The Haircut

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It was Monday night and I was running late for an evening work event. I hadn’t had a haircut in over 2 months so my hair was a little out of control. I saw a small salon and decided to see if I could get a quick haircut. When I went in there was only one stylist and she was working on someone. It seemed like they were closing. I was about to walk out when the stylist yelled to me asking if I could wait 5 minutes as she was just finishing up. I yelled okay and had a seat. She was a very sexy brunette with amazing blue eyes. She was wearing a short skirt and a tank top that showed off her breasts. In just a few minutes she finished with the guy she was working on. They came to the front and as the guy was paying I was able to check her out a bit. She was even sexier than I originally thought. She had a great pair of legs and a very sexy ass.

After the customer left she said she needed to put the closed sign in the window and shut the blinds so no one else came in. I told her I just needed her to clean me up a bit. She put a smock around my neck and asked me to follow her to the back. As I was following her I was checking out her ass and found myself fantasizing about what she looked like naked. I was biting my lip a bit and must have stopped, because she turned around and asked if everything was okay. She kind of busted me checking canlı bahis her out, but didn’t seem to mind. She just smiled a sly, sexy smile and kept walking.

When we got in the back she sat me in the chair and started wetting down my hair. She leaned in and started to shampoo me. I found her scent very intoxicating. I was starting to get turned on and could feel my cock coming to life. She was massaging my scalp and I told her it felt very good. As I did this I reached out and lightly touched her knee. By now my cock was rock hard. I let my hand linger on her knee for a few moments and she didn’t seem to mind, so i rubbed her leg a bit more. She was just starting to rinse my hair, and I think I caught her by surprise because she accidentally sprayed my chest area with water. She was very apologetic and said if I took off my shirt she had a clothes dryer in the back.

I got up and we went into a small laundry room. I took off my smock and I started taking my shirt off. Since the room was small we were standing very close. When my shirt was above my head I caught her looking down at my crotch area. I had forgotten I had a full on erection going and it was showing. She looked up at me with a surprised expression. I think we were both caught off guard. I looked down at my hard on and apologized, “I’m sorry but you just turn bahis siteleri me on.” I moved slight toward her and she did the same. She said, “That’s okay you turn me on too.” Then she reached forward and lightly grabbed my hard on. As she was feeling me up she smiled and said, “Very nice, but first lets get your shirt in the dryer.”

She turned with her back to me, and put it in the dryer. As she was starting up the machine I moved in closer. I grabbed her by the hips and pressed my hard cock against her ass. She paused for a moment and I said, “Since I have my shirt off, It’s only fair you take yours off too.” Slowly I started to raise her tank top above her head. She gave no resistance and when It was completely off I undid her bra and allowed that to fall off as well. With one hand I quickly undid my pants to allow my cock a little more room. Then I pushed my hips into her ass so she was pinned against the drier. I slid both arms around to feel up her breasts and felt her nipples were hard.

As I played with her nipples I started to kiss her neck and grind my hips into hers. She must have liked it because she started to grind her ass back onto my cock and reached around to pull me in closer. I let my hands fall down a bit to undo her skirt and let it slide to the ground. She felt that my pants were already undone and pushed bahis şirketleri them so they slid down past my knees. She started stroking my cock a bit and then guided it down her ass crack so it was now pushed up against her wet panties. I continued to thrust my hips and she reached from the front to make sure my hardon was right up to her pussy. She was getting wetter and wetter. Finally her panties slid to the side and my cock started to enter her. I let the head tease her pussy lips for a few thrusts. Her juices felt good on my hard cock. It didn’t take long before I slipped inside her. With one hand on her hips and the other grabbing her neck, I slowly started to fuck her from behind. She was still pinned against the drier with her hands out in front of her for support. She was very good at working her hips and we fell into a good rhythm. I could tell by her moans she was getting closer and closer to orgasm. I started to thrust harder to drive my cock deeper and deeper. It wasn’t long before she started to go crazy as she reached her climax. I made sure she was fully satisfied and then pulled out so I could cum all over her ass.

We took a minute to collect ourselves and get cleaned up. We got dressed, except for my shirt which was still drying. She said, “Lets finish your haircut.” I sat down and she gave me a quick trim. Then she went to get my shirt. When she came back I got fully dressed, paid her and said, “Thank you for staying open a little longer to help me out. Maybe I’ll stop by for another cut sometime.”

She said, “Please do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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