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The Forbidden Fruit, Part III

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I awoke the next mornin’ later than I normally did and stumbled into the kitchen to get something to eat and there I saw my Momma sittin’ down with Peggy and they were chattin’ about somethin’. I said “Good mornin’” to them both and I noticed Peggy givin’ me this sly little look that I hoped my Momma didn’t see.

Momma told me that Daddy wanted me to join him in the barn to park and inspect the combines as soon as I ate so I hurriedly chowed down on some toast and left over bacon and headed out towards the barn. Momma followed me out and asked me if I would mind “baby sittin’” cousin Peggy Sue tonight because she and Daddy were goin’ over to the Martin’s for their annual card game and she didn’t want her to be all by herself. “Maybe you could take her to the Harvest Festival or something,” she suggested.

“Oh Momma,” I said, pretendin’ that it was a chore, that I really didn’t want to do but in the end I reluctantly agreed. I hoped I didn’t lay it on too thick. I went on down to the barn to help Daddy, chucklin’ all the way. All I could think about was this evenin’ and wondered how it would turn out.

Daddy kept me busy most of the day and when it was time to go in and both of us get ready for the evenin’, I was more than ready. I showered after shavin’ but I noticed in the shower that I was still a little stubby so I shaved again when I got out. I put on my newest best jeans, my favorite western shirt, my best boots and stood in front of the mirror for much too long groomin’ myself to look as good as I could. I walked to the kitchen just in time to see my folks off as they said that they probably would be home late and not to wait up for them.

Momma told me thanks for taken care of my cousin and she hoped it wouldn’t “cramp my style too much”.
I told her I hoped it wouldn’t too as I tried not to laugh. They told me good night and drove off to their card game at the Martin’s. My heart beat wildly as I waved goodbye but all I could think about was “Now the fun begins!”

I turned around just in time to see Peggy’s grand entrance into the kitchen. My jaw must have dropped to the floor when I saw her she looked so unbelievable. The first thing I noticed was her radiant face, lookin’ bright and expectant, like she was anticipatin’ a wonderful evenin’ or something. Her long blondish, brown hair hung down around her neck, framin’ her beautiful face perfectly as it cascaded over her delicate shoulders. She wore just a hint of make-up that accentuated her youthfulness but didn’t distract from her innocence. The look on her face melted my heart and stiffened my cock.

Next I noticed a single open heart around a delicate little gold chain that she wore around her neck, I wondered if the open heart had any meanin’. She wore a light, white cover-up that covered her shoulders and opened up to show off her yellow flowered, white cotton sundress. The skirt was full, mid-calf in length and buttoned down the front. She wore it with the bottom two buttons undone to just above her knees. In a nut shell, she looked fabulous and I could hardly wait for later this evenin’.

She looked at me for approval as I starred at her beauty. She finally asked, “Did I dress appropriately?”

I just nodded my head because I was afraid to speak but did manage to mutter, “Uh huh,” as I took her by the arm and headed for my car. As I opened the door for her, I removed my Stetson and tossed it in the back seat, got in and started out for, what I hoped would be, the night of my life.

We chatted along the way into town as she sat demurely next to me with her hands in her lap. She scooted over to her side when we approached the town and when I parked next to the park, I had to get out and go around to let her out.

I spotted some of my friends already there so I took off ahead of Peggy as she followed along after me. I slowed down so that she could catch up and told her under my breath, “I’m sorry for runnin’ away from you like that but I don’t want any body to think that there is anything goin’ on except me “baby sittin’” my cousin. You do understand don’t you?”

She whispered back, “Yeah, but I don’t have to like it.”

I told her again, “I’m really sorry.”

As we approached my friends, the guys gave cat calls when they saw Peggy and that made her blush. I thought that it was a perfect response on her part and it added to her innocence. I just laughed and teased her a little. We continued to talk and joke around like we always did until I spotted Mandy heading in our direction. I continued smilin’ but thought, “Oh boy, here comes trouble.”

As she approached me, she put her arms around my neck and gave me a great big kiss, right on the lips with her mouth wide open. I slowly pulled away as she whispered into my ear. “Hey Stud, remember where you put your finger the other night? Well, if you play your cards right, I’ve got a hankerin’ for you to put something else a little bigger into that spot. What do you say?”

“Oh shit,” I thought. My mind went immediately back to the hay barn and the last time I saw her. My groin started to react to the image of her invitation but I thought which one do I choose. There is the worn out lover that I know will dump me for another swinging dick anytime she wants to or an innocent little girl that adores me and wants me to make love to her this very evening. The choice was obvious so I said to her, “Wow Mandy, that’s quite an offer. Maybe I can take a rain check on it, you see, I promised my Momma that I would take care of my little cousin tonight and you know that I wouldn’t break my promise to my Momma.” I batted my eyes a little for effect and managed to piss her off in the process.

“Oh well Stud,” she said rather rudely. “Your loss is someone else’s gain. Too bad, I was looking forward to feeling that big think of yours up my ass. Now, well we’ll just have to see who’s available, won’t we.” She glared at Peggy as she stomped off into the crowd as I thought to myself, “Well there goes my weekends.”

Peggy asked me, “Who was that and what did you two talk about under your breath?”

“Just an ol’ girl friend and her problems that’s all. It over and don’t you worry about it,” I said.

This seemed to satisfy her curiosity so when the band struck up a tune, we all joined in and headed for the dance floor. We danced every dance and were havin’ so much fun that I almost forgot about what we had in store for us later. But after about 30 minutes or so, I whispered into her ear, “Maybe you could get a headache or something and ask me to take you home. Just for appearances sake, I think we should do something like that so no one will think anything about us not bein’ here.”

She nodded and on the very next song, she faked a headache in front of the others and asked me to take her home. I looked distressed about leavin’ but concerned about my little Düzce Escort cousin and told everyone that I had to go. As we walked to the car, she asked me if she had done a good job as she walked along, pokin’ me in my side. I cautioned her about breakin’ the mood before we were free from sight but told her that it was Oscar worthy.

She stayed on her side of the car until we passed the last street light in town and then she scooted over and tried to kiss me while I was drivin’. I told her that we had all night long if we didn’t get stopped by the police or something even worse. She settled down and was quiet the rest of the way home. Actually she was too quiet because by the time I turned off the Chevy in front of the house, she was starrin’ down at her lap not sayin’ a word.

Ol’ Red met us about half way down the lane as we slowly made our way to our house, barkin’ his welcome to us as her jogged along beside the car. “Havin’ second thoughts,” I asked.

“No, not really. I’m just afraid that I’ll do something stupid and mess it up or something,” she said with frown.

“Listen,” I said, trying to cheer her up. “I’m the one with “All the Experience”. I’m under a lot of pressure to make it right for you. Are you sure you’re not a little nervous?”

She thought for a second and then said, “Nervous? Not really. Anxious, yes! Just want it to be perfect and I don’t know if I can or not. What happens if I screw it up or something?”

I thought for another second then I said, “Look, we’ve not done anything that we can’t call off at this point and if you don’t want to go through with this then just say so, I’ll understand.”

She looked at me and started to cry, “Oh Randy, that’s just like you to think of my feelings first. I do want to go through with this tonight, I’m just a little scared that’s all. Can you be patient with a silly girl and her moods?”

She was in tears at this point so I gently took her chin, tilted her head up and gave her the warmest kiss I could possibly give. She melted into my arms and kissed me back with appreciation. We kissed like that for a couple of minutes and then I stopped and asked, “Are you ready to go in now?”

She just nodded her head and crawled out of the car behind me. I put my arm around her shoulder and walked her to the house as she clutched my arm with hers. I opened the door and headed to my room without turnin’ on any of the lights. I opened my door, turned on the overhead and walked her to the single bed. I turned her around and seated her without speakin’. Then I took two steps backward, bent over and began to get undressed.

I took off my boots and socks, unsnapped my shirt and took it off of my shoulders and then my hands went down to my fly. Her eyes were glued to my hands as they expertly unfastened and unzipped my tight jeans and opened them up for removal. As I slid them down over my hips, she started breathing through her mouth as her eyes were trained on my boxers. As I got up from taking off my jeans and stood there before her in just my shorts, she finally looked up into my eyes and all I saw were questions and fear. She was bitin’ down on her lip as I took her by the hand, turned off the light, closed the door and walked her to her room.

After turnin’ on the light in her room, I walked her over to the double bed which my parents had in the guest room, positioned myself in between her and the bed and sat down on its edge. I looked up at her and saw her bitin’ that lip again. I asked her, “Have you ever undressed in front of a guy before?”

“NO!” she said indignantly.

“Do you want me to do it, undress you that is?” I asked.

She just nodded her head yes and dropped her hands down to her sides. I stood back up and towerin’ over her. I took her by her shoulders and turned her around. There in front of her was a full length dressin’ mirror and a look of shock crossed her face.

“Have you ever watched your self get undressed before?” I asked, helping her off with her coverup.

“No,” she said again.

“Do you want to watch as I undress you?” I asked as I slid it over her shoulders.

She started turnin’ a little red but she shrugged her shoulders indicatin’ her approval. I started caressing her shoulders as her eyes trained on my hands and then I realized that I didn’t think I saw a bra under her sundress. There certainly weren’t any shoulder straps and I noticed a little sag in her breast area. I tried to keep my composure but my heart was racin’ as I moved my hands down to her arms to continue their caress.

When my hands reached her elbows, I detected goose bumps formin’ all over her exposed arms, I hoped that this was the result of my gentle touch and not that she was getting’ cold. I looked up to her eyes and saw that they were wide with anticipation as she was workin’ over her lower lip again.

I brushed over her upper arms as I raised my touch back up to her shoulders once more but kept goin’ until I was at her neck. I stopped there and slowly moved them down to the back of her dress to the zipper. Grabbin’ hold of the latch, I looked directly into her eyes and began the long journey down her back to her waistline. As I passed the spot where I should encounter her bra strap, I discovered nothing. She wasn’t wearin’ one. She glanced up into my eyes for a second as I acknowledged my discovery and a shy little smile crossed her lips. Then with a blush, she looked back at her dress as I untied the two straps holdin’ it up.

As I pulled the straps and the knot gave way, the top part of her dress hung there, glued to her chest. I undid the remainder of the tie and held on to both straps prohibitin’ them from fallin’. I moved them to her sides as I slowly lowered the top downward. Her eyes were glued to her image in the mirror as were mine. As it fell, her breasts became more and more exposed and it was rubbin’ on her nipples, causin’ them to stick out even more than they normally would. I saw the fleshy part of her globes and then her nipples came into view.

I glanced up at her eyes as I continued my removal and I noticed that they never once looked away. She was blushin’ more and more but her sight never waivered. As I lowered the top down to around her tummy, she kind of shrugged her shoulders in a shutterin’ manner as her nipples came into full view and there was no doubt that they were aroused.

At her waistline, I let go of the straps and in one rush, her dress fell all the way to the floor. A look of shock and horror came over her face as her realized that she was almost nude and was standin’ before herself, me and God in just her thin little panties and they were not coverin’ up very much at all. I could see the dark outline of her pubic hair as it stood out from the whiteness of her skin and I knew that she could see it too. The look on her face turned Düzce Escort Bayan from horror to embarrassment as she started turnin’ red in her cheeks.

My eyes were feastin’ on the unbelievable sight that they were seein’. It was as if a starvin’ man was sat down at a table full of the most delicious food you could ever imagine. She must have seen my expression because she instinctively closed her knees together and raised her arm in an attempt to cover her near nakedness. I smiled into her eyes as I said softly, “You are the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen. Gosh Peggy…I ah…,” I just shock my head in disbelief.

Her tender smallish but firm breasts were things that would make a master carver weep with appreciation. They were so perfectly shaped and they were right before my very eyes. Her small little nipples were standin’ at attention, beggin’ me for approval atop her brown, puckered areolas. The entire package gave way to the tiniest waist you can imagine. Her indented navel, her clean abdomen both led your eyes to the little lace accented pair of panties that she must have picked out just for this occasion.

They weren’t exactly see-through but more translucent. They were beige in color, almost the color of her skin and they barely covered her essentials. They had lace instead of elastic around the openings and they were a little skimpy, yet left enough covered to peak ones imagination. She must have worn them with this in mind because they were much to fancy for every day use. Anyway, I certainly felt privileged to be the one she was sharin’ them with as I tried to express it in my eyes.

I looked deeply into her eyes as she tried to anticipate my next move. It was to raise my hand to take hers away from her chest area and lead it slowly back down to her side. There I placed both of my hands on her forearms and slowly and softly caressed them all the way up to her shoulders. I felt a tremblin’ feein’ as I raised my hands over her bare skin but I couldn’t tell if it was comin’ from her or me I was so turned on. I had to fight to take my time because I all I wanted to do was to take her that very moment so I concentrated on her facial expressions as I continued to smile into those beautiful eyes.

It seemed like an eternity as I finally was caressin’ her shoulders and she relaxed a little in her expression. I was lookin’ into her eyes intently as a moved my hands down a little on her chest, tryin’ to see if this was goin’ to be acceptable before I went any further. Hers eyes darted between lookin’ at my eyes and watchin’ the progress of my hands and as they came back to my eyes, I watched as she closed them for a second. I took that as a “yes” so I proceeded to move my hands a little lower on her chest as she tilted her head back into my chest and let out a little sigh.

I brushed my palms gently down to her breasts, barely touchin’ her nipples. You would have thought that I shot her or somethin’. She recoiled back from the contact and took a deep breath in through her open mouth. But then she slowly relaxed back down into my caress of her tight little buds and I tried it out one more time. They were still sensitive but this time it was much more manageable for her. I rubbed them very lightly, over and over with my palms and then with the tips of my fingers. I gently squeezed them and as I pulled on the hard little pebbles she began to moan softly under her breath. She loved the attention I was givin’ them but as I continued, my touch was gettin’ her pretty turned on.

I engulfed her small breast with my entire hands, grippin’ them firmly and squeezin’ on them harder than before. She groaned a loud approval as she moved her hands around to my cock and grabbed it with her fist. I knew instantly that I had to speed this up before I spoiled it for both of us as her hands started pumpin’ my cock with meanin’. I almost shot my wad right on the spot so I decided to change gears and fast.

I ran my hands downward towards her tummy, stoppin’ to explore her precious little navel. Then my fingers settled right on the waistband of those beautiful little panties that I had been admirin’ since I first saw them and traced them around on it from hip to hip. She sucked in her breath when I reached down to her legs, just where they went into of her panties, and ran my finger tips along her lacy openings with the slightest of touches. Her legs started to buckle as she attempted to turn around.

“Please, not yet,” I asked, “just a little bit longer.”

She relented and relaxed back to lookin’ at my assault on her perfect body. I traced a finger right up her slit, barely touchin’ the panty material. She shuddered with excitement as I made the pass up to her waistband once again. I put my finger tips of both hands inside the band and pullin’ it downward, I moved them to her hips. There, after a brief second, I hooked the band with my fingers and continued pullin’ them down.

Ever so slowly, they made their way down over her abdomen as they slipped off of her hips. It was a tantalizin’ sight watchin’ her panties find their way off of her body and I don’t know which of us was turned on the most. We both watched as they made their way down two inches, then three and finally to the spot where her pubic hair became visible.

I stopped there to take in the sight as she started breathin’ again. I hadn’t noticed but she had been holdiin’ her breath for the entire trip down to this point. I started the movement down once again and soon her junction was fully exposed. Her panties were tucked in between her lips a little so as I passed that point, they tried to stay put but were soon extracted. After that, there was nothing to prevent them from joinin’ her dress around her ankles.

I gave up my prime viewin’ spot, lookin’ over her shoulder, to sit on the edge of the bed and to get away from her pumpin’ fist. I could still see the action but I had to look around her instead of over her. I bent down and helped her step out of her clothin’ that had amassed at her feet but when I put the second one down, I made sure it was a foot or two away from the first one. Then I slid my hand inside both of her legs and started the slow journey upward, caressin’ her inner thighs.

This time there was no stoppin’ her. She whirled around to her left to face me but I had thought it all out before hand so when she whirled, I moved to my knees and whirled with her and laid her down on the bed. Stayin’ on my knees, I put my torso down between her legs so with the pressure of my weight pressin’ down on her pussy and my head resting right on her tummy area, and she just squeezed her legs together hard and let out a cry of ecstasy as she burst into another orgasm.

Her hips were pressin’ up into my stomach as she clamped her legs around my mid section. Her head was tossin’ from side to side and Escort Düzce her hands were grippin’ the bed cover and knottin’ it up with both fists. She kept sayin’, “Oh my god, oh my God,” as she released all of her pent up emotion in one big eruption. She squeezed and held it for what seemed like a long time and then she slowly relaxed back down into a rhythmic motion of her hips and crotch. She gently opened her eyes and smiled at me. “That was wonderful,” she cooed, as she tried to sit up. But I had other plans for her so I pushed her back down, looked up into her eyes and smiled. Then I slid my head down her body, hooked her legs with my arms and slowly retreated down to her open pussy.

It took a second for her to register what I was about to do but when she did, she tried to stop me. “Oh Randy, no. I’m all wet down there. Shouldn’t I clean up first?” she asked in protest.

“I love your smell. I love your wetness. I want to do this right now,” I answered.

She stopped her protest but she didn’t lay back and relax as I had hoped. But when my face got down to where I had intended, she started moanin’ her approval. I took the tip of my tongue and placed it right at her openin’ where the moisture was the greatest. I curled it up and lapped in the juices just like a puppy drinkin’ milk. This new sensation brought out the muscles in her legs as she tried to move them down from their perch high into the air above my head. I had to fight to keep her crotch open to my oral assault.

“Oh God Randy, what are you doing to me?” she cried out.

I took another swipe at her openin’ and then switched my attack to a little higher into her slit. I ran my tongue upward, seperatin’ her lips as it made its way forward. It finally reached her sensitive little node hidin’ under its hood and exposed it with my lips. This sent her beyond the realm of reflexive strength as my arms were no match for her leg muscles. They both came crashin’ down, pinnin’ my arms to the mattress as she was pushin’ hard with her hips into my mouth.

Her juices were flowin’ again as she humped my face, screamed out her emotions and started to orgasm once again. She was thrashin’ around like a mad woman as she reached her release and then she literally threw me off of her, sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me up into a standin’ position. Then she took my boxers down to the floor and took my cock into her hands and pleaded, “Oh Randy, teach me how to please you with my mouth.”

“You want to learn that now?” I asked disbelievin’ what I was hearin’.

“Oh please yes. I want to please you like you’ve pleased me,” she was almost cryin’ now.

“Well okay,” I said, thinkin’ what to do next. “I guess you could kiss it right on the end, where the hole is.”

As she followed my instruction I continued. “That’s it, get it all wet with your saliva. Now open your mouth a little and try to take it in. Oh yeah, that’s it. Now take it in a little further and rub your tongue along it.”

As she did as she was told, I started to generate that feelin’ down in my loins and I knew what that meant. I didn’t want that to happen just yet so I told her, “Oh Peggy, I need you to lay back now because I’m getting’ too turned on and I don’t want this to end this way, okay?”

She looked confused but followed my instruction once again and lay back down with her legs hangin’ over the bed. I scooted her back until she was laying flat on her back and then came up to her and looked deep into her eyes. I worried looked crossed her face and her lower lip was bein’ chewed by her front teeth.

“Are you nervous?” I asked tenderly.

“A little I guess,” she confessed.

“We can stop if you want to,” I offered.

She said, “No I want this but I’m afraid it will hurt too much.”

“I’ll take it slow and easy. If you want me to stop, just say so, okay?” I said.

She just nodded her head as she cramped down on that lip again. I moved to her feet and gently started to caress her calves. I raised them up to where they were stickin’ straight up in the air. I separated them and scooted closer to where my knees where right at her butt cheeks. I rose up on my knees and placed the tip of my cock right at her opening and opened her lips up wide.

She let out a little whimper when she felt the smooth head of my cock between her lips and then she grit her teeth as it made its entrance. Although she was well lubricated from her previous orgasms, the walls of her vagina did not let me slide in easily. In fact, they were so unaccustomed to havin’ anything in there that was the size of my cock that they tried desperately to obstruct my entrance altogether. It felt like I was pryin’ them apart with a blunt instrument instead of glidin’ in with my cock. However, with persistence and patience, I was makin’ headway.

Maybe it was because she was so nervous that her muscles were clampin’ down on it that I was havin’ trouble insertin’ my cock up her vagina, so I felt that I had to coach her a little. “Relax,” I softly told her. “Just relax and let it slide on in.”

“I’m afraid it will hurt too much,” she argued.

“I know, I know, but I promise I will not hurt you. But you’ve got to relax,” I said with authority.

Her face started to lighten up a little and that translated down to her abdomen and pussy where I was tryin’ to enter. As she relaxed her walls, I started to make some real progress. She was holdin’ her breath as she felt it go further and further up her canal until it was completely buried in her pussy. When she felt my crotch meet hers, she exhaled loudly, grabbed me around my back and pulled me into her embrace.

“Oh God Randy, that feels so good,” she cried into my ear. “It didn’t hurt at all. It just feels unbelievable!”

Now I began to withdraw it and her walls spit it out like yesterdays bad breakfast. But I forced it back in and they allowed its insertion more readily than before. After a couple more times, I was pumpin’ it in and out and she was squeezin’ me with her arms and legs and I knew that I was going to shoot my sperm at any moment. I tried to let it build the best that I could and just before my efforts were to end, she exploded with a massive orgasm that shook the bed and rattled the windows.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD,” she screamed at the top of her lungs as I splashed my cum deep into her womb. “OH RANDY, I LOVE WHAT YOU DO TO ME! I LOVE THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL! I LOVE YOU RANDY JOE!” she professed.

I continued to fill up her pussy with my hot cum. I let go rope after rope as it splashed into her cervix and it started spillin’ out of her onto my hairy crotch. But it would not stop as I slammed my cock into her repeatedly, over and over, harder and harder, until finally we both came down into a pantin’ mass of spent energy. We rested there for the longest time, me still inside of her and her still cluchin’ me with her arms and legs. We both drifted off, feelin’ that wonderful glow of lovemakin’ gone very right but we felt spent yet content.

To be continued in Part IV

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