The Family’s Weekend in the Country

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John looked up at the dark night sky seeing the multitude of stars you are unable to see if you live in a city. The panoramic vista of the black sky punctuated by tiny specks of bright light was awe-inspiring. John was also aware of the difference in sound. Out here in the peaceful quite of the open country everything was different. It was quite yet noisy in its own way. The sounds of animal life mixed with the absence of the normal city sounds created a deafening silence.

“What are you thinking about John?” Mary quietly asked. John jumped at the sound of her voice.

“Just checking out the view. Are the kids asleep?”

“You know Jason and Janet are no more ready to go to sleep than we are, but the twins are down. Mom said she would stop by early to collect them.”

“Good for them. It will do them good to spend some time with your folks.”

The next morning about 8:30 the young kids bounded down the porch stairs into their grandmother’s car, and drove away. The last thing John and Mary heard was the intent to return on Sunday evening. With that task complete the couple sat down to enjoy their coffee. Mary contemplated the view for a few minutes then spoke.

“I am so glad we took this trip. I forget how wonderful it is out here.”

John replied: “You know what coming out here does for me? It makes me horny. Are you interested in a little nooky this morning?”

“No!” She laughingly replied. “I am not ready for nooky now, or this entire trip. You know there is no way I can stay quite, and I do not want to share that aspect of our lives with Jason and Janet.”

To ensure your full awareness of the situation John and Mary Smith, age 40 and 38 respectfully, are the parents of Jason (20) and Janet (18), as well as the twelve-year-old twins Jamie and James. This happy family normally keeps busy with their city lives, but at least once a year they visit a lake cabin near Mary’s parent’s home. None of these folks fall into the category of super beautiful or studs, but they are by no means unattractive. John stands roughly 5’10”, dark hair, blue eyes, but is carrying a few extra pounds. Mary is a 5’5”, green eyed, red hair, and with skin, unlike many redheads, that can take a tan. She swims quite a bit, and is in fairly good shape. To her the major thing wrong with her body are tits she feels are too small. In reality they are a large A-cup, and since she did not nurse the kids they sag very little. Jason looks like his father without the extra pounds. He is in his junior year at State, and is home just for this weekend trip.

Of everyone, Janet is the beauty. Seemingly, as if overnight with her graduation from high school she turned from a gangly colt of a girl into a sleek, sensuous woman. Her long auburn hair and ice-blue eyes accent an angelic face. However, it is the girl’s body that draws the most attention. She is 5’7”, 115 pounds of curves including a tight butt, and a pair of 36-C tits.

This is a nice attractive family, but they are not normal. Each member holds a common, but unexpressed secret from the others. Each has a hidden desire to know one or more of the others in a way not accepted by most of society. This hidden desire causes each of them distress, but they manage to suppress their feeling and carry on as if all was normal.

As John and Mary were sitting on the porch discussing such important topics as whether or not they would have sex, Benny, their full-grown, pure breed German Shepherd began to growl and bark. The dog stood facing the back of the house with his bristles up, and legs very tense. “What’s the matter boy? Relax, there aren’t any bad guys here.”

“Not exactly right mister. I have a gun pointed at your head. Tell your dog to back down or I’ll kill him.” said a deep male voice with a heavy southern accent. A woman’s voice followed saying: “You two sit still, and don’t look around. I’m going to tie you to your chairs. Make any noise and someone gets hurt!”

The man spoke again: “Where are the others, and don’t jack me around. Your lives are on the line.”

John wasn’t sure exactly what to do, but he wasn’t going to risk any of their lives. Dieing was not a good price to pay to prevent a robbery. “There are two in the house. The others are gone.”

“Until when?” the man asked.

“Sunday evening.”

The man and woman were Rick Richardson and his girlfriend Heather Bryan. They are not reputable people. In fact they are thugs who have not yet made it to prison. These two, attractive, but unpleasant people have survived their young adult lives achieving their goals through intimidation. What they want they take, and they have had many a good time forcing other folks to act at their direction.

Heather completed tying up John and Mary. When that was done Rick placed the cold barrel of his pistol against a cheek of both Mary and John just to show them he was armed. “Be quite; be very quite.” He said with authority. Then the two hoods entered the house to locate the others. Jason was sound asleep etimesgut escort on the couch, and they passed him by. Janet was a bit more difficult to locate.

Janet’s room faced the east, and as the sun crested the hills and trees a bright ray of sunlight shone directly on to her face awakening her. It was much too early to arise, and she was much like her father as the country air tended to make her horny; of course at this age anything made her horny. Unknown to her relatives, Janet was horny most of the time, and was a very active sexual creature. She lost her cherry just after she developed tits, and over the years had fucked her share of males and females. It was her opinion that pleasure was pleasure so why deny yourself.

The morning ache between her legs was from two causes. One, it was morning and she was in the country. Two, her last shared sex act, when she had done a double fuck with Roger Brown and Tommy Blankenship, was two days ago; a very long interval for her. With her left hand she reached to lightly caress the tips of her tits. The very sensitive nipples had made for some very enjoyable times. Using her right hand she delved between her legs stroking her hairless pubic mound and the lips guarding her pussy. As her passion raised the pressure applied by her fingers and hands became more intense until she was pinching her nipples and practically crushing her clit. Her left hand concentrated on one tit then the other: squeezing, rubbing, and pinching. Her right hand focused on that little pleasure button between her legs rubbing circles around and over its crest.

It was upon this scene that Rick and Heather quietly opened the door. Janet’s body was arching upward with pleasure as her cum overtook her. Heather strode to the bedside, and timing her move very carefully, shoved two fingers into the young girl’s twat. The action surprised Janet, but she was too far into the orgasm to do anything other than go with the flow.

Heather rapidly moved her fingers in and out of the convulsing cunt; an action that heightened and continued the girl’s pleasure. It also made Heather very hot. She liked pussy, and this one was very tempting. Not removing her fingers until the last possible moment she climbed on the bed between the girl’s legs and shoved her face against the throbbing cunt, and with experience gained from many past encounters she began to suck and lick the hot, dripping pussy. So expert was her assault that Janet again zoomed to the apex of sexual pleasure or at least the apex as she knew it. The juices from her orgasm literally overflowed Heather’s mouth, dripping along her cheeks and onto the bed.

As Janet finally relaxed, Rick told Heather to move. “Get outta the way bitch. I want some of this young tender stuff. She is a hot piece of ass.”

Janet just lay there in a sexual bliss knowing she was sated, but always in search of more fucking. The strange man threw off his clothes to reveal a very hard prick jutting from the hair between his legs. It was neither a huge nor a little cock. It was nothing special, but it was a hard cock, and Janet wanted a hard cock right now.

Rick climbed between her legs, and without even a moment’s pause rammed his erect prick to its fullest depth into the girl’s cunt. She was wet and ready, and she took all of his meat as if it was meant to be there. She took it all, and then began to give the stranger the fuck of his life. He pounded, and she returned each assault stroke for stroke, and strength for strength. In much less time than either would have chosen the man reached his climax, ejaculating his seed into her body, and bringing to an end the very intense fuck.

It was only when Janet calmed down that she acknowledged something was wrong. She knew neither of these people. In effect they had just raped her, and she started to scream.

“Can it bitch! You gave as good as you got, and you enjoyed every bit of what happened!” Heather said.

In response to the menacing tone Janet did not utter a sound. However, she did think about what had just happened, and she had to admit the woman’s statements were correct. The warm afterglow emanating from pussy was testimony to how much she enjoyed the sexual confrontation.

Rick and Heather directed Janet into the family room. When she went to grab her robe they denied her the coverage saying she wouldn’t need any clothes. Meekly Janet did as she was told. She went meekly because she knew her parents and Jason were in there, and none of them had seen her naked since she was a pre-teen.

She was forced to sit, and was bound in a chair similarly to her parents. Finishing that job the intruders directed their attention to the boy on the couch. He was on his back, and Heather decided to have some fun. Very gently she reached under his covers and found as she expected a morning woody. Jason, like most young males was a deep sleeper yet his cock was fully erect. With deft hands Heather lowered the boy’s shorts and etimesgut escort bayan grasped his throbbing prick. She then began to move her hand back and forth in a slow masturbation motion.

Because of his shyness Jason was not very popular, and seldom had an opportunity to share time with a woman. In truth, with the exception of his own hand he had never experienced sex; he was a virgin. Everything he knew of sexual acts was in his imagination, and right now his imagination was going wild. Jason was in a dream, and staring in that dream was Janet; the one girl he wanted yet knew he could never have.

Heather gradually stroked a bit faster and with a bit more pressure, and in response Jason began to writhe. “Do you like that Honey?” Heather whispered in his ear. “Do you like me rubbing your cock? Do you like my hand jacking you off? Am I someone you know?”

“Oh, God.” Was all Jason could reply, but Heather continued: “If you want me to finish you have to tell me who I am.”

“I can’t. You shouldn’t being doing this.”

“But I am, and I’m enjoying it. If you want me to get you off you have to say my name.” With these words Heather repositioned herself so her mouth was near the end of Jason’s dick. She was now in position to taste his young cum. She also began to rub a bit harder and faster, but not enough to take the young man over the edge. Heather sensed he was very close and stopped her hand action.

“No, Janet, please don’t stop! Please don’t stop!”

“Who is Janet?” Heather whispered in his ear.

“Janet. No I can’t do this with you Janet, you’re my sister.”

“You’re not dreaming. I’m your sister Janet, and I am beating your meat for you.”

With those words, and a few more strokes by Heather’s hand, Jason exploded with a huge outpouring of thick, creamy cum; an ejaculation Heather managed to catch in her mouth as she clamped her lips around the boy’s dick. Jason thrust his hips upward enjoying the best cum of his life, and all because he thought his sister had played with his cock.

The pleasure was short lived before the guilt of his act crossed his mind. Instantly the rapture he was enjoying dissipated, and he crashed into deep guilt. How could he have done that? How could he have allowed Janet to give him such pleasure? Just as rapidly a different train of thought entered his fevered mind asking how could Janet have done that to him. How could his sweet, innocent, baby sister grasp his penis to masturbate him, and suck his ejaculate into her mouth? The thought was too much, and he awoke to see his groin exposed, his family tied to chairs watching him, and two people he did not know standing nearby with guns pointed at him. He was in shock.

“Stand up and take off your clothes. Now sit there and be a good boy.” Rick directed.

“So you want to do it with your sister. If that’s your sister I know for a first hand fact she is one hot fuck. I wonder how she feels about it. …… You, young cunt, are you his sister? Do you want to fuck him?”

Janet started to say no, but she paused because she really did want to fuck him. She not only wanted him, but also her parents, and when the twins get older she wants to do them also. Instead of no, she proudly said: “Yes, I want to fuck him.”

“What about them? Do you want to fuck either or both of them?” Again Janet responded with an authoritative “Yes!” as her reply.

John and Mary had sat still through all this performance hoping the thugs would get enough and go away. They were sitting calmly, but were shocked and excited at Janet’s affirmative nods. In their nether regions both experienced sexual arousal. Seeing Janet’s naked body was something John had longed for. The sight of her perky tits and hairless pussy lips caused his dick to engorge and instantly come erect. Mary had a similar reaction to the exposure of Jason’s cock, and its eruption. As Heather stroked that young male member Mary felt her crotch get wet from her drippings, but she also felt a surge of pussy juice flow from her cunt at the sight of Janet and hearing her words..

What was surprising to both John and Mary was the reaction they each experienced to the child of the same sex. Mary had never seen a shaved pussy, and Janet’s firm, erect tits caused an unexpected titillation. For John the close proximity to an erect prick other than his own was a completely new experience. He had watched fuck flicks, but had never seen a hard-on up close and personal.

Heather walked over to the bound duo. “Did that turn you on? I bet it did.” She reached into John’s crotch and discovered the signs of arousal. “Yo, the ole man is like a rock. Wonder if its for the boy or girl?” She then ran her hand up Mary’s leg, and let her fingers slide along the wet inner surfaces of the woman’s very excited cunt. “Mama is the same way. Who is it that’s making you hot Mama, the son or maybe the daughter?”

No one, other than John had ever touched Mary in that place. As Heather’s escort etimesgut fingers glided along her hairy cunt lips Mary was shocked, disgusted, and excited all at once. Add to this was embarrassment as it was happening in front of people who should not see such things.

“This woman has one hairy cunt. I bet a tongue would get lost in that thicket. Look lady, we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Its your choice. I’m gonna untie you then you’re gonna get naked.”

Heather untied Mary who then stood up, and after a moment’s hesitation began to remove her robe and gown. As more and more of her body was exposed a red blush crept up her neck and face. Five other people were in the room of which only one had ever seen her body, and the other four were not supposed to see her body. At last the gown cleared the tips of her tits exposing the long erect nipples centered in the wrinkled areola of her breasts. She was so aroused by this forced exposure that cunt juice was dripping down the inside of her thighs. Doing this under duress allowed her the exposure without the responsibility, and she loved the feeling.

“Lay down on your back over there. No wait! You ever felt your son’s hard-on? Well get over there because you’re gonna do it now.” Mary froze, but Rick prodded her with his gun, and she moved toward Jason sitting on the couch. “Don’t hesitate. Get your hand in there and grab that hard cock.”

With a display of great anguish, and yet with a false hesitancy, Mary reached out her hand to touch a penis she had not seen in over ten years; since Jason was just a little boy. What was then a prick was now a PRICK, and it was rock hard. She grasped tentatively at first, but then passion over took her, and she grabbed with both hands. So many times over the years she had wondered about other cocks, and what she might possibly have missed by being faithful to John. She had also wondered about Jason’s cock, and now she had the opportunity to satisfy both those itches.

She grabbed with gusto, feeling Jason’s velvet hardness. She moved her hands up and down as Heather had done before. She wanted to feel him cum. She wanted to taste that cum. No longer did she care if others were watching. She wanted this cock, and even after the gun was lowered so she was no longer threatened she continued to pay homage to the cock. It mattered not that John was watching, or that Jason was her son. All that mattered was she had a new cock to explore.

“Suck it!” Heather hissed from across the room. “Suck you son’s throbbing cock. Not just suck it. I want to see your lips touch his pubic hairs.”

Mary, for all her outward reserve was an excellent cocksucker. At least monthly, during her period she gave John blowjobs that made his head throb. In that regard this was just another cock. Yes, it belonged to her son, but so what; the cock looked just like John’s. She slipped her lips over the top and began to move up and down gradually moving the cock-head down her throat. Lower and lower she slid until at last she felt Jason’s pubic hairs tickling her lips.

Just as she was about to get very serious with her blowjob a shout came from the woman. “Stop! Change positions. Boy, lay on your back. Now Mom put your pussy on his face. Boy, you eat her good.”

Jason had never seen pussy hair until today, let alone an actual pussy. His mom swung her leg across his body, and then began to lower her hairy cunt onto his face. There was nothing he could do but begin to lick. What an experience; a hot, wet, hairy, pink pussy was descending onto his face. It looked strange, but the aroma was wonderful, and just like billions of men before him Jason discovered the joys of pussy licking.

John watched in awe as Mary swallowed Jason’s prick. She did it with such ease. The physical side was not difficult to understand, but how could she do it so easily to their son he wondered. Then he thought if it was him who was told to suck Jason’s penis would he resist. In his heart he knew the answer was no. He had never sucked a penis, but he knew he wanted to.

The cock-sucking mom began to work in earnest to make her son cum in her mouth. She applied speed, pressure, motion, and just the right amount of lubrication to make his passage toward orgasm pleasing. On the bottom Jason, not having any technique to employ, did what he could to collect all of his mother’s juices. He licked with a vengeance to ensure as little of those precious tasty juices escaped. The pair moved toward their respective orgasms.

As that scene progressed another began to take shape. “Girl, since you did us so good we’re gonna give you some choices. Who do you want more, Mom, Dad, or brother?” Janet thought for a moment then indicated her father. “Okay, that’s good, now what hole do you want him to fill?” Again Janet thought for a moment. She had already had a woman finger and eat her pussy, and a man fuck her there. Being the experienced horny bitch she was, Janet responded: “I want to suck him and then sit on him with my ass.”

Heather thought for a moment then in response to Janet she said: “Good choice, but I have a slightly different idea. How about you suck him, fuck him with your ass, and then suck your shit off his dick before you put him in your pussy. That is if he can last long enough to put it in your pussy.”

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