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The Graduate

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*My first story on this site. It’s heavily inspired by the subplot between Rhys Ifans and Emily Blunt in The Five Year Engagement, with a few changes. Hope you like it!*


It was the second day of grad school and I still had a couple of new classes to take. The first class was CIS 505 and it was taught by an Asian professor, Bai Fan. It seemed there was about to be a downpour, so I got myself to class 15 minutes early. I usually sit at the back, I dislike having teachers in my face. It unsettles me and if I get bored, its harder to pretend to pay attention. So I sat at a nice corner I picked out on my first day.

The clock struck 10 and the professor wasn’t here yet. I noticed that it had been raining.

In a couple of minutes, he stormed in. And boy, was he a sight. He was wearing a brown trench coat, like a PI from a noir movie. His salt and pepper hair was slightly wet from the rain, and he seemed to have ruffled it to dry it.

“Sorry that I’m late! I know it doesn’t make a good impression when I’m late to the first class of the year, but I have an entire semester to change that impression. Welcome to the first class of CIS 505, my name is Bai Fan and I will be your instructor for this semester.”

His voice drowned out to me, because I was no longer paying attention to what he was saying. I was paying more attention to his body, which seemed to be in great shape for a man so close to 50. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me. Now, I’m a straight guy. I’ve not had a very active love life, but I’ve never felt the need to. But this man, he made me feel weird. I spent the entire class figuring out what it was about him that attracted me. Was it his body or was it the way he carried himself? In any case, why was a straight guy attracted to a man?

I couldn’t understand. I slept rough for two nights, I didn’t have his class again until the day after. This time, I sat in the front. My mind seemed to be forcing me to be as close to him as possible. I tried to focus on my class. His subject was really interesting, and I had a bit of experiences in databases since I had learnt a bit in undergrad. His lectures involved a lot of interactive learning. He would pose questions to us and I would try to answer as many as possible. Yet, I had never engaged in a conversation alone Escort Çekmeköy with him.

A few weeks later, I was looking for employment on campus. While going through the available jobs, I found one which particularly intrigued me. The Computer Science department was looking for a teaching assistant for one of its professors. The professor taught databases to undergrad students. While it wasn’t specified as to who I would be working with, the notice seemed to indicate that the position would pay well. I filled out an application and sent it in.

A few days later, I had Professor Fan’s class once again. As the class ended, I was about to walk out when a voice called out to me.

“Terry? I’d like a word if you’ve got a minute.” It was him. I wasn’t sure why he wanted to talk to me. Did he realise that I have been ogling him all this while? I walked up to him nervously.

“Y-yes, Professor?”

“I saw your application for the teaching assistant post. The professor you’ll be working with is me. Needless to say, I think you’re really talented and would do amazing given this opportunity. The post is yours, if you choose to accept it.”

I was shocked. He was the professor who required a TA? And he’s offering me the post in the first conversation we’ve had alone? I was speechless. I mustered my courage.

“Wouldn’t there be an interview?”

“Usually there is an interview, but I looked at the other applications and yours stood out to me the best. And since I’ve seen your progress in class, I don’t think we’ll require an interview.”

“Thank you, professor. I would love to work with you.” I tried hard to not say anything sounding like a double entendre.

“Excellent. Swing by my office tomorrow at 5pm, we’ll discuss the work you’ll need to be doing and set you up with an office.”

I spent the entire evening awed. I was going to be working with Prof. Fan. As his TA. I realised that this meant that we would be spending a lot of time alone. I was squealing like a teenage girl. I wasn’t sure what I expected out of this, but I was subconsciously hoping that I would be rewarded with more than money.

I met him the next day and he set up me up in my office. He got me started on my job and everything seemed normal. I didn’t dare make any moves for Gebze escort a while. I enjoyed work and was satisfied with eyeing him once in a while.

A few weeks later, the professor gave me my first real test. The undergrads had a quiz and I had to grade them. I went to my office after class and started working through the submissions. I was working on them for a while, until I heard a knock on my door.

It was Prof. Fan.

“What are you doing here, Terry? It’s half past six on a Friday evening. Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“Oh, I just got here after class and lost track of time while working on these. Besides, I don’t have any plans tonight, so what the heck.”

“Well, let me keep you company. I’ll just be a minute.”

He walked back in with a bottle of bourbon and two glasses. He poured the bourbon in each glass and offered me one.

“Are you sure we can do that here, Professor?”

“Nonsense, I’ll do as I please. Besides, there’s usually no one here at this time. Drink up.”

We started drinking. He kept me company and we chatted. About random things. We would talk about the performance of our football team, about the class and its progress or the best BBQ we’d eaten.

It had been an hour or two. I don’t know. We had almost reached the end of the bottle.

“So, why’s a smart young man like you alone on a Friday evening?”

“I dunno. I wasn’t really looking for a woman. Never been in many relationships either. What about you, professor? You’ve got someone?”

“I was married. Had a wife and a son. He’s a few years younger than you are. We were fine, until a few years ago we decided that we didn’t love each other anymore. It was civil. I visit them during the holidays.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“It’s fine.”

There was silence.

“You’re doing good work, Terry. I think I made the right decision when I chose you.”

“Thank you professor. I do the best I can.”

We stared into each other’s eyes. I was quite tipsy. So, in a way I didn’t have control over what I was thinking, but somehow I felt like I knew, this was the moment. I leaned over and kissed him.

In a few moments, he broke the kiss and said, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

“I want you, professor.”

I kissed Şerifali escort bayan him again. This time, he kissed me back. He put his hands on my waist and drew me closer. We started walking, while kissing. We were at his office, when I started unbuckling his belt. I had seen this move so many times in porn, the only difference being that it was a woman who usually does this. I pulled his pants and underwear down and looked up at him.

“I’ve never done this before.”

“Neither have I.”

His cock had popped out. It was 6 inches or so. I didn’t count. It was really fat and some instinct told me that I was gonna enjoy this. I took his cock in my mouth and blew him. Slowly at first. At this moment, everything I’d seen a woman do in porn came to my head and I did exactly that. I spit on his penis and licked it to lubricate it. I took him in my mouth, slowly and steadily. I looked up and saw that he was enjoying it. I was proud. I licked his pre-cum. I would hold his shaft while trying to gobble up as much dick as my virgin mouth could.

I started undressing and said, “Fuck me.”

“I don’t have condoms or lube.”

“I don’t care.”

And by the look of lust on his face, he didn’t either. I got on his couch and pointed my ass at him. He slid his cock in, slowly. It was fat and I fucking loved it. He slowly thrusted, knowing that the lack of lubricant would make it rough for me. He did it with care. He held my waist and thrusted, going deeper with each thrust. I purred with pleasure. It hurt, but I didn’t care. A man was fucking me for the first time and I was gonna enjoy this moment. He rode me like a champion. He clearly knew what he was doing. After all, how different was this from fucking his wife?

We disconnected for a second. I turned over. I wanted to see him. God, he was gorgeous. He parted my legs, and put one over his shoulder. He leaned over and kissed me. My asshole had loosened up. It wanted cock. And he was ready to give it some. He slowly inserted his cock inside me, once again. He started thrusting faster now.

“Fuck me, you’re so good”, I said while moaning audibly.

He laid a hand on my penis and stroked a bit, while going faster. I was experiencing so much pleasure that I knew I was gonna finish.

“Cum in my mouth.”

He turned me over and I opened my mouth for his rock hard cock. He came in my mouth. I’d never even tasted my own cum. It was salty, but I liked it.

“I think this is gonna be the start of a long professional relationship”, he said, while reaching over for his desk for tissues.

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