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The Good Son Ch. 02

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This story is an original work of fiction © Copyright 2023 CasualWanderer82

Please do not copy or post without permission.

Chapter 2

“It Was Warmer Then”

Gabriel sat on the cold sand, squatted, his arms crossing in front of his legs as they held his knees in place, gazing at the ocean as the last brushes of the aurora painted the beautiful purple sky that stretched over the resort.

He had his daytime clothes on, and his backpack was next to him as he waited for the hotel staff to organize the breakfast area. He would peek back occasionally, patiently waiting for them to open the deck, famine, still feeling light-headed from last night’s drinking. And although physically he seemed fine, mentally he was struggling, unable to come to terms with what he had witnessed inside his father’s room.

Jonathan, hovering over Elliot, pummelling his 9-inch cock inside his best friend. Their heavy breathing, Elliot’s wailing and whimpering, his father’s groans, and the way he held his friend’s mouth, hushing his pleasure and pain. And the smell. That intoxicating aroma spewing out of the room, composed of sweat, musk, cum, and wet wood. The scent of his father’s breath. Gabriel had spent the whole night trying desperately to obliterate these images from his mind but to no avail. They were they, imprinted like ink on his skin. Unable to be scratched off. So, as he sat there, entertaining the idea of cutting them out with a butcher’s knife seemed appealing.

He had fled unnoticed. After Elliot returned to his bed and fell asleep, Gabriel dressed and silently left the suite. He couldn’t bring himself to face the two men he loved more in the world after the act of treason they had just committed. Still, whenever the thought arose, his stomach would roar and turn in agony, despair, and rage. A feeling that was untried to Gabriel and that he knew very little about. A poisonous companion in the last hours that seemed eager to corrode through his insides like a parasite. And a part of Gabriel relished it, almost as if that feeling in the pit of his stomach was validating his pain, hurt, and profound sense of betrayal.

Rationally, Gabriel assumed he might still be in shock since he hadn’t even been able to cry or speak. Yet, his chronically appeasing and empathic nature struggled to comprehend the reasoning, the motivation, and what ultimately led to what happened. And every time he tried to delve inside his rambling thoughts, his eyes would twitch uncontrollably, and the anxiety would kick in, puncturing his chest and blocking his throat.

The truth of the matter was Gabriel was lost. Utterly yielded. The sense of comfort and normalcy in his life seemed as far from him as he was from his own home. And there was nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide. Eventually, his father would wake up, and he would have to face him. And Elliot.

“Morning, sir!” A voice blasted energetically from behind Gabriel.

“Morning.” Gabriel replied, his face covered by the hood of his jumper.

“Waiting for breakfast, sir?” The staff member questioned as he opened the chairs carefully tucked under the sun tents.

“Yeah.” Gabriel mumbled, his eyes on the ocean. “Hope I’m not disturbing your work.” He politely noted.

“Oh, no. No problem, sir. The deck will open in ten minutes!” The young man informed as he glanced at his watch.

“Thanks.” Gabriel replied, veering his head towards the deck. He grabbed his backpack, stood up, and walked calmly past the young man and over to one of the golden paths that led to the breakfast tier.

He arrived and strode to one of the tables closest to the water. He sat down, and as he placed his bag on the chair next to him, a flock of seagulls rushed through him, so dangerously close that he could feel a rush of wind as they dashed by him. He tittered, first at what had just happened and then at himself, almost surprised that he had been able to find joy in his current state. He stepped over to the food tables and stocked his plates with everything around, making several trips back before finally settling down on his table and eating his food with satisfying indulgence.

Slowly, guests started to arrive, and soon the deck was packed without a single table available as everyone rushed around the space, trying to restock their plates as much as possible.

As Gabriel munched on a bowl of strawberries, his eyes scanned the deck entrance, waiting for the inevitable moment when Jonathan finally rushed in. He looked flushed, disoriented, and worried, his hair and clothes disheveled as he scanned the room until his eyes finally locked on Gabriel. Even from afar, the boy could see his father exhale profusely as if a weight had lifted from his chest. He rushed to the table.

“Do you have any idea how worried I was?” He questioned, his breath still trying to resume its pace.

“Why?” Gabriel questioned, his expression vacant and emotionless. Jonathan stuttered, perplexed by his son’s answer.

“I woke up, and you weren’t in your bed. What was I supposed to think? I didn’t even bursa anal yapan escort shower. I just ran around looking for you.” He clarified, his eyes squinting as he scanned his son, visibly struggling to deal with this sudden unfamiliar apathy.

“Don’t worry. I’m fine.” Gabriel stated. “Heading back to the room to get some stuff. I’m meeting Nathan later.” Gabriel continued, his eyes desperately evading his father’s gaze. As he glanced at the deck entry again, he saw Elliot striding up the stairs, looking fresh and energetic as if nothing had happened. “That’s my cue.” Gabriel stated, standing up, clutching his backpack, and squeezing from under the table nervously, accidentally tugging the tablecloth with him.

As he rushed for the exit, he felt Jonathan’s hand grab his wrist, and his body pivoted back violently. They stood there in silence.

“Bud…” Jonathan uttered, his eyes locked on his son, twitching with trepidation.

Gabriel looked around, ensuring they weren’t being noticed and yanked his arm away from Jonathan’s grip, a boundless chasm opening before them. Jonathan’s mouth opened, but no words evaded from it. He stood there, prisoner of his angst, watching his son walk away from him.

“Morning, dude!” Elliot hollered as Gabriel sprinted by without even looking at him. He walked to the table, sat down on the chair Gabriel was just in, his legs spread open, and grabbed a shiny, green apple from his friend’s plate that he had left behind. “Shit.” He said casually, taking a clangorous bite. He sat there, chewing loudly with a grin on his semblance, looking at Jonathan, whose defeated gaze finally faced him. “He knows.” Elliot said, grabbing an empty plate and walking away.

Jonathan stood there, in the middle of the deck, alone. His eyes glistened with tears of remorse and anguish.

As he descended the steps, over the palm trees, and into the beach area, Gabriel took off his snickers, burying his feet in the sand and walking to the shore. He dipped his feet in the seawater, hoping it would wash away his sadness. Gabriel strolled along it unhurriedly, his feet kicking and splashing the water around. The more he thought about it, the more confused he became. It almost felt like two sources of pain converged inside him. On the one hand, Elliot’s nonchalant, cruel demeanor about his actions and the breach of trust regarding their friendship.

But the wound that bled the most inside Gabriel, with an unstoppable force, it seemed, was Jonathan’s betrayal. As he returned to their room, he stopped, the images from the previous night sneaking up on him again. As he stood there, his feet sinking as the water slowly buried them inside the hardened sand, Gabriel finally pinpointed the emotion behind his turmoil: it was jealousy.

He bolted for their room, sliding the card and locking the door. He quickly gathered some of his belongings and stuffed them inside his backpack. Then he stripped and walked into the bathroom, his clothes falling along the way. Gabriel jumped in the shower, trying to hurry before any of the two returned from breakfast. He washed his smooth body, layering his soft skin with apple-scented gel as the steam began to rise, and soon a mist shrouded everything around. He could barely see outside the shower walls, so he rinsed himself thoroughly and turned off the water.

As he did, Gabriel heard footsteps inside. He closed his eyes, garnering courage, turned around and opened the glass partition. And as the steam dissipated, he saw Jonathan there, his body perched against the sink before him. They stood there, gazing at each other, words unable to avail them. Jonathan extended his arm and grabbed a towel.

“Here.” He said, throwing it at Gabriel, who caught it, rolling the towel around his waist, immediately covering his body, which Jonathan scanned deliberately. “We need to talk.” He declared.

“No. We don’t.” Gabriel fired back, trying to keep his voice calm. Inside, his heart seethed.

“About last night…” Jonathan mumbled, attempting to lay the grounds for a discussion but failing.

“Look, I said I don’t want to discuss it!” Gabriel shouted, his efforts to keep calm falling by the side. “For fuck sake!” He yelled, his eyes on the mirror as he faced his father’s reflection.

“You never talked to me like this.” Jonathan’s deep yet calm voice uttered. Unlike Gabriel, his eyes remained locked on his son.

“Well, you never fucked my best friend! Or maybe you have. I don’t know!” Gabriel shot back, his hands fluttering and his chest tightening.

Suddenly, Jonathan’s arm erupted in front of Gabriel, grabbing his wrist with a harsh and tight grip.

“Hey!” Jonathan clamored, his voice robust and resounding, eyes bucking as he stared at his son.

And then, like a jolt of electricity, Gabriel’s mind snapped. He lunged his arm into Jonathan, slapping his face. His eyes grew wide, stunned by his reaction. But before conceding to what he had done, his other hand pounced too, slapping Jonathan bursa eskort and hitting his neck. Both men’s eyes flared in a state of shock. Then, a shrieking growl spurted from Gabriel’s mouth, and he lunged forward, his fists locked, beating his father’s chest like a punching bag.

“I hate you! I fucking hate you!” Gabriel screamed. “How could you, you piece of shit?” Gabriel bellowed, his voice cracking at every syllable, his vulnerability gushing out, and his pain finally unearthed.

His face flushed, his fists mindlessly descending on Jonathan, who stood there, taking the hits, one by one, as tears skimmed from his eyes. His gaze never faltered from Gabriel, and his face echoed his son’s pain.

“I’m sorry.” Jonathan uttered with each blow from the boy, his body firmly sowed to the ground, unmoving.

Gabriel’s arms suddenly dropped, his body fell forward, his breathing hectic and irregular. Jonathan immediately leaned in and grabbed his arms, the boy’s body plunging into him. Gabriel felt his father’s arms swathing him and began pulling away with intense and forceful jerking motions. But Jonathan had him, and he wasn’t letting go.

“I’m sorry.” Jonathan whispered as he attempted to cage Gabriel’s anger, preventing him from fleeing his embrace by burying the boy’s head in his chest.

“You…you…let him inside.” Gabriel mumbled, his tears at the edge of the surface, begging to break free. “And now…everything is fucked.” He uttered, his body finally letting go, collapsing over his father.

Jonathan’s arms slid down Gabriel’s back, pushing him into the sink. As they reached it, he raised his son and placed him over it, the boy’s towel-covered ass grazing the cold marble. They stood there, a deafening silence taking over. Their breaths depleted. Jonathan lowered his head, taking his lips to Gabriel’s neck. As they touched it, his breath began creeping inside the boy’s skin, like a secret presence, making his little hairs prickle with excitement. He released a soft moan, his body tensing up as blood rushed through it.

Gabriel was still angry. But his love for his father was tenacious, uncompromising, and blind. His mind ordered him to leave, but his body coerced him to dwell. He finally pulled away, desperate to dive into his father’s eyes again and let himself tumble in their comforting deepness. As their eyes assembled, time stemmed. Jonathan’s breath engulfed Gabriel like a warm blanket, and he let his head fall into Jonathan’s forehead, touching it. Under the towel, Gabriel’s dick was throbbing, and he could feel a small string of precum oozing from it.

And before he knew it, his hands skated under Jonathan’s white shirt, coasting gently over his lower back. Jonathan exhaled deeply, firing a gush of breath over the boy, ushering a soft moan from his mouth. As Gabriel’s fingers skated gracefully over his father’s skin, feeling every muscle, he felt Jonathan’s hands come down, along the sides of his body, and land on his hips, where the towel wrapped, hovering there, awaiting permission. Gabriel’s fingers pressed into Jonathan’s skin immediately, allowing him to proceed. His father grabbed the edges of his towel, unfurling it gently, exposing his son’s naked body and hard cock.

Their lips verged on touching, and their breaths now overlaid their faces like a second skin. Jonathan’s hands slid down and grabbed Gabriel’s ass cheeks, pulling his son slowly into him, the boy’s ass sliding effortlessly over the sink. Their chests latched, their pelvises grazed, and under him, Gabriel could feel his father’s 9-inch cock tip rubbing and honing his balls. Their foreheads parted, and he nestled his face on his father’s shoulder, his hands still on his lower back.

Then, Jonathan took his hand and lifted his shirt, skating it over Gabriel’s hard cock, allowing it to settle over his unconcealed belly. Jonathan leaned in, pressing the boy’s dick further into it. Another moan erupted from Gabriel’s mouth, but this time it sounded different. It wasn’t coy or reticent. It was randy. Jonathan’s body movements subsided, assessing Gabriel’s willingness to proceed. Gabriel’s hands skated down his father’s back and slid inside his swim shorts, hugging his perfect, muscular ass. He skimmed his fingers over it, touching its soft fuzz.

There they were, father and son, on the threshold of consummating their unspoken desires. It felt forbidden, illicit, yet utterly inescapable. Every fiber of Gabriel’s body and soul roared for his father’s love, mind, body, soul, and cock. And Jonathan was willing, eagerly anticipating the chance to provide what the boy yearned.

But suddenly, five words shattered their momentary daze.

“I would never hurt you.” Jonathan whispered, his voice simmering with emotion.

Gabriel froze, his chest tightened, and his throat locked. Imagines from the night before came coursing back like a stampede. He pulled away with his face lowered between his chest. Jonathan looked at him, bewildered. He held the boy’s chin, forcing his son’s eyes bursa escort kızlar to face him, disclosing his tears.

“You already did.” Gabriel uttered, his words suddenly lacking the awe, love, and admiration that fueled their love for each other.

Gabriel’s transient lust gave way to utter disappointment. He slid down the sink, his cock still hard, rubbing on Jonathan’s shorts as he descended. He motioned to leave, but Jonathan’s hand blocked him. He leaned forward, nestling his nose on the boy’s neck, sniffing his scent. Gabriel pulled away, pushing his father back with his hand.

“Let me go.” He pleaded.

Jonathan’s eyes welled up, overwhelmed by the wounds he had inflicted on the person he loved the most in the world. He closed his eyes, unlocking his grip on his son. Gabriel rushed for the bed, dressing as quickly as he could as he fought the urge to cry. He grabbed his backpack and flew out the door, slamming it behind him. Gabriel ran across the large corridor of room doors, stumbling along, whimpers fleeing from his lips, unchecked. As he reached the lobby, his eyes scanned for the bathroom, and he drove across the large hall, entering it and locking himself on one of the stalls. His body succumbed to the floor. Gabriel sat there sobbing, his hands over his head as the reality of what had just happened began to sink in.

And just like that, alone in that bathroom, Gabriel finally owned the truth he had buried deep inside his heart. What he felt for his father went beyond intimacy, respect, admiration, and awe. Gabriel craved, desired, and lusted for Jonathan. He loved him as a father but longed for him as a man.

In his heart, he knew Jonathan felt the same. But they had just overstepped a boundary that made it impossible for things to return to what they were. Gabriel’s sheltered heart was now exposed, vulnerable, and unsure of what lay ahead.

After a few minutes, he picked himself off the floor, his eyes swollen and his nose leaking. He went to the sink and sprinkled his face with cold water. As he looked at his reflection, he realized that he needed to get away from Jonathan and Elliot long enough to be able to gather his thoughts. And he had promised to meet Nathan in 20 minutes, so he threw his bag over his shoulder and walked outside, across the foyer, and into the lounge, where a group of guests lingered.

He scoured around, and after a few seconds, he spotted Nathan on the other end of the room, his smile radiating back at Gabriel. Nathan was beautiful, about Gabriel’s height, skinnier, not so well built. He wore these tight swim shorts showcasing his fuzzy legs and a tank top that featured his tattooed arm and fuzzy chest. He had long dark brown hair that fell on his face, slicing between his intense dark eyes. But the most attractive feature about Nathan was his smile. Honest, seductive, and inviting. Gabriel seemed lost in it. And only when Nathan popped in front of him did Gabriel realize how long he had been staring at him.

“Hey, you.” Nathan greeted in a very sulky way, his eyes scanning Gabriel from head to toe.

“Hey.” Gabriel replied, trying desperately to sound cheerful and failing miserably since Nathan’s eyes immediately squinted.

“Are you ok?” Nathan asked, his voice soothing, seeping regard.

“Hum…not really. Had a rough night.” Gabriel revealed, surprised yet again by how comfortable he felt around Nathan.

“Happens.” Nathan said, stopping as he lingered on Gabriel’s eyes before stretching his lips, exhibiting his magnetic smile. “My folks and I are taking a boat to Phi Phi Islands, just an hour from here. I’m taking you with me. You’ll be mine for the whole day.” He announced.

“I…” Gabriel stuttered, anxiety building as he contemplated leaving his father alone with Elliot on the resort.

“Hey…by the time we return, you’ll feel ten times better, I promise.” Nathan pledged.

Gabriel looked at him, the boy’s deep dark eyes gleaming back at him, and smiled.

“Ok.” He uttered, shrugging his shoulders.

“Great! Come.” Nathan blurted out, his hand grabbing Gabriel’s as he dragged him across the crowd. They were nearing a middle-aged couple when Nathan finally stopped.

“Mom, Dad, this is Gabriel, the boy I told you about yesterday!” He introduced, his voice loaded with energy.

“Hi.” Gabriel uttered, his shyness creeping in.

“Hey, Gabriel.” Nathan’s mother greeted with temperance in her voice.

“You caused quite the impression yesterday, Gabriel.” Nathan’s father teased in a good-hearted way. “Nice to meet you.” He greeted, extending his hand for an energetic shake, which Gabriel accepted.

He’s coming with us.” Nathan said.

“Does your family know, Gabriel?” Nathan’s mother asked, her eyes scanning Gabriel like a lie detector.

“Oh, it’s just my dad. Don’t worry about it. He’s fine with it.” He lied, to Nathan’s parents’ relief and his remorse.

As they began chatting, a familiar voice broke from beyond the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for waiting. My name is Sakda. I will be your guide for today. We will head to the dock and board the ferry to the Phi Phi Islands. Estimated arrival time is around 10 am.” Sakda informed as he spotted Gabriel amongst the crowd, gesturing to him in greeting. Gabriel politely smiled back before the large group descended the small peer, where three large boats docked.

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