Eyl 13

The Gift Of A Man

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I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 3 years, so I was feeling pretty low this particular night.

I had rung some female friends of mine for a girl’s night out. I rang them 2 days ago when I was feeing like I wanted revenge (we were going to go out and meet some men for a one night stand). My sex life with Jeff had been nonexistent for the past 3 months and I was feeling extremely horny.

Tonight however, I was wishing I hadn’t rung them. All I wanted to do was wallow in self-pity and stay in my man-hating mood.

But at 7pm, the doorbell rang. I was still in the bath because they were an hour early.

I got out of the bath, wearing only a towel and let them in. They were all talking at once about how sorry they were about Jeff sleeping with another woman; so I offered them a bourbon each. I thought while they were drinking that I could get dressed and order the taxi etc. So I left them in the lounge and when into my bedroom to get dressed.

I could hear my 4 friends in the lounge talking when all of a sudden things went really quiet. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but I knew they were still talking to each other because I heard Cathy and Sarah giggle. They sounded really excited so I thought maybe they had already started drinking with out me before they got here.

I removed my towel from my body and bent over so I could towel dry my hair. I had the towel over my head when all of a sudden I felt something warm moving up my leg.

I tried to pull the towel off my head so I could see what was now getting closer to my pussy, but the towel wouldn’t come off. Some one was holding it. That’s when I knew. My friends must have snuck a man in while I was in my bedroom. No wonder Anadolu Yakası Escort they all went quiet.

I could feel him moving what I now thought to be his fingers closer to my pussy. He felt wonderful and I could feel my body heating up with every stoke he did.

My towel was still over my head so I couldn’t see him, but they way my body was reacting to this wonderful touching I didn’t really care what he looked like.

I felt his hands leave my thighs and gently pull me upright and then move me backward till the back of my legs felt the edge of my bed. I was pushed onto the bed on my back, with the towel still on my head. I didn’t know how the towel was staying there while those hands were caressing my thighs, but I didn’t care.

I felt the hands pulling my legs apart, and then smooth silk against my ankles. My legs were spread as wide as they could go, and were being tied to the bed posts. Next thing I felt was my hands in the same position above my head – also tied to the bed posts. I was naked and totally helpless; and loving every minute of it.

I could fell my pussy getting wet with anticipation.

Then I felt a pair of lips kissing me. A tongue forcing them apart probed my lips. I felt a tongue slip inside my mouth, kissing me tenderly. I was on fire!

Then the mouth moved slowly down my chin, down my throat, smooth, and delicious feeling. Down to my erect nipples the tongue traveled. I felt it flick my hard nipples, sending pulses bolting through my body. My nipple was gathered into the mouth and sucked hard. I could feel his breath on my tits as his mouth did wonderful things to my nipple. While his mouth was pleasing my nipple, his fingers were flicking Bostancı Escort the other one.

My pussy was so wet by now, and I was so horny, that I was finding it hard to breath.

On and on this wonderful torture went. Between his tongue and mouth teasing my right nipple, and his hand pulling and flicking the left one – I was in ecstasy!

Then I felt his tongue moving lower, trailing the length of my torso. Lower and lower. I felt his breath above my pussy, his breath felt as hot as I was. But he didn’t stop. Lower he went, all the while licking my body, tasting me. My mind was begging him to eat me – I needed it!

I felt his finger tracing up my thigh, then both hands on both inner thighs, rising higher, slowly, very lightly. Then I felt him plunge his tongue into my wet cut. I cried out with pleasure, as his tongue found my clit. I raised my hips up higher so he could have better access to my pleasure points. He placed a finger deep inside my pussy while his tongue played with my clit. Then another finger, and another! I was being taken to heights I had never been to before! My arms and legs were still tied to the bed. I felt my body stiffen, then quiver, as he brought me to the most intense orgasm I had ever felt in my life! I could feel my juices flow from my cunt as he drank it all in.

Then I felt the ties on my legs being undone, and also on my hands. I was picked up off the bed and turned over on to my hands and knees. The towel was still covering my face and I wasn’t about to move it. I wanted to keep my man’s identity a mystery.

I felt he understood this also, and wanted the same thing.

I again felt his finger inside my pussy, still wet from my pussy juice.

Then Erenköy Escort I felt him enter my cunt from behind. Jeff and I had never done this before, and I couldn’t believe how it felt! I could feel his huge prick pumping inside me. Harder and harder he was thrusting. I reached round underneath with my hand and started playing with his balls. I could hear him moaning with pleasure, obviously enjoying himself immensely. He grabbed my tits and was playing with my nipples again, then squeezing my tits, hard but oh so good.

I was reaching another orgasm, this time stronger than the last one! I couldn’t believe this was possible! I could feel his prick inside me grow, as he started panting. His grip on my tits tightened and I felt his body convulse, shooting his seed inside me.

At the same time, I felt my juices run again, as he brought me to yet another orgasm!

My head was spinning, my body quivering. Never had I felt so on fire! Never had I felt so alive! He replaced his prick with his mouth and licked my cunt juices clean, making me orgasm yet a 4th time! How can one person be so horny, yet so fulfilled?

Then I felt him place a kiss on my thigh. I heard his footsteps moving, and then heard the door close quietly behind him. He was gone. My fantastic lover had gone.

I removed the towel from my head to take in the site before me. My bed was soaked with his seed and my juices combined.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned my self off, got dressed and went back into the lounge. My friends were no longer there. Instead there was a note on my front door saying “We are sure Dave will give you what your body has been craving for too long. He’ll be back again the same time tomorrow night, so have your door unlocked on be on the bed waiting. This time you will get to see his gorgeous face too…”

I was no more in a man-hating mood. Once again, I was alive. I can’t wait till tomorrow night, so I can give him the same intense pleasure he gave me…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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