The Garden Party Pt. 03

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All characters whether referred to in the present or in their past are 18 years of age or over.


The party had still been going strong when the two women headed back to the throng. No one had missed them it seemed and a little later when Robbie joined them, they had a fine time giggling and cementing their new friendship. Gemma joined them at one point.

“I know that look Lucinda” she proclaimed archly “You’ve been a naughty trollop with someone haven’t you?” She looked around the three of them, all aglow with sexual excitement.

“Oh, I see.” Gemma looked delightedly at the two other women “Sara, Cindy I’m proud of you!”

“And you young Robbie, did you watch or participate?”

The Olympian had the good grace to blush and study his feet but remained laconic.

“To be honest Gem,” he looked up taking in the expectant smile of the elegant host “one of these ladies left me rather…how shall we say?” he paused “Unfulfilled!” He looked at Sara and now it was her turn to study her footwear.

“Oh, I see,” gushed Gemma turning to the younger woman “you definitely have quite a naughty streak. How bloody marvellous!” Gemma seemed very pleased at the outcome.

“We four are going to have so much fun together.” She waived a waiter over and passed out new glasses of Vintage Comte.

“Here’s to new friends”

All four lifted their glasses drinking deeply before breaking into giggles.

“Cindy my sweet little devil” Robbie whispered in her ear “one of you three is going to have to relieve me very soon, or I may well explode.”

The beautiful redhead turned to him.

“Oh darling, I thought you would have had a nice little wank before joining us?” She framed it as a question.

He looked at her frowning.

“I see,” she grinned “well darling I’m in a very frisky mood,” her voice dropped to a whisper, “our lovely Sara has made me hungry for cock, so come and fill me full of sperm and we’ll see these beautiful people shortly.” She’d always been frank when it came to sex.

With that she held his hand and turned back to Sara and Gemma.

“Darlings, Robbie and I have a little errand to, ahem,” she cleared her throat looking for the right word, “… perform. Don’t worry we’ll be back soon.” She looked at her husband who was already growing hard again at the thought of fucking his sensual wife.

Hands clasped lovingly together they hurried off towards the French doors, Cindy’s peals of laughter filling the air.

“Sara darling, you really must have got him worked up. I’m proud of you.” Gemma hugged the blonde Australian, leaning in to kiss her softly on her exquisite throat as she did so. “Now come along there are a few more people you should meet.”

They’d ended up talking to Gemma’s brother Hugo, or ‘H’ as everyone knew him. ‘H’ worked with Sara at the investment bank and had invited her to the party in order for her to make some new friends as she’d only been in the country a few weeks.

“Sara” he’d exclaimed “how bloody lovely to see you. I didn’t think you’d made it!”

He leaned his portly figure in and air kissed her on both cheeks.

“Sorry ‘H’, I’ve been here a while, I can’t thank you enough for inviting me.” She exclaimed, “It’s been quite a revelation!”

“Think nothing of it, I know we must seem like snobs but we’re pretty down to earth really”

“That’s not quite what I meant, but yes ‘H’ everyone, especially your sister here has been absolutely lovely.”

“Of course she has. She’s quite something is Gemma!” he allowed himself a laugh, his eyes beaming.

“Now Sara there’s someone else I’d like you to meet.”

Standing a little way behind the rotund banker was a handsome man with dark Mediterranean looks. He was slight but tall with deep brown eyes, eryaman escort bayan a carefully sculpted beard and an immaculate head of expensively cut dark hair. Unlike the other men at the party he was wearing a suit. It was pale and tight over a black t-shirt.

‘H’ beckoned him to join them.

“Gemma of course you know,” he said gripping onto the young man’s hand, “but this is Sara, one of my colleagues. Sara this is Alejandro.”

She reached out her hand and was greeted with a limp handshake in return accompanied by a surly,


“You’ll have to forgive him, his English isn’t very good, but he’s an absolute sweetie really.”

‘H” kissed the younger man on the cheek, receiving a withering look in response and leaving Sara a little surprised. Before she knew what she was doing the words in her head were spilling from her mouth.

“I had no idea you were gay?” Suddenly her left hand flew to cover her mouth “Oh fuck, shit, my God, what is wrong with me? I’m so sorry. That came out all wrong.” She was mortified but need not have worried.

“Darling girl, calm yourself. Not many at the bank know. None of their business to be honest, but yes I bat for the other side!” He was slurring a little.

Sara was amazed at his language, back in Melbourne everyone her age had adapted to being incredibly PC, constantly worried about the wrong form of address and would certainly never have used a phrase like that. And now what was he saying?

“Yes darling, what is it Quentin Crisp used to say? I’m one of the stately homo’s of England!” He gave out a loud guffaw and looked very pleased with himself while both Alejandro and Sara looked at him in shock. It seemed Alejandro’s English may have been a little better than ‘H’ realised.

“Now why don’t I tell you how we met?” The long day of champagne and little to eat but canap├ęs was taking a toll and ‘H’ was clearly quite drunk. “It was this sordid little club in Soho, you know the sort of thing, all black and noisy, music booming, strobes flashing everywhere with sweaty rooms at the back full of chaps sucking cock, well this beautiful boy here was getting his ass fucked by this huge black chap……”

Before he could finish Gemma intervened.

“Now Hugo enough.” She glared at her brother, her voice stern. “Sara really doesn’t need to hear this! And you’re cruel for embarrassing Alejandro.”

Alejandro looked as if he couldn’t care less, while ‘H’ looked a little crestfallen; he knew he was in trouble if his sister used his full name.

“Why don’t you go and have a lie down little brother? Alejandro, be a pet and take him to his room please.” She gave him a smile that couldn’t be argued with.

The younger man reluctantly took the overweight Englishman’s arm and started to guide him away. Turning to glare at Gemma as though to say this really isn’t my job.

“I’m dreadfully sorry Sara. Poor ‘H’ he gets very garrulous when he’s a little worse for wear. And of course our young Colombian friend is nothing but a rent boy but my dear brother has convinced himself that he’s the love of his life.”

Before Sara could respond, there was the unmistakable sound emanating from an upstairs window of a woman reaching the heights of orgasm.

“Aaaaah, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, oh God, yes, yes aaaahhhhh fuck………”

Gemma looked at Sara and laughed.

“Cindy unless I’m much mistaken, I really must ask her to tone her language down when she cums!”

Gemma was laughing but all eyes were staring at the window, the old people, the bankers, the elegant wives and girlfriends. Some in shock, some wistfully and some with a look of lust or jealousy in their eyes.

Gemma seemed unconcerned, she had the air of someone who’d seen and indeed heard it all before.

“Now ankara escort do tell me about your little encounter earlier. That’s what I really want to hear.”

When Robbie and Cindy had rushed away earlier the pair of them were desperate, the sexual tension of the day had left them both rampant. Robbie could barely move, his priapic member constraining his usually confident gait. Cindy was the same the moisture in her pussy making her thighs slip and slide as she walked. Her earlier encounter with Sara’s mouth had been exquisite but left her needing something hot and firm to fill her up, and then watching the beautiful Australian fuck her husband’s magnificent cock had sent streams of lubricating moisture dripping from her cunt.

She knew the house well, having spent many a happy afternoon there with Gemma discovering the latest sex toys and teaching each other new tricks to heighten their sexual pleasure. She knew therefore that she should probably go to the room at top of the house with the soundproofing. But the ache inside her was too much, so after ascending the stairs she flung open the door of the first room they came to, Robbie hot on her heels.

Before she knew what was happening she found herself bent over a dressing table, facing the open window opposite, a gentle breeze ruffling her har as two strong fingers began filling her hungry snatch.

“Oh fuck Robbie that is wonderful, but I need your big cock, come on fuck me.” She looked over her shoulder seeing his eyes hungry with lust, he was watching his fingers slick with her secretions sliding slowly into her needy hole.

“Come on Robbie, please you know I’m wet just fuck me hard.”

Robbie was never a man to be rushed, despite his desperation to feel some relief. He always found it fascinating how his wife’s pussy became swollen and red, how the juice dripping from her would make her puffy lips shine and how his fingers would so easily slip inside her. He admired the starfish of her asshole, a little open from where she loved to fill herself with a butt-plug and thought about fucking her there.

“Sshh, my darling” he said quietly “You know I love to see you like this.” He removed his fingers leaving her pussy hole gaping and a fresh stream of heavenly moisture to flow onto the dressing table.

Robbie bent and extended his tongue, pressing it firmly to Cindy’s distended clit before licking upwards along the length of her slit, poking it briefly into her gaping cunt before lapping around her welcoming butthole.

Cindy shuddered with desire.

“For fuck’s sake Robbie just fuck me.” She was pleading, her voice exhibiting desperation for the first time.

Robbie stood up smiling. Calmly he removed his jacket and placed it on a nearby chair. He removed his loafers, placing them neatly beneath the chair. Cindy went to stand, wondering what the hell was taking so long.

“No darling, stay just as you are.” She heard him say. She bent back over the table, her ass high in the air. The anticipation was killing her.

“Robbie, get a fucking move on or I’m going to have to start without you.” She snaked a hand under her waist finding her aching clit.

“Oh God, Robbie get that cock in me and I’ll cum for you, I’m so close.”

As she twiddled her clit, Robbie as calm as ever undid the belt to his trousers, followed by the buttons on his chinos, removing and folding them carefully before placing them over the back of the chair. His rigid cock strained inside his tight white Calvin Klein trunks.

“Turn around.” He commanded “I know you like to watch this.”

Putting his fingers to the waistband of his underwear he peeled them slowly away from his body, the waistband catching on his solid tool before it sprang free to stand gloriously hard and oozing sincan escort bayan precum against his stomach. Cindy grinned, he was right she absolutely adored it when his cock sprang free.

“You should remove your fingers my darling, I don’t want to hurt your hand.”

Cindy licked her lips and gave her clit one last wiggle before removing her hand. Looking back at him a guttural quality in her voice, she asked,


“Now” he replied, and with a swift thrust he was buried fully inside her. “Fuck, yes.” He hissed as her velvet walls stretched to accommodate the former athlete’s girth.

Robbie placed a hand on each of Cindy’s buttocks. He could feel her cunt muscles rippling along his length, but she was in no position to push back on him. Slowly he pulled nearly all the way out, watching as her flesh clung to his cock, glorying in the sight. He stretched her buttocks apart with his hands and simultaneously thrust hard back into her pussy popping a thumb into her ass as he did so

“Oh yes, that’s the man I love….now just fuck me.” Cindy was smiling loving the double penetration, the sensation of being full and the lewdness of the situation.

Moments later the hard thrusting began. A relentless, rhythmic pounding deep into her core, accompanied by his talented thumb burying ever deeper into her ass. She could feel his heavy balls slapping her clit as he fucked her, it was all getting too much.

And that’s more or less when the assembled throng of partygoers below became aware of the couple fucking in an upstairs room.

“Aaaaah, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck yes, oh God, yes, yes aaaahhhhh fuck………”

Cindy was good to her word, she was going to cum quickly. The atmosphere of the afternoon, the beautiful blonde, the love balls, and her husband’s talented cock and fingers had her on the edge.

Robbie thought about sustaining the experience, making her wait, but he was desperate too, he felt as though his cock had been ready to explode all afternoon, ever since that beautiful Australian minx had ridden him earlier.

The site of his cock pumping into Cindy’s snatch, the feelings she was bringing him deep in his balls, the heat rising up through his steely cock. It all had him ready.

He stopped pounding for a moment and leaned over.

“Together?” He asked.

She smiled back at him.

“Together” she panted.

Ten rapid, hard thrusts deep into her very core.

There was a roar, he sounded like a lion protecting his kill from the hyenas. And there was a scream, she sounded like the chorus from The Ring Cycle. And then there was an explosion of sperm, jets of hot cream filling her cunt as they shuddered together, lost in their own intense feelings, eyes screwed shut as the orgasms rippled through their bodies.

The couple stayed in this position as their bodies calmed. Robbie’s raging erection from earlier started to contract and reluctantly he withdrew, bringing a sticky gush from the well fucked pussy of his wife as he did so.

He looked down at the magnificent sight, his sperm dribbling from her fuck hole down her slit and onto the dressing table. He removed his thumb from her ass, making her gasp with disappointment.

She gasped once more as she felt a tongue slurping at her dripping snatch, licking up the hot sperm he’d just deposited inside her.

“Oh, you filthy fucker” she gasped as little shocks rippled through her sensitive folds. “Get up here and kiss me.”

They both stood, Cindy’s dress falling back over her waist and met in a passionate embrace. She tasted his sperm and her own pussy on his tongue as her hand found its way down to his flaccid member, she just wanted to hold the thing that she loved more than any sex toy, more than any woman. She squeezed him and kissed him harder, feeling a little twinge in him.

Breaking the kiss, they looked deep into each other’s eyes and then simultaneously burst out giggling as they started concocting the story they’d tell anyone at the party who asked what the noise was all about.

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