The French Tournament

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The third installment of the misadventures of the Domina FC football team.


Relations between the men’s team and women’s had worsened since the loss of the teams three players. As far as the men’s team was concerned they had been forced out over the trifling camera offence and they bitterly blamed the women, even though all of the players involved had kept a well-held silence over the events of that night.

The loss had hit them hard, without three of their best players their form had slumped and they had plummeted down the league. Much to their chagrin The Domna’s had powered to another league victory and the historic cup victory had made them unbearable. They were the first local team, men or women to bring a trophy home and the whole town basked in their glory. The men had to sit back and watch the acclaim showered upon the girls in the sport they once owned.

To rub salt in the wounds the door to their shared changing rooms now read ‘Home of Domina FC’ and the insides were now a brightly painted pink with a large plaque proclaiming the Cup winners in pride of place. The Trophy cabinet held only the awards the women had collected, league winners medals, the cup obviously, and the recently acquired ‘Coach of the Year’ award for Cara. The previous holder of this award had unceremoniously quit his job leaving Cara as the figurehead for the local women’s league.

The crowds had also changed with the times, the ladies’ average attendance now dwarfed the men. A sea of pink now flooded the ground at home games, many of the girls having their own little cheer squad. Much to Emily’s embarrassment, hers was the largest and loudest, very partisan to their favorite. The men’s crowd dwindled away with each disappointing match leaving them in the position of derision and mockery that they once threw at the women.

To coincide with their new prestige their benefactor had released a brand new kit even brighter and more gloriously pink than before and the replica shirts flew out of the club shop whilst the men’s gathered dust. A brand new badge had been designed and passed by the owner and coach and now decorated all the team’s merchandise. The design had created a small storm, consisting of a woman judo throwing a man over her shoulder. A few male dissenters had brought up the issue with the image but it was passed without objection by the female league association. A few of the girls had preferred the other option which involved a woman wearing a strap on but Cara put a stop to that one.

To make matters worse the girls had recently been invited to play a tournament in France and the men were left at home to watch. They were to represent the league as the cup holders and had been ordered to be on their best behavior. The local press and TV covered it intensely, the girls became the real sporting stars of the area and the men couldn’t escape any news of them.

This would intend the ladies to play possibly two games against two french teams, one knockout game, and then if victorious into the final. What the girls did not know was the teams were from different areas of France and one very alike them, a rough working-class team who’d fought hard for their wins. Not the image of the classy sophisticated French women pushovers a few of the girls thought they would be meeting.

For Cara the work had started early, caroling these girls into behaving like grown-ups. Getting them to the coach on time, complete with luggage, passports, and tickets was a herculean task. Several return drop-offs along the way had to be taken for emergency pick-ups.

Making them behave like civilized women grew even harder, in fact at times it felt like an older, hornier version of St Trinians. Cara was acting more like a school teacher by the minute and slowly losing her patience. Constantly confiscating booze and contraband from her petulant hoard ending in quite a collection for the home trip.


When the team arrived at their rather palatial hotel a stunned silence finally struck the girls to Cara’s immense relief. The team acted demure and ladylike for the waiting Football Association welcoming committee, men of various ages who had organized the competition, and the invitation to participate. A few of the younger men were definitely seen as eye candy by the girls and flirtatious smiles were exchanged.

As soon as the team checked in they reverted to type, the noise levels grew and they ran to their rooms. Most of the girls shared rooms with connecting doors and Cassie and Emily made sure they were together if only to be away from Rhiannon. As much as everybody loved her she was insane, twenty-four-seven of constant activity, and Nadia drew the short straw. Cara slammed her door shut, turned off her phone, and prayed for some vital tranquillity. Not so for the hotel staff who now had to handle the screaming banshees that spilled through the hotel corridors.

The first match had been against mardin escort a nice middle-class provincial team who spent most of the game crying to the referee for the Dominas strong-arm tactics, as per instruction from Cara. She had commanded strong tackling from the outset claiming they would wilt under the pressure and she had been found correct in her assumption. A four-nil victory had been more of a cakewalk than they had imagined, barely straining them from an average league game.

Most of the French crowd booed the confrontational style but many of the men in attendance were more than impressed by the ladies. The competition administrators congratulated the team on its victory and for gaining a place in the final, shaking the hand of each player and staff member, now satisfied with the invitation offered to the girls.


Romaine had worked in amateur football since he graduated but had switched to the female association due to the obvious alluring extra-curricula activities. With his hard work, he rose through the ranks and this brought regular contact with female players and he took full advantage of any opportunity. It was also through work that he met his good friend Pascal and their mutual interest in women’s football and more importantly the players.

Neither of the men had ever thought they would ever be in such close contact with so many beautiful athletic women in their life, never mind in such a privileged position to take profit from them. But take advantage they did, they had cut a swathe through many of the players they came across and today they looked forward to the English team. British girls came with quite a reputation for being sexually rapacious and not hard to get, the main reason Romaine had put in the idea of inviting them over to compete.

The boys were not disappointed when they admired them on arrival, checking the ones of interest with each other. The little blonde and the cute short-haired oriental for Romaine and the pretty brunette for Pascal ticked off. Watching them in action made both eager for the final celebratory party where they could make their move.


So it was into the final against an inner-city team from the suburbs of Paris nicknamed Les Chiennes or as Emily translated the Bitches who had made short work of their semi-final opponents, and the reports back from Cara were they were very strong. When they arrived the girls were surprised to see the all-black team stare them down as they tried to do to them, no lacking in confidence.

The final itself was a brutal affair, fouls, and bookings aplenty and a mass brawl towards the end of full time. Karina had seen one too many fouls on Emily to allow one more and at the next high ball, their center-half took an elbow to the face. As the blood started to flow both teams piled in punches flying, ending with the defender and Karina both sent off.

The game finished level at one-all and the game had to be settled by penalties. When Rhiannon had her penalty saved the game was lost and the girls had to applaud begrudgingly the opposition girls. There was no love lost between them but some amount of respect had been earned by both.

As the girls simmered down in the locker rooms, administering medication to their cuts, bruises, and damaged egos. Cara clapped to get their attention, “Girls don’t be down, we played well. We just came up against a team who did to us what we usually do to them.” Looking them deep in the eyes, “they were hard but they played well so suck it up.”

Karina apologized for being sent off but not for the foul, she had that coming. Even Emily thanked her for that one, her legs a mass of bruises. “She kept on pinching my arse all through the game too, ” which gained some whistles when she showed the proof.

The girls had a few hours to simmer down their resentment before the closing party, none really felt up for interacting with the opposition again but it was part of the invitation. Cara calmed them down again, “the footballs over, it’s time to relax and let your hair down.” Some faces started to regain their smiles, “but not too much, you don’t want to go home being banned, so behave yourselves.”


The transformation from the sweaty bruised fighters to the glammed-up temptresses was astonishing and they sparkled in their party gowns. They turned plenty of heads when they arrived, male and female. Many of the locals made a beeline towards them and the girls reciprocated the appreciation gladly.

Before Cassie had made the bar she had a suitor, a very handsome Frenchman from the association behind the tournament had taken her hand. His deep brown eyes and dark wavy hair entranced her, his accent toying with her rising emotions.

“My name is Romaine and I will be happy at your service for tonight,” he kissed her hand never losing eye contact. “To fulfill your every desire.”

For a second Cassie was lost for words, her brain whirled mardin escort bayan in excitement. “I have some very strange desires.”

Romaine produced his winning smile, “I’m sure such a beautiful woman craves and receives whatever she wants.” Playfully stroking her smooth small fingers, “ah and this is my good friend Pascal who works with me.”

Cassie turned to see another very attractive man, a little more feminine in his features but certainly desirable. The attention from both was even making her blush and she scanned the crowd for assistance, mainly for Emily.

Emily had spent the party politely knocking back the advances of La Chiennes center-half Marieme who had taken a shine to her. Over six feet of pure muscle followed her every move with a hungry demeanor.

“You really are catnip to the lesbians aren’t you babe,” teased Cassie.

“Oh god, don’t joke, she’s really after me babe.” Emily signified her huntress with a slight nod.

Cupping Emily arse with a strong squeeze Cassie shouted to Marieme, “This bitch is taken, OK?”

With a stern defeated glare, the girl turned and melted back into the throng. “Thanks, babe,” Emily’s face dropped in relief. “But you can take your hand off my arse now, she’s gone.”

Cassie slapped her butt, “when I fucking feel like it bitch.” Pulling Emily by the arm she walked her back to the admiring glances of the suitors, “and this is my friend Emily.”

Both men stepped forward and kissed the blushing girl’s hand, who stood practically speechless. “This is Romaine and this is Pascal,” Cassie introduced both men to the dumbstruck Emily. “She’s not usually like this, just a bit shy.”

Romaine wrapped a hand around Cassie’s waist, “Unlike you.”

Cassie grinned back, “Oh you’d be surprised what she’s really like.”

Pascal looked deep into Emily’s eyes and softly laughed, “I think I’d like to find out.”

None of this was helping Emily to stop blushing, the accents of both men working their magic upon her. She looked desperately for help from Cassie who cupped her bottom with a grin. Luckily it was Romaine who broke the tension.

“Excuse us ladies for a few moments but we will return shortly with drinks, please don’t go away,” Romaine implored his besotted prey. Both men bowed goodbye for now and kept eye contact as they left.

Emily spun to Cassie, “Who the fuck are they?”

“Work for the football, all I know but who cares. Their fucking hot babe.” Cassie squeezed both of her hands, “have some fun, free drinks maybe more if you want.”

Emily’s face looked worried, “I don’t know Cassie, I don’t trust them.”

Cassie held Emily’s face, “I trust no one babe but I’m here so don’t worry. No one will fuck with you with me around.” “Now I’m busting for a piss so stay here till I come back,” and she gave her a leaving spank on the rump.

“You should watch those two,” Marieme tapped Emily on the shoulder making her jump with shock.

Staring up at the imposing figure, “Jesus you gave me a heart attack.” Emily tried to regain her composure, “Who Romaine and Pascal? they seem ok.”

“I’ve heard some stories about them, not good ones, ” Maritimes eyes burnt into Emily. “If they get you drinks, don’t drink them, be careful.” She gently stroked Emily’s face and left.

Cassie skipped away laughing to herself, pleased with how the evening was progressing. Only to be disappointed by the size of the queue at the ladies and the looks of disdain from some of the opposition players in the line. With a quick move, she slipped into the men’s toilets and locked herself into a cubicle.

It was the not first men’s cubicle she had been in, although one of the few times her name wasn’t plastered all over it. As she sat the relief pouring out of her she listened to the voices laughing loudly outside. Most of the voices were French and she understood nothing, though her ears pricked up to her name a few times.

She peered over the top of the cubicle to see her Romaine and Pascal gesticulating wildly, obviously pleased with themselves. She lifted her phone to record the conversation until they slapped each other on the back and left, then ran to the only person she knew who spoke French.

As Cassie came panting towards her, Emily grabbed her by the arm. ” Those two are dodgy babe, just been told not to trust them. Spike your drink dodgy.”

Cassie settled down Emily, “OK Babe but firstly what does roti de Broche mean?”

“Why? who the fuck said that to you?” Emily looked shocked. “It means spit roast.”

“Think you better watch this and give me the gist of the conversation,” Cassie passed the phone to Emily and watched her face for a reaction.

From Emily’s slowly dropping mouth it was obvious it wasn’t complimentary, “well basically were all slags and begging for some French cock, is as distinctly as I can put it, especially you.” She waited for this to sink in for a moment, “and we’re not in danger of being spiked as we’re begging for it anyway.”

Cassie was taken aback for escort mardin a second before her devious mind clicked into gear, “I think we might just do as to them as they would do unto us.”

“Oh funny, what are you up to?” Emily always felt unease when Cassie got that glint in her eyes.

Taking Emily in her arms she kissed her on the lips, “Trust me, babe, trust me.”

Seeing the boys approach Cassie regained her poise and took control, “Hey boys why don’t we have a quick dance and then take this party up to our rooms.” She winked towards Emily to take the boys out to the dance floor. “I’ll be there in a second.”

Both boys grinned delightfully from the news, like taking candy from a baby and followed out the delicious brunette by the hand. Cassie joined them mid boogie with their drinks, “one for you, and you and Emily.”

“Right boys, we are in room 31, give us half an hour to prepare ourselves but don’t be too late. I can’t wait to see you.” She laughed as she spun away with Emily wrapped tightly on her arm, both girls waving over their shoulders as they disappeared.

As soon as they left the hall Emily spun, “what if they come up early? what if we’re not ready?”

Cassie calmed her again with a kiss on the lips, “Calm yourself, I just slipped them an enema each, they’ll come when they’re ready and we will be waiting.”

“Do you just carry these things all the time,” Emily puzzled.

“I’m a girl scout, always prepared,” giggled Cassie. “Now call Nadia and Rhiannon, tell them we have some fun for them.”


Romaine met Pascal by their floor lifts, both of them running late and neither wanting to give the true reason. Some out-of-date buffet food was not going to ruin their sexual adventures and bringing that image up would not help matters. When they reached the girl’s room they sized each other up and smiled confidently in their irresistible appeal.

One deep breath and Romaine tentatively knocked on the door and waited, the wait was worth it when the visage of both girls feasted upon their eyes.

“Well what took you, we thought you might have changed your mind, ” Cassie took both of the boy’s hands and walked into the room. Stroking Romaine’s face she placed him down on the edge of her bed. “You stay with me and Pascal you go with Emily.”

Pascal’s face beamed with joy as Emily forcefully gripped his sweating palm and led him away to her adjoining room. Both boys missed the quick wink between the girls in their excitement.

Romaine undressed, displaying his smooth firm physique for an admiring Cassie only to be halted in his underpants by a knock on the door. “Don’t worry, I hope you don’t mind but I did invite a friend to join us,” and she unlocked the door and beckoned Nadia into the room.

As Romaine’s eyes ate up Nadia he was more than pleased. The cute oriental had been his second object of conquest for the night and he had never imagined they would come as a package. “Oh no, this is never a problem, two beautiful English girls, my dreams come true.”

Both girls giggled almost charmed by his accent but they both had their own goal to deliver. Nadia sashayed towards him and kissed him on her tiptoes while her hands slipped down his pants, Cassie was now kissing down his spine tenderly towards his firm buttocks, then pulled him naked onto the bed.

She slipped down her dress exposing her tiny black see-thru bra and panties to the obvious enjoyment of their prey. “Roll over big boy,” flicking her long blonde hair as she teased him.

“Oh yes mistress,” he joked unknowingly. “I heard you English girls could be demanding.” Rolled onto his front, his eyes locked onto the girls.

“Oh you have no idea,” Cassie whispered in his ear as she pressed her body against his prone naked bottom. Her tongue toying with his ear as his eyes never strayed from Nadia’s slow striptease, her perfectly pert breasts and trimmed pussy enticing his sight.

As Nadia edged closer to him Cassie grabbed his hair and lifted his face in line with her glistening cunt. “Be a good boy and lick that pussy.”

Romaine dived in hungrily, burying his face between her smooth warm thighs into her sweet wetness. Her intoxicating musk filled his nostrils as he lapped deep into her lips, driving soft moans from Nadia. His hands had been tightly gripped behind him forcing him into pleasuring this eager playmate, His senses spun as the wetness grew against his face until he realized too late the handcuffs locked on his wrists.

Pascal had had a similar encounter but his extra partner to his slight disappointment had been Rhiannon. Not that she wasn’t attractive but he’d always found redheads too volatile and unfortunately this prejudice was about to come true in many folds. The sight of Emily stripped down to her underwear was more than enough to appease this slight upset, her firm round ass even more impressive in barely there sheer panties.

The scenario played out as before but with Rhiannon’s bright pink pussy beckoning him in and both girls forcing him in deep. As with Romaine, it didn’t take long before he was lost in exhilaration, oblivious to the clicking of the handcuffs. When he finally realized his predicament his struggle was stopped as Rhiannon leaped upon him pinning him with her body weight.

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