and I felt like I had to be near her. She seemed to be attracted to me as well and she let me lead her to the bar. We got our drinks and ended up on a couch.

Her alure was magnetic and I had to touch her. I ran my hands up the soft skin on her arms and pulled her into a kiss. Her lips were soft and willing. I was reminded of my wife’s lips and I should have known, but I was lost in my arousal for this strange woman. When she caressed my cock, I lost my ability to think about anything but her. My cock grew way beyond the containment of my silly underwear.

She moved between my legs. The kiss she placed on my cock nearly made me cum. She started to suck on my cock, and it was magical. I could tell she loved my cock and the boost it gave my ego was almost matched by the lust I had for her lithe body. I did not just want her; I needed her. Susan is the only woman I have ever needed more.

Her pussy tasted amazing and I used all the skill I had to make her feel wonderful. When I put the head of my cock into her it was like the first time ever being in a woman. Oh god, the feel of her pussy was beyond belief. The primitive side of me wanted to plunge my cock into her and fuck her until she screamed for mercy. I controlled my urges. Something about her made me want to take care of her. I wanted her to be happy more than anything. We started out fucking as strangers. Soon it became making love to a beautiful goddess that I felt like I had always been meant to be with.

When our eyes met, and she pointed to her mouth, I knew who she was. I could no longer resist my attraction to my daughter. My heart was lost to her in that moment. Knowing that she is my daughter only added to the height of my arousal. I cannot remember ever cumming that hard before.

I was in shock until she threw her arms around me. I realized then that I loved her now more than ever. I kissed her deeply and held her close. Shortly after that a woman I soon found out was her mom joined us.



I am open minded about sex because I enjoy it so much. You would think I would have experimented with women by now. You would be wrong. I have nothing against women being with women. I have just never been in a situation where I could experiment. The woman that was exploring the party with me changed everything.

We were walking around when she led me to some couches. I was sure she was about to seduce me, and I was about to let her. She was kissing my neck and running her hands down my body when I noticed the couple on the couch. I knew immediately from the cock that the guy on the couch was my husband. I also knew the girl he was kissing was our daughter. I saw her admiring her outfit in her mirror while I was peeking through her partially open door. She always left it open in case her dad walked by.

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