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The Interns (Parts 1 , 2)

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“Fuck you,” Levon shouted to his fat-ass sleaze of a boss, “and fuck this job. I quit!”
“Well fuck you too, punk,” his boss shouted back, “get the hell out of my office!”
Gladly, Levon thought as he stormed out, fists clenched.
17 year-old Levon Cole walked to his car with a new sense of freedom. Bundled up against the bracing cold of the lonely parking lot, he retrieved a cigarette from his coat pocket and lit it anxiously. He drew in the sweet nicotine with a greedy pleasure and puffed out a smoke ring for his triumph.

“You did what?” Stacey Cole exclaimed.
“I quit, mom.” Levon replied bluntly.
“It’s a dead-end job, mom. Boss was a jerk and so was everyone else who worked there.”
“Was it… because you’re gay?”
“No! God, mom, no! I just wasn’t happy there, that’s all.”
“Well… fine. You know I just want you to be happy.”
There was a long silence in the Cole household kitchen. Levon didn’t like to consider it a household anymore… not since his dad left. It was just him and mom. And he liked it that way.
“This could be a good thing, you know…” Levon’s mom said finally. “There’s an intern position open at work…”
“Aw, mom…” Levon groaned, not bothering to hide his reluctance.
“Just wait, Levon. It’s not even in my department. It’s in Sales. You won’t even be working on the same floor of the building as me. I promise I won’t embarrass you there.”
“I’ll think about it…”

Levon hardly had time to think about it. A whole two days later and he was waiting alongside his mother in the elevator of her work. The idea of working with his mother hadn’t bothered him so much as working in a corporate situation. That field never attracted him.
He looked over to see his reflection in the metal wall of the elevator. He wore a buttoned-up white shirt and a solid black tie, but he hadn’t bothered to comb his short, shaggy brown hair.
“Sheesh, Levon… tuck in your shirt at least.” Stacey said.
“Yeah, mom.” Levon did as he was told.
“Be a little enthusiastic, please. You have no idea what I had to do to get you this job.”
“What?” Levon laughed. “Did you have to sleep with your boss or something?”
Levon’s mom didn’t answer, but as the elevator slowed and the sound dinged for their stop, he swore he could see his mother look uneasy. That look was replaced by a smile as the doors opened.
“Our stop,” she said quietly.

“Levon, this is Mr. Scott.”
Levon and his mom stood in a spacey office that belonged to Jim Scott, head of the sales department. Levon had heard his mom talk about Mr. Scott before, but who stood up from behind his desk was a total surprise to Levon. He had imagined him as this old, cranky grandpa who had bossed his mom around for years. But Mr. Scott was a total hottie.
“How’s it going there, Levon?” Mr. Scott said with an outstretched hand. “You’re mom’s told me a lot about you.”
Levon wanted to speak, but he was at a loss for words. What stood before him was a twenty-something male model with steely blue eyes and a chiseled face. He looked like the guys Levon had once masturbated to in those male suits catalogues.
“Is that right?” Levon finally spoke.
“You bet. I was honestly excited to hear you were interested in our intern programs. We could definitely use the help around here. Your mom says you’re a pretty hard worker.”
“I can be, Mr. Scott.”
“Call me Jim.”
Levon couldn’t respond after he saw Jim’s smile. It seemed to light up the entire room.
“Well I have to get back to the Accounting department,” Levon’s mom said. “Levon, if you need anything, call me, or stop on by.” She gave Jim a look-over. “You’re in good hands.”
Levon’s mom Sultançiftliği Escort left the office and went downstairs. Jim returned his gaze from her to Levon.
“So, Levon. Let’s get you going here.”
Too late, Levon thought, feeling a slight stiffness coming on in his pants.
“We’re gonna have to show you the orientation video and then we’ll get you to work.”
And with that, Levon’s boner quickly subsided.

Two hours later and Levon was busy at work. His job: sitting in a cramped cubicle stapling packets together, a huge stack of papers and plenty of extra staples at his disposal.
He passed the time by humming to himself and thinking about how sexy Jim was. Maybe on his break he’d have a quick jerk-off. That’d be kinky.
As if on cue, Jim appeared at his cubicle.
“Hey, Levon,” he said, “everything’s looking great here. You can take your break now.”
“Ok, how long is my break?”
“You know what? For such a good job you’ve done, I’ll give you twenty minutes.”
Plenty of time to cum to your hot ass, Levon thought. “Thanks!”
Levon left the cubicle and went on the search for a bathroom.
He found one and went inside. Cautiously looking to see if it all the stalls were empty, he took one and quickly dropped his pants.
Scenarios quickly flooded his mind. First, he imagined Jim’s muscular naked body… picturing his lengthy cock throbbing in Levon’s hand. As Levon pumped away at his own dick, he moved from imaginary sex position to the next as he and Jim fucked in his mind. Levon went crazy on himself, stroking with a fast pace with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. He stood over the toilet, ready to shoot a hot load.
As he climaxed, he thumped the side of the stall with a hand as reaction to the pleasure. But as he did so, he did not hear the bathroom door open, someone walk in, and take the stall next to him.
Levon moaned softly in pleasure, as strings of pearly white cum shot out of him.
“Is that what I think it is?” exclaimed a delighted voice from the stall next door. “It is!”
Levon looked up to see another boy peering over the stall next to him, eyes wide and a devilish grin on his face.
Dick in his hand, cum all over the toilet in from of him, Levon Cole was caught.

“Have a good tug?” asked the attractive young boy looking over the stall next to Levon.
“Uh…” Levon stuttered.
“Sure looks like it! Look at all that cum!”
“Sheesh! Is that the only word you know? Or are you still cumming?”
Levon looked back down at his softening member. He quickly pushed it back down his boxers, tucked in his shirt, and buttoned up his pants. He wiped his seed of the toilet seat and dashed out of the stall.
The other boy beat him to the door.
“Hi there, I’m Jaime,” the boy said enthusiastically. He took the hand Levon had masturbated with and shook it. He giggled. “Ooh! Still warm! …and a little sticky…”
Levon turned around and went to the sink. As he washed his hands, Jaime stayed at the door.
“Are you the new intern?” he asked.
“Um, yes,” Levon said, flustered.
“Cool! I’m one too. Been here a whole month. The place is a drag, but hey, where isn’t?”
“Yeah… look… I’m sorry you had to see that back there.”
“Oh, no. Not a problem. What’s your name, anyway?”
“Well, Levon. You’re gonna have to do that to me sometime.”
“No, I think I’ll pass.”
“You sure? Well… then I think Mr. Scott is gonna have to hear about this.”
“No! Please!”
“I don’t know… I think jacking off in a public workplace is against the health code or sexual harassment or something.”
“What do I have to do then?”
“You gotta Escort Sultançiftliği jack me off too.”
Levon sighed. He looked at the blackmailer in front of him… who was actually kind of cute. He had a boyish face, with short blonde hair and a slender body like Levon’s. He even dressed like him aside from a different colored tie.
“Fine,” Levon said, “right now?”
“Naw, my break’s almost over. I’m not some quick-shooter like you.” He winked, making Levon blush. “I’ll come see you later.” And with that, Jaime left the bathroom.
Levon looked at himself in the mirror and regained his composure.
As he stepped out of the bathroom, he was startled to see Jim waiting by the door.
“You took a long time in there, kid.”
“Must’ve been something I ate.”
“Yikes. Did you have something from our vending machines?”
“Yeah, that’ll do it. Alright, I’ve got a new assignment for you…”

Levon waited for his mother in the lobby. The elevator opened and she stepped out, a make-up mirror in hand. She was fixing her lipstick.
“God, mom. I’ve been waiting down here for like twenty minutes. I thought we get off at five.”
“We do,” she said, “I just had to put in a little overtime, that’s all.”
They walked out of the building and into the snowy city waiting outside.
“How was your first day?”
“Not bad. Jim says I might have a future career here.”
“Really? I was just hoping this internship would keep you busy. I never thought it would set in with you.”
Levon thought about Jaime, and then Jim. The former made him nervous to ever return to work there. The latter told him otherwise. “I don’t know, mom. We’ll see.”

The next day was quiet. Levon was both busy at work and at watching his back. He was worried that Jaime would come around sooner or later and claim his favor. Levon stayed in his cubicle for most of the day.
Five o’clock came sooner than expected. Levon packed his work together and retrieved his coat.
“Levon! Glad I caught you!”
Levon spun around, slightly startled and expecting to see an eager Jaime. It was Jim.
“Sorry, pal. Didn’t mean to startle you,” Jim said. “Listen, I need you to work a little late tonight. I have some special projects for you. I talked to your mom, and she has a business meeting with a client. She says she’ll take a taxi home and you can drive yourself home.”
“Ok… what do you need me to do?”

To his displeasure, Jim’s “special projects” for Levon were no different than any of the work he’d been doing regularly. He sat alone in his cubicle in an empty floor. Everyone had gone home for the night. Hell, it was a Friday.
Levon heard a thump come from down the hall. He looked over the edge of his cubicle to see what was up.
“Hello?” Levon called out. “Jim?” No, can’t be Jim, Levon thought, he went home.
Levon stood up and walked towards the breakroom.
Jaime sat there with a smile on his face and a can of soda in hand.
“Looking for someone?” Jaime asked.
“I heard a noise. I thought I was alone in here.”
“Yup. We are.”
Levon sighed softly. “I guess you want that handjob now, don’t you?”
“You guessed it.” Jaime placed the soda on the table in front of him and pushed the table aside. He unzipped his pants and beckoned for Levon to come closer.
Levon had no choice. He couldn’t face the embarrassment of being known as the office masturbator… he couldn’t imagine his mom’s reaction… or Jim’s. So Levon got down on his knees and helped Jaime lower his pants. Levon felt Jaime’s throbbing cock underneath his boxers, and he slowly pulled it out.
Levon was no stranger to a good handjob. He’d been with a few guys in his Sultançiftliği Escort Bayan time, and he knew what he was doing. He went to work slowly jerking Jaime’s 10-inch dick. Jaime moaned in pleasure.
“Yeah… just like that,” he cooed.
With one hand, Levon rubbed the shaft. With the other, he fondled his balls.
“Damn… you’re good at this… now suck it.”
“What? That wasn’t a part of the deal.”
“I don’t care. Suck it.”
“I’ve got Jim’s number on speed-dial…”
Levon didn’t protest. He opened his mouth and slid Jaime’s cock into it. Jaime closed his eyes and tilted his head back. He was enjoying it, and Levon couldn’t help enjoying it as well.
Levon bobbed his head up and down as his warm mouth engulfed Jaime’s dick. He teased the shaft and tip with his tongue. Jaime took his hand and held the back of Levon’s bouncing head as he softy moaned.
“If you’re gonna cum, don’t do it in my mouth,” Levon said between blows.
“Shit, I’m far from it. I told you I wasn’t a quick-shooter.”
Levon rolled his eyes and went back to work. A few minutes later, Jaime pulled his cock out Levon’s mouth and stood up. Without a word, he fully lowered his pants and bent over the table.
“Fuck my ass, Levon.” Jaime said shyly.
Levon obliged. He pulled out his own member, a proud 8.5 incher, which was already hard. He went over to Jaime and grabbed one of his ass cheeks on impulse.
“Yeah! Just like that!” Jaime called out suddenly.
Levon had always been a top, but he had never been with a guy who liked it rough. It excited him even more and he took it as an advantage over his blackmailer. Without hesitation, he slid his cock bareback right into Jaime’s asshole. They both moaned as the thick cock slid into the tight hole.
Levon quickly acted on his primal urges and built a steady momentum of thrusting. He pounded his cock into Jaime’s ass, occasionally spanking it to his delight. Levon took hold of Jaime’s hips and thrust deep and hard.
“You like that?” Levon grunted.
“Yes!” Jaime cooed. “God, don’t stop!”
They continued on for a good minute until Levon pulled out suddenly.
“What’s wrong?” Jaime asked.
“Flip over.”
“Flip over, fucker.” Levon was enjoying taking over his extorting co-worker. He unbuttoned his shit and ripped off his tie.
Jaime did as he was told and moved so he lay on his back on the table. Levon spread Jaime’s legs and re-entered missionary-style.
As Levon continued his lustful fuck, Jaime unbuttoned his own shirt and flipped back his tie. He moved his hands down to his cock and began stroking it.
But Levon smacked his hand and took over for him. Using one hand to hold an uplifted leg over his shoulder, Levon used his other hand to jack Jaime off as he fucked him.
“No,” Levon said with an devilish grin, “I’m supposed to jack you off, remember?”
Jaime nodded and let Levon have his way. He matched Levon’s rhythm with his own hips and pounded into his hard dick.
“F…fuck… I’m gonna cum, Levon,” Jaime sighed.
Levon didn’t say a word. Instead, he stroked Jaime’s cock even harder until he got the reaction he hoped for. Hot, white jizz shout of Jaime’s cock, drenching his abs and chest. As he climaxed, Jaime’s ass tightened even more, turning Levon on so much that he felt his own dick twitch and shoot cum into Jaime’s ass.
They both moaned loudly as they came together. Levon thrust every last drop of his seed into the other boy’s ass.
Breathing heavily, the boys nearly passed out. Levon let himself fall onto Jaime’s body. They both panted against each other’s body, their chests wet with a mixture of their combined sweat and Jamie’s cum.
“Fuck…” Jaime said after a long period of silence, “you’re good.”
“I know,” Levon said with confidence. That’ll show this little punk for trying to blackmail me. “I assume you won’t be telling Jim about all of this now?”
“Sure,” Jaime sighed, “but I won’t promise you that I won’t want to do this again sometime.”

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