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The Halloween Party

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The Halloween party was to start in 3 hours and my husband called me into our bedroom to get dressed. I had already showered and shaved so this was no problem. My costume was on the bed, what there was of it. We had decided that a pirate theme for this year would work for us. My husband would dress as a Captain and I would be the haughty noble woman captured by him.

My dress was a heavy boned bodice type that the movies all show the women wearing, however, the petty coats had been removed and the bodice was torn to allow my small breasts to be exposed. It had been some poor girls wedding dress, off white and completely off the shoulder. The pear buttons and beadwork was beautiful, but after some alterations, it was more like the dress of a noble woman cast adrift and recovered. My hair was left lank and unmade and I wore no makeup. My blonde hair and pale skin were perfect for this look. At only 5’4″ my Captain would tower over me. I would be barefoot and shackled; there was even a gag to keep me from screaming for rescue. I loved the idea of it all. However my husband had added a few new twists that he had not shared with me.

He stood by the bed and picked up the leather chastity belt and smiled. Before I could speak he told me to bend over the bed. I did as instructed and he put a six inch vibrator inside me. I twitched and arched my back as he fucked it in and out a few times. Then he stopped and strapped me into the belt. I started to ask about the belt, but he silenced me with a look. Then he told me that I would find out later. With the belt locked in place, a hardened pad lock, he proceeded to help me into my dress. It fit like a second skin, the bodice was pulled tight and the décolletage allowed my breasts to swing free, as well as they could.

Then he had me get up on the chest at the foot of our bed and pulled out a pair of scissors. The bottom of the dress went through more alterations than I had planned on. He cut several holes on the sides and then made ragged cuts on the hem. He left threads hanging loose and the skirt was totally ruined. Fortunately I had only spent $20.00 on it a thrift store. Then he made a very ragged cut from the hem to the waist in front and back. He removed both panels and I was left completely exposed to the waist front and back. The shame at my chastity belt being seen by all our friends was mixed with the excitement of being on display, and the vibrator did not help my staying calm.

Then my husband locked my wrists in front of me and gagged me as planned. Just before I left the bedroom to see about the final preparations he hung a whip and a riding crop on the hooks on the back of my belt. Then he dismissed me with a wave of his hand and proceeded to dress himself. I was not allowed to see his costume until the party.

Just before the guests arrived Antalya Escort I was called back into the bedroom and I saw my husband. He looked like the guy on the rum bottle. Right down to the sword. The big hat lay on the bed and his head was covered with a red bandanna. His chest was bear beneath a vest of dark red and his pants went into the knee high boots he wore. Motioning me over to the bed, I thought that he would want a blowjob when he removed the gag but he pushed me face down and grabbed the crop.

Swinging sharply he put several red strips across my ass. That was all I needed to reach orgasm. The last 3 hours had been murder and whipping by my lover and captain was all I needed. As he whipped me he told me that I could expect more of it during the party from anyone that thought I needed it. I cried out in bliss as the stripes mounted. I told him that I loved him and would do anything he desired. When he was satisfied my buns where welted enough he gagged me again and sent me out to greet our guests, saying that I would understand all before the night was out.

The first of our guests arrived and smiled as I let them in. My husband arrived in the living room with the first couple ordered me to serve them drinks and appetizers. They made small talk and I did as ordered after the first bare handed spank on my behind. He took great delight in calling me wench and slave as the party got busier, but he did help and was a gracious host. Everyone asked about my outfit, several of the wives looked embarrassed and scandalized, but no one left in disgust. We had told everyone that it was an adult only party and Halloween was not for 2 more nights, so we did not have to deal with trick or treaters.

The other costumes ranged from the normal and boring to the more sexually outrageous. Our friends know how wild these parties can get and dressed accordingly. No orgies or swapping was allowed, but there was plenty of flirting and if a couple did slip off for a little alone time, no one complained. There was a dominatrix and her slave, who was made to help me with the drinks and food thus freeing my Captain to be a good host, 2 girls were dressed as hookers, but not as nearly naked as I was. One couple even went so far as cross dressing. He was dressed as a ballerina and she was dressed as a street hood, this was more comical than exciting as he was over 6 feet tall and refused to shave his moustache and she was only 4′ 11″, not exactly intimidating.

As I circulated doing my serving wench routine I heard the dominatrix ask about the chastity belt. My Captain explained loudly enough for the entire party to hear that I was captured in battle with the British. I was the Governor’s only daughter and that I was a virgin. I froze at hearing that, he was really going all out on this. Then Antalya Escort Bayan he said that the belt was to ensure that I was still pure for sale at the slave market in his next port of call. The belt kept me in my place and kept his crew from spoiling his prize. To make things worse she commented on the marks on my butt which had started to fade. My Captain laughed and said that I was still giving him trouble and needed to be tamed. He then invited everyone there to make sure that my disobedience was beaten out of me before the night was over. That the whips and crops were hanging there for anyone to use as they saw fit to teach me respect and my new place. But he did demand that no one mark me permanently. That would reduce my price at auction.

I shot him a dark look. How could he humiliate me like this, but my body betrayed me. He smiled as he saw me shudder slightly as I came thinking about the night of beating ahead of me. The dominatrix smiled and called for her slave. He scurried to her side and bowed to kiss her boot tops. She told him to fetch the wench and I found myself being hauled by my shackled hands to stand before her. I looked as defiantly as I could, and she said that I definitely need to be whipped to learn my place.

She spun me around and pushed me over the back of a chair. She ordered her slave to kneel between my legs and lick my thighs and hold me in position. He held me fast as she took the whip from my belt and applied a few strokes. Nothing hard, it was not that kind of party, but enough to turn my cheeks pink again. This started a line up behind me and the whipping did not stop for quite some time. All the while the slave held me in his strong arms, his tongue lapping the juices running down my thighs. He never touched my dripping portal. I lost count of the climaxes I reached as the whipping went on. Finally it stopped and the slave stood me back on my feet. I was week from so many orgasms, but my Captain did not allow me to rest. I flick of his hand on my blistered behind sent me back to my work.

The party continued until the wee hours of the morning and I was flogged and spanked and whipped through most of the party, but most of it was gentle. No one wanted to hurt me and I was grateful for that, but the soft strokes of the whip only made my fire rage hotter. After the last couple helped us clean up and left it was after 4 in the morning. My Captain looked pleased with the results, especially since I had won the best costume and he made over eight thousand gold doubloons when he auctioned me off. The winner was dominatrix of course; she paid a total of eighty cents for me. We did not tell them the conversion rate until after the bidding was done or I am sure I would have gone for a lot more.

As we went up to our bedroom I removed my gag Escort Antalya for the last time. He had let me remove it a few times for a drink or to feed me some little morsel from his plate. I had been totally humiliated all night and had never been so turned on in my life. Inside our room I fell to my knees and begged my Captain to take me and make me his slave. I would do anything he asked, follow his every order, without question if only he would keep me and make me a woman.

I pulled down his pants and found myself looking directly at his rampant penis and gripped it with my cuffed hands. I stroked it up and down gently, looking up into his eyes. He grabbed my head and pulled me close to his throbbing shaft. I rubbed it all over my face before I took him into my mouth. I tried to pretend that I was the innocent girl for a minute or two, but desire took over and I slid him deeply into my mouth and sucked hard. I wanted him and needed him inside me.

I bobbed my head a few times, licking and teasing his hard flesh. My tongue worked over the head and curled around the shaft as I moved up and down. Grunting he pushed in as deep as he knew I could take without chocking and held me there. My cheeks indented as I sucked harder on the gift before me. I wanted to taste him, but he withdrew from my mouth and pulled me up into his arms.

His lips were firm on mine and I moaned as he thrust his tongue deeply into my mouth. I repeated the movements on his tongue that I used on his penis. I sucked and licked the fleshy invader in my mouth as his hands roamed over my body. I heard the lock snap open and felt the leather slip from between my legs.

Picking me up; he threw me on the bed and ripped the dress from me. The pearls and buttons flew everywhere. I whimpered as though in fear, but in reality it was desire. The hours of foreplay at the party had me at the boil and I needed him to finish me off. My Captain dropped upon me and inside me in one motion. I screamed as I came the instant his rampant penis touched my swollen lips. My clit was rock hard and throbbing two beats faster than my heart.

Thrusting in and out at high speed I knew that my Captain would not last long inside me and I drove my hips up to meet his every thrust. He pounded me into the bed, not stopping as he crushed the breath from my lungs. I locked my legs around his waist and dug my heels into his kidneys, urging him deeper inside me.

After less than a minute he arched his back and growled as his hot essence poured into my body. I was on my third climax of the coupling, or one long continuous one, I could not tell. All I knew was that my body was shuddering in delight and my nest had a death grip on him. He shot for an incredibly long time inside of me and I was right there with him for each twitch of his penis.

Finally the storm passed. My Captain rolled off me and pulled me close to his chest. When he could speak he told me that I would not be sold at the next port of call, but would remain his slave on board. I snuggled into his chest and thanked my Captain before I fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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