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The Girl with Two Boyfriends Ch. 01

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This is an edited version of my earlier story by the same name. The main change is that the action is all described in more detail and there’s more of it, which according to the feedback is what most readers want.

The story starts a bit slowly, but don’t be put off; there’s plenty of action of all types later. And please resist the temptation to skip the early sections; the scene-setting is a vital part of the story. I’ve trimmed the introduction as much as I can without spoiling the plot – Plot? Yes, there is a plot – it’s not just a series of sex scenes!

* * * * *

Isabel was bored and lonely. Since moving away from her home town for a new job, it had been all work and no play. It was Saturday morning and yet again, she had nothing planned for the weekend. As she ate her breakfast alone, she thought about what she could do to improve things. “I know,” she finally said out loud, “I’ll join a dating site. Maybe I’ll meet someone really nice.” After breakfast, she fetched her laptop and started researching on-line dating sites. One seemed to stand out, so she took the plunge and joined as an associate member.

The site had a search facility with filters, which allowed her to focus on profiles that met her criteria. Amongst the weirdos, the ugly and the past-its, there were several that seemed interesting, so she decided to write her own profile. She followed the guidelines and by lunch time was happy with what she had written. She uploaded three good photos and clicked on the ‘publish’ button. A message appeared informing her that her profile would become visible to the male members as soon as it had been checked by the moderator. She logged out.

She got herself some lunch, went food shopping and did her household chores. By late afternoon, she’d finished and was ready for a cup of tea. Whilst relaxing with her tea, she powered up her laptop again and logged back on to the site. Her profile was now live and there were sixteen messages from men who were interested in her. “Wow,” she exclaimed, “that was quick!” But her joy was short-lived; they were mostly just a load of weirdos. Amongst them were a few sex-crazy men who were clearly only after one thing. She wasn’t that sort of girl, but nevertheless, she was intrigued.

One in particular looked extremely attractive and in his message to her, he described in full, exactly what he wanted to do to her. She was repulsed, but couldn’t resist reading what he had written again and again. As she read his message for the forth time, she undid her jeans and slipped her hand into her panties. “Your body belongs to me,” she read, “and I’m going to lick you and make you come when I decide you deserve it.” She started to finger her clit. “Open your legs for me, so that I can slip my tongue in.”

“Oh, my god, I wouldn’t mind him doing that to me.” Now she was frantically rubbing herself. She looked at his picture and imagined a thick long cock, hiding in his trousers, ready to ravish her. “Put it in, don’t keep me waiting.”

“Once you’re begging for it, I’ll give it to you – all twelve inches of it.”

“Oh, my god – twelve inches, that’s impossible!”

“Reply to my message and tell me you want it.”

“Oh, god, yes – I want it; I want it. Arrrghh, yes, oh, god yes, give it to me, I want it.” She continued rubbing herself as she reached her climax. “Arrrghh, yes, arrrrrgggh. Oh my god.”

“After I’m finished, my friends will want a turn in you too,” she read.

“Oh, my god, yes, fuck me, all of you. Aaaaarggh, yes.”

Afterwards, she sat there panting, surprised and embarrassed at the strength of her orgasm. “God, I didn’t realise how much I’ve missed it over the last couple of months.” She looked back at the screen and read the message again. “Yuk!” she said out loud, “that’s not the sort of man I want – I need someone who wants me for more than just my body. He’s disgusting!” She deleted the message and blocked the sender.

Unfortunately, none of the others seemed to be suitable either, so she blocked them all too. Disappointed, she logged out and turned off her laptop. However, over the next couple of days she received several carefully written messages from men who had obviously taken the time to read her profile and who seemed to be interested in more than just how shaggable she looked. That was more like it! By Tuesday evening, there were eleven men on her ‘maybe’ list. It was decision time. Everything up till then had been free, but if she wanted to send any messages herself or reply to those she’d received, she had to become a full member and that was expensive. After thinking about it, she decided it was worth it, so she paid the fee.

She then spent the rest of the evening replying to each of the eleven ‘maybes’. After exchanging several messages with them over the following few days, she agreed to meet six of them in person and arranged safe meeting places, as advised by the site. Two, she decided when she met them, were boring, so she ruled Kurtköy Escort them out. She was pleased to learn that the remaining four were all keen to see her again.

The site had various help pages, one of which discussed the thorny subject of dating multiple partners. The general advice was that it was alright to date several partners in the early days, since these dates weren’t really dates as such, but were more like interviews for the role of a partner.

There was also a thread on the site’s forum, entitled ‘When to go exclusive’. Opinions varied. At one extreme, somebody claimed that ‘as soon as you agree to meet somebody, you should cease all communication with everyone else.’ That seemed far too strict to Isabel and in any case, she’d already broken that rule. At the other extreme, someone suggested that ‘as soon as you go to bed with someone, you should not date anyone else’. Well, yes, thought Isabel, that’s pretty obvious. She decided that she would ‘go exclusive’ well before that time, but in the meantime, it was acceptable to continue ‘interviewing’ the four men.

She was amazed to read that several people thought it fine in this day and age to keep several bed-partners and that therefore there was no need ever to ‘go exclusive’. That’s gross, thought Isabel, really gross. She wasn’t a prude, but fancy allowing some man’s cock inside you after it had just been inside another woman or worse still, allowing several men to have you in quick succession. I hope that none of the men I’m interested in thinks that that sort of behaviour is acceptable. She shuddered at the thought.

Over the next week, she saw all four men a second time. They all seemed very keen on her and although she couldn’t quite make her mind up which she preferred, she thought that Dan and Tim were better long term prospects than Mike or Steve. She’d never been spoilt for choice like this before and decided to see each of them one more time before making up her mind.

She was pleased with herself. She had managed to arrange third dates with all four men on consecutive days, starting on Wednesday. She decided she would make her mind up by Sunday and allow the lucky one to take her to bed that very night. She was already tingling between her legs at the thought – it had been too long – far too long and she could hardly wait.

She thought about the attractive man who had sent the message to her describing what he wanted to do to her and regretted having deleted it. Although she didn’t really want such a man, she would have liked to read his message again. Maybe on Sunday, the man she eventually chose would do something similar to her. Her hand reached up under her skirt and pushed her panties aside. “Oh, god, yes; slip your tongue into me.” She dipped her finger into her dripping wet cunt to moisten it then started to rub her clit. “God, I can’t wait till Sunday. I wonder which man it will be.” She thought about each of them in turn. “My body belongs to you.” But she didn’t yet know which one she would choose. “Twelve inches! Oh, my god.” She then imagined all four queuing up to take turns with her. “Oh, my god, aaaarrrgh, yes, take me.” She dipped her finger back into her cunt to get more lubrication and returned to fingering her clit. “Who’s next? Aaaargh, yes.” She came hard. “Aaaaaargh, oh, god, fuck me again, yes, aaaaaaarrrrrrgh. Who’s next? Aaaaaargh.”

“Oh, my god,” she said when she calmed down. “That’s disgusting – what’s happening to me. Why am I imagining such things? I must be really sex-starved. I don’t want men queuing up to take turns in me; I want a proper loving boyfriend who wants to look after me and make me happy.” She banished from her mind, all thoughts of that vulgar man who had sent her that disgusting message.

* * * * *

On Wednesday evening, she rushed home from work, showered, dressed and did her makeup in time for Dan, who had arranged to take her to his favourite Italian restaurant. When the doorbell rang, she opened it to let him in.

“Oh, you look lovely – that black dress really suits your blond hair.” She invited him in and showed him around. “The restaurant’s booked for eight – you ready?”

“Yes, ready when you are.” She was pleased; he was clearly taken with the way she looked – her little black dress always turned heads.

It was a fifteen minute drive to the restaurant. The food there was good and so was the wine. She was warming fast to Dan. He was clearly a regular at that restaurant and she was impressed. “You obviously come here a lot.”

“Well, yes, I live just round the corner and I discovered this place shortly after I moved in and I’ve been coming ever since. It’s a bit off the beaten track, so they have to try harder to get the customers to come back and I think you’ll agree they do a great job.”

“It’s perfect. I’ve had such a wonderful evening. Do you really live nearby?”

“Yes, I do – walking distance. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but if you want to see Maltepe Escort my place, since I’ve now seen yours, we could have coffee there instead of here. But, of course, if you’d rather stay here, then I understand.”

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours, is that it?”

He laughed. “Well, maybe we should just have coffee here, which is what I originally intended.”

She liked the fact that he wasn’t pushing her, just offering – a point in his favour – so she decided it was safe enough to accept his offer.

“No, no, I’d love to see where you live.”

He paid the bill and after a couple of minutes in the car, they were at his flat.

“Come into the kitchen with me, while I make the coffee, then I’ll show you round.” He filled the kettle and switched it on. When he turned to face her, she was leaning against the far counter with her long blond hair cascading down the front of her little black dress. She had that ‘please fuck me now’ look about her that turned all men on instantly. Dan could feel his cock twitching and hoped that she hadn’t noticed.

He walked over to her and kissed her gently on the lips. When she didn’t resist, he put his arms round her and kissed her again, this time more passionately. It took her a bit by surprise, but it felt wonderful. It had been a long time since she’d been kissed at all, let alone like this. As he kissed her, his left hand moved slowly up and onto her tit. She didn’t object, so he squeezed it gently through her dress. It was lovely and firm and he could feel her nipple hardening under her bra.

When his hand crept down to the hem of her dress, she shivered. He slid his hand up her bare leg under her dress as he continued to kiss her, causing goose pimples to form all down her body. Oh, god, she thought, I’m not ready for this; I haven’t decided which man I want yet – but it does feel good.

His other hand was behind her back pulling her towards him and he shuffled a bit to the side to give the hand under her dress space to move. She broke away from his kiss, buried her face in his chest and moaned quietly as his hand traced a line across the front of her panties to the ‘V’ between her legs. Without realising what she was doing, she parted her legs slightly. He felt for the edge of the material, pushed it gently aside and slid his finger into her slit. She gasped as his finger entered her cunt. “Oh, my god, yes.” The kettle had long since boiled, but coffee was the last thing on their minds.

She just loved being fingered – any resistance that she might have had left melted away. No man had ever got that far with her without ending up with a wet cock. So five minutes later, she was lying naked on Dan’s bed with her legs apart while he pumped away between them. “Oh, my god,” she cried, “it feels so good.”

He thought so too!

As he fucked her, he looked down at her face. The ‘please fuck me now’ look had been replaced by one of sheer ecstasy. She was writhing about underneath him, squeezing his cock with her cunt muscles and moaning and gasping with his every thrust.

Holy mackerel! She’s fantastic, he thought. I haven’t had one this good for ages. He started thrusting harder. Her cunt sucked him back in every time he pulled away and she was velvety soft inside. There was no way he was going to last long with such a girl wiggling around underneath him.

“Oh, my god, Dan, don’t stop … I’m coming … oh, my god, yes,” she cried. He continued pumping and could feel his own climax approaching too. Half a dozen more pumps and cum started streaming out of his cock. The feel of it hitting her cervix tipped her over the edge. “Fuck me hard, Dan; arrrrgh, oh god, yes, aaaarrrrrgh.” He stayed inside her while she calmed down then flopped down on the bed beside her.

They lay together afterwards, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Oh, god, she thought, that wasn’t meant to happen, even though I loved it. She thought about the remaining three men. Well, I guess this makes my mind up as to which of the four I’m going to choose. I’ll have to cancel my other three dates. She glanced over at the bedside clock.

“Christ, I didn’t realise it was that late and I’m working in the morning.”

“I’ll run you back whenever you say, but I’d love you to spend the rest of the night with me then let me take you home in the morning.”

She thought about it. “Well, I would need to be home by seven, so that I can get ready for work and get there in time.”

“No problem – I can set the alarm.”

He fucked her again before they went to sleep and he fucked her again in the morning after the alarm went off. They got up, had a rushed breakfast and he drove her home. She was happy at last – she had a new boyfriend and what’s more, he was much better in bed than her previous one. She agreed to see him again on Saturday evening. Things were looking good at last!

* * * * *

She almost managed to get to work on time, but being a few minutes Tuzla Escort late wasn’t a problem, since fortunately, her boss was away on business. When no one was looking, Isabel logged on to her dating site and sent messages to Steve and Tim, cancelling Friday’s and Saturday’s dates. She was going to miss both of them.

However, cancelling tonight’s date with Mike was going to be a problem. She was due to go to his flat for dinner and he had told her that he would do most of the cooking the evening before. That meant that he had already bought all the food and had already spent the time cooking it. If she cancelled now, he’d be stuck with a load of cooked food and no one to share it with. She felt awful about that. What’s worse, she had been in bed with somebody else, whilst he had been slaving over a hot stove for her. How bad was that? She felt really guilty about the whole situation.

She wondered how best to proceed. In the end, she thought: I’ll just have to go through with tonight’s date, not arrange another one with him and then finish with him in a few days time – yes, that would work – not ideal, but at least he won’t have to throw a whole load of nice food away and we’ll both get to enjoy one last evening together. All she needed to do was to be on her best behaviour and keep him at arm’s length – shouldn’t be too difficult. Like Steve and Tim, she would miss Mike too.

When she got home after work, she showered, put her little black dress on again and after doing her make up, set off in her car to the address that Mike had given her. She knocked on the door and Mike opened it.

“Wow, you look absolutely stunning! You trying to seduce me or something? If so, you’ve chosen a bad time, ’cause I’m hungry and dinner’s nearly ready.”

She laughed. Mike’s sense of humour was one of his strong points. On reflection though, she regretted wearing her little black dress. She realised with hindsight, that she should have chosen something more conservative – something less sexy. The last thing she wanted to do now was to get him all worked up since she was now planning to dump him in a couple of days.

He led her into the kitchen. “Glass of wine?”

She needed something to calm her nerves, so that seemed like a good idea. “Yes please, white if you’ve got it.”

“Glass of white wine coming up – pint or a half?”

She laughed again. “Just a small one – I’m driving, remember.” He poured two glasses of white wine and handed one to her.

“Cheers! Does the black dress signify that you’re a naughty girl?”

“What?” Oh, my god, she thought, how does he know?

“Well, white signifies purity or innocence and black signifies the opposite.”

“Er, I …”

“I’m sorry; don’t look so embarrassed; I’m only teasing.” He laughed. “You do look absolutely stunning in that dress though – sexy enough to seduce a gay bishop.” He lent forward and kissed her briefly on the cheek. “Here, put these two plates on the table behind you, while I put the vegetables on, then we can eat.”

She heaved a sigh of relief – he didn’t suspect anything about last night – he was just joking. She took the two plates and put them on the table in the corner. They sat down to eat and his light-hearted manner soon had her laughing almost continuously. She felt relaxed and content in his presence. The dinner that he had cooked was good and she enjoyed the wine that he had chosen to go with it too. When they had eaten, she offered to wash up.

“No need, I’ll do it tomorrow. Come on through to the lounge.”

“No, I’ll do it now.” She jumped up and carried the plates over to the sink, filled the bowl with hot water, squeezed some washing up liquid into it and started to wash up. Meanwhile, Mike cleared the rest of the table. After putting the salt and pepper back in the cupboard, he turned to face her. She had her back to him, but there was no doubt about it – she was stunning from every angle. Her long blond hair cascaded down the back of her dress and her body wiggled as she washed the dishes.

He studied her for several seconds. Christ, I’d love to get my cock into this one; I wonder if she wiggles like that in bed. He walked up behind her and kissed her briefly on her neck.

“Hey, stop that – I’m trying to wash up and you’re distracting me.”

He put his hands on her waist and squeezed her gently. She sighed. Then he started kissing her neck again.

“Hey, you’re taking advantage of a poor innocent girl who can’t defend herself because her hands are all soapy.”

“I know – that’s the idea.”

She giggled. “Stop messing about. Grab a tea towel and dry the dishes.”

“The dishes will dry themselves, but I need to kiss your neck because it can’t kiss itself.” She laughed.

He put his hands right round her now and pulled her tightly towards him, whilst continuing to kiss her neck. She had to admit it – it felt really good and she wondered whether she’d made the right choice with Dan instead of Mike. She sighed again. Mike’s right hand moved slowly up and cupped her left breast.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m taking advantage of a poor innocent girl who can’t defend herself because her hands are all soapy, but fortunately she likes it.”

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