The Hole in the Attic Pt. 01

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Jimmy discovers a hole in the attic and watches his big sister, Maggie undress, masturbate and have sex with her college boyfriend. The theme of this story is incest. If you are not comfortable with that subject, then I recommend you move on.

I grew up in a close-knit family in the small town of Marietta, Georgia. My sister Maggie and I hit the lottery with the great parents that brought us into this world. My Mom, Betty, was a high school chemistry teacher, and my Dad, Charlie, owned an auto repair shop in Marietta specializing in foreign cars. Both of my parents are good-looking and smart. Dad has the brains of a nerd housed in an athlete’s body, and Mom could have been a model for Victoria’s Secret.

Luckily, Maggie and I had inherited our parent’s good looks and intelligence. Maggie is a genius when it comes to chemistry and physics. I, for some reason, had a keen interest in computers. I took to programming and coding like a duck to water. By age ten, I was building my own computers, and by sixteen, I was writing my own programs. While my young peers were busy competing in video games, I was designing video games. I became a master at hacking network systems. And for the record, I was smart enough not to hack into any government networks.

My favorite hacking adventures consisted of hacking into my friends’ computers. I knew how to activate the computer’s camera and often caught them surfing porn. On a few occasions, I stumbled across the computer of their sisters or mother. I shouldn’t admit it, but I got to see a lot of nude feminine bodies. My bad.

My Dad had always loved working on small engines and graduated college with a degree in mechanical engineering. Dad was a mechanical genius when it came to combustible engines. At sixteen, he built his own car out of spare parts bought from junkyards. Upon graduation from college, he was heavily recruited by several large auto manufacturers. He went to work for the Mercedes-Benz Company at their Atlanta Headquarters designing engines for about ten years before he tired of the corporate rat race and decided to open his repair shop.

Dad wanted a small business where he could pace himself and enjoy working on engines. Dad opened his shop in Marietta, Georgia, and my mother joined the faculty of Marietta High School. However, Dad was very good at what he did, and his prices were so reasonable his business grew large almost overnight. As a result, he worked more hours than before, and Mother was equally busy teaching high school chemistry and grading papers, so my sister Maggie was left to take care of me more or less.

Mom and Dad usually left for work early each morning, so Maggie had to fix my breakfast and get me off to school. It was also her responsibility to make sure I brushed my teeth and put on clean underwear and clothes. She did all this in addition to getting herself ready for school. In the afternoons, she helped me with my homework and prepared dinner. Sometimes Mom helped Maggie prepare dinner if she didn’t have a lot of papers to grade. After dinner, while Mom cleaned the kitchen, Maggie would make sure I had my bath and helped me get ready for bed. Maggie more or less became my surrogate mother. My name is Jimmy, and I want to tell you why I fell in love with my big sister.

I have always loved Maggie as much as my own mother and was very protective of her. Sigmond Freud spoke of the Oedipus Complex, where young boys become protective and sexually attracted to their mother during their teenage development. I guess you could say I went through that phase. However, I unintentionally focused my Oedipus Complex toward my sister, Maggie, instead of my mother. Once I realized that, I was careful not to let Maggie know how I felt toward her. Maggie and I became very close, and we could talk about anything. Maggie is three years older than me, and I depended on her for many things that a parent should have provided.

If I were to describe Maggie, I would have to say she’s intelligent, funny, witty, caring, loveable, and very, very attractive. Yes, you heard me right. I genuinely consider my own sister to be a natural beauty. Maggie had alluring sexuality in everything she did with everyone she came in contact with. Whether I liked it or not, there was an attraction to her from everyone, male or female. She had a way of making you feel like the most important person in her life when she was with you.

She is 5′ 7″, 110 pounds on a slender frame. Her boobs are shaped nicely and are well proportioned to her body. She wears her straw blond hair in a ponytail. She did not need to dress provocatively to attract attention as it was easy to imagine uncovering the delicious curves that were beneath whatever she wore. I read it in men’s eyes as they swept over her body. She turned heads everywhere she went. And it’s not only me saying that; most of my high school urfa escort friends reminded me almost daily that they thought she was gorgeous as well. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I harbored the same lustful thoughts about Maggie as the others.

Behind my back, some of them even refer to her as the so-called ‘SILF’ of our high school. And to be completely honest, she lived up to that nickname. If any guy ever thought about fucking one of his buddy’s sisters, Maggie would be at the top of their list. That was another reason I was so protective of her. I knew what was going on in the minds of those high school boys when a pretty girl was around. I had been just like them when I was in high school and college. I am somewhat ashamed to admit it, but I had the same sexual desires toward Maggie but never acted upon them.

My sister IS a beauty, and if she wanted to be, she could be a model. But, Maggie wasn’t always the beauty she is today. As a young girl in middle school, she was skinny and awkward. Maggie was uncoordinated and didn’t have any self-confidence or assertiveness. Maggie didn’t really start to blossom into what she is today until Mom enrolled her in ballet classes. I am still amazed at the transformation that took place in Maggie with those ballet classes. Mom knew best, and by the time Maggie entered junior high school, she was a real knockout. She was the proverbial ugly duckling that grew into the beautiful swan. Maggie had become a tall, athletic woman with straw-colored hair and emerald green eyes. On her 18th birthday, everyone voted Maggie the most beautiful girl in our school and selected her prom queen.

Maggie was a junior in high school when I reached puberty and became interested in the opposite sex. The first difference I noticed between boys and girls was Maggie’s boobs. She always slept in a tee-shirt that came down to her thighs and a pair of cotton panties. I was fascinated by the way her boobs would sway and jiggle when she walked. Sometimes little bumps would appear on the end of her boobs and poke against her tee-shirt. I had seen pictures of women’s breasts, and I knew her nipples were making those little bumps. I really wanted to see Maggie’s naked breasts, but I was never lucky enough to catch her at the right time during my developing years.

Maggie’s senior year was my freshman year in high school. There was a school dance coming up for kids my age. It would be the perfect place to meet girls, but I had decided not to attend because I didn’t know how to dance. I also didn’t know how to interact with girls. I was awkward and clumsy around girls. I knew I could go to Maggie for any questions or advice on behaving around girls, and I did. Maggie understood my plight immediately and offered to teach me how to dance. She spent several weeks teaching me all the dance steps that were popular at the time. She was very patient with me. Teaching me how to dance was no easy task. I remember how serious she looked while teaching me how to dance.

“Here, Jimmy, take my hand,” Maggie stood, offering me her hand.

“What, you expect me to try it with no music?” I questioned.

“Just learn the steps for now. Here, let me show you,” Maggie smiled.

Maggie was very reassuring. She proceeded to count off steps, turning and swaying. She was dressed comfortably as usual in her typical cut-off shorts, tee-shirt, and bare feet. She repeated the steps several times, getting me to follow the count.

“All you have to do, Jimmy, is just hold me like this and turn when I tell you.”

Maggie placed my right hand on her lower back and took my left hand in her right hand. She put her left hand on my right shoulder. We start with her counting and doing her steps. I follow, holding her hand then turning her as she would request. It took several attempts to get me to quit stepping on her feet and turn her as she wanted. Actually, it took me many, many tries. Finally, it became smooth, and I stopped thinking about the dance steps and more about Maggie. Even though she is my sister, I thought she looked gorgeous, concentrating on her dance moves. She started humming notes to a song as we dance.

As Maggie became more confident in my ability, she added extra steps and a spin. I had one hand on the small of her back and my other hand in hers. We started swaying more as she hummed. Maggie stepped nearer to me, and we were now close together, with her body against mine. She had closed her eyes and seemed to be very relaxed. I think Maggie was daydreaming about her upcoming Senior Prom. I was in heaven holding my beautiful sister in my arms as we glided around the room. Unfortunately, Maggie’s closeness had a predictable effect on me, and she noticed. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at me with the weirdest expression, then tactfully explained how to hold a girl in my arms properly and cautioned me about not allowing her to move too close if I became overly excited.

The urfa escort bayan school dance turned out to be an excellent way to meet girls, but I realized I was not hitting it off with the girls like some of my buddies claim to be doing. After a few dates, I felt awkward and clumsy around the girls I dated or wanted to date. Other boys my age had progressed to making out with the girls they dated, not me. I knew nothing about how to kiss a girl. I didn’t even know if or when the girl wanted to be kissed by me. Maggie came through for me and explained how important it was for me to watch the girl’s eyes for clues about what she wanted. Maggie told me that if a girl’s eyes danced back and forth from my lips to my eyes, she probably wanted to be kissed. I had never really kissed a girl, and she thought I was kidding when I told Maggie.

“Are you seriously telling me you have never kissed a girl?” Maggie scoffed.

“I never really wanted to until recently,” I sadly admitted. “My friends would have mocked me if I talked about kissing a girl. A year ago, girls were something we tried to avoid.”

“Well, you need to get over that shit and get with the program,” Maggie laughed. “Come here and show me how you kiss a girl or how you think you should kiss a girl.”

I stood dumbfounded, staring at Maggie like she was from outer space. I had dreamed of what it would be like to kiss my beautiful sister. Here I was faced with the opportunity to live my fantasy, and I stood frozen in my tracks. My head was spinning, my heart beating ninety miles an hour, my palms were sweating, and my tongue twisted into knots. Several agonizing seconds later, I was finally able to ask her what she wanted me to do. “Why do you want me to come there?” I timidly asked.

“Don’t play stupid, Jimmy. I want you to demonstrate to me how you kiss a girl.”

Maggie evidently didn’t think there was anything odd about a practice kiss when learning the skill. I learned later that teenage girls often practiced kissing each other at slumber parties. For them, it was nothing more than a learning experience.

“Do you want me to kiss you like you were a real girl?” I mumbled incoherently.

“I am a real girl, stupid,” Maggie grumbled. “Now get over here and press your lips to mine. I need to know how much you know about kissing.”

Now understand, I know guys aren’t supposed to go around kissing their sister, at least not like that. I am a dumb-ass sometimes, but even I know you don’t kiss your sister like she was your girlfriend. I didn’t move until Maggie lost her patience and shouted, “Damn it, Jimmy, if you want my help, then get your ass over here and kiss me!”

For a split second, we stood nose to nose. Maggie’s eyes are staring into mine with a mixture of frustration and annoyance toward me. I leaned in and gave Maggie a quick peck on the lips and then stepped back. Maggie stared at me like I was hopeless. After a pause that seemed to last forever, Maggie said, “I think we need to start with the simple basics. Otherwise, you are destined to go through life with no female companionship whatsoever.”

Maggie positioned me the way she wanted me to stand. She took a deep breath, and her head turns towards me, eyes closed. Her lips are right there. As I said, I wasn’t very adept at such things as kissing. I had kissed a girl on the cheek once, but that’s a different story. I had dreamed of this moment for some time, but now that it was here, my stomach was doing flip-flops.

Well, I assumed it was time for me to get serious. So, I did. I wasn’t going for a small peck on the lips this time. I was going to give my big sister a real kiss. Well, what I thought at the time would be a real kiss. I soon discovered that real kisses would come later after much practice. But this little smack, lips closed, lasted all of maybe five seconds before Maggie opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes went from soft to shocked in seconds but then changed to this weird look like she thought I was trying to make a joke out of the whole situation. For me, the kiss wasn’t intended as a joke, but by the time it was over, and I was watching her reaction, I guess she thought I was joking around. We didn’t continue the kiss. Instead, she pulled away, looked disappointedly at me but still held my hand.

“Jimmy, I am going to give you some precise instruction on how to kiss a girl, and if you don’t grasp the idea, I think you will have to find someone else to teach you.”

I gave Maggie my full attention and nodded my approval. She took a deep breath and began her instructions.

“Jimmy, if you’re on a date with a girl, it is not inappropriate for you to move to kiss her at some point. So, if a part of your mind thinks kissing girls is wrong, get rid of that because that will make it awkward. So, move in for the kiss slowly, obviously, and confidently. It’s always best if you move slow enough to make it easy and possible escort urfa for her to reject your kiss if she feels so inclined. So no surprises or fast motions. However, you should move in confidently, assuming she wants to kiss you too. And lastly, If she turns her head or says “NO,” then back off and don’t get upset. That’s not a problem. Your timing may have been off, and it’s not a big deal. Learn from it and move on. When the time is right, she will hopefully welcome your kiss.”

“I understand all that, Sis, but I want to know is how to kiss a girl using my tongue. I hear other guys talking about how enjoyable it is when tongues are involved.”

Maggie stepped close to me then stopped. I thought she would take me in her arms and plant a big juicy tongue kiss on me, but instead, she looked me in the eyes as though she was in deep thought. After hesitating a moment, she took me by the hand, led me to the sofa, and directed me to sit. She sat next to me and placed both of my hands in her lap. I could tell she was collecting her thoughts.

“Jimmy, you were right not to demonstrate to me how you would kiss a girl. I don’t know what I was thinking. A brother is not supposed to kiss his sister, not in the same manner as his lover. I will describe how to do it, and it will be up to you to take it from there. Do you understand what I am saying?”

I smiled and nodded my agreement.

“Remember, Jimmy, to take the time to set the mood. Start slow and build toward the kiss. When your lips touch her lips, your mouth should be slightly open. Offering unrestricted access invites the other person to make the first tentative tongue contact. If she doesn’t part her lips, then clamp your lips so that her lower lip is between your two lips. Next, lightly sweep the tip of your tongue over her lower lip. If she doesn’t respond by parting her lips, then you should know to pull back. She more than likely does not want a kiss involving your tongue. At least not at that point. If you’ve tried both of the mentioned techniques and your partner hasn’t responded with parted lips, simply leave it alone until next time and focus on regular kissing.”

Maggie gave me a quick peck on the cheek and sprang to her feet.

“That’s it in a nutshell, Jimmy. I know you are going to do just fine with whoever you date. Remember what I just told you, and good luck with the girls you date.”


Maggie graduated in the top 5% of her class and received a full scholarship at the University of Georgia. We live in Marietta, and the University is a two-hour drive away in Athens. That meant Maggie would be living in the dorm and would come home only on weekends and holidays. That made me sad. I was going to miss Maggie.

The summer before Maggie left for school was, for me, a mixture of gloom and unbelievable fun. Maggie had several of her girlfriends over every day to sunbathe and frolic around our swimming pool. I spent more time outside doing chores than I had in all the summers past. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the girls in their skimpy bikini swimsuits. It was both exhilarating and agonizing to watch the girls apply sunscreen to each other. Watching them smear cr├Ęme all over each other’s bodies was better than watching porn. I had a ringside seat watching in the flesh beauties touch each other in ways I could only dream. My balls would ache so severely by the end of each day; I had to spend most evenings alone in my bedroom.

All of Maggie’s friends were good-looking and sexy, but there was this one girl named Gina who really turned me on. She was an Italian girl who tanned beautifully in the summer. She was 5′ 4″ 110 pounds with wavy brunette hair that hung just below her shoulders. Gina had curves in all the right places, but her boobs were a bit large in proportion to the rest of her body. When she walked around the pool in our backyard, they would bounce and jiggle as though they would jump out of her tiny bikini top. I wanted to see her tits as badly as I wanted to see Maggie’s.

Gina knew I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, so she delighted in teasing me when they sunbathed. She would lay on her stomach, untie her bikini top and rise on her elbows when talking to my sister. She was careful not to expose her nipples. I was able to see just enough of her dangling boobs to drive me crazy. I think Maggie conspired with Gina just to get me hard because they would giggle and sneak a peek at the bulge that would instantly develop in my bathing suit.

One afternoon my fantasy finally came true. Gina walked onto the diving board, bounced a few times, and made direct eye contact to ensure I watched. Her tits strained her bikini top to the absolute limits but remained confined. Gina bounced one last time then dove into the pool. She surfaced and swam to the shallow end of the pool, and began walking toward the stairs. Her bikini top was around her waist. She had the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. In fact, they were the only bare tits I had ever seen other than in magazines or porn websites. They stood high on her chest with half-dollar size dark nipples. She was unaware she was exposed until my sister shouted.

“Hey Gina, wardrobe malfunction! What are you trying to do, give my little brother a “hard” attack?”

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