Ağu 31

The Gift

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John picked up the phone and was surprised to hear Karen’s voice. They had been friends for five years and he always suspected she had a crush on him. They e-mailed nearly every day but had not spoken in nearly a year. “Hi,you!” he heard her say “What are you doing?”

“Just talking to you,” he replied. Then he waited, she was always straight to the point and he was curious about what could have caused her to call.

“So,” she said, “the big 4-0 is coming up this month, any plans? Feeling like ‘middle-age crazy’ is just around the corner?”

“A little,” John said “I always thought things would be different for me than they are now. I expected my job to be more stable, my sex life to be better and money to be piled at my feet. Still and all I am happy enough, just not giddy.”

“You deserve giddy once in a while” she said. “On, that note, I have a surprise present for you. Any chance you could make it down to my place in the next couple of weeks?” she casually inquired.

“I’ll check with Brynn and what she has going on.” He replied “I think it seems likely, just need to move some things around. What you got?”

“He heard her laugh in his ear as she said, some things are better left for surprises. You’ll need about an hour or so to enjoy it. So, plan for at least two hours at my place. You just let me know the date.”

“OK,” he said as she hung up. He realized he had not said thank you. He also felt a stirring in his pants. He had occasionally fantasized about her but nothing had ever come close to happening. She was a former employee of his and they had always been closed and could talk about anything. She was the only person who knew those types of intimate details about his sex life, what Brynn would and would not do among other things. He had even used her suggestions to convince Brynn to try but really nothing had worked.

He looked at his calendar and found a free day on the Friday before his birthday. He called Brynn and checked with her. She was not pleased with the idea of him seeing HER. She had always been jealous but this time it seemed best if he told the truth rather than arranged it with something else. This way he would be assured of being good. No way could he cheat when she knew exactly where he was going. He hung up the phone and starting typing out an e-mail as he felt just a twinge of disappointment. He knew now nothing would happen, Brynn knew that and soon Karen would. He typed out the letter and made it clear that Brynn knew where he was going, why and when. It was sealed as he hit send.

He went about his work and forgot about it until the Friday came. “What could it be?” he wondered. His mind wandered through possibilities on the long drive down. Every idea he came up with did not require time to enjoy, so he settled on the thought that it was pot or alcohol. She had occasionally indulged with him in the past and knew what type of Scotch he liked. “That must be it,” he decided. He let his mind move on to other things until he pulled into her driveway.

A car he did not recognize was in the driveway and he pulled beside it. He got out and braced himself as she ran out the door and gave him a big hug. She was giddy with delight at seing him and he smiled in spite of himself at such a warm greeting. She was talking a mile a minute and he only half heard what she said. She was wearing a kimono or sarong wrap aroung thing. He had see something like it before but could not remember where. She took his arm and had him take off his shoes inside the door then ushered him into the kitchen.

He could smell the incense and hear the soft sounds of Asian music in the background. He smiled as he sat down. çeşme escort A glass of ice, his favorite Scotch, a cigar and a pill were on a black place mat in front of his chair. He picked up the cigar and read the band, “y Habana” stood out on the bottom and he smiled. “Wow, putting out the best for me, I see.” He laughed. He picked up the pill and could see that the markings were scraped off. “What…?” he started to ask. “Just, take it,” she said “trust me.” He shrugged and swallowed the pill. “Is it OK, to have a drink with it?” he asked. “Yes, just not too much, there is still much to do” She said.

She scurried around pouring his Scotch over the ice and skillfully cutting his cigar. She lit it perfectly for him, placed it in his mouth and picked up his drink. They headed into the living room where another woman he had not yet met waited. “Selene,” she said, “this is John. John, Selene.” He smiled and tried to speak but failed. She was strikingly gorgeous, petite and read haired. His absolute fantasy female. She had stunning green eyes, her makeup was a little heavy but still a real beauty to look at. He glance down and looked away quickly as her nipples were very visible through her light blouse. He felt her staring at him and began to blush, he’d been caught.

He began to stare intently at his drink and play with his cigar rather than look at her again. She still had not spoken. An awkward silence followed as he asked, “How do you know Karen?.” Karen began moving her hands and Selene looked at her. John quickly realized that Selene was deaf and Karen was signing his question. Selene signed back and Karen explained she met her through a mutual friend.

Selene is a masseuse, Karen explained. She is your real present tonight. Once you are relaxed and ready she will give you a full body massage that I guarantee to be the best you’ve ever had. John smiled to himself and let this new bit of information work itself into his consciousness. As he worked it through, he realized he would have to get naked and be alone in a room with this beauty and Karen when he was already beginning to feel a slight stirring between his legs. He started to blush again and realized that both Karen and Selene were staring at him. His thoughts raced and his voice left him.

He took a drink and a drag of the cigar to regain his composure as Karen and Selene exchanges glances. He was sure they looked directly at his lap. He looked down himself and realized a lump was beginning to form there. He crossed his legs to hide his ever rising erection from view but the movement of his pants made it even more aroused.

Now he was beginning to feel uncomfortable as his blush started back up again. Mercifully, Selene and Karen excused themselves to another room. Heard the music and smelled the incense again as they opened the door to a dimly lit room with a massage table in it. He started to relax a little as he realized it would be fairly normal to be in a room that was darkened and set up to be as professional as possible. He would be able to hide his ever growing erection from view while he was face down on the table. That would give him enough time to think of something else. If that did not do it, at least it was fairly normal to have an erection while getting a massage.

As they came out of the room, Karen suggested that he go get out of his clothes and lie down on the table. He can remove as much clothing as he wishes but nude would probably be the most comfortable.

John just smiled and said “OK” but waited until they left the room before he stood up. He quickly jumped up took a swig of Scotch and moved into the manisa escort massage room.

It was so dimly lit, that he could barely see. The table was a standard massage table. It had a place for his face that was covered by a hot towel, the table itself was fairly normal but it had two extra cushions on it lengthwise. Looking at these, he realized he could spread them slightly a part and lay face down on them. There would be a space between them and he could place his erection there with out crushing it painfully beneath him. He quickly took off his clothes and jumped up on the table to position his now throbbing erection between the cushions. He had just covered his butt with the blanket when Karen knocked on the door.

“Ready?” she called. “Yes” he said and closed his eyes as he put his face on the hot towel. He sighed and smiled to himself that he was able to hide the “problem” so skillfully from the women. He felt himself begin to relax and sink into the cushions. The music and the incense combined with the dimly lit room helped immensely. He began to enjoy the sensations as thoughts of everything else left his mind. Karen spoke softly to him from the dark and asked if it was OK if she stayed. He whispered yes and she explained that Selene is training her to do massage so she may help if that was OK as well. He said yes without fully realizing the consequences.

He no longer cared as warm oil began to flow across his back and four hands started to spread it. He began to drift and think nice thoughts again in a half effort to reduce his erection. As the hands massaged his back and neck, he no longer cared and fell into the bliss of the moment.

Hours, seconds, minutes, later he felt the hands move down across his butt and legs. He was no longer self-conscious, no longer cared about his erection. Nothing worried him as he relished the soft music and strong hands kneading his back, thighs, ass, legs and feet. At one point he was sure he felt more than four hands on him but he did not care. He was in heaven.

A soft voice urged him to roll over and he complied. Suddenly he remembered the “problem” that was still throbbing between his legs. But it was too late to worry and too dark. A new hot towel was placed skillfully over his face and he began to relax.

The hands covered his body with more oil, his chest arms and legs were massaged skillfully. Then it changed slightly, the massage began to feel more erotic and stimulating than relaxing. He began to feel the inner thighs being caressed, not massaged but teased. His toes were warmly rubbed, “sucked?” He wondered. He started to protest but could not. It all felt too good, too suddenly it got out of hand. Still it was just a massage and aside from the toes, he was not having sex yet. He could explain the massage to Brynn.

Then he felt it, a brief touch on his balls. His mind woke up and he tried to sit up, taking the towel off of his face. Before he got up he heard, Karen say, “I guess we should tell him now.”

“Yes, its time” he heard Brynn say.

“Brynn?” he asked as his mind raced. “Yes darling, its me Brynn/Selene whatever you want to call me. Just relax and let me finish what I started. It’s OK. It is not cheating, I am here and it is OK.” she whispered into his ear. He relaxed in spite of himself and quickly was back to the moment.

He felt the warm oil being poured down the length of his cock and gasped slightly as it touched his sensitive balls and slid down the crack of his ass. Hands caressed his thighs, and gently spread his lags apart for better access. His legs were guided up onto pillows beside him and his whole üçyol escort genital area was now widely exposed.

The massage continued. Hands rubbed his cock and balls and his ass as he began to moan softly at each touch. He heard a slight humming sound an instant before the tingling vibrations rubbed over him. He felt himself getting even harder and felt the climax beginning to build.

“Not yet, my love” Brynn whispered as she skillfully clamped the base of his cock and held it there while the feelings began to subside. He felt hot breath as his toes were quickly sucked again and again he moaned. Soon he felt a tongue lapping at the base of his balls and up the length of his shaft. He moaned when it reached the tip and Brynn sucked him into her mouth. Her hands rubbed his balls in time to her mouth sucking him as he felt that feeling rise up again, more quickly this time. Once again she clamped the base of his cock and waited for the throbbing to subside before continuing. He lost track of time, new sensations filled him as she sucked and licked him hungrily while other hands rubbed his legs ass and feet. The fire began to build deep inside him as those hands found his ass and touched the rim of his opening. He gasped as a well oiled finger slipped inside. Now she was clamping him off every minute or so as he got more and more excited. The finger in his ass was replaced quickly by something small and hard. It slipped quietly in his ass and moved directly towards its target. He gasped in surprise when it found its mark. A drop of cum oozed out of him and Brynn quickly lapped it up as she clamped him off at the base again to keep him from cumming. This time she held it there while she sucked him into her mouth and moved her other hand up and down his shaft. He almost forgot about the object resting against his prostate, edging him towards a climax that would soon take over his body. The object began to vibrate and he jumped as fire shot through his loins and filled his balls. He moaned loudly and began to thrash a little as the vibrations were coupled with thrusting forcing the man juice directly from its source. It built so suddenly and so strong that he was unable to stand it as Brynn began pumping him with both hands. Another hand massaged his balls while a fourth operated the device buried in his ass. It built stronger and stronger as it rushed up from inside him and he heard himself moaning/screaming in ecstasy. Brynn was unprepared for the amount that came rushing out of him, she took a mouthful and moved her head to breath. Karen caught a spurt in the air and quickly took over the task of sucking every last drop from his cock. She began but could not keep up as he pumped more and more until it began to overflow her mouth. She backed off to swallow and breath while Brynn took over gain. They tag teamed the task until his orgasm finally subsided. The thrashing stopped and he was so spent he could not protest as they continued to gently suck and rub his now too sensitive cock and balls.

When he awoke, they told him the story. Karen had convinced Brynn that what John really wanted for his birthday was a blow job. She agreed to teach Brynn how to do it. They both felt that John was becoming increasingly vulnerable to straying because of his obsession with receiving oral sex and Brynn’s reluctance to do it. The Viagra had been Karen’s idea. It would help him to get more excited and be more willing to allow the game to go far enough for the real surprise. The make-up and wig with the help of a wonder bra had disguised Brynn but they knew he voice would give her away. That is why they came up with the deaf trick. A real masseuse had been teaching them both massage and helped in the beginning to get him totally relaxed.

John laughed at their ingenuity and realized he never really had a chance.


Please send comments to the email address in my profile, I’m a new author and would love to hear some feedback.

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