The Investment Opportunity

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I never knew that a single night could demolish my stable marriage of nearly 30 years and lead me to do things with another man that I could never have imagined. Some of it would occur with the full knowledge of my husband but he would be helpless to intervene and stop of any of it. He would be forced to watch and listen while I underwent sexual humiliation at the hands of a man and woman we once trusted. And worst of all, I would often find myself wanting the very degradation being inflicted on me.

Our ordeal would begin innocently enough.

“I can’t wait to hear the news about David’s latest medical miracle.”

Roger was excited about yet another investment opportunity for clients at his financial management firm.

And Roger had long been David’s sole financial advisor, helping him to build the wealth he now managed. SEC and his firm’s ethics rules forbid direct gifts from a client to a partner. But David never hesitated to write glowing letters each year to the partnership committee enumerating Roger’s expertise and success on his behalf. Generous yearly bonuses often followed, adding to our wealth.

And occasionally Dave offered advice on medical and scientific advances to look out for the future, and some to avoid like the plague. It was no exaggeration to say that Dave had helped Roger and I to enjoy a life of wealth and no small amount of privilege from his referrals and advice.

David had been even more successful than Roger in many respects, going onto medical school while Roger attended business school. Dave graduated near the top of his med school class, completed a successful residency at his first choice institution and was now well-established in our city as a highly regarded OB/GYN.

He had even found the time and energy to go back to school to earn another degree in pharmacology which opened up even more avenues for him through a partnership with a large, well known drug manufacturer. He has helped with research and trials for medications related to reproductive health for men and women that have proven successful in both medical and financial terms.

“I’m more than a little bit intrigued myself,” I replied. All I knew was that it was a new drug to replace traditional Hormone Replacement Therapy for women going through menopause. I was still a few years away from that ‘change of life’ but my family history indicated early menopause for most of the women in my family. Anything that might someday help women through that phase was worth hearing more about.

I’ve valued physical fitness since my days as a college track athlete and have been proud to maintain a high level of fitness through marriage, work and childbirth to the present day. With our grown children now in college I had time to pursue my career as a personal trainer with a high degree of success, including a thriving online business with thousands of subscribing viewers and well supported by advertisers. Any drug that might allow me to continue doing what I loved would be appreciated.

Roger and I have enjoyed a satisfying sex life together, the only downside in recent years has been lack of frequency, at least from my perspective. I don’t think it’s a lack of desire for either of us, just the result of our busy schedules. But at least when we do find the time it’s always good. Having a drug with fewer side effects that would sustain my libido for a few more good years with Roger was another consideration.

“You look MAH-velous Olivia,” Roger remarked as I dressed for our dinner with David. “Love that nice tight blouse and the pearls. Maybe you should open one more button so we can all see where those pearls disappear to.” I struggled into my black skirt, a bit too tight, and Roger zipped it up the back for me. My black thigh high hose completed my look and I was satisfied as I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror.

He made no secret of his love for my cleavage but I didn’t need any more attention than I already got from David and his somewhat strange partner/research assistant, Ludmilla, who had been living with him for the last few years. David tended to look at my breasts enough as it was.

“I wonder what the lovely Ludmilla will be wearing tonight?” David wondered out loud.

Russian born, Ludmilla was a 40-something, striking blue-eye blonde who stood a good one or two inches taller than the three of us, with long legs that seemed to go on for ever. And those legs were obviously toned and muscular. My trained eye told me she was a woman who trained rigorously nearly every day and must have been a serious athlete at one time.

We were never sure exactly how David and Ludmilla ended up together, but at least he was now very happy in life. His success had come at a cost–bitter divorce from his wife after 12 years of marriage, estrangement from the three children of that marriage and the inability to establish long term romantic relationships for too many years. We had made sure to include him in our invitations for social occasions at every opportunity after his divorce. We always made sure to esenyurt escort invite eligible women of his age and professional level without being too obvious about playing ‘matchmaker’, but those efforts never paid off.

We remained good friends with his ex-wife as well and always made sure not to invite both of them to the same event to avoid a nasty scene, but I sometimes got the feeling that he regarded any contact by us with his ex as some form of personal betrayal.

Our hosts greeted us warmly at the door and invited us in. Roger couldn’t help noticing how the buttons of Ludmilla’s satin blouse strained to hold in her marvelous breasts. I could hardly blame him since I had to steal a momentary glance myself. For all her natural beauty she seemed to maintain an unsmiling countenance. I couldn’t help thinking that with a wardrobe change into a black leather bustier, fishnet stockings and holding a short riding crop she would make the perfect dominatrix in a BDSM video. If I had known how close my imagination actually was to reality I never would have stepped in the door that night.

The evening started pleasantly enough as we sat at the dinner table with wine and hors d’oeuvres.

“So tell us about this new wonder drug,” Roger asked.

“Wonder drug is right. I guess you could refer to it as an HRT replacement for women. It is really geared for peri-menopausal to post-menopausal women, which you know is one area I specialize in my practice. We’ve been looking for something to replace traditional hormone replacement therapy and it’s attendant risks of endometrial cancer, blood clots and stroke for many women. We really think this may be it.” Just what I wanted to hear.

“It has definitely shown great success in trials already and I think approval is only a matter of time, once issues surrounding some minor side effects are resolved however.”

“Is it serious? An adverse reaction of some sort?” Asked Roger.

“No, no. Nothing serious or adverse. In fact one might say they are actually positive side effects. We found that the women in our trials reported both a somewhat elevated libido and possible heightened orgasmic response during intercourse.”

Roger and I exchanged sly glances. Sounds like nice side effects. And definitely increases the investment potential for the drug. Replacing HRT and getting a boost to one’s sex life seemed like a win-win.

“Naturally we expanded our trial to include laboratory testing to confirm what had been reported anecdotally. Elevated libido does not lend itself to lab measurements, but orgasmic response can be measured quite effectively and accurately. And certainly videotaped for review.”

Whoa. Couples copulating hooked up to electrodes? Videotaped? Lab geeks watching behind a two-way mirror? A dream come true for voyeurs and exhibitionists alike. I felt a bit stimulated thinking about the possibility. I’ve never actually played out any exhibitionist scenario or had the opportunity to be the voyeur as someone else engaged in sex. But the thought of acting out either one of these possibilities was getting my motor running.

“So did your testing confirm the initial information?” Roger asked.

“Oh yes. There was a measurable difference in lab results in everything from pulse and respiration to vaginal and anal contractions during orgasm when we tested their orgasms before and after ingesting our new medication. This held true when the subjects were tested during their arousal to climax using three different methods. They showed the same increase in orgasmic response when we tested them using self-stimulation, sexual intercourse with a partner, and through mechanical stimulation, with and without the medication.”

“Mechanical stimulation? You mean a vibrator of some sort?” I asked.

“Oh no. Far more sophisticated. A device similar to that used by Masters and Johnson in their groundbreaking research in the sixties. Basically a miniature camera-equipped phallus driven by an electric motor. Our subjects got to choose their own lab test phallus that conformed to their personal preferences in length, girth, shape, curvature, etc. During the test they were in full control of the speed, depth and angle of penetration through an easy to learn, small hand control. By the way, Masters and Johnson nicknamed their machine “Ulysses”. David really had us on the edge of our seats now.

“Ve named our version ‘Ramses’,” Ludmilla deadpanned without hint of a smile. “And of course our 21st century Ramses is light years ahead of the 1960’s-era Ulysses in terms of realism due to dramatic advances in microelectronics, materials technology, and the like. State of the art Hollywood prosthetic artistry created a most realistic array of penises of every shape, size and racial makeup, right down to every bulging vein for our subjects. And the most unique feature of Ramses is the ability to produce an extremely realistic simulation of male ejaculation. A large volume of very warm, hypoallergenic liquid that closely resembles male esenyurt escort bayan semen in consistency and aroma. The subject can trigger the ejaculation with her remote at the moment of her choosing or set it to release automatically at a pre-set time or certain number of thrusts, or use a random surprise release. Oh, and of course she can choose the number of pulses to be released into her, as well as the total volume of liquid to be released into her vagina. She can even choose the intensity of the pulses as measured in pounds per square inch of pressure.”

Of course. Who wouldn’t want to control all that? I imagined settings on Ramses ranging from squirt gun to firehose.

“Ve can realistically claim that Ramses is a vast improvement over not only Ulysses, but the actual human penis in terms of sexual performance.” I smell a Nobel Prize in the near future with that last claim by Ludmilla.

For some reason, that turned me on even more. Imagine, lying back and getting banged by the cock of my exact choosing. And this mechanical lover doesn’t have to rely on intuition, guess work or outright verbal instruction to fuck me the way I want. Or not necessarily lying on my back. I would definitely like to have Ramses ram me while on all fours. Or pump up into me while on top. Riding is my favorite when I want to cum reliably.

“So what’s the problem with that kind of side effect David?” Roger was very careful when it came to analyzing potential investments for his firm’s clients.

“None really, when looking at our target audience. The increase in orgasmic response was only slightly elevated and was certainly welcome by the test subjects and their partners.”

“So what could the possible downsides be? It sounds like it’s all good to me.” Roger queried.

“I guess you could call it the possibility of unauthorized `’off label’ use. When used by younger pre-menopausal women the effects are far more dramatic. The drug company insisted on including a sample of younger, non-menopausal women in the testing. A normal precaution and we expected some variation from the norm established by our target sample of older women. We just didn’t know what direction the variation would go to and how far. Turns out the response was higher, much higher. They reported huge increases in sexual desire and libido and dramatic increases in orgasmic response in lab measurements.”

“Oh? Just how dramatic are we talking about?” I was about to ask that myself, but relieved Roger asked before I appeared a bit too interested.

“Several fold. An exponential increase in all the measures in the lab. Through the roof, basically. At one point we were even worried about orgasms so intense that we became concerned about the possibility of triggering cardiac arrythmia, stroke, and even possible damage to blood vessels in the retina.”

“Jesus, David. That sounds pretty damn dangerous. Getting fucked to death or going blind?” Roger would be pretty reluctant to invest in something like that!

“No need to worry, Roger. We totally eliminated any life threatening side effects once proper dosages were determined. The only remaining side effects are the increases in libido and desire and the extremely intense, mind blowing orgasms. But that has still left the drug company’s legal department with some concerns.”

Leave it to lawyers to be concerned with women’s orgasms, I thought. “What concerns could that be?”

“I myself find the idea farfetched, but one lawyer offered the example of a college frat party where a large group of coeds had their drinks spiked with this drug, rather than the more commonly used things like Rohypnol, Ketamine and GHB. Those render their targets unable to resist and may even render them unconscious and unable to recall events after the fact.

This drug would make their targets an active participant in whatever takes place. The women could even appear to be the more aggressive partner in what takes place and there would be no doubt that she was enjoying every moment of what happens whether she consented to any of it or not. With the proliferation of cell phones likely recording everything it would be hard for a prosecutor to make a case for sexual assault and even harder for a jury to convict.”

Wow. That just seemed too wild to imagine without actually seeing this thing in action but I guess we would have to take David’s word for it.

Roger was still intrigued, not just by the financial possibilities but probably visualizing us making use of this drug some day down the road to add some spice to our lovemaking. He really does get off watching me climax.

“So, I’m not sure exactly how to ask you this David, but um, have you had any direct personal experience with this yourself. Outside of the lab I mean?” Roger asked. I was wondering myself. I was trying to imagine the cold, stern Ludmilla suddenly turn into a wild, screaming vixen during sex. Nope, couldn’t see her that way at all. I don’t even think she has an ‘O’ face at all.

David chuckled escort esenyurt at the slightly naughty implication of he and Ludmilla using his discovery in their bedroom instead of observing others in a lab. “Ha ha, I know what you’re getting at though, no, not yet. But Ludmilla has had the opportunity to observe our subjects first hand in the lab, haven’t you darling?”

“Yes” she said in her thick Russian accent. “Truly reMARKable. There are possibilities for this medication in uses we haven’t even thought of yet.”

She didn’t crack a smile at all, totally deadpan. I almost laughed at her ability to remain stern and unsmiling while discussing a topic so ripe for obvious humor.

I noticed David seemed a bit distracted this evening, looking at his watch and then glancing at me. I remembered what a meticulous chef he was. He was apparently tracking a special concoction for dinner. I couldn’t detect any aromas wafting their way from the kitchen but I was still anticipating s great meal.

David went on, “But tonight I have arranged for a real world test of the power of this medication that should convince both of you what a great investment opportunity this truly is.”

Just talking about this medication was making me feel horny. I was definitely getting a very warm feeling in my pelvis, as if the blood flow was being dramatically redirected there just thinking about it. Not only that but I could feel my breasts getting very warm and tingly–my nipples were totally engorged and sensitive now. I had to squirm in my seat a little to get comfortable. My pussy was definitely getting wet. I could even tell my clitoris was fully engorged and throbbing. Talk about a placebo effect. If just thinking about the drug could get me turned on, just imagine what it could do if I actually tried it!

I happened to glance at Ludmilla and we made brief eye contact. For the first time that evening I saw a smile cross her lips as she noticed my discomfort.

“What do you mean by a real world test?” asked Roger, becoming even more intrigued now. He didn’t notice my flushed, red face or my squirming. I bit my lower lip and tried not to make a sound, but I could tell my breathing was starting to get a bit rapid.

David continued, “Before we sat down I took the liberty of adding a full dose of the medication to Olivia’s wine glass. It takes about 30 minutes for it to start taking effect.”

He looked directly at me, “So tell me dear, how are you feeling right about now?” while glancing at his watch again.

I could barely look up. Both my hands were squeezed between my quivering legs in a vain attempt to confine the sexual arousal that was already enveloping me. Roger looked at me, finally realizing what was happening, his jaw just dropped.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Just showing you the awesome possibilities of this new venture,” David explained.

“By using my wife as a guinea pig? Why would you even consider such a thing? Have you lost your mind?”

I could understand Roger’s anger, but frankly at this moment I could care less. I just needed to cum so bad I felt like I was going to pass out. If I had been alone I would have stripped naked and started masturbating right on the dining room table. As it was I just wanted to get up, go over to Roger, straddle him and fuck like crazy.

I’ve never been with a woman sexually in my life. But if Ludmilla would come over and eat my pussy I’d hold her head against my crotch with both hands until I came 20 times or she suffocated, which ever came first.

“Why would I do such a thing Roger? You should ask yourself why not? Sure, I’m successful, fulfilled and respected. But I’ve been missing what you have for a long this time. Something I definitely deserve but could not have.”

“Really? And what exactly might that be?” Roger asked, his anger rising visibly and audibly.

“You haven’t figured that out by now? Your wife, Roger, Olivia.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but it made sense. I was so horny and turned on that I would even fuck David in front of Roger and Ludmilla if it would just release me from this pent-up sexual tension. It wasn’t subsiding at all, just growing with every minute.

David went on, “But I would never think of taking Olivia against her will. I want her to desire me just as much as I desire her, more than she ever desired you. I want her to be a willing participant in what I have planned for her this evening.”

Roger got up from his chair, I was sure he was going to beat the living shit out of David right now. But as soon as he stood up he slumped back down into the chair like a collapsed balloon.

“Roger, Roger. Control yourself,” David spoke in a tone dripping with condescension. “I also took the liberty of spiking your wine glass with a muscle relaxant. You’ll notice total weakness and fatigue for several of hours. Don’t waste what little energy you have left with vain efforts at trying to stop what is going to happen to Olivia now.”

David got up from his chair and stood behind me, both hands resting on my shoulders. Oh my God! Just being touched lightly like that was making my heart pound like a sledgehammer. I felt like yelling for him to run his hands down my blouse and hold my engorged, tingling breasts and give them the fondling they were screaming for. It didn’t matter that I thought he was totally crazy right now, I just needed to cum!

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