The Ice Cream Man

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Anal Fucking

Having grown up on a farm in South Dakota, I realized at age 8 that was not the life for me. The chores, dealing with smelly animals that had to be fed pretty much all the time and living out in the middle of nowhere, all equaled a desire to go west and make a life for myself there. So when I turned 18 I packed all my belongings into my beat up ’75 Ford F-100 and started out for that which I wanted so badly: The Hollywood dream. I wanted to become the next Johnny Depp and have the money, fame and women that accompanies such a celebrity status.

However the reality was far different. I arrived in San Diego 3 days later with $500.00 to my name, my dog Scooter (He’s a basset hound that looks like Flash from the old Dukes of Hazard show) and things in the back of my truck which weren’t much; just some more clothes that were in a Hefty bag (I didn’t have a suitcase) and pictures of my mom, dad and the homestead.

After arriving I went out and got the first flea dump apartment I could find. It was called “El Lobo” or as I later found out “The Wolf”. Not much was there except for a few crackheads who seemed to constantly roam the hallways for a fix and a neighbor woman I like to refer to as “Crazy Jane”. She was always hollering and telling me that the Government planted a device in her head so they could monitor her thoughts. I kinda did my best to stay away from that one.

I settled in quickly and got a job right away as a janitor at a studio that makes porno flicks. My first day on the job I saw Johnny Long himself sitting with a blonde-haired woman I didn’t recognize right away. She was 5’2″ or 5′ 3″ and had a pale blue robe on that wasn’t tied around the waist. Her breasts were at least a C cup and the robe strained to hold her natural endowments in. I gave Johnny the thumbs up sign when he glanced over in my direction for a second, but he looked at me like I was a retard. My boss shouted “O’Neill get back to work or you’re fired!” So I, Travis O’Neill put the mop to the floor and scrubbed away, peering up now and again to see Johnny and the blonde. I also attempted to try and conceal my growing erection but know I failed miserably.

When it was time for my break I went into the men’s bathroom to relieve myself when I heard a voice. ” I saw you looking at me earlier and think you’re kinda cute” I whirled around, my manhood sticking out and my jaw almost hitting the floor. It was the blonde who was with Johnny earlier and now she was here with me!!! “Would you like it if I sucked on your nice long cock?” I nodded dumbfoundedly! Back in South Dakota I only ever had sex with one girl, Jenny Lou, and I don’t think it counted ’cause I came before I got it all the way inside her. She kicked me out of her house and told me to come back when I could go longer than 3 seconds. I was too ashamed and never, ever did get the courage up to see her again. But here now I could redeem myself. I nodded to this very cute girl and she took me by my hand into the stall. “Ok sit here baby and I’ll take care of the rest.

I looked down and she had an evil glimmer in her eye. She smiled up at me and stuck out her tongue. With her right hand she held my cock at it’s base and then placed the tip of her tongue on my cock’s head. “Oh baby you have such a nice cock, do you know that?” And then without another word she started licking up and down the length of the shaft. I groaned and let out a soft yelp as her warm mouth and tongue began to please me.

She then moved down to my balls licking and tonguing them feverishly before going back up bahis firmaları the underside of my now fully hardened cock and taking it all the way in her mouth. She seemed to work a kind of magic on me; her lips pursed around my member and her free hand jacking me as she bobbed up and down on it. I tried to think of other things that would make it so I wouldn’t cum so quickly like nuns or dead seals or god knows what but I just wanted that feeling to last forever. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM GOD I’M CUMMING!!!!!!” I managed to grunt before spewing my warm seed inside her mouth. I always heard women spit and not swallow but this gal looked at me, winked and gulped down my juicy load.

“Thank you so much cutie,” she said after standing up. “I needed to practice my “skills” and you seemed like a guy who could use a blowjob.”

I just smiled at her like the dumb 18 year old kid I was and told her she was welcome. A month later I got fired from that job when my boss caught us fucking in the bathroom stall.

From there I went and started acting in small theater groups around town, trying to hone my skills while working on the side as a telemarketer to pay the bills. The money was good there and Scooter and I moved into a nice apartment a few months later. My life was really super at that point but I still needed just a bit more money so I applied to be an Ice Cream truck driver. Within the week of applying I was out on my route which was 3 blocks in southern San Diego. Scooter, being my only bud and pal in the world, would ride in the front seat as we made our rounds serving ice cream to all the neighborhood kids.

One day a little boy about 5 came up with a wad of single dollar bills in his hand a big smile on his face. “I want butterfinger bar,” he said in a little guy voice.

I reached into the freezer and produced one butterfinger bar which I handed to him after receiving $2 as payment. “Here you go son, enjoy your ice cream,” I said. When I lifted my head I saw a woman of about 25 or 26 behind him. She was 5′ 9″, with brown hair, blue eyes and a beautiful face with a body to match. To say I was knocked off my feet would have been an understatement!!!

“Hey Shawnie couldn’t you wait up for your old mom just for a second?” She said laughing. She then looked up at me and said, “Well, since my son is having something I think I should too. Hmmmmmm what do you have that’s good?”

I felt a lump start to form in my throat as she looked directly into my eyes while saying that. “Well we have Sherbet, chocolate bars, snicker bars, ice cream cookies, push ups, nutter butters..”

She then lowered her head to my chest; I watched intently the whole time with my gaze fixed on her. “Well…Travis, you wouldn’t happen to have a cherry pop would you?” Oh she was looking at my name tag! I could have slapped my own forehead and would have but now she was flirting with me and that put a whole new spin on things!!

“Cherry Pops?” I replied. “I don’t think we have that flavor ma’am.” She then leaned down and told her son in a soft voice to go play with his friends in the yard next door. Then raising up she looked at me and said, “I’m sure you MUST have a cherry pop in there somewhere! Can I come in and look?”

My breath was in short gasps now and my eyes grew to the size of saucers. She was hitting on me and I loved it!! “Sure come on in around the back,” I tried to say in the calmest, coolest voice possible. I opened the door and she stepped into the back of the van. When she stepped up I noticed her legs were so tanned and firm kaçak iddaa along with the rest of her. And clearly she too was looking me up and down, cause 18 years on a farm will give you a body most men can only dream of.

In the back of the van with the ice cream freezers, barely one person can be comfortable; with two you have a tight fit and she and I both seemed to like it very much that way. “Oh I DO think you have a cherry pop here after all honey!” Her hand found my cock and began rubbing it through the material of my jeans. Let’s see what I’ll find if we take those things off.”

She winked at me and began to unbuckle my belt. I took my hands and began to rub her breasts as she was taking my pants down, then with one quick movement she grabbed her shirt on either side, lifted it off and dropped it onto the floor. Her hands then found the clasp on her bra and unhooked it, then tossed it down in the pile with her shirt and my jeans. “Thanks, I would have been collecting my social security before I got that thing undone” I said trying to be funny, but she didn’t laugh. She was now too busy getting down on her knees and too focused on my growing cock.

Granted, I don’t have the biggest, thickest or longest cock in the world but I make the most with what I have. 6′ 1/2″ inches of very hard man meat and 3 fingers thick with a slight, upward curve. I just hoped this time I wouldn’t cum before getting the head inside and one short pump.

“Wow!” She exclaimed!!, “You’ve got a very nice cock!” And then she proceeded to cram it all into her mouth, sucking greedily up and down like a prisoner having his last meal. I felt my toes curl and sat back on one of the freezers, then looked up to see Scooter sitting quietly in his seat, eyeballing me and wondering just what the hell was going on there. I smiled at the pup and then stroked this girl’s hair as she slurped and sucked me so nicely. “Oh god that feels so fucking good how you do that!!”

She looked up into my eyes and then lifted my leg a bit. The next thing I felt was her tongue between my ass, licking up and down the crack and then flicking against the hole. “Oh yeah just like that baby!! Don’t stop doing that!!” I exclaimed! She laughed a bit and then began to suck one of my balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and running the tips of her fingers under my shirt and over my chest. I then removed it so she could get better access and soon felt her fingers twist and pull on my nipples. At this point I had never felt so much pleasure and knew I could become addicted to sex if things kept going this way.

I then bent down and picked her up, setting her on the freezer and parting her legs. “I want to eat your pussy now sweetie!!” I said with an animal enthusiasm. I never had given a girl head before but always wanted to try it. She seemed happy to oblige me and pulled down her pants and panties. When I looked down between her legs she had the nicest pussy with pouty lips, a little clit and a triangle shaved into her pubic hairs. I quickly placed my head between her thighs and kissed the bare areas on each leg, licking and dragging my tongue back and forth, left to right.

“Oh baby don’t tease me like that!!” she said “Eat my pussy and do it now!!” She cried as almost in a state of torment. I slid my tongue between her lips up and down very deliberately, as if I had been doing this all my life. Hell I was a natural and didn’t know it!! I pulled back the hood on her clit and pressed the tip of my tongue against it…slowly licking and sucking that little kaçak bahis bud. Then when her fingers came down to rub it I moved one step faster and took her clitty into my mouth.

My teeth held it gently in place while my tongue slid back and forth against it making her whole body shudder and twist. She now grabbed my hand instead since she couldn’t get to her clit and slid two of my fingers deep inside her wetness. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Gooddddddddddddddd I’m gonna cum soon and right in your mouth!!” I licked faster then and finally removed my fingers from inside her, taking my tongue and sliding it deep inside her pussy. I wiggled it around and around just like a thick, wet cock. She moaned even more and spread her legs wider so I could get my tongue farther inside.

“Yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss!!!” She screamed and before I knew it her juices sprayed over my tongue, lips and chin. I swallowed her all up and then felt her thighs squeeze my head tightly. I knew she had came and came hard and I was responsible. That really made me proud.

“Woof Woof” Went Scooter, as if in congratulating me in my first successful attempt at eating pussy. She looked at my dog and laughed and then turned to me and said ” He’s a cutie like his master but now I need you to fuck me just as hard ok?!” I dreaded this moment in a way, hoping I wouldn’t cum within 10 seconds and tried blocking that thought out of my mind completely. “Anything for a customer” I shot back, with a little more confidence. I opened her legs wide and held onto both ankles with my hands …my cock was rigid and firm and I used my stomach muscles to control it, rubbing it up and down between her lips like I did with my tongue and over her clit.

“You are such a tease!!” she screamed while laughing. I winked and lowered just the head of my cock at her opening, then pushing it inside. “MORE!!!!” She yelled. I said nothing this time and leaned forward, my entire cock going all the way down until my balls rested against her ass cheeks.

“mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” she moaned aloud. ” You are so big and feel sooooo fucking good inside me!!!” With that I started raising and lowering myself, her fingernails raked across my chest like a cats, soon making little marks and even one drawing a bit of blood.

“Fuck…me…harder…!!!” I thrusted and thrusted as hard as I could, my balls hitting so hard on her ass that it hurt. “Yeah baby just like that…just like that!!” I reached between our legs and felt her juices mingled with mine. Then I did something on a whim and grabbed a Icy cone out of the freezer; while I was still thrusting into her I unwrapped it and placed the tip against her clit. She bucked so hard then it was like seeing the cowboys try to ride bulls in a rodeo!! She thrust up and down, side to side and screamed louder than I would have thought possible. “Fucccccckkkkkkk!!” she screamed!! “Sooooooooooooo fucccccckinnngggg gooooooooddd!!!!”

She thrashed even more as I held it on there longer. At this point I knew I was going to cum soon due to all the bucking and sweating we were doing and I was right. She moaned and gasped as I pulled out my cock and shot my hot cum all over her tummy. “Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!!” I exclaimed and then fell next to her on the freezer. We lay there for a bit holding one another and softly exchanging kisses. “Yummy!” She said. “That was something I needed for a long, long time baby.” She then got a $20 out of her shirt after we dressed, handed it to me and remarked “Here mister ice cream man, I think you earned this tip.” Then leaned up on her tippy toes and gave me a kiss on my cheek.” Then as quickly as she came (no pun intended) she left.

And me? Well I think I’m going to be working as the Ice Cream Man for a long, long time. *W*

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