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The Harlot

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The Harlot – how a young woman was degraded and turned into a sex slave by a corrupt southern sheriff.

The Sheriff

The red mustang convertible shot down the country road trying to make up for lost time. Cheryl Slampor sat behind the wheel, fuming at the delay. She was supposed to be half way to Panama City and was running behind due to a flat tire and a yokel mechanic. Strands of flaxen blond hair not held in place by her visor whipped around her ears in the 90 mile per hour wind. The hot sun felt good on her bare shoulders she thought to herself. She reached up and untied the thin strap of her halter to prevent a tan line. The two thin straps popped from around her neck and slid toward the chasm formed by the inner curves of her breasts. The thin blue stretch material of her halter sagged under the unsupported weight of the large tear drop breasts that billowed ponderously over her narrow waist.. The heat had caused dark crescents to form under the jostling orbs of curved flesh and the tight fabric scoured her long prominent nipples with each oscillation of the heavy masses.

She adjusted the sunglasses on her pert nose and her long lashed blue eyes glanced at the blinding sky ruing the lost sunbathing time. Three weeks of sun, sand, beer, and boys! This was her second spring break and she wanted to savor every minute of it she thought. She leaned back in the leather seat, her short skirt riding up her slender thighs. She shivered as the cool air from the floor vent shimmied up her thighs and hit the bare pale skin of her newly waxed vulva causing her to wiggle her tingling trim little bottom deeper into the smooth leather of the bucket seat.

The beautiful young woman had all the good looks her Swedish ancestry could bequeath her. Her grandparents had immigrated at the turn of the century she had been told and made money in timber. Since she left Minnesota for law school she had never looked back. Her parents were a conservative pain in the ass.

The young woman’s fine blond hair was cut short and fell just to her neck. Parted just left of the middle, the fine flaxen strands lay close and solid against her fair skin, held in place by a white visor. The pale skin of her high smooth forehead, cheeks and small nose showed the first pinkish tinge of sunburn. She shrugged her smooth shoulders in delight causing her large breasts to rise and fall heavily, wallowing in her tight top like two satisfied pigs. She had been blessed with the combination of flawless skin and silky hair that made men’s magazine publishers drool and life easier for photo air brushers.

The beautiful co-ed left Boston’s Wellesley College some sixteen hours ago and had been making good time until the flat tire last night and the discovery that her spare was flat as well. It forced her to pull off the Interstate and wait for a garage to open.

“And that damn hayseed mechanic! If only he’d spent as much time working on the tire as he did ogling my tits, I’d be an hour farther down the road!” she fumed. She needed the time off from her pre-law studies she thought, a nineteen year old can take only so much. With out a break her eyes would cross from all the reading!

She gripped the steering wheel tighter as she mashed down the accelerator with her sandaled foot. She went through the mental calculations of how many more hours I would take if the yokel’s short cut really did save her two hours of drive time on the Interstate. Her mind was miles away and her pretty blue eyes didn’t even see the lush green Georgia countryside.

She reached down to punch a disc into the compact disc player as she blew through a copse of oak trees that 140 years ago had seen Sherman’s passing. She never saw the county Sheriff’s patrol car sitting back in the shadows like a waiting cat.

The man’s head swiveled on his thick neck as he watched the red convertible speed by. “Cletus at the garage had been right as rain.” he thought. Red car, pretty blonde behind the wheel. Right on time. He wiped the sweat from his eyes, silently cursed the meager county budget, then flicked on the lights and siren and pulled out onto the road.

Cheryl didn’t hear the sound of the siren over Tenacious D booming on the speakers. She had traveled a good mile oblivious to the flashing lights and siren of the pissed off county cop before her eye caught the blue and red of his lights.

The pretty blonde’s throat grew tight, the adrenaline surged at the sight of the lights, and she slowed and pulled to the side of the country road. The beautiful 19 year old sat behind the wheel a roiling mixture of apprehension and anger. “Another goddamn delay!” she thought to herself.

She glanced in the rearview mirror and saw an officer of medium height man step from the patrol car, the distinctive Smokey bear hat sitting on his head. He adjusted his pistol belt around his pronounced middle, the product of too many hours sitting at the wheel and too many beers. She noticed the front of his brown double knit uniform blouse was stained. “No doubt from a doughnut!” the blonde thought smugly to herself.

“Keep your hands on the wheel, where I can see’um, little lady!” he rotund man drawled as he approached the convertible from behind, hand on his revolver. The pretty law student noticed the dark sweat stains under his arms and at his middle. Apparently the county couldn’t afford air conditioners in their patrol cars she sniffed.

The portly uniformed man walked up to the driver’s door and looked down at the young woman through his mirrored sunglasses. His hairy arms grew like stunted branches from the short sleeves of his uniform blouse. A egg yolk stain ran vertically down the left breast of his shirt bisecting the gold star badge and formed a blotch at the swell of his belly. He placed his arms on the door of the red car and leaned forward while he rolled a toothpick back and forth between his puckered lips with his tongue. His hidden eyes crawled over the pretty teen, her slender bare arms rested on the wheel and pushed her large pillowy breasts together, their curved inner surfaces forming a deep canyon. Cheryl reached up and took her sunglasses off and tossed them on the passenger’s seat.

“Officer, I…” she began.

“Now there, Missy, put your hands back on the wheel.” he said ominously. The young woman turned her head to speak but didn’t instead she just looked at the man’s face, or what she could see of it. His eyes were hidden behind mirrored glass, his brown campaign hat pulled down low on his forehead. She could see the short gray hair at his temples, the hint of gray whiskers on his jaw and the sweat that beaded on his upper lip and collected along his double chin.

Everything about the slovenly man was repulsive, laced together with pure menace, but she knew her rights and wasn’t about to be intimidated by an overweight sloppy Barney Fife.

“An’ that’s Sheriff Carter, to you, little lady.” he growled.

“Now. where ya goin’ in such a hurry?” he said with faint amusement in his voice, reaching up to twirl the toothpick between thumb and index finger not taking he hidden eyes off the fat curves of the teen’s full quivering breasts.

“I’m heading to Florida for three weeks of spring break…” the young woman said nervously, not sure whether to be indignant or solicitous, but feeling extremely naked under the fat officer’s gaze. “I didn’t know I was driving so fast.” she lied. ” I promise to drive slower Sheriff.” she said looking up hopefully, only to see an expressionless face and her own blue eyes reflected in the man’s glasses.

“I’d like to see…” he said pausing as his eyes wormed over her exposed flesh, “your, driver’s license, proof of insurance and registration.” The coed’s face colored with a mixture of embarrassment and anger as she realized her skirt had ridden up and her hairless labia was just barely exposed. She felt her skin turn to goose flesh under the man’s hidden gaze. The long stubs of her fat nipples dented the thin blue fabric of her halter as they hardened, the papules of her aureoles as visible as neon as the wide pink disks puckered. The faceless man slowly pulled the toothpick from his mouth and slowly ran his tongue along his upper lip.

She leaned toward the glove box away from the uniformed man pulling the edge of her skirt down as she did so. Her huge breasts swung heavily beneath her as she leaned over the console. Her face burned as she felt the cool air against the exposed backs of her sweating thighs and wondered about the show she was giving the Officer. She brought her free left arm up to cradle the wobbling monster orbs but only succeeded in pushing them up and almost out the top of the flimsy strapless halter. She found the documents he wanted and settled back in the seat, her fat firm breasts separating heavily in the thin halter. She handed the papers to the man and reached behind her neck to modestly tie the strap to her blue top.

“Now don’t get all dressed up on my account darlin”, he said lewdly as he watched her then rifled through the papers she had handed to him.

He held the papers as if studying them but hadn’t taken his eyes off the young woman. His mind was calculating, had been since Cletus called. But really in earnest since she’d leaned to the glove box and exposed the glistening naked furrow of her young pussy to his watching eyes. “Three weeks of spring break, she said.” He watched as she raised her trim arms behind her neck, the movement raising the fat quivering mounds of her breasts in all their firm tear drop glory. He smiled at the sight of the long cigar thick nipples trapped beneath the thin stretch fabric. Sweat broke on his brow as his hungry eyes traced the raised bumpy outline of each silver dollar sized aureole capping the heavy fat orbs. “Gawd they looked heavy!” he thought.

The Sheriff’s mind drifted back to a similar time years ago. The first time. How many since then? Had he lost count? He had only been a deputy. The girl had been a looker too, black, but a looker, but nothing like this one. The uppity nigress had been on her way to spring break in her daddy’s T-bird from somewhere up north. Acted like she didn’t know her place. Well he’d taught her place. His cock throbbed at the memory. It had been an impulse. The best pussy he’s ever had up till then. Too bad she’s fought too much. Well, she’d never talked, four feet of Georgia clay saw to that. And her pap had passed through and asked questions but back then nobody looked long for a missing nigress. Figured she ran off with her young buck in her daddy’s car. There’d been others too. Tasty and juicy.

But this one was different. No earthen bed for this treasure. This one was a trophy, they didn’t come along like this one very often. Ripe and ready to pluck. Nobody’d miss her for three weeks. By then the trail would be long cold. Her friends would figure she’s met up with somebody and go on with their vacation. He knew how kids were today. “Probably already took care of any prying mom an’ dad would be doin’ herself.” he said making up his mind. He shifted his leg to relieve the pressure of the tight bulge at his crotch.

“Please step outta the car” he said reaching back for his handcuffs.

Cheryl opened the door and placed a small sandaled foot on the gravel. She pushed one manicured hand down against her short skirt obscuring the Officer’s view up between her long slim legs. She bent forward to step from the car, her heavy breasts swinging beneath her, testing the thin stretch material, and revealing a deep cleavage. She stood erect the heavy orbs giggling and woggling in the indecent top with the effort. The beefy officer stepped forward before she gained her balance and spun her around, draping her 5’9″ frame over the rear drivers side fender.

“Wha-a-a-a-t Tekirdağ Escort the…..!,” the surprised blonde began before her solar plexus hit the fender forcing the air from her heavily laden chest.

“We take a dim view of speed’in round here, little lady. You City folks come down roun’ heya’ and figure you can get ‘way with anythin’ you want. Well, I got news for ya. Not in Sheriff Carter’s County they don’t!” He stepped forward and straddled he pretty slender blonde, he pressed his bulging gut into the small of her back mashing her into the hot car fender. He grinned to himself as he felt the log of his cock twitch and tingle as he felt the intoxication of power run through him. He reached up grabbed a slender wrist as she tried to push herself up from the car and slapped the cuffs on it pulling it up behind her bare back. He then pulled the other flailing bare arm back to join its partner and secured it.

Cheryl panicked as she felt the weight of the officer against her back as he pulled first one arm then the other behind her and cuffed them. She winced at the bite of the cold metal into her slender wrists and the heat of the car’s metal against her bare belly. Her massive breasts were mashed beneath her and ballooned out to the sides beneath her arms as her short skirt rode up to the curve of her buttocks. A grunt issued from her pretty painted mouth as it hung open in shock, her wide blue eyes bulged. The pretty blonde’s mind was a welter of confusion, fear, and anger. Beneath the weight of the officer’s bulging gut she never felt the hardness of his erection as it slotted between her rounded buttocks.

The sweating Sheriff stepped back and grabbed the girl’s slender upper arms and lifted the confused girl up and spun her around to face him.

“Okay, darlin’, I reckon I have probable cause for a search of this heya, automobeel.” he drawled, obviously more at ease now that he was completely in control. “Now you’all just relax.” he said raising a pudgy hand up to pat the shocked young woman on a flushed cheek. His eyes boring into hers before dropping to her deep cleavage where they lingered for an instance. He stepped to the driver’s door and leaned in to get the keys from the ignition. Cheryl watched as he draped his gut over the door to retrieve her keys then turned toward her adjusting his pistol belt before walking back to where she leaned against the warm metal fender. Her eyes caught the bulge in his tan pants and the dark stain that marked the end of the bulge. “The bastard in enjoying this. He has a leaking hardon!” her mind filled with revulsion and her stomach churned at the sudden thought.

The fat man swaggered over to her his left arm rubbing against her plump firm breasts, all the more prominent due to her arms being cuffed behind her. He paused fumbling with her keys his left bicep slotted between the fat heavy orbs as he raised her keys in mock confusion and asked her to identify the trunk key. His fat lips formed a sadistic smirk as he sucked on the sodden toothpick he held in his teeth.

“So you is a cold-ledge student? What is it you’re study’in up there in Bost’in?” he said with a smirk, his arm pressing into the fat mounds of her breasts.

Cheryl stood transfixed her mind refusing to believe what was happening. Her face flushed at the touch of the man against her breasts, he knows pricked, as she caught the odor of sweat mixed with stale beer. Her guts twisted and she fought the urge to vomit as her stomach heaved.

“I-I-I study law, you know, to be a lawyer….” she stammered in confusion.

“My, my.” he said clicking his tongue. “A lawyer. Ya should have known better, ya’ know?”

The Sheriff stepped past her inserted the key with a click and the trunk opened with a thunk. The man emitted a low whistle from behind her. “H-o-o-o-o-boy, little lady, you’re in a heap of trouble. No wonder you was speedin’, what with ya carryin’ all this bootleg beer and t-keela. And you be’in under age and all.” he said walking around to face her shaking his pumpkin head.

“But I was only taking it down for my friends…for our spring break party!” she pleaded her clear blue eyes starting to brim with tears of fear and confusion. A battle raged inside the nineteen year old as the law school coed struggled with daddy’s little girl, rage struggled with fear, retaliation with compliance, indignation, and contrition.

“Please, please, don’t take me in. You can keep the liquor, I’ll pay the fine. Just let me go, please!” the little girl surfaced with a sob as her eyes overflowed, tears streaming down her cheeks dark blue stain sprinkling her halter. The nineteen year old shuddered with a sob as contrition and compliance won, the victory blow being the realization that the defiantly foolish coed law student had caused the situation.

“Now, now, there, we’ll just’ go in ta’ the station and git this all straightened out.” he lied. He cupped her cheeks in a fatherly manner raising her face to his with a mocking smile. “It’ll be all right.” He said smoothly, wiping the tears from her cheeks with his thick thumbs.

The little girl in Cheryl looked up at his invisible eyes and felt safe with his touch. “Maybe it would be alright. It would all be straightened out.” bubbled the adolescent in her.

The fat pudgy Sheriff raised the top of her car and locked it. He’d make a call from the office, a chop shop in the next county would make right smart work of it and give him sixty percent besides. He walked back to the rear of the car to lead the ripe teen to the passenger side of the patrol car. All thoughts of the car and profits disappeared from his mind like a pin pricked balloon as his cock surged at the sight of her. The tall teen stood leaning against the rear fender. Her pretty blond head hung dejectedly, her wide blue eyes staring at the dusty gravel under her sandaled feet.

The Sheriff’s hungry gaze coiled around her trim ankles and slithered up the smooth curves of her calves. A brief hot breeze stirred dust around her dainty pink painted toes. His reptilian stare wound its way up over the expanse of firm thigh exposed below the hem of the girl’s short skirt, stalked around at the dark warren between her legs before moving silently up to the concavity of her bare navel. The shiny glint of the jeweled ring in her navel briefly caught his eye. He frowned at not having noticed it before. His fat cock twitched at the sight. What would the good Reverend Thompson say about a woman who would defile herself like that?

His invasive gaze crawled up across the gently undulating plain of her bare stomach that disappeared under the edge of the thin blue halter hanging like an awning supported by the majestic mounds of her firm heavy breasts. Youthful flesh and gravity struggled for supremacy over the mounds as they thrust out over her narrow waist. The bottom of the heavy orbs bellied out then swooped up in conical points that saluted the cloudless sky. They jiggled and tremored with each sob from the poor girl. The fat as butter orbs bulged out the sides of her top revealing smooth creamy curves. Thick raised aureoles molded into the thin fabric of her top, every papule making a clear signature as the sensitive flesh puckered in fear. The nineteen year old’s fat stiff nipples punched defiantly into the thin blue halter, their crenulated tips looking like miniature knuckled fists.

The fat Sheriff grit his teeth in desire as he reluctantly raised his serpentine eyes from the hypnotic mounds of flesh crawling from the bellied curves to the taut flat plain of her upper chest to the ivory column of her graceful neck. A glistening drip broke from the delicate point of the girl’s chin visible between the straight hanging strands of her pale hair. Moisture shone in the long thick lashes hiding the bright blue eyes. Her high smooth cheeks colored rose from the insistent sun and inescapable reality wet by her easy tears. He wondered how she would react for an instant, then spat out the worried toothpick and licked his thick lips.

Silently he gripped the girl by the arm and marched her to the passenger side of the rag tag patrol car. Cheryl followed wordlessly, her eyes watching the ground. He pushed her face first against the car’s dusty door and thin Georgia soil mixing with her fearful sweat to soil the front of her halter bellied out by the heavy bulges of her breasts. The fat Sheriff stepped close, chin on her shoulder.

“I gotta search you sweetheart, procedure an’ all you know?” he sniggered as his pudgy hands moved downward.

The fat Sheriff ran his thick fingers down the sides of the young woman’s torso, lingering at her fat breasts where they ballooned out at her sides, mashed flat against the fender by her bent weight. “H-m-m-m, nice set you have there sweetheart.” he gloated in her ear. He licked beads of sweat from his lip as his hands continued down her narrow waist to the flare of her tight round hips.

Cheryl’s skin crawled as she felt the sweating man’s hands worm over her powerless prostrate body. She felt him thrust a thigh between her bare legs and her stomach heaved when she felt the hard bulge wedged between her buttocks and the fat man’s pelvis. His hands squeezed her fleshy hips and she was relieved when he stepped away, stooping to run his hands slowly down the outside of her slim bare legs.

She twitched as his thick hands cupped her calf and began to climb up either side of the long stalk of her leg. She cringed as she felt the blade of his hand reach the lower hem of her short skirt and continue to slide upward.

A shrill voice in her head screamed, “Make the bastard stop!” but before her lips could give sound to words, a calm soothing inner voice born of helplessness cooed, “He’s only doing his job, don’t make things worse…” The conflict continued back and forth in her head. In helpless frustration she focused on the warmth of the smooth metal against her cheek, trying to ignore the strange hands probing squeezing her flesh.

She jumped and struggled to stand erect as his hand brushed against the smooth bare skin of her pudenda. The fat Sheriff, moving faster than the cuffed young woman, stopped her with a hand between her shoulder blades, and slamming her back down against the fender of the car. The voices in her head screamed back and forth as she struggled for breath. “The sick bastard!” the shrill voice howled. “It was accidental, after all it was you who chose not to wear panties!”

“That’ll be enough of that, missy.” he said menacingly. The young blond could only grunt and gasp, nodding her pretty head as she struggled to regain her breath.

Sensing his opportunity, the Sheriff quickly slipped his fat right hand between her parted thighs and pulled her short skirt up to her waist with his left. His right index finger began probing the soft skin of her damp labia. He chuckled with satisfaction as he felt the thick digit part the silky damp lips of her labia and slip easily into the throat of her vagina.

“A-h-h-h-h-h, n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o.” the helpless girl moaned in humiliation shaking her pretty blond head, trying not to accept the reality of the fat man’s dominance over her. The invading fingers were the last straw, her resolve crumbled and collapsed like a sandcastle under the tide’s onslaught.

“Yeah, slipped in easy as you please.” he laughed. “We have a word for girls like you round here, little missy. The words’ slut.”

Cheryl’s face burned at the sound of the man’s degrading words. “No, she was a good girl!” she thought to herself. “Yes, but who decided not to wear panties and flaunt herself like a common whore?” a voice inside her head asked.

“Yeah, I reckon you’re a first class whore back at the ol’ college, Tekirdağ Escort Bayan ain’t ya? Fuck’in and suck’in yor way through school.” he said worming his finger around the inside of the young woman’s clinging channel. “Yeah, no self repectin’ girl would let some stranger be finger’in her here in broad daylight, in front of gawd and the whole world. Would they?” he chuckled, as he slid a second thick finger in to join the first, parting the wet pink flesh, twisting, and pumping his fingers in and out, churning the young woman’s tight clinging cunny to a froth.

“A-h-h-h-h-h…p-u-h-l-e-e-e-z..” she groaned trying to bury her face in embarrassment at the sound of the filthy words and her bodies betraying response. “Maybe she was what he said she was…her mind at first refusing to repeat the word, maybe she was…a…whore!” she thought. The fine slender columns of her legs trembled as the aging lecher explored the wet pit in her bottom with is right hand and held her down with his left pressed into her back. He leaned over her as she lay jackknifed over the fender of the car, his right hand lost between the firm proud mounds of her pale buttocks. She opened her mouth to plead with him but the words came out as a high whine as his blunt thumb pushed against the tight puckered ring of her pink sphincter. The surprised flesh resisted for an instant then gave way beneath the sharp dirty nail of his demanding digit.

“Fucking slut1” the shrill voice in her head screamed! “You’re letting this fucking hayseed cop assault you! You should be clawing his eyes out!” The other voice was calm and pleading, “You’re handcuffed and alone. He is only taking advantage of the situation but won’t hurt you, don’t make things worse for yourself, and besides you got yourself into this mess, waving your bare bottom in front of him you slut.” The little girl in her eagerly listened to reassuring parental voice.

“Yeah, that’s right nice.” he said pulling her bare buttocks up and out with his three finger grip. “Never thought my bowling experience would be put to this kinda use” he said laughing out loud. His cock twitched and throbbed as he felt the damp heat of the young woman’s bottom around his fingers and, the snug embrace of her firm buttocks against the flat of his invading hand that spread her obscenely.

The beautiful young woman whimpered quietly as she lay cheek down on the fender. Tears running down her smooth cheeks to bead up on the warm metal.

“There’ll be plenty o’ time for this.” he said as he slid his fingers from wet clinging flesh. “Just one more thing…”he said, his cock throbbing as the feeling of complete power surged through him. He reveled in the complete control he had over the ripe young woman as he dropped his hand to his side.

The beautiful young woman jumped as she felt the cold metallic tube slide between the parted lips of her sex. Her head raised slightly and dropped in resignation as the last defiance drained from as his warning echoed in her ears. She lay there and cringed at the feel of cold steel invading her bottom.

“Just a warnin’ of what’ll happen if you try anythin stupid, little lady. Be a good lil’l Princess and everythin’ll be fine.” he whispered as he pushed the barrel of his revolver into the pretty teen’s vagina. “Yeah, this here 44 would certainly enlarge that tight snatch of yours if ya make trouble.” he chortled. She whimpered and moaned at the hardness of the blue barrel against the cap of her cervix as he pressed the pistol into her. She shivered as the pistol’s cylinder mashed against her splayed labia. He held it there to make his point feeling the young woman tremble as he pressed against her. He slowly pumped the long barrel in and out in a sick parody of coitus, gloating over his control and the beautiful girl’s helpless whimpers. “Yeah she was a prize, this one was. Best he had ever seen, and she was his.” He gloated. “It’ll be fun to see how low he could break her before… well no sense in put’in the cart before the horse.” he thought.

He pulled the gun from her clasping flesh and cleaned the glistening barrel with the bottom of her halter. The young woman cringed inwardly as she felt the wetness of his fingers on her shoulder as he hauled her up and spun her around. She felt the hot metal of the car’s fender against her bare buttocks as he pushed her back against it.

“Now I just gotta see these.” He said as he reached for the strings holding up her blue halter top. Cheryl turned her head to the side refusing to look at him, her face crimson. She caught a whiff of the stink of the guilty secretions that stained his fingers. He pulled the strings fee and paused to smear her cheek with the thick cloying slime that coated his fingers like honey.

“Just love the smell of ripe n’ ready poontang, ya’ know?” he said with a chuckle, wiping the last of the thick slime across her full lips.

He dropped his hand to the front of the clinging blue top and pulled it down with a quick jerk.

“Lord gawd almighty, young’in, you sure do have some big’uns” he drooled as the young woman’s expansive flesh bags tumbled into view.

He watched the tight full orbs bounce on her chest, hanging like heavy bulging bank sacks. His eyes crawled over the shiny raised saucers of her aureoles memorizing each tiny tubercle, each latent vein that pulsed across the red-pink surface feeding the thick nodules of her raspberry like nipples. The pale alabaster teardrops were laced with the faint blue tendrils of veins nourishing the magnificent aching globes. The looping blue serpents became darker and thicker near the circumference of the perfectly round aureoles where they were pulsing near the surface. Here and there one surfaced to thread its way across her fat aureoles, worming around the large raise papules that dotted the raised reddish plateaus. He marveled at the apparent weight and fullness of the heavy monstrous bags .

“Yeah, they’ll be down to her waist in a few years, but gawd almighty, they stand up an looked at ya, now!” whispered to himself.

The resilience of her youthful flesh defied the pull of gravity as each ponderous globular mass jutted out from her chest, proud and taut, the smooth skin pulled tight and shiny under their sheer hanging mass. The smooth curved upper surface of each swooped down curving on the one side, it’s rotund bulge meeting its twin forming the deep tight canyon of her cleavage. The other side of the fleshy globes swelled out to a delicious soft roundness near each arm. The forward plunge of the fleshy pears, terminated in a short upward sweep to the fat raised saucers of her aureoles, dotted with thick raised papules, like foothills around the thick nodular posts of her crenulated nipples. The weighty masses fell away from the thick skyward pointing nipples to form a delicious round belly-like expanse of soft unmarred white flesh that was nearly horizontal until it rejoined the smooth skin covering her ribcage. The massive feminine spheres appeared to thrust straight from her chest; unsupported, the liquidous flesh jiggled and shimmered with each tremulous breath the young woman took.

Cheryl’s face burned with shame and embarrassment at her utter helplessness. What little rage she felt flared and died like a dying ember doused by the hopelessness that washed over her. She clenched her blue eyes closed and turned her head like a small child, as if avoiding looking at the man would make the situation go away. In her despair, she didn’t know what to feel or say. Her mind was paralyzed by feelings of mortification and despondency. Through the maelstrom the submissive voice sang out like a siren lulling her, leading her to seek and find sick solace in the obscenities being done to her.

The fat Sheriff raised a meaty musky smelling hand to the side of her face. “Now there little darlin’, the good lord gave you these big beauties to please a man, I jus’ happen to be that man today.” he chuckled softly his eyes hidden behind the mirrored glasses.

Cheryl could have died as she felt her neck tilt, pressing her tear stained cheek slightly against the old man’s hand in a revolting display of obsequiousness.

“That’s right missy, make things nice for me and I can make all this go away, and you’ll be on down the road to join your friends.” he lied softly, reassuringly.

He dropped his fat hand and brought it up to remove his glasses and sweat stained hat., laying them on the fender of the car. He wiped the sweaty paws on his pants before bringing them up to cup the young woman’s heavy breasts, hefting their meaty weight like a butcher judging the weight of a roast.

“Gawddamn….” was all he said as his hands began to squeeze and maul the resilient firm orbs his stubby fingers leaving finger marks across the pail flesh. He caught the thick red nipples between his thumb and forefingers, rolling the cigar thick fleshy nubs back and forth in appreciation.

The teen’s shoulders sagged as if to deny him. “Now there missy, hold them shoulders back, like you want to show’em to me….” He said his voice trailing off…

The helpless teen pulled her shoulder’s up and back, her eyes looking up slightly to see if it met his demands. She saw his eyes for the first time, slate blue, and warm with a hardness. The deep crows feet were at the corners, his short, cropped hair twinkled with sweat. “Yeah, that’s nice darlin’, real nice.” he said, his eyes smiling. .

Cheryl felt some of the stomach churning dread lift at his soothing words. She shifted her shoulder back even more, not quite comprehending why, lifting the fat arching orbs of her breasts, pushing them against his demanding hands. The beautiful girl’s stomach knotted in revulsion as she felt her full lips pull up in a welcoming smile. Her mind tried to protest but her ripe body would not obey as her lips bared to reveal her pear-like teeth, her back flexed pressing the full heavy milk bags into the old perverts hands.

“Lordy…” he whispered in admiration, his eyes devouring the full heavy globes. “As sudden as that, he lowered his face to her left breast sucking the thick long nipple between his fat lips. “M-m-m-m-m-m-h”, he moaned into the plumpness of the huge udder, sucking voraciously. He teased the thick stub with his teeth, sucking the fat teat deep in his mouth, strumming it with his tongue. He clamped his mouth down on the smooth firm flesh digging his strong teeth into the resilient flesh as if trying to take a bite. He felt his cock surge at the resistance of the meaty flesh.

“U-u-u-u-u-h-h-h-h”, the teen groaned in surprise, as her aureoles puckered and the long knobs of her nipples contracted to diamond hardness. She moved her arms to grab his head, then remembered the cold metal that bound them. Her head reeled at the sensation, the fleeting question entered her mind would she have pushed the monster away or caressed the short burr cut head?

Sharp pricks of pain radiated from the sensitive mound as the looming figure growled and grunted in satisfaction as he chewed and sucked at the sweet flesh of her heavy tit. Her face burned at the coolness coming from the growing damp between her naked legs. Against her will, the thick lips of her exposed labia began to flowered and swell. “God damn you, you can’t like this, you can’t, you slut! You whore!” a dim voice whispered in her mind.

“Oh…yes…I…can…” another louder voice responded.

The teen stood rooted to the spot, her mouth slack. The sensations trailed away and she opened her eyes only to meet his. His fat lips shone with saliva, he searched her eyes for an instant, chuckled, and lowered his lips to the other large breast that his hands squeezed and mauled.

The beautiful teen floated in the pool Escort Tekirdağ of despair. It lulled her like a drug, easing her pain, turning vinegar into wine, bile into nectar. While her lulled mind drifted on the breezes of faint pleasure, her body continued to betray her, allying itself with the demands of her abuser. Her sleek thighs flexed offering up her weeping wet treasure, her smooth shoulders lifted up her fat orbs for the vile man’s feast. Her back pushed her forward, driving the firm round cushions in to fat man’s mouth helping him suckle at her flesh.

Her drugged senses awoke as she felt herself being pushed to her knees.

“I’ve been thinking of this ever since I laid eyes on these big fat titties of yours…” he said eagerly. He pushed the nearly naked teen to her knees. He skirt and top bunched around her narrow waist. The fat heavy orbs of her breasts swung to and fro with the effort, her hard nipples, glinted varnished with the old man’s saliva.

The teen looked up at him in confusion as he fumbled with the front of his trousers. His fat fingers fumbled with the zipper and belt. He lifted the tail of the shirt and pushed down the boxer drawers to reveal a thick sausage of an uncut cock. Her blue eyes watched as the unrestrained tube of gristle thickened and lengthened.

Her silent lips gaped as she watched him shuck the thick tube up and down, skinning the tight foreskin from the beet red knob that topped the wrist thick tube.

He shuffled toward her, the tube swayed out obscenely from beneath his bloated gut, thrusting out from a thick mass of graying black pubes. Beneath the thick veiny prong swung the apple sized pouch of his scrotum.

The teen knelt there motionless not daring to think as the swaying obscenity came closer to her face. Sure she had seen cocks before, even sucked a few, but this was far different. She clamped her lips closed, channeling her breath through her small, upturned nose.

The fat man waddled up to the girl the thick oozing limb hanging inches beneath her small smooth chin.

“Aw…don’t ya worry missy, I ain’t gonna make ya suck it, not yet anyways.” he snorted.

It felt like a reprieve, she had been led to the precipice then led away, she looked up at the older man’s sneering face in gratitude. Instead the man stepped up close to the teen lifted her up by the armpits, forcing her to kneel upright on her lean thighs. He scooted forward, his leaking cock dobbing wetness on her upper chest as he slotted the thick log in the deep valley between her fat firm orbs. She shivered at the hot touch of his cock between her breasts, felt the thick leakage from his large glans as it smeared wetness along the tight inner curves and felt the thick coarse hair on his fat belly tickle her wet swollen nipples. “Yeah, I’ve been think’n bout fuckin’ your big fat titties since I seen ’em stuffed in that tight top of yours like two baby pigs.”

He used one hand to push his stiff rod deep between the firm heavy bags and then reached to the sides to the firm orbs together making a nice warm nest for him to fuck.

Only a quiet whimper escaped the teens mouth as the fat man began to buck against her, sawing his thick post up and down the tight tunnel formed by her warm breasts. She knelt with her head turned sideways as he stood straddling her thighs, trousers around his feet. The heavy leather gun belt at his waist scraped across her chest and bumped at her face as his torso moved up and back as he huffed and snorted against her. The bulge of his gut bounced against her pushing her back against the tire of the car. Unconsciously she arched her back and pulled her cuffed arms back thrusting her swollen udders up against the fat man’s hard grasp and excited humping.

A low moan leaked from her slack lips as his fingers tightened around her swelling tits. She turned her face down to gaze between the round orbs being mashed together as if they belonged to someone else. The red swollen snout of the man’s cock popped up from between the fat udders like some prehistoric worm. It’s slotted mouth dripping and wet, it’s thick foreskin bunched around its neck. Her full lips parted and the slender ribbon of her pink tongue extended. She resisted the impulse to lap at the round knob, then it disappeared back into its warm nest of flesh.

The swollen knobs of her well sucked nipples chafed against his pistol belt and scoured against the hair on his overhanging gut. He paused for an instant huffing, hawked up a wad of saliva and spat the thick wad into the top of her deep cleavage. “Yeah, that ought ta do it.”, he wheezed and began to buck against her like a rutting boar. She groaned as the thick veiny shaft pumped up and down between her fat tits, the humiliation of the man’s saliva momentarily forgotten in its soothing lubrication of her abraded skin.

She felt his humping become more strident and deliberate. She raised her face expectantly. “Oh, lordy jeezus…”he groaned as he came. The beautiful teen felt the first hot blast of sperm hit her beneath her upturned chin, and cascade down her long neck. A second hot thick ribbon jetted up and looped across the teen’s full parted lips. He tongue darted out in defense and captured a gobbet. The musky taste filled her watering mouth as she sputtered trying to rid her oral cavity of the slimy filth.

“A-w-w-w-w-w-h, g-a-a-w-d-a-m-n!” the fat old man groaned as his spouting cock spewed one thick streamer after another up against the pretty teen’s throat. The thick white ribbons dripped back to run down and between the slot formed by the clinging mounds of her huge heavy breasts. The inner curves gleamed with the old man’s thick filth, as his cock continued to piston up and down, working his cooling spunk into a gelled froth his big red glans popping into view again and again from between the mounds of pale feminine flesh press together between his hands. He wished he had a free hand to press the snooty beauty’s head down to force her to suck on the red cap every time I popped into view. “Time enough for that later.” he thought with a shiver as the last of his orgasm twitched through his softening cock.

He released the two heavy orbs and smiled with admiration as he watched them bounce and jiggle under their own weight as they fell into place. They hung from the pretty teen’s chest gleaming with the varnish of his cooling sperm.

The nineteen year old turned her face toward him, then clenched her eyes shut at the obscene sight of his dripping spent cock.

“Now, now there Princess, I’m sure this ain’t the first cock you’ve seen. A pretty slut like you, has seen plenty, I’d wager.” the old man chuckled. “Won’t be the first or the last, I reckon. An’ besides, yore gonna be real good friends with this ‘un here.” he said with a loud laugh as he a fat paw on the top of her head. Slowly he turned her blond head toward his crotch. Her blue eyes opened slowly glanced quickly as the blunt red snout of his cock and then up to his face. His gray eyes smiled down at her, a straw in a raging sea. She grasped it. He guided the dripping head to her slightly parted lips, mashing the firm wet glans against them, felt the firm meat swab back and forth against her smooth teeth. The pretty young woman felt empty as her lips parted and her pink tongue darted out to welcome the thick invader. The old Sheriff grunted with satisfaction as he felt her full warm lips close over the swelling head of his dong. The old man’s satisfied grunt filled the emptiness within her and she began down a dark endless road to please him.

Some weeks later

The door closed behind the last of them. The beautiful young woman lay naked, sprawled across the old bed. Stained and soiled sheets half stripped from the mattress, bunched around it on the floor. Her smooth firm limbs told of her not quite twenty years. She lay motionless in the empty room, the large mounds of her naked breasts rising and falling with her rhythmic breathing as her mind drifted. A cloud of disheveled black hair swarmed around her head, accentuating the angelic look on her face.

Empty beer bottles and sweating half-finished drinks cluttered the single table around a large dirty ashtray. The smell of cigarettes mingling with the smell of mildew coming from the filthy bathroom. Above all hung the thick cloying smell of sex. Stained brown wallpaper had begun to peel, matching the dirty hues of the cheap worn carpet covering the floor. The young woman’s alabaster nakedness stood out from the surrounding squalor her very presence giving emphasis to the surrounding decadence.

Stirring briefly, a leg moved to relieve cramped muscles. The hairless rose red lips of her naked labia parted. Light from the dim bare lamp bulb caught and glistened on a thick grayish ribbon of wetness leaking from between the swollen red lips like a slug slowly defiling the face of a flower. Pearls of congealed fluid shone in the sparse black curls of her mons and more showed as barely visible dried smears and splotches on her white skin. An arm shifted above her head, the movement causing a large firm breast to undulate, it’s pale smooth surface marred with the livid welts from sucking mouths and biting teeth. Others, faint bruises bore testament to the milking hands and strong demanding fingers of her recently departed guests.

Behind the closed eyes, her mind drifted, trying to make sense of the events that had led her to where she now lay. How her idyllic life, full of future promise had led here, to a filthy room in a seedy motel.

“How many had it been this time?” she wondered. Her breath caught as the pungent taste of sperm bubbled in the back of her throat. She ran her tongue across the surface of her strong white teeth and felt the gummy residue of some stranger’s spunk. Her heart fluttered as she recalled how the hot fluid had flooded her mouth again and again. She felt the pricking sensation along her red raw labia as they began to swell with hot blood. She groaned inwardly as she remembered straining to suck the thick ribbonous fluid from faceless cocks between her pursed lips like a suckling child. The musing opened the door to memories of a riot of hard hot spewing cocks, stretching her, filling her, bathing her in gouts of hot reeking seed. The now familiar feeling in her belly started anew. The queasiness of anticipation, the hot flush on her chest, tightness of breath. Her thick nipples hardened as her aureoles puckered into dark little saucers, the high expansive mounds of her breasts swelling beneath firm smooth skin as hot blood rushed to nurture the fat orbs. She felt her teeth grind as her womb pulled tight in the trim cradle of her hips. The contraction hastened the course of the liquid gray slug, as it pulsed out from between the fat slabs of her swollen labia. The mingled seed of a dozen men slithered out in single viscous string crawling downward, across the abused mouth of her sodomized anus, to form a vile puddle between her young thighs.

The beautiful young woman shivered as the sick craving spread like a drug through her system. The little snake of her tongue peeked out from between her full lips to lick nervously at the white film that circled her pretty mouth. Slowly, almost reluctantly, her sleek arm snaked its way down the bed, her small hand cupped the wet mound between her smooth sleek thighs. A low groan leaked from her tense lips as a red nailed middle finger slid slowly down the flooded groove of her own cunt. The slender woman shivered at the feel of her own finger against the raw swollen nub of her clitoris. The fat pink worm of her tongue lolled from her mouth lapping at her sperm stained lips as she scrapped a chipped red nail across the livid button if her clitoris. She pulled her knees upward as her slender finger worried the swelling nub greedily amid the fetid mire of the men’s spent seed. Her thoughts drifted back on the cloud of lust that began to descend as the beautiful young slut greedily sought yet another climax…

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