The Hot Tub

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It’s late as I walk out the door and step out onto the hardwood of the back porch with just a towel on. In the cool night air, there’s only one porch light on leaving the area lit with a subtle dim glow. The day was hard and now I’m just looking forward to relaxing. As I walk across the smooth red wood approaching the hot tub I peer out into the night sky and admire the stars glistening in the darkness. I approach the control panel on the corner and check the temperature of the water. Content that the temperature will suffice, I flip the switch of the cover remover and watch the water start to appear as the cover slips away. Steam rises into the cool night air, misting in the dim light. Removing my towel and placing it on the corner of the tub, I climb up the step over the side and slide into the warm water. My body relaxes, every muscle getting used to the temperature of the water. Around me above the water of the tub steam continues to mist, seen only by the light in the bottom of the tub and porch light. Everything past the porch is lost to the night as I recline back sinking into the tub. After a few seconds, my face is now the only part of my body that feels the cool air. Closing my eyes, I let a soothing breath escape my lips.

Suddenly I hear it. A faint rustling is coming from the bushes. Sitting up and looking towards where the source of the sound came from, I strain to see a figure approaching in the dark. You stop at the edge of the porch, and look towards me with a coy look on your face. As the dim light cascades over your body, I see you in a beautiful blue bikini and start to feel myself respond to your beauty. Your gaze locks with mine as I start to drink you in. With your lips parted your chest rises and falls with each measured breathe, the straps of your bikini slowly lifting and falling on your skin. My eyes follow your body down across the smooth skin above your bikini bottoms. The fabric hugs your body tightly, and two bows sit on your hips from the strings holding your bikini to you. I watch as you cross your left knee over in front of your right as you shift your weight from one foot to the other. My eyes slowly trace back up the curves of your body and as I meet your gaze a smirk of a smile starts to cross my face.

Your coy look is replaced by one of clear confined confidence as you take a step onto the porch. Slowly, you start to approach the hot tub. I rise to greet you but you stop dead in your tracks as I stand. I panic as I remember I’m naked and turned on by your presence. For a second thinking you’re about to leave, the surprised look on your face is replaced by one much more mischievous. You smile as you reach behind you bahis firmaları and start to work on the bottom bow of your bikini top. The fabric loosens across your chest and my breath hitches as your hands rise up behind your neck. The strings come loose from your hands and your top falls to the deck. I finally remember to breathe, feeling my pulse quicken by the sheer intoxicating sight of your bare breasts before me. The amused smile on your face tells me that you like the feelings you’re stirring in me. I can’t help but think what a tease you can be and how much satisfaction you get from this sweet torture you bring upon me.

In the cool night air I can see your nipples start to harden, showing the coolness of the night mixed with your true arousal. I’m reveling again at the magnificence of your body as you turn towards your right, moving your face away from my view. You pull one of the strings from the bow on your left hip facing me. As the strings become untied, I watch the fabric fall away from your hip leaving nothing but naked skin on you left side. Letting your face turn back to face me, your amused smile has hints of a smirk as your eyes look at the excitement between my legs. I get a glimpse of your fantastic ass while you turn your back to me and pivot around to show me the bow on your right hip. I all but voice my pleadings for you to pull the strings and let the fabric fall to your feet. Slowly, you pull one of the strings away from your body, your eyes locked on mine as I watch your hand intently. As soon as the bow breaks, you drop the string, and the fabric falls to your feet.

The tension is palpable in the night air. Your body in the dim light radiates pure seduction as I see you start to breathe hard again in slow measured breaths. My excitement points to the sky as I lift my right hand to signal you to come join me. You turn in the light to face me as you start to walk over. I trace your body from top to bottom taking in every inch and curve. It’s overwhelming watching your breasts rising and falling with each step, and my eyes keep coming back to your beautifully succulent pussy framed perfectly by your swaying hips. As you place your hands on the side of the hot tub, I watch you lift your right leg over and into the tub and bring your left after and slip yourself into the water.

I reach out and pull you in close. Our lips meet almost instantly and I feel your body shudder against mine as out tongues meet. Your breasts against my chest feel amazing, and I feel your nipples hard against my skin. My left hand locks behind your head and grabs gently at your hair holding your head in our passionate kiss as my right hand sinks kaçak iddaa below the water and around your waist to grab at your beautiful ass. I flex my excitement against your stomach and you break your kiss to look down and see me pointing up right at you. You look back up into my eyes as another wicked grin crosses your face and you sink your body into the water. I expect you to tease me but to my surprise and utter joy you instead take me into your mouth and all the way down in one fluid motion.

I almost buckle over in ecstasy as I just barely keep control holding on by a thread as I run my fingers through your hair. I let you tease me for about a minute before I finally decide I need to taste you. The thought of running my tongue along your pussy taking over all my conscious cognition. I bring you back up into my embrace and hold you in a deep and passionate kiss before I sit you up on the side of the hot tub and lay you back. I decide to use the same approach you did and go straight at you as quickly as possible. My tongue reaches your sweet pussy and I open my eyes to see you arch your back, your breasts lifting to the heavens and your nipples harden begging for attention in the cool air after being submerged in the hot water.

My tongue digs into your pussy lips, separating and finding your most sensitive folds. I only take a few licks before I move up to the sweet pleasure spot I know you love. The moan that escapes your mouth lets me know that I just hit the right spot and I set out to let you have it. Sweet moans and whimpers escape past your lips while my tongue continues to trace the sensitive folds of your pussy and graze your clit lightly. You’re distracted and don’t realize until they’re past your parting lips that I have two fingers slowly entering your pussy. They slowly slide inside you and when I get deep enough I curl them towards me. The hitch in your breath is sudden and followed by a slight sigh as you adjust to the new pleasure coursing through your veins from my relentless assault of pleasure.

It’s only a few minutes of sweet torture but I finally decide I can’t wait any longer. I want to be inside you, to feel you envelope and hold me tight. I take a few lingering last licks at the sweet juices your letting loose as my fingers slowly slide out of you. I give your pussy one last kiss before I sink back into the water bringing you with me. Settling on my knees on the floor of the hot tub I pull you close. You float up and wrap your legs around my back and then start to slide down in front of me. Your sweet pussy engulfs me as we kiss, holding each other as close as possible as you sink as deep as I will go in you. We both let kaçak bahis moans escape our lips while kissing but can’t stop; the feeling is pure euphoria. Being inside of you has me lost in ecstasy. The water holds us suspended in time and space only increasing the euphoric feeling for both of us.

I feel your hips start to rise and fall as I start to slowly move in and out of you, enjoying each stroke, each one eliciting a shiver from the base of my spine all the way to my skull, and it makes me surge deeper into you trying to fill and hit every inch inside you. My arms wrapped around your back under your arms easily move you up and down in the water which allows me to quicken the pace and truly start fucking you. I feel you squeeze me in the water and it only increases my urgency to fuck you more.

By the time were both ready to climax, there’s water splashing out of the hot tub onto the deck. We’re both so out of breathe that we can’t sustain a kiss so instead our heads are pushing on one another as we both gasp for air. Our eyes are shut tight as we pull each other as tight as possible but unrelenting in our need to fuck furiously. I finally can’t take it anymore and go as hard as I can for a few thrusts before finally driving deep in you and finally succumb to my release. I feel you spasm around me as your climax comes crashing in just on the eve of mine. I hold you tight as you wither and shake, feeling the orgasmic euphoria erupt through your body.

My arms start to relax as I feel your body calm. We both hold each other in blissful embrace as the water starts to settle and the cool night air begins to caress our bodies. Our bodies sink back into the water so that only our heads remain in the mist rising off the water’s surface. I’m still trying to catch my breath as I look into your eyes. Your gaze meets mine, your eyes piercing as I hear your breath start to calm. When I feel my breathing become steady and even, I lean in, and feel your lips meet mine.

We simply hold each other for a while, lightly stroking and kissing each other. The water warms us in its sweet embrace as the night sky shimmers above us. I open my eyes to see the mist coming off the water steaming, creating a dreamlike scene around us in dim light of the porch. Your head rests on my shoulder and I settle back against the seat of the tub.

As we sit there in each other’s embrace, I look over and admire your beautiful body. In the clear water, I can see your curves and drink in every inch of your body. It’s not long before I start to harden again. As if sensing it, you look down and then gaze back up into my eyes, that sly smile crossing your lips. I smile at you and nod towards the back door. You look at me as if contemplating for a second and then in one swift movement, I see your gorgeous body racing for the door. As I get out I can only imagine what awaits me in the bedroom…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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