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The Hiding Game Ch. 06

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The next day greeted me with pouring rain.

I could smell the wet but warm air when I was still in the kitchen eating breakfast, and when I walked out to my car later, my hair was dripping within seconds. It was the first non-sunny day in a very long time, and I cursed my luck at promising Seth what I had just yesterday. I had not dared walk around in a skirt in front of my mother, with the weather being as it was, she would have declared me crazy. Instead, I wore jeans and changed into the dark blue, well above knee length skirt in the car.

Marisol raised an eyebrow at me when she met me in the parking lot. I just shrugged my shoulders, but there was no time for explanations as the rain was still going strong and my coat was slowly soaking through. I wouldn’t have known what to say in any case.

The droplets of water finding their way onto my skin in various ways made me shudder. Marisol didn’t seem to feel any more comfortable than I did, so we started towards the entrance amongst the other students that were just arriving. A large group of boys running on one side of the parking lot caught my attention. The football team was apparently finishing their morning workout a little late, and the students stood aside respectfully and waited in the pouring rain as the players, all soaked to the skin, cut through the crowd at the front doors. Seth was one of the first, his grey t-shirt and black shorts clinging tightly to his toned body, water dripping from his short hair and running down his face and neck. His eyes met mine for a split second before he turned and stepped through the door. When he lowered his head, despite his exhausted expression, I could see a slight smile on his lips. The bastard knew exactly how irresistible he looked.

When all of the football team has finally gone through the doors, Marisol and I were able to make our way inside the building and to our lockers. The humidity inside was insanely high, and my top started clinging to my skin, assisted by the wetness seeping out of my hair after I took off my coat and shook it out. I wasn’t happy at the thought of putting the wet thing into my locker with my books and notebooks, but there weren’t really any good alternatives. I said goodbye to Marisol soon after, when the first bell had already rung, and made my way to study hall.

The old lunchroom had always been a rather cold place, and a stream of cool air hit me when I entered, making me shudder and causing my nipples to harden within seconds. Just when I sat down in my spot, the second bell rung and the last student – Seth – entered the room. He hadn’t changed his clothes or even toweled his hair, and he was leaving a trail of water wherever he went, since his running shoes also seemed to have soaked up a good portion of water. He seemed completely unconcerned with that, however. He didn’t even sit down, but asked Miss Larsen right away for permission to go and change, which struck me as strange. I knew that if he had stayed in the locker room to change, he could have gotten out of receiving a tardy easily. When Seth turned and left the room, he didn’t look up, but he did raise his eyebrows slightly, and I knew that sign was meant for me.

Shuddering, but excited, I walked up to the desk.

“Miss Larsen, may I go to the bathroom and dry my hair?”

Miss Larsen frowned and looked across the room, not happy with my request. “If I let you go, every girl will want to.”

“I get sick easily,” I explained to her. “My mother won’t be happy if my grades suffer because I catch a bad cold.” I sneezed for good measure.

“Fine,” she sighed, and gave me a hall pass.

I was out in the hall not a second later. I wasn’t quite sure where Seth wanted to meet with me, but considering where he had ambushed me the last time, I made my way in the direction of the equipment storage room. He wasn’t around there though, and the room itself was locked, so I kept walking around, hoping I hadn’t misread his sign.

When I turned a corner, he was standing there leaning against the wall, incidentally next to the drinking fountain where he had talked to me for the first time. I let my eyes roam over his delicious body for a few seconds, so clearly on display because of the wet clothes clinging to it. His eyes lit up when he saw me, but instead of waiting for me, he pushed himself off the wall and made his way to the door at the end of the hallway.

“Are you crazy?” I hissed, and he gave me a dark look. When I came a few steps closer, he simply grabbed me by the hand and opened the door, pulling me out into the pouring rain.

I screamed when we started running over the grass, half in giddiness, half because it was just so damn wet outside. I almost slipped and stumbled a few times, but Seth mercilessly pulled me further, through the warm, dense rain. I looked back at the school and was suddenly very glad that there weren’t any windows on this side of the building, with the locker rooms and gym being on this end. If we were lucky, maybe we wouldn’t get in trouble.

I was completely and utterly Van Escort soaked by the time we got to the football field. My white and blue shirt was completely see-through now, and my skirt was a wet mess clinging to and wrapping itself around my legs. The only dry parts of me were my feet, protected by my socks and my black boots. I was shaking, but at the same time, it was kind of too late to care. Seth turned around to look at me while running, grinning like a little kid, and after a moment of considering to bite his head off, I smiled back.

The area under the bleachers was Seth’s destination. The bleachers themselves lessened the rain, but didn’t shield us from it completely, and the water still dripped down upon us aplenty. I was shaking by the time we got there, because while this was a warmer than average day, it was still cold enough to freeze when completely soaked.

“I will fucking kill –” I started, but by then Seth had pressed me against one of the metal beams and was kissing me hard. His hands were roaming around my cotton-clad body while I huddled against him for warmth and tasted rain on his lips, and when he pulled away and stared at me hungrily, I couldn’t help but admire the sharp curves of his muscular body that the clinging shirt emphasized. He was giving my own body a very similar look.

“Jesus Jen,” he said huskily, and we were kissing again, this time to the feeling of two hands worming their way up my skirt. Seth worked furiously to free me of my clingy panties, which were wet mostly because of the rain, but not entirely. When he finally managed, he pulled them down to my knees and then cupped my ass, pulling me against him and letting me notice that he was most impressively hard. I threw my arms around his neck and held him close while toying with his tongue. I was still shaking, not only cold but also excited.

Finally, he nodded towards the metal beam I was leaning against. “Think you can hold yourself up?”

When I shrugged and nodded, he spun me around and had me place my hands against the beam. My skirt was flipped up and he entered me just a second later, his cock a strangely hot and hard sensation. I gasped and pushed back at him while he held my hips steady with his hands, his cock in me feeling truly hot compared with my freezing skin. His right hand wandered across my back, and a second later I could feel his thumb pressing lightly into my asshole. I could remember that he had done this before, and I was curious if he was more interested in that area than he had let on so far. In any case, the sensation felt great and I threw back my head and moaned as he started fucking me hard.

I was so aroused that I knew from the start it wouldn’t take long for me to start coming. I felt hypersensitive to the exquisite friction his cock caused inside me, and I matched his aggressive thrusting to get more. His hard lower belly slapped against my ass every time, causing my body to shake and me to issue small gasps. He took his other hand from my hip as well after some time, leaving me to offer resistance to his powerful slamming inside me alone. Instead, he tangled his fingers in my wet hair and pulled ever so slightly, almost teasing, but then increased the pull to make me bite my lip in pain and pleasure.

I screamed his name when I was on the edge, eyes closed tightly and my whole body shuddering with the hot and cold sensations, the water dripping onto my back and the hand on my ass keeping my back arched. He increased his pace, until I felt he could go no faster, groaning with pleasure. He seemed to know exactly when I would peak, because I could hear him moan in desperation as he tried to hold back and wait for me. His last thrust pushed me over the edge, and for a while I could feel nothing but sensations, wave after hot wave of ultimate pleasure making my body shudder, while the droplets of rain cooled it down and Seth spent himself inside me.

We remained in the same position for almost a minute afterwards, too spent to even move. My hands still grasped the metal beam to hold me up, my head had sunk down between them and water ran down it and dropped off my chin, nose and forehead. Seth’s hands supported my hips, but I could feel them shake as well.

Finally, he pulled out of me, and my legs just gave way, letting me sink to the ground. It was dirty, wet and slightly muddy, but my clothes would have to be washed and dried anyway. Seth sank down next to me and put his arms around me, kissing my forehead and holding me close. I closed my eyes and huddled close to him, wanting to share what warmth he gave me. I was reminded of the first time we had fucked in the shower, the water was coming down at us just the same, only this time we were sitting in the mud under the bleachers, and I was starting to really freeze instead of being comfortably warm.

“So, what do you propose I do now?” I asked him after a while. He gently rubbed the cold skin of my arm and smiled at me.

“How about you just take the day off? Or at least a few hours. I can go change really Van Escort Bayan quick and drive you home, so you can warm up and get some new clothes on.”

“Hmm.” The idea of spending time with him that wasn’t sex or after-sex cuddling sounded tempting. I hadn’t yet reached a decision when Seth straightened up, and extended a hand to help me get up as well. I used the opportunity to pull my panties back up, which felt disgusting, because they were now just as rain-drenched as the rest of my clothes.

“Either way, we need to get out of the rain.”

Not running this time, he led me to the lonely shed a short distance from the football field that was Glenn Valley High School’s weight room. The old weight room, in the main building, had been converted to a classroom quite a few years ago, to host the increasing number of students attending Glenn Valley. The shed itself was deserted, but unlocked, and Seth placed me on a bench to wait while he got me a few towels and turned up the heat in the already fairly warm room. When he was sure I would be comfortable, he asked me to wait, kissed me once more and then left the shed, crossing the grass to the school building’s back entrance once again.

I leaned back against the wall and smiled. Despite the fact that I felt gross and wet, this little encounter had been quite exciting, and my pussy was still tingling. I closed my eyes, leaned back against the wall and peeled my clinging skirt off my thigh, so I could put my hands under it and get rid of my disgustingly wet underwear. After I had bundled it up at my feet, my hand slipped back under my skirt almost automatically, teasing my clit as I relived the scene that had just happened in my mind. Warm pleasure began to run through my body once again, and I enjoyed myself, head thrown back, while I waited.

Seth took his sweet time. I was close to orgasm when I heard an amused chuckle, and I opened my eyes and jumped when I saw Seth kneel right in front of me, picking up my panties off the floor.

“Look what I found!”

“Very funny,” I muttered and closed my legs, flipping my skirt down hastily and trying to ignore the protest of my aching clit. Seth only shook his head.

“What would you have done if I’d been a coach?”

“Blushed?” I offered, and he laughed, while he pressed my knees apart again and pushed my skirt back up. I moaned in anticipation and gasped when the tip of his tongue first touched my clit. He licked over it rapidly several times, causing my hips to grind against his face because it felt so good. My hand grasped what it could of his short hair and held his head close as he licked his way up and back down my entire slit, using long, broad strokes.

“Don’t draw it out,” I begged him, too eager to orgasm to be patient. He obeyed, sucking my clit into his mouth, where he flicked it with his tongue over and over again while sucking hard, making it swell even more. I moaned and begged in the same breath, cheeks flushed and both of my hands now buried in his hair, my nails probably hurting his scalp. Two of his fingers plunged into my wet hole and started fucking me rapidly, which, along with the stimulation of his tongue, was all it took to push me over the edge.

I tried to keep my voice down when I came this time, I really tried. But I couldn’t help it when a loud, drawn-out scream escaped me as my hips bucked in release. Seth eagerly licked up my wetness until I calmed down again, but even then he occasionally gave my clit a teasing lick, until I pulled his head away from my lap. He withdrew his fingers and stood up while I straightened my skirt. My clothes and hair weren’t dripping anymore, but still rather damp and clinging to my skin uncomfortably.

“That was fun,” he noted, smiling, and helped me stand up as well while he wiped his face of my juices. “We should get going though, I don’t want to take a risk.”

I barely kept myself from laughing out loud. “A risk? Says the guy who just took me out of study hall and ran across half the school to have sex under the bleachers? If you don’t want to get caught or arouse suspicion, I suggest re-evaluating your definition of risk there, Seth.” He only shrugged, half embarrassed, and handed me a dark blue hoodie he had brought. I put it on over my shirt and noticed at once that it smelled pleasantly like Seth. He had changed as well, into warmups and his regular, dry shoes.

We left the weight room holding hands, and made our way to the street behind it at a fast pace. We had to cross a fence that surrounded the general area of the football field and baseball diamond, which was slippery with the rain. Seth gallantly helped me across, then jumped over it himself. He had moved his car, which was what had taken him so long to get back to me, and I assumed that he just didn’t want to be seen with me in the student parking lot.

His car was a fairly used-looking, dark blue Ford Taurus, and I was pleasantly surprised at how clean he kept it inside. There was the occasional empty Powerade bottle lying around, but I didn’t Escort Van have to wade through knee-deep mess in order to climb into the passenger seat. Seth started the car in a hurry, presumably to get the heat going, which I was thankful for. Neither of us spoke when he started to drive.

By the time we got to my house, the inside of the car hadn’t yet warmed up as much as I would have liked, and I was eager to get inside. Seth didn’t waste any time either; he was out of the car and by my side in a moment. I breathed a sigh of relief when I finally opened the door and stepped inside, looking around. My mother was at work, of course, and I was supremely glad that she couldn’t see me in my soaked clothes right now. I hadn’t lied to Miss Larsen when I had told her that I got colds easily, and my mother would have killed me for being this irresponsible about my health. I recalled a conversation with her just a few weeks earlier, when she had, despite the blazing heat outside, remarked that it was about time to get the sweaters out again. I had laughed at her then, because we had had record temperatures that week, and I had been so hot in school that I didn’t even want to contemplate the thought of wearing a sweater.

It was somewhat startling to notice that that particular conversation had taken place in a time before I had ever even exchanged a single word with Seth Marshall. I turned around. There he was, just entering the room, and I suddenly realized how strange a sight it was to see him standing there. Glenn Valley’s football god, the one I had had a crush on since my freshman year. We had sat next to each other in English class, although I doubted he even remembered it. He had asked around the class for a pencil once, towards the beginning of the school year, and his sweet smile when I had presented him with one had been sufficient to get me to announce to my friends that I was in love. Then they had pulled him out of the JV football squad and placed him on Varsity midseason, because the team badly needed him, and it was the first time ever in Glenn Valley history a freshman had played in a Varsity game. They had won their first game of the season with him, and he had been the talk of the entire school the day after, showered with gifts and compliments and requests for a homecoming date. It hadn’t taken long for him to switch seats in English, over to where the JV cheerleaders were sitting. He may as well have moved across the continent, as effectively as he was out of my reach after that had happened.

But yet, here he was, pretty much exactly three years later, looking sexy as hell while doing nothing but standing around, eyes darting around my kitchen while I was staring at him dreamily.

“You got extra blankets?” he asked, and I snapped out of my admiration. I nodded and made my way to the hallway closet to grab a few. When I got back, Seth was looking around the kitchen cupboards with interest, making a noise of triumph when he found the cocoa mix.

“You don’t mind, do you?” he asked, grabbing two packages and slamming the cupboard shut. I shook my head, and he turned to look at me more closely for the first time since we had left the school. His green eyes wandered from the hem of my skirt to my chest, then he looked into my eyes and smiled.

“Strip,” he ordered me, causing me to raise my eyebrows at him. When I didn’t move, he dropped the cocoa on the counter and came over to me. His hand grabbed the zipper of his hoodie and pulled it down, then he pushed the fabric over my shoulders and down my arms.

“Do I have to do everything myself around here?” he asked mock-grumbling, dropping the hoodie, and I obligingly started to shed my damp shirt. I was getting cold again anyway, and the prospect of hot cocoa and a warm blanket was enticing. My shirt joined the pile of clothes on the floor, and the skirt did as well a few seconds later. Satisfied, Seth wrapped one of the blankets around me, rubbed my damp skin for a few seconds, and then went back to his task of making hot cocoa.

I sat down on the kitchen table and watched him prepare two coffee mugs with the steaming liquid. Considering my thoughts from earlier, it just seemed so surreal to me. I had gotten used to his presence and to the fact that he talked to me over the last few weeks, but this was just weird nonetheless. I followed the movements of his arms with interest, noticing the graceful and very precise way he did everything. Finally, he turned and handed me one of the mugs, which I took gratefully.

“Let’s go to the living room,” I proposed, and he raised his eyebrows.

“How about your room?”

I grimaced, remembering how my room wasn’t altogether tidy, and he laughed. “Okay, fine. Let’s go to the living room, but I do want to see your room later.”

“Great.” I stood up and led him through the hallway to our small living room, which fit only a couch, a tiny table, the tv and a narrow cupboard in which we stored movies and snacks. Since we were only two people in the household, the small space suited us just fine, and I hoped Seth didn’t have a problem with the fact that we weren’t exactly rich. I had no idea how well off he was, but our high school was mostly populated by students from middle to upper middle class families, and he seemed to fit right in with those.

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