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The Golf Trip Pt. 01

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Its Thursday night, I’m sitting on my couch at home, beer in my hand while on the phone with my buddy Phil.

“What! No, that’s awful! I understand, but man it puts our trip in a tough spot!” I comment loudly.

Phil is saying something, but I’ve totally lost focus of him, as my girlfriend Aria walks into my vision, gorgeous as can be, with a tight tank top and short little pajama shorts on. She bends down to pick up a kids toy on the floor, her cute cheeks visible for me.

I come back to focus as Phil says, “Hey, I’m hoping to be there next year, but it’s just not possible this year.”

Long story short, every year, a group of four of us college friends pick a location to go on a golf trip for a weekend. We have done this for 8 years now, and we had planned a trip to Michigan for our destination this year. Phil, James, Ian and myself had not missed a year for the past five year, but Phil’s mother in law was very ill and Phil was going to Phoenix to be with her during this time.

It was two weeks until the trip, and I didn’t think we would have any chance to find a suitable replacement. I texted a couple others that had joined us when we first started these trips and go the usual rejections for lack of funds or plans already. Reaching out to the cottage in Michigan, we will still be charged the same amount overall, no matter how many we have. After reaching out to a couple more people, I figure the three of us remaining will have to split the cost.

Just as I’m giving up hope to find a 4th golfer, Aria surprises me, “Why don’t I come with you, James and Ian, we’ve been trying to take a trip together.”

Stunned by the fact my girl is willing and interested to come on a golfing trip with me and my buddies, I quickly try to talk her out of it. I tell her its a lot of golfing, drinking, gambling and stupid guy talk, that it might get boring pretty quick with the sports talk, reminiscing and crude humour, and neither of their girls are going either.

Aria had just started golfing a couple years ago, and was getting better, I think she could keep up with us golfing and drinking, but this had always been a, guys trip. Aria swings her hips over to me, sits on my lap, pressing her perfect perky breast into my face, grinding herself against me.

“You don’t want me there, do you? I know, it’s a guys thing, but I’ll wear that little golf skirt you bought me.” She says as she grinds her pussy against my hard cock, all my willpower and all the reasoning I had against bringing her is disappearing.

“I’ll make it worth your while?” She slowly lowers herself off my lap and rubs her body down my chest until her face is in my crouch.
She unbuckles my pants, unzips my fly and releases my penis from its spandex prison.
Looking up at me, licking her lips.

“You sure you don’t want me going?”

Her tongue now tracing down the length of my cock, then back up and wrapping around the tip, before totally engulfing my cock.

Starting slowly Aria bobs up and down, speeding up as she goes.

Just as I’m about to explode, everything stops, she looks up, “Well, am I going?”

I emphatically nod, grabbing the back of her head and pushing it back on my ready to erupt cock, and she finishes the job with a flourish of passion.

Its three days before the trip, I better call the guys, starting a conference call with both James and Ian to tell the the news, that we have a fourth. Both excitedly give a little relieved cheer and then ask if its our friend Joel or Tim, and start talking about the rest of the plans. I clear my throat to interrupt them and let them know its Bursa Escort Aria.

James is the first to pipe in, “Hold on, since when does the golf trip include our ladies, this is a guy’s trip, I don’t like it, does she even golf?”

I reply, “I know, it’s a little different, but we have no choice, or we have to split Phil’s portion.”

After a little talking, they both agreed, it would be different, but at least my girlfriend was way easier to look at than Phil. It was now settled, our guys golf trip would be totally different than usual.


Day 1 or the trip finally arrives, we all agree to meet at the Air BNB where we are staying, a cute cottage in the woods in Northern Michigan, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a nice sunroom and a hot tub on the back porch. Ian and James have already arrived when Aria and I show up and they have taken the front two bedrooms. We settle in with all our gear, and greet the others in the sunroom. We have an hour before our tee time, time for a beer. We chat about what has been going on, the guys joke with Aria about it being her first trip and how great it is to have a gorgeous woman on the trip. As we finish our beer, we get ready for our tee time. Aria keeps me out of the bedroom, handing me my clothes and then shutting the door and tells me to wait for the surprise.

Heading out to the car, loading up our clubs and shoes, Aria walks out of the cottage wearing a the short golf skirt I bought her just covering her sexy butt and a tight zip up golf shirt, with the zipper low enough to show off her perky tits. I looked at James and Ian and both were slack jawed with amazement at my girl.

“Everybody ready to get their asses kicked?”, Aria jokes as she hopes into back of the SUV.

James looks at me, smiles and lightly punches my shoulder as we drive off to the course. we arrive and get checked in a setup with our carts. James and Ian pair up in a cart for the first round, so Aria and I are together.

“Damn, you look good today, I’m not sure I can golf staring at this perfection all round. I think the guys enjoy it as well.”

She smiles, “That’s the plan, throw you off your games, so I can win.”

After the guys and I tee off, we head to the ladies tees and Aria hops out, bends way down to put her tee in the ground, giving all of us a great shot of her tight ass in the short little skort, some cheeks hanging out the bottom. She looks over her shoulder and both James and Ian pretend like they weren’t looking, I call bullshit. Aria grins her little devilish grin and takes her shot.

The round continues this way, a bent over ass view, then a cleavage view. As the beers keep flowing, I think the zipper is getting lower on the shirt, and a lacy bra is showing on the right angle. It was incredibly hard to concentrate on the game I love, when all I wanted to do was take my girlfriend and drive off into the woods for a fuck.

She was definitely enjoying the tease game, she would get in the wrong side of the cart, grinding her ass on my cock, then move along, just enough to get my brain messed up again. The guys are not oblivious, nor immune to the constant tease, Aria is bending over to “help” them with their putting and bending over the side of their cart when chatting between holes.

As the round finishes up we tally the scores heading back to the cottage, James has had a few beers, and now in his best announcer voice proclaims, “In fourth place, with a score of 115, Aria!”, Applause rings through the vehicle, “In third, with a score of 104, James, in second with a score of 99, Ian, and lastly, the Bursa Escort Bayan winner, with a score of 98, this lucky guy!”

Not the greatest scores any of us guys has had, I think our fourth member evened the playing field.

Back at the cottage now, the drinks are flowing, beer, wine, coolers, as the BBQ is going with burgers and grilled veggies. Music is playing, but since there isn’t another cottage anywhere near us, we are singing loudly and talking trash about golf today, and previous years.

Aria didn’t change out of her spectacular golf outfit, and I’m sure the zipper has gotten even lower as she has drank more, her lacy bra is easy to see, as well as the swell of her perfect breasts. After we finish a late dinner, she gets up, goes over to the hot tub and lifts the top, placing a hand in it.

“Oh damn, that is perfect, I’m going to change into my bathing suit, anyone joining me?”

“For sure, in a few minutes dear.”, I respond, before the guys can say anything.

Moments later, Aria returns in a small yellow bikini, looking just drop dead gorgeous. I look at Ian and James, and they are spellbound as she walks across the deck and grabs another drink, before slowly lowering herself into the tub. Like shot out of cannons, the three of us, get up and go inside to get changed. I get back out before the guys, just in time to see Aria emerging from the hot tub.

“Done already?”, I comment.

She hadn’t noticed me until now and smiles and points to her glass, asking for a refill.

I top up her wine, watching her turn around to get back down in the tub, the bikini wet and stuck to her ass, wondering to myself, how did I get so lucky to have her in my life. Just as I was lost in space, Ian and James came out the patio door. I snapped back into it, grabbed another beer for myself and got in the tub.

The hot tub was at a nice 103 degrees, perfect with a few drinks to unwind after a round of golf. The chatter got a little more flirty from the guys with Aria, I’d say the drinks and her sexy bikini clad body had given them both a little more courage. I’d say she was enjoying the attention, she was giggling and flirting back. Her perky tits in the yellow bikini were visible right at the water line, and I think she was pushing her chest out for a little more cleavage.

She pushed herself up to sit up on the edge of the hot tub, waving her hands like she is too hot, and I followed with a quick hell yes you are smile, and gave her a little wink. A perfect outline of her hard nipples were very noticeable and with her legs spread towards me the bikini bottoms were riding up a bit, giving a visible outline of her pussy. She gave me a little smile as she caught me undressing her with my eyes.

Moments later James finished his beer, grabbed his phone sitting on a table beside the tub, and said, “Damn, 1 o’clock already, tee time is early tomorrow isn’t it?”

Ian turn his vision off of Aria, looked at me, then to James, “Yeah better head to bed, we golf at 10:30 tomorrow, might as well finish this drink first.”

James got out of the tub, started drying himself off, and looked back at us “Don’t stay up too late you three, I don’t want to hear excuses when I beat all of you tomorrow.”

We are all laughing as James says his goodnights and disappears into the sunroom and then into the cottage.

Aria looks at me, gives me a wink, points at her glass again.

Now how can I say no to that? I quickly start to get up, not thinking of the tent in my swim trunks, looking at Aria, I see her checking my hard cock out. I don’t think Escort Bursa Ian is even paying attention, he’s just staring at my girl, and really I don’t blame him.

Aria looks at Ian, “You done that last beer Ian?”

He comes out of his daze, “Oh yeah, I’m finished, no more for me.”

As I get back in with drinks for me and Aria, he starts to get out of the tub and he is pitching a tent as well, and I see her take a peek at his package.

Ian says his goodnights as he dries off and heads in the house.

I look back at the gorgeous woman on the side of the tub, take a sip of my beer, and just savour the tub, the cold beer and the amazing view of a smoking hot babe on the side of the tub.

She is looking back at me, and slowly starts to spread her legs further apart, giving me an even better view of her tiny bikini bottoms. I take another drink and watch as her hand cups her breast, and then slowly glides down her chest, to her abdomen, and runs along her bikini bottoms, putting pressure on her pussy. She slides the small piece of fabric to the side and gives me a view of her shaved pussy, and gives me the come hither look.

I cross the tub, and slowly start kissing my way from her knee along her thigh and close to her hot vagina, then back to the other knee and repeat the kissing down the thigh and this time right to her clit, my tongue flicking it to get her started. She grabs the back of my head, pushing my face harder into her warm pussy, as my tongue continues to play with her clitoris, then down to her wet hole.

Aria pushes me away and stands up, pulling off her bikini bottom, then sits back down wanting more. I dive back in alternating back and forth, wet pussy and clit… she is grinding her pelvic bone hard against my face and starts to moan.

Not much longer and she tells me to fuck her already, with a little urgency in her voice.

I get up a little further, and pull my shorts shorts off, my hard penis springing out ready to go. I position myself just right to fuck her while she sits on the side of the tube, the head just pressing against her pussy, I can feel the absolute heat of her on me. I thrust inside of her, and get a full moan and I slowly pull out and start to get a hard and slow motion going. Aria is clawing at my back and nibbling on my neck as shift speeds and start driving into faster.

Oddly, as we are in full swing, she taps my back and says, “Oh wow, look.”

I look up and see nothing and really, I’m in the zone, I could care less at what is going on.

She whispers to me to slowly look at the sunroom. I continue fucking my girlfriend at a slower pace, and look towards the sunroom, then quickly turn away. Oh my god, Ian is hiding in the doorway of the cottage and the sunroom, his cock in his hand and he is jerking off watching us get it on.

Aria whispers to me, “Want to give him a good show?”

I nod in approval to her dirty suggestion. She pushes me out of her and back a little bit from her, reaches back and undoes her bikini top and tosses it towards the sunroom, showing off her spectacular, perky tits then bends over the side of the tub so our bodies are sideways to the sunroom. I move back into position and push my hot cock back into her wet box, thrusting in and out again, bouncing my balls off her body as I thrust into her.

Aria ups the ante, moaning louder and moaning, “Fuck me, fuck me, oh god, make me cum!”

I start fucking her harder getting so much closer to erupting, and seeing the bounce of her ass as I pound into her gives me even more stimulation and my cock explodes into her. We continue a little longer until we are totally out of energy and having full rubber legs, we both look over towards the door, but Ian is gone.

“Bed time, I’m ready for a nice comfy bed.”

We tidy up the back deck of the cottage, close up the hot tub and shut it down for the night.

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