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By Pink Panther

Hi everybody! Please remember that all the usual disclaimers still apply (yawn). Thanks for all the wonderful feedback to chapter 9. It really was most encouraging. I particularly enjoy it when readers tell me that the story takes them back to their own schooldays, so if you can relate to the story in that way, I”d love to hear from you. Please send your comments to ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as I can.


December 1959

It was Christmas Eve. At half past two, Michael locked up his bike outside the flats where his uncle lived. There was a problem. It was only two days since his visit to the cathedral prep school and his bum was still sore. If his Uncle Jack saw it, he”d know that someone had fucked him. He”d be angry. He might even carry out his threat to expose Mr Faulkner. That was the last thing Michael wanted.

But he”d made a plan. Now he had to make sure he went through with it. He couldn”t be sure it would work, but it seemed like his best chance, maybe his only chance. Making his way into the building, he headed up the stairs and rang the bell. Moments later, Jack opened the door.

“Come in!” he said warmly, ushering the boy inside. “Good to see you.”

“It”s good to see you too,” Michael responded, giving his uncle a smile that would have warmed a whole city.

They strolled through to the lounge and flopped down on the sofa. Jack put his arm around Michael”s shoulder. Michael snuggled up, smiling up at his uncle.

“I”m sorry I got sulky with you a few weeks ago,” he said quietly. “You know, when you told me off. You were right. I was being stupid.”

“Oh, don”t fret about it,” Jack said, gently massaging the boy”s neck. “You just got a bit carried away. It”s an easy mistake to make. But it takes guts to apologise, so well done. What happened anyway?”

“Oh, when I told Mr Faulkner what you”d said, he told me I wasn”t to come to his flat again. He was a bit cross that I”d told you about it, but I told him that I always tell you stuff. I mean, I know I can trust you, don”t I?”

“Of course you do,” Jack responded. “So do you still . . . you know?”

“Oh yes, usually after school on Wednesdays. I mean, I do like him.”

“That”s fair enough, I guess” Jack conceded.

Of course, he”d rather that Michael had stopped seeing the man completely, but he wasn”t going to make an issue of it. He”d achieved his main objective.

“Can we go into the bedroom now?” Michael asked, opening his legs to show off his burgeoning erection.

“Of course we can,” Jack cooed, stroking his nephew”s thigh.

A few minutes later, they were naked, snuggled up on Jack”s bed. They kissed, they sucked each other, they kissed again, Michael trying especially hard to show his uncle how much he loved and needed him.

Michael”s unusually fervent show of affection had its effect. Jack simply basked in it. He might not have eliminated Mr Faulkner completely, he reasoned, but it seemed very clear that he had regained the dominant position in Michael”s life. That was what mattered.

Michael took the jar of Vaseline from the bedside cabinet, rather wishing it was K-Y they were using, like they had when he”d visited the cathedral prep school two days earlier. But it didn”t matter, Vaseline had always been good enough before and it would do the job now.

He carefully smeared some over Jack”s cock. Kneeling astride his uncle”s chest, he shuffled back a few inches, took hold of Jack”s slick penis and guided it onto his bum-hole. He took a deep breath and pushed down, his uncle”s cock sliding smoothly into his rectum. After a moment to steady himself, he began to ride it, lifting his hips so that only the head remained inside before pushing back down again.

Jack was astounded, but he certainly wasn”t objecting. Why would he? They were having the best sex they”d had for months. The sensations Michael was giving him were simply sublime. He didn”t even ask the boy what had given him the idea. All too soon he was gasping for breath. Instinctively, he pressed down on Michael”s thighs.

“Oh fuck!” he groaned. “I”m going to cum!”

“Yeah!” Michael urged. “Give me your spunk!”

Jack”s cock sprang into life, his creamy spunk spurting deep into his nephew”s bum. Then it was over. Michael smiled down, watching his uncle”s chest rising and falling.

“Did you like that?” he asked.

“Oh, yeah! It was super!” Jack assured him.

“And I know what you want now,” Michael responded, his smile turning into a mischievous grin.

He lifted himself clear, his uncle”s penis sliding out as smoothly as it had gone in. As Michael shuffled forwards, Jack lifted his head, using his elbows to push himself up.

“Open wide!” Michael ordered, still with a broad grin on his face.

Jack complied readily, taking the boy”s cock into his mouth. Holding his uncle”s head, Michael began to fuck. It was over in seconds, three jets of sticky boy-cum squirting onto Jack”s tongue.

Finally, Michael eased away and sat down on his uncle”s chest.

“Oh!” Jack gasped. “That was so special. I love your spunk. You”re shooting far more than you were a few months ago.”

“Thanks!” Michael acknowledged. “I thought you”d like it.”

“So when can I see you again?” Jack asked.

“We”ll be at home all tomorrow,” Michael said. “And Boxing Day we”re going to see Granddad and Grandma.”

“I know,” Jack interjected. “I”ll be there.”

“But I can come here on Sunday,” Michael added. “I can come on Monday too if you want.”

“That would be wonderful!” Jack breathed, licking his lips. “I”ll look forward to it.”

Ten minutes later Michael was on his way home. He was more than happy. His carefully laid plan had worked to perfection. Not only was he right back in his Uncle Jack”s good books, he”d ensured that there would be no more awkward questions about Mr Faulkner. He”d be able to do exactly as he liked without having to worry.

But it was sad in a way, he reflected. He”d have loved to tell Jack about meeting Holdsworth and how much he”d enjoyed his first fuck. Unfortunately, that was out of the question. But it was for the best, wasn”t it? After all, he still liked his Uncle Jack, and they”d just had wonderful sex. All he”d done was to avoid a stupid argument.

Would Holdsworth come over after Christmas, he wondered. He certainly hoped so, his cock hardening just at the thought of it. If he did show up, this could be the best Christmas holiday ever.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Monday evening. For Michael, the past two days had gone perfectly. Earlier that day, he and Jack had reprised their routine from Christmas Eve, while the day before, with their foreplay concluded, Michael had stood with his feet apart and bent right over, resting his hands on Jack”s bed.

Jack hadn”t needed to be asked twice. Michael was tall enough, and he knew this was how the boy”s form master fucked him, so why not if that”s what the lad wanted? He”d enjoyed it immensely. Holding Michael around the thighs, he”d fucked the boy harder than he ever had.

When his uncle pulled out, Michael had stood up and turned round. Jack was exactly where he”d expected him to be, kneeling on the floor, his mouth open. Michael had fucked his uncle”s mouth more times than he could count, but standing up rather than kneeling on the bed had made this one the best ever.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

They”d just finished eating when the telephone rang. Michael”s mother went into the hall to answer it. She returned a few seconds later.

“It”s for you, dear,” she said, smiling at Michael. “Someone called Holdsworth; he said he was a friend from school.”

“Thanks,” Michael said, trying to sound nonchalant, though in reality he was anything but.

He strolled into the hall, closing the dining room door behind him. He picked up the receiver.

“Hello,” he said. “This is Michael Whitney speaking.”

“Hi,” Holdsworth said, “Is it still okay for me to come over on Wednesday?”

“Sure,” Michael responded.

“I”ll get the train at half past ten,” Holdsworth went on. “I”ll get to yours at twenty past eleven. Can you meet me at the station?”

“Yes,” Michael assured him. “I”ll be there.”

“Okay,” Holdsworth concluded. “I”ll see you then.”

“Don”t wear your school uniform,” Michael instructed. “You”ll stick out like a sore thumb. Wear shorts though.” escort kocaeli

“Yeah, fine,” Holdsworth said casually. “I”d have done that anyway.”

“Okay,” Michael said breathlessly. “I”ll see you on Wednesday.”

After exchanging goodbyes, Michael returned to the dining room. He was elated, though he tried not to show it. It was actually going to happen! He”d bring Holdsworth to the house and they”d have sex. He”d get to fuck him again. What a Christmas this was turning out to be!

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael stood at the railway station, waiting impatiently. He”d spent most of the previous day with Chris. Their friendship had continued to blossom. Chris was kind, gentle, funny and generous. He was clever too, though unlike the obnoxious Carver, he wasn”t at all big-headed. He was, quite simply, the best friend Michael had ever had.

There had never been anything sexual about it. They were friends, pure and simple. But since his encounter with Holdsworth, Michael had begun to see Chris in a new light, to find him attractive in a way he previously hadn”t.

It was an uncomfortable development. And he definitely wasn”t going to do anything about it. Chris”s friendship was too valuable, too important. He wasn”t going to risk losing it for the vague chance of sex. That really would be stupid. He regarded his new-found feelings for Chris as an annoying blemish that he would have to keep hidden.

He checked the time. Holdsworth”s train was due in two minutes. The seconds ticked slowly by. Finally, a train pulled into the far platform. It had to be the one. It was the only train due. He was very nervous. Suppose Holdsworth wasn”t on it?

From his position in the ticket hall, he couldn”t see whether the boy was there or not, the train blocking his view. He continued to wait for what seemed like ages. At last a couple of people entered the ticket hall from the near platform. Michael”s heart was in his mouth, the moment of truth just seconds away.

Suddenly the lad appeared as if from nowhere, strolling casually towards him. Michael exhaled deeply, a mixture of elation and relief.

“Hi,” Holdsworth said, smiling. “I hope you haven”t had to wait too long.”

“No, only a few minutes,” Michael responded, not wanting to admit that it had felt like several hours.

“So are we going to your house?”

“Yes. Have you got some money for the bus?”

“Yes, of course.”

They left the station and headed along the street until they reached the bus stop.

“So how”s Christmas been?” Michael asked.

“Boring,” Holdsworth said. “It always is. There”s nothing to do. I”d rather be at school.”

“Haven”t you got any friends?”

“Not really. We live in this tiny village. There are no kids anywhere near my age. I had some friends before I went to boarding school, but they live in town. I”ve sort of lost contact with them. It”s hard when you”re away most of the time.”

Michael winced, almost wishing he hadn”t asked.

“So what about you?” Holdsworth asked.

“Not bad,” Michael said. “I”ve been to see my uncle a few times, but he”s back at work now. And I”ve spent time with one of my friends from school.”

“Your uncle? Is that the one who took your cherry?”


“Lucky him! How old is he?”

“He”ll be twenty-seven next month.”

“Oh, not old then. What about Mr White?”

“He”s been spending Christmas with his parents. Well, that”s what he said. But he”ll be back tomorrow.”

“So will you be going to see him?”

“Yes, tomorrow afternoon.”

“So who”s this friend?”

“His name”s Chris. We only met last term. He sits right opposite me in class.”

“You must really like him if you”re calling him by his first name. Is he nice?”

“Yes, very nice. We get on really well.”

“I didn”t mean that. Do you fancy him?”

“I do, sort of, but I”m not going to do anything. I don”t think he has a clue about sex.”

“What if he asked you?”

“Well, that would be different, wouldn”t it? I don”t think he will though.”

The bus arrived and they got on. As it moved away, the conductor came and collected their fares. The conversation dried up, both boys nervously wondering what would happen at the end of their journey. In any case, they had to be careful. There were people sitting close by who might hear them.

They got off the bus and made their way to the house. Michael was a little concerned. Holdsworth was clearly from a much posher background than he was. Would he think the house was a bit ordinary? He unlocked the door and let them in.

“Your parents trust you with a key?” Holdsworth questioned.

“Mum does,” Michael said. “She has to, now that she”s gone back to work.”

“I wish my parents would do that. The only one of us that is ever allowed a key is Stella, and she”s sixteen.”

Leaving their coats on the stand in the hallway, Michael led them into the lounge.

“Well this is it,” he said, smiling. “Make yourself at home. I need to pop upstairs.”

Leaving Holdsworth behind, Michael hurried up to his room and put on the electric fire before coming back down.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked.

“Yes please, I”m parched.”

“Tea okay?”

“Mmmm! White with two sugars.”

Michael put on the kettle. A few minutes later the boys were drinking cups of hot milky tea.

“Do you want to come up to my room?” Michael asked, finishing his drink.

“Sure,” Holdsworth said, grinning. “It”s why we”re here, isn”t it?”

Michael led the way upstairs, ushering Holdsworth into his bedroom.

“This is nice,” Holdsworth said. “I wish I had a room like this. Mine”s so small you can hardly move. Nice and warm too; so that was why you came up here.”

“Are you ready?” Michael asked.

“I need a pee first.”

“Down the far end of the landing, on the right.”

Holdsworth quickly disappeared. While he waited, Michael closed the curtains. Moments later the blond boy reappeared.

“Okay,” Michael said. “Let”s do it.”

The boys stood facing each other, each running his hand over the front of the other boy”s shorts. They were both fully aroused. With shoes and socks discarded, they began to undress each other. Very soon they were naked from the waist up. Without a moment”s hesitation, Holdsworth unhooked the clip at the top of Michael”s shorts and began to undo the fly buttons. Michael quickly followed suit. Within seconds they were down to their underpants.

“Let”s pull them down together,” Holdsworth whispered. “On the count of three. One, two three!”

Immediately, they each boy pulled down the other”s pants.

“You”ve got a beautiful cock!” Holdsworth breathed as they kicked them off.

He dropped to his knees and took it into his mouth, sucking it sensuously. Michael stroked the smaller boy”s silky blond hair, revelling in the wonderful sensations the lad was giving him, staggered by the boy”s sexiness. After around the minute, Holdsworth let him go and got to his feet.

“Let”s get on the bed,” Michael suggested.

They dived onto the bed and snuggled right up, their cocks grinding together. Michael wrapped his arms around Holdsworth”s back, drawing him into a passionate kiss, each boy”s tongue exploring the other”s mouth.

Michael could scarcely believe how good it felt. He”d fantasised about having sex with an older boy. He”d never even considered doing it with one who was both younger and smaller than he was. But that”s what he was doing, and it was wonderful.

Without a word, they moved into a sixty-nine. Michael was transported to Planet Zog. He sucked lovingly on the younger boy”s steel-hard cock, while Holdsworth performed magic on his. It just kept getting better!

“Are you going to fuck me?” Holdsworth asked, finally releasing Michael”s penis.

This time there was no hesitation.

“Yes,” Michael said firmly.

“Good. I need it! I haven”t done anything since Christmas Eve.”

Michael took the jar of Vaseline from where he”d hidden it.

“Sorry,” he said. “I haven”t had chance to get any of that other stuff.”

“That”s okay,” Holdsworth answered, smiling. “I like Mr Smith to use K-Y, but he”s huge!”

Dipping his fingers into the jar, he expertly coated Michael”s cock with the greasy jelly.

“How are we doing it?” Michael asked.

“Can we do it like this?” Holdsworth responded.

He lay on his back and pulled up his legs, spreading them apart. kocaeli anal yapan escort Michael got up onto his knees. Quickly shuffling into position, he guided his cock onto his friend”s exposed anus. With one thrust he was in.

“Oh yes!” Holdsworth moaned. “Now lie down between my legs.”

Michael hesitated, not quite sure what to do.

“Come on!” Holdsworth urged.

Michael carefully lowered himself between the smaller boy”s legs. As he got close, Holdsworth reached up, drawing Michael”s lips to his. Once again, sheer animal lust took over. Without a moment”s thought, Michael was kissing and fucking as though his life depended on it. Suddenly, Holdsworth bucked beneath him, almost knocking him off-balance.

Michael knew what had happened. Holdsworth had had a dry-cum! He was astonished. Neither of them had even touched the boy”s cock. The interruption simply spurred him on. After a few more thrusts his orgasm swept over him.

It was as though the room had been struck by a major earthquake. Burying his cock in Holdsworth”s bum, he held on for dear life as his boy-cum spurted over and over into the lad”s rectum.

Finally, it stopped. He was so light-headed, he hardly knew where he was, the room swimming around him. Very slowly his breathing slowed and his vision cleared. He looked down. Holdsworth was still fully impaled.

Very gingerly he pulled out, his cock so sensitive he didn”t dare touch it. He flopped down next to his new friend. Holdsworth turned towards him.

“I think you enjoyed that,” he quipped.

“Oh fuck!” Michael gasped, his breathing still not properly under control. “Unbelievable! What about you?”

“Oh, it was wonderful! I loved it!”

“Does Maitland fuck you like that?”

“Sometimes, when we go to Mr Smith”s house. Most of the time we have to do it in the bogs.”

“Do you like that?

“Yeah, it”s quite exciting actually. He plays with my cock while he”s doing it. I always have a dry-cum.”

“Aren”t you worried that someone might catch you?”

“Not really. Mr. Smith”s our housemaster, and he”s not going to say anything, is he?”

Michael found it hard to take it all in. He”d considered the possibility of having sex in the toilets at school, if he ever found a nice-looking boy that wanted to do it. But he knew it would be risky. As he”d noted before, the cathedral prep school was a different world.

“I suppose we”d better get dressed,” Michael said. “Somebody might come to the door.”

He began to put on his clothes, Holdsworth following his lead.

“Are you in a hurry?” Michael asked.

“Not really,” Holdsworth replied. “I need to get the quarter to four train.”

“Oh, we”ve got ages. It”s only twenty to one. D”you want to stay for lunch?”

“Thanks! What have you got?”

“Well, I could make us cheese on toast. Then there are apples, oranges, bananas and Christmas cake.”

“Sounds good.”

“I”ll leave the fire on half in case we want to come back.”

They trooped downstairs. Over lunch they chatted about this and that. From what Holdsworth said, it seemed that he and his sisters were sent to boarding school so that their parents could pursue their careers. Even when they were at home, their parents employed somebody to look after them. It made Michael feel uneasy. He knew he”d have hated it. He got the impression that Holdsworth didn”t like it much either, but accepted that it was just how things were. They finished eating.

“Is it right that Mr Smith”s found a younger boy?” Michael asked. “I overheard him talking to Mr White about it.”

“Oh yeah, Southcott. He”s nice! I know Mr White would like him. You”ll probably meet him next term.”

“Don”t you mind?”

“Not really. Mr Smith picks a new boy every year. Last year it was me. This year it”s Southcott.”

“So how old is he?”

“Ten, nearly eleven, the same as I was when Mr Smith started doing stuff with me. He always gets to know us really well before he does anything. That”s so he doesn”t pick someone who doesn”t like it.”

“Have you been with him?”

“You mean Southcott? Yeah, we”ve sucked each other a couple of times. And I”ve seen Maitland fucking him. Mr Smith hasn”t fucked him yet though. He likes us to get used to it before he does us. He”s worried he”ll hurt us if he does it too soon. Just before Christmas, the three of us went to Mr Smith”s house. It ended up with me sitting on his cock. Southcott was on all fours sucking mine while Maitland fucked his bum.”


“So are we going back upstairs, or are you going to switch that fire off?”

“We can go back upstairs if you want.”

“Come on then!”

Holdsworth got to his feet and headed for the stairs. Five minutes later they were out of their clothes, snuggled up on Michael”s bed. They took their time, enjoying the closeness of their bodies, everything much more relaxed than it had been earlier. Holdsworth checked the time. It was half past two. At three o”clock he”d have to leave to catch his train.

“We need to finish it,” he whispered. “I”ll have to go soon.”

“Yeah, sure,” Michael said casually.

At that point, he really wasn”t bothered how they finished it, as long as they did. Maybe they”d suck each other off, he speculated. That”d be good.

“So are you going to fuck me again?” Holdsworth demanded, looking him right in the eye.

“Is that what you want?” Michael asked.

“I wouldn”t have asked if it wasn”t, would I?” Holdsworth countered, giving Michael a provocative grin.

“So how d”you want to do it?”

“Any way you like. You choose.”

“Can I have you on your tummy?”

“Oh, taking a leaf out of Mr White”s book! Of course you can! Let”s get you slicked up!”

After smearing Vaseline over Michael”s cock, Holdsworth grabbed a pillow. Placing it in the middle of the bed, he rolled onto his tummy, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart.

“Come on!” he insisted. “Do it!”

Michael lowered himself into position, took a deep breath and pushed. He penetrated Holdsworth immediately, pinning him to the bed. For Michael, it was a eureka moment. He was the heavier by around twenty pounds. From the position he was in, Holdsworth couldn”t get away even if he wanted to. He was completely in charge. Fast, slow, hard, gentle; it was all up to him.

Of course, he”d been in Holdsworth”s position several times when visiting his form master”s flat. Now he understood why the man liked it so much. Lying on your tummy ready to be fucked was the ultimate act of submission.

But right now he was the one in control, and he was going to make the most of it. After only a couple of thrusts he was back on automatic pilot, fucking the boy as hard as he could, spurred to ever greater efforts by Holdsworth”s quiet moans and whimpers. Slow and gentle were simply not on the agenda.

After barely a minute, Holdsworth”s bum clamped tight around his cock. The boy”s fingers clawed at the bed, his feet flailing wildly. Michael knew what that meant. It had happened to him. He”d actually cum on the pillow.

Instinctively, he fucked the boy even harder. After a few more thrusts, everything went crazy. Lights flashed in front of his eyes. The whole room seemed to shake. More of his spunk squirted into Holdsworth”s bum.

He was completely drained. He lay there for what seemed like ages, too exhausted to move, his heart pounding against Holdsworth”s spine. Finally, he withdrew, his cock even more sensitive than it had been before.

“Are you okay?” he asked, still trying to get his breath.

“Yeah!” Holdsworth enthused. “That was super! I didn”t know you”d be able to fuck me that hard!”

Michael grinned. It had come as a surprise to him too. He hated strenuous exercise. In games and gym classes he did as little as he could get away with. But once he”d got his cock into Holdsworth”s bum, his excitement had driven him to levels of exertion he wouldn”t have believed possible.

After a quick wash, they got dressed. There was little conversation. It seemed unnecessary. Their actions had spoken for them. They took the bus to the town centre, arriving just before half past three. Finally, they reached the station.

“Do you get time off school for half term?” Michael asked.

“Yes, a week usually.”

“So do we. Would you like to come here again?”

“Sure, if we”re off at the same izmit yabanc─▒ escort time.”

“Call me.”

“Yeah, okay. I”ll call you when I get home.”

“Super. And thanks for today. It”s been . . .”

“Oh, you needn”t thank me. I enjoyed it as much as you did! Sorry, I”d better go.”

Michael watched as Holdsworth strode onto the platform to catch his train. His head was spinning. It has been the most astonishing day of his life. He”d loved every second of it. And if Holdsworth”s half-term break coincided with his, they”d do it all again.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex unlocked the door to his flat and made his way in, pleased to be back in his own place. There was no doubt that he”d needed the break. But after a week of catching up with friends and family and living on the delights of his mother”s cooking, he was fully restored and raring to go.

Staying at his parents” house had also meant a week of total abstinence, so he was horny beyond belief. But it wasn”t a problem. Before he left, he”d arranged for Whitney to come over the day he returned. The boy was due in a little over an hour.

With anyone else, he”d have been worried that the appointment might not be kept. But Whitney had proved himself to be one hundred per cent reliable. He had never missed a planned meeting and was always on time.

So he set about preparing for the challenges ahead. During his first term he had set himself a ferociously high standard. Now he had to maintain it. There could be no slackening off. He was preparing some work for his Upper Sixth maths class when the doorbell rang. He strolled to answer it.

“Hello sir,” Michael said, standing on the door mat. “Have you had a good Christmas?”

“Very relaxing, thanks,” Alex answered, ushering the boy inside and into the lounge. They flopped down on the sofa.

“Are you sure you don”t mean boring?” Michael asked, grinning cheekily.

“I said relaxing and that”s what I meant,” Alex corrected. “Last term was good, but it was tremendously hard work. Having my meals cooked for me and not needing to even think about school was just what I needed. It”s been a good break.”

“So didn”t you miss me, sir?” Michael probed.

“Now that”s a different question,” Alex replied, smiling broadly. “What do you think?”

“I think you did,” Michael said.

“But it was okay because I knew you”d be here as soon as I”d got back. So what have you been up to?”

“Oh, I”ve spent most of the time with Chris.”

“I”m pleased that you two have become friends,” Alex said. “He”s not just very cute; he”s a really nice lad.”

“Yes sir,” Michael repeated. “I think he”s the nicest person I”ve ever met. I got on okay at junior school, but I never had any real friends. Newton”s the first proper friend I”ve ever had.”

“I see,” Alex said thoughtfully. “So what else have you been doing?”

“I went to see my uncle a few times,” Michael admitted.

“And how did that go?”

“It was good. I made sure I was really nice to him. He loved it! And he”s pretty much forgotten about you.”

“Excellent! So he thinks he”s back to being the centre of your world.”

“Yes sir.”

Alex nodded his approval. After his initial mistakes, the boy had done very well to retrieve the situation.

“So I take it you still like your uncle,” he suggested.

“Oh yes sir, I like him a lot. I know he”ll always be there for me, not like my dad.”

“I see,” Alex said. “So what”s the attraction of coming here?”

“Well, Uncle Jack”s at work most of the time. He”s at work now.”

“Is that it?”

“Oh no sir. Being with you is more exciting. And if it hadn”t been for you I wouldn”t have met Maitland and Holdsworth would I?”

“That sounds about right,” Alex said, speculating that the boy”s uncle sounded like a typical accountant. Being dull and conservative seemed to go with the job.

“Holdsworth came to my house yesterday,” Michael said.

“Oh!” Alex responded. “I thought you two were cooking something up. And?”

“It was super!”

“I can imagine! Did you fuck him again?”

“Yes sir!”

“How did you have him?”

“Well, the first time he was lying on his back with his legs up. I thought we”d do it like you do, but when I”d got my cock up him he told me to lie down between his legs.”

“Really, so what was that like?”

“It was super! I was kissing and fucking him at the same time. He loved it too. He had a dry-cum and we weren”t even touching his cock.”

“Wonderful! You said that was the first time.”

“Yes sir. After we”d finished we went downstairs, had something to eat, chatted for a bit . . .”

“Then you went back upstairs and did it again.”

“Yes sir!”

“You”re very naughty boys, the two of you. In the nicest possible way, of course! So how did you have him the second time?”

“On his tummy, you know, like you do.”

“I”ll take that as a compliment. So how did that go?”

“It was even better! He was lying there with me on top of him, and I was bigger than him, and heavier, so I could do whatever I wanted. I got so excited, I fucked him really hard.”

“I can”t say I”ve ever thought about it like that, but I”d say you”ve described it pretty well. Did he have another dry-cum?”

“Yes sir. He reckons he can have one every few minutes.”

“He can for the moment. That”ll change once he”s able to cum. You”re very sexy, the pair of you.”

“He told me that Mr Smith”s found a younger boy. His name”s Southcott.”

“Yes, so I understand.”

“Will we get to meet him?”

“We probably will at some point. There might be a couple of others too. I”m not sure yet. Don”t worry, I”ll let you know if anything comes of it.”

Michael licked his lips. He might meet even more boys for sex. Now that would be exciting!

“So what do you want now?” Alex asked.

“I think you know, sir.”

“Okay, come on!”

He shepherded the boy into his bedroom. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he began to undress him. Within a couple of minutes, Whitney was naked. Alex leaned forwards, taking the boy”s cock into his mouth. He sucked it lovingly, making sure he didn”t overdo it.

They got onto the bed and snuggled right up. They kissed passionately. They snaked around to suck each other. Then they kissed again. Alex was in ecstasy. He”d missed this more than he”d realised. It was time to bring it to a conclusion. He produced a tube of K-Y.

“Oh you”ve got some of that stuff that Mr Smith uses!” Michael said, grinning.

“Yes, I bought it on the way home.”

He squeezed some onto Whitney”s fingers, allowing the boy to smear it over his cock.

“Are you going to have me on my tummy?” Michael asked.

“I thought we”d do it like this,” Alex said, taking a pair of white gym shorts from under the bed.

“Oh yes sir!” Michael enthused, his eyes lighting up. “We haven”t done that for ages!”

He quickly slipped them on. Getting to his feet, he turned to face the bed and bent over, resting his hands on the mattress.

Alex moved in behind him, easing the shorts down a little to give him more room. He carefully slid his cock up the leg, guiding it onto Whitney”s anus. With one hard thrust, he was in.”

“Oh sir!” Michael gasped. “Go on! Give me your spunk!”

Holding Whitney around the thighs, Alex eased himself into it, building it gradually until he was fucking the boy as hard as he could. Overwhelmed by the pleasurable sensations, Michael scarcely knew where he was, aware only of the small wet patch developing on the front of his shorts. Suddenly he could hardly breathe. All his muscles were wracked by wild spasms, so much so, he could hardly stand. Were it not for Mr Faulkner”s hands holding him steady, he”d have fallen over.

“Ohhh!” he gasped, his bum tightening around his teacher”s cock.

His penis swelled and jerked. His boy-cum pumped out, turning the small wet patch into a large sticky one.

“Oh yes!” Alex said in his characteristic low growl. “You want my spunk? Well here it comes!”

His cock jerked violently, almost lifting the boy off his feet. Volley after volley of thick creamy spunk flooded into Whitney”s rectum. Finally, it was over. After taking several seconds to recover his composure, he gently withdrew.

Michael was immediately aware of how messy his bum was. Mr Faulkner had cum even more than usual. Probably because he hadn”t had sex for a week, he reasoned. Quite deliberately he pushed the spunk out, creating another sticky patch at the back of his shorts.

Alex couldn”t stop himself smiling. He”d never had better one-on-one sex than that. It was the perfect coming-home present. Whitney might not have been his first choice, but he was a wonderful fuck.

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