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The Game of Edible – Inedible (750)

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Author’s note: Many thanks to kiwihunter58 for editing this little 750 word bugger!


“Let’s play a game, edible – non-edible. Ready? Okay, catch – Love!”

“Yuck, inedible!” Jane chuckles “Now you catch it – Orange!”

“Edible, delicious. Now catch it again – Love!”

“Yuck yuck yuck, I’ve told you it’s not edible!”

“Jane, tell me, who are you?”

“Can’t you see? I am a princess.”

“No, you’re not a princess at all. You are my slave.”

“Yuck, that’s totally inedible. Like soap. Kiss me” – she said.

The kiss was hot and sticky. The lips touched and according to the universal laws of Newtonian mechanics and Euclidean mathematics, the world suddenly began to fade. First the most distant galaxies disappeared, then the Milky Way, and the sun, and the earth’s artificial satellites, the Cordilleras and the whole of Australia; the prairies, the tundra, and the taiga, with its hogs and cranberries. Then there were no more tarmac roads, no more suburbs with their unfinished apartment blocks, and no more traffic jams on the way to work; gone was Anadolu Yakası Escort the barista selling espresso in the cafe; gone was even the time. It stopped. There was nothing else – just the kiss.

“Now once this kiss business is out of the way, I declare you my property”.

“Property?” she opens her eyes “Indigestible – yuck! Not edible”.

“If you resist, I will conquer you! A total war!”

“A war? Nope, non-edible”.

I kiss her chin, bite her bottom lip, brush my cheek against her cheek and the world becomes dangerously blurry again.

War is a serious business, you have to study the battle maps well. Here in this gorge of Jane’s lips the Battle of Thermopylae took place. A handful of tenacious Greeks held off the whole Persian army.

Here, by her left ear, a young ambitious general issued a proclamation to the army of the French Republic: “Soldiers! You are barefoot and hungry! The government owes you so much, and gives you nothing. I will take you to the most fertile plains of the world! There you will find honor, glory and riches! Kurtköy Escort ” And they went to northern Italy, one impossible victory after another, Parma, Milan, Venice, the graceful curve of the neck, the hair falling over her face and the soft earlobe.

Here, over the ridges of Jane’s breasts, fearless Hannibal led elephants and chariots to the gates of Rome. The patricians trembled in fear and sent their wives and daughters to Sardinia, away from the woman-hungry soldiers of Carthage. There is no justice in the war. The winner takes it all! This is my territory now Jane, I am the ruler, I will do with you whatever I want.

Stupid men think it’s best to conquer women when they are very young. That’s nonsense! Only a woman who has experienced passion and heartbreak, only a woman who has been able to compare her dreams with real life, only this kind of woman can truly love. She would understand when a man takes more from her than any other man in her life.

Jane, I am talking about you. Try to remember the first time when your breasts ware naked to a man’s Pendik Escort eye, the first time your legs were spread open and then how you felt when your hymen was torn. Try to remember how shy and awkward you were when a man’s cock pressed against your lips. Try to remember your most passionate orgasm, how wet you were and how your body was jolting. Do you remember it all?

“I do” – Jane whispered.

“Now Jane – whatever you’ve done for men to please and impress them, you’ll have to do more for me, much more. I want to conquer you so much, that the memory of them fades. Do you understand and agree to that?”

“I do” – Jane said with just her lips, without making a sound.

I take a sip of wine from my glass and touch her pink, plump lips.

The wine flows down into her lips. Just one drop spills out of the corner of her mouth.

Some sex memories fade forever. Others are unforgettable.

Here are my top three memories, that have surpassed, displaced and erased many many others:

1) that drop of wine on Jane’s lips before sex;

2) the way Jane’s cunt tasted of rose petals and dried apricots when she reached orgasm;

3) and finally, the punch-drunk expression on her face, when she shook her head and said afterwards: “Oooooohh… Wow!.. That was nuts!.. Bananas!..”


“Ha ha! Nope! Completely inedible!”

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