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The Family Comes First

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John Taylor was a contented man this Friday morning. The weekend was fast approaching, the weather was warm and sunny and a trip to the coast to sail his boat was a definite possibility.

He was also contented because his architectural business was doing well. He had several projects in the pipeline, a new factory for a thriving local business, an office block with shops below was just starting and he and his partner both had three new individual private houses in course of construction. In addition to all of these he and Frank had only this week signed a contract to oversee their design for a new sports complex in the town. The complex was to include an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, basketball, squash and badminton courts together with all ancillary amenities, including a fast food restaurant.

The plans and specification for this latter project were spread out on his desk, as was his project manager for the job, Josie McFarlane. She was the third reason for his state of contentment this morning. He had appointed Josie against the wishes of his advisors, who had wanted a man who had more experience. John thought that they had enough hard working traditional architects and assistants in the practice and wanted to take a chance.

There were not many female architects around and certainly none like Josie, as far as he was aware. Apart from being young and feisty, she was clearly well qualified and soon got along with everybody in the building. She could have her pick of all the men but so far no one had ensnared her into even a date. His chance appointment of Josie had more than paid off already because it was she who was largely responsible for landing the sports complex contract.

Josie was not exactly spread out across his desk. She was standing in front of the large mahogany desk with the plans spread out before her. She was leaning forward, studying the detail before her. John had entered his office to find her thus so absorbed in her study.

She seemed to be so engrossed in her work that she hadn’t heard him enter the room. John, again contentedly, admired the sight from the rear. Josie had on, from the floor, high heeled black court shoes with dark, fine fishnet stockings or tights; above she had on a tight pin striped black skirt with a white blouse or shirt above that. It was her rump that made John catch his breath. Her skirt fitted so tightly he could see her thighs outlined and what he couldn’t see was a panty line! For the first time since Josie joined the firm he felt a little twitch in his pants as his cock received a message from his eyes.

“I could get arrested for what I’m thinking right now,” he said by way of breaking the silence. Josie started, stood tall, turned and smiled at him.

She was a tall girl, standing about five ten in her heels. She was what some would describe as statuesque, with broad shoulders, a nicely defined waist and good ‘child bearing’ hips. Her breasts were magnificent, thrusting at her blouse (not a shirt), accentuated by a lacy black bra clearly visible through the sheer white almost see through silk of her blouse. Josie’s smile grew broader as she sensed the admiration in John’s demeanour. Her pearly white teeth shone from her brown, almost black face as he joined her at his desk. That had been another reason for the resistance to his hiring of Josie. No one had hardly even heard of a female architect, let alone a black one!

“I would never report you boss,” she answered his initial remark with a giggle. “I was just studying my baby and wondering what you wanted to see me about.”

John indicated that she should sit. He looked across his desk at his lovely assistant and wondered where he should start.

“We’ll look at some detail in a minute Josie,” he began. “First of all I wanted to say how much I appreciate all that you have done to bring this contract to this firm. I know I said it at the official announcement ceremony but that was for public consumption. Now I just want you to know that I’m behind you all the way and will support your efforts totally. I know that I’m the partner responsible for overseeing the contract work but you will be the one out there in the firing line solving day-to-day crises. Just call on me for anything, anything at all that bothers you. I won’t interfere but I’ll want full reports from you every Monday morning from now on. Is that clearly understood?”

“Yes boss,” she grinned happily, this was a big vote of confidence for her. “I know I can do it. I’m just inexperienced, that’s all.”

“I know,” said John. “That’s why I want to go over a few things with you now before you get stuck into the job on Monday and stop speaking to us all. Let’s start with the spec for the foundations.”

John was tall too so he didn’t have to lean forward very far to talk about the drawings, especially the part nearest to him. Josie had to lean much further. In fact, she stood and leaned across the desk.

John raised his eyes at one point to look at Josie but didn’t get as far as her Urla Escort face. His eyes became riveted down her cleavage at the wonders he could see.

Due no doubt to the strain that her breasts had put on her blouse one of the blouse buttons was unfastened. As she wore the blouse with the two top buttons unfastened anyway there was now a panoramic view of the upper slopes of her breasts. As her bra had a lacy gauzy top and was virtually see through part of each nipple was peeping out.

“Josie my dear, I don’t wish to spoil my enjoyment of the view but I think I should do my duty and advise you that you are revealing a wonderful sight to me.”

Josie looked down her front and then looked John in the eyes without flinching or even moving.

“You said you were enjoying the view?” she asked.

John nodded silently.

“You were saying about the timetable for this part of the work,” she smiled and leaned even further forward. She looked at John looking again. “Is it just me or is it getting very warm in here?” she asked quietly.

“Josie, you’re making me very horny,” said John, gazing at Josie’s abundant charms.

Josie peeped right over the edge of the desk on his side and grinned at the tented mound above his cock. She stood and walked over to John’s office door and turned the key.

“There,” she said. “That will make sure that we’re not disturbed. Now, you were saying John? Come around to this side of the desk and show me from here.”

John moved as invited and together they made a show of studying the plans and documents. After a few moments he tentatively put his hand on Josie’s tightly covered bottom. Her voice faltered slightly as she continued to talk about reinforced concrete. John began to caress the tightly stretched area, pressing a little harder where he could feel the cleft of her bottom.

Josie stopped speaking. Without turning she reached out and touched John’s erection in his trousers. She moaned quietly and he did likewise. Josie now stood and turned to him and they kissed deeply, mouths opening and saliva beginning to mix. John pulled Josie to him and began to grind his cock into her crotch. Josie had moved her hand and she also grabbed at John’s backside and pulled herself on to him. After what seemed like a five-minute kiss they paused for breath.

“I’m sorry John, I’m so horny. It’s all this excitement. I need to get fucked and soon. Is that all right?”

“You locked the door, you gorgeous horny sexy creature you,” said John as he started to undo the rest of the buttons of her blouse. He finished the job and pulled it open, revealing her big melons. He lowered his lips to Josie’s chest.

“The catch is round the back,” she gasped. “I’ll do it!”

Within seconds she was topless and John was sucking hard on a big hard round nipple while pulling on its twin. Josie unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it. As John had suspected earlier, she wore no panties.

“I diddled myself so much at lunchtime that my panties were soaked,” laughed Josie. “I had to take then off. Oh John, keep sucking my tits please! I’ll get your cock out for you.”

John’s zip opened like a dream and Josie thrust her hands into his pants. She pulled out his prick and felt its girth and length; it was weeping already.

“Oh God John, let me see,” Josie gasped as she pulled John’s head from her tits and peered down. She saw what she had uncovered. “That’s a great cock John. I gotta have that in me! Now!”

John quickly finished stripping off. He had never fucked anyone in the office before but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. He didn’t believe that Josie was in love with him or anything like that but he was now in full lust for her pussy. He kissed her again and crushed her magnificent breasts to his chest. As they broke apart again Josie put her fingers to his lips.

“John, I’m going to fold up the plans and specifications and put them somewhere safe. We don’t want our cream all over them, do we”?

He helped her quickly move all the paperwork off his desk. She grabbed his cock again and started rubbing.

“God, I forgot you are a bachelor,” she grinned. “You don’t need a regular girlfriend with this hampton, do you? There’ll always be girls queuing up for a share of this, you’re huge!” Josie became serious. “I want a fuck John but I’m not looking for a regular guy at the moment, especially in the office, even the boss. Let’s just fuck one another when the other fancies a quick poke now and again. How about it boss?”

“I fuckin’ agree,” growled John. “Now bend over my desk and show me your pussy. I’m gonna fuck it and fuck it hard!”

“Yes fuckin’ please,” mewled Josie. “Stick it in me and give it to me, all the way.”

She spread herself face down over his desk, thighs wide-open and wet pussy winking at him. John grasped her arse cheeks and pulled them wide apart, revealing both holes. Josie thought for a moment that John was going to fuck her arse. She actually didn’t Menderes Escort mind that but she wasn’t wet enough there yet. Then she felt his hot tip touch her pussy and push. John rammed his cock home hard and Josie grabbed hold of the edges of the desk in a bid to keep in position.

“Ohhh fuck yes!” she hollered, “that’s fuckin’ fantastic.”

John smacked her arse cheeks hard. “Keep it quiet,” he snarled, “or else the whole fucking office will hear. Maybe even the whole fucking building.”

Josie gritted her teeth and kept as quiet as she could. Her previous arousal now flooded back and she knew she would soon come all over her boss’s cock. What a lovely thought! He was ramming in and out of her just as she liked it. It won’t be long now she thought!

John was just thinking he ought to try to slow down a bit or he might come before Josie was ready. His whole cock was swelling up to a previously unknown size and he was in ecstasy. Could he hold on long enough?

Josie was in agony and ecstasy too. She really must come then she could finish John off with a flourish. She knew a few tricks to make men shoot gallons of spunk. Right then she thought, I’ll just relax into a lovely long orgasm.

The phone on the corner of the desk started ringing!

John rammed his cock to the top of Josie’s cunt and stopped. Who the fuck was ringing him now, he thought?

Josie squeezed her cunt muscles around John’s huge engine. Fuck! She was just about to come too! She groped for the ringing instrument.

“Taylor and Armstrong,” she gasped, “can I help you?”

She handed the phone to John, her hand covering the mouthpiece. “Lady for you. Shoot your fuckin’ load! Says she’s your sister.”

John’s cock throbbed in Josie’s cunt as he took the phone from her. He pulled back and rammed back in again. Josie squealed.

“Hello. Oh hello sis, how are you? To what do I owe this pleasure? What? No, Josie’s my assistant. We are discussing a big contract we’ve won. What? What did you say? Mum’s in hospital! Where? Is it bad? How is she? Yes, I’ll come straight away. Are you at the hospital now? Wait there, I’ll see you in about two hours. OK?”

John was still hard and still buried deep inside Josie’s cunt. As he reached forward to replace the receiver he felt his balls clench and his spunk start its journey. He thrust into Josie and smacked her hard.

Josie released his cock from her cunny’s vice like grip and pushed hard up his shaft. Her juices flowed and she howled into a climax such as she had never felt before. Simultaneously she felt John’s hot sticky seed gush from his cock to fill her love passage. She couldn’t believe her erotic emotions.

“Ohhhh fuckin’ hell,” she gasped, “I can feel your cum all the way inside of me. I can’t stop coming all over your fantastic tool. Ohhh, I feel like I’m pissing I’m making so much juice!”

Gradually they regained control of their feelings. John slowly pulled out of Josie and she lifted herself from his desk, turning to look at the object that had just given her so much pleasure. It was very juicy, dripping on to the carpet. Josie dropped to her knees and swallowed John’s shrinking tool, removing their mixed juices into her mouth. She swallowed the lot and then stood again.

“That was fantastic John. I really needed that. You have a great cock, in every sense of the word.”

John stared at Josie’s magnificent body. “You have a fantastic body Josie. I would consider it an honour to repeat this event a few times.”

“You’re on boss. Just say the word. I gather from the phone call that you’ve got to go. Don’t worry about the office. I’ll clean up in here before I go.”

“Yeah,” said John as he reached for his pants and trousers. “My mother’s been rushed into hospital. That was my sister on the phone. She sounded worried and upset. I’ll have to go to her straight away. It’s about a two hour run. Shame, I was going to go sailing this weekend. I was thinking while my cock was deep inside you that I would invite you along. Just think of me shagging your arse with a yacht rolling on the sea!”

“I’ll come when you call John,” laughed Josie. “I’ll probably come on deck, against the mast and tied to the tiller too! Off you go now, I’ll finish off here. It’s a good job it’s Friday, gives you the whole weekend to sort your family problems out.”


John was trying to think of all sorts of problems and solutions as he drove through the busy Friday afternoon traffic. He called Frank from his mobile and brought him up to date with current happenings, including his meeting with Josie, minus the sex, concerning the sports complex project. He said he would check in with him but that he expected to be back in the office by Tuesday at the latest.

He called Josie too. She was still in his office.

“I’ve cleaned everything up boss,” she said in her usual bubbly voice. “I’m back on the job too with the specs and plans all over your desk again. Narlıdere Escort If Frank comes in he’ll find everything in order even if there is a faint smell of cum still in the air!”

John laughed. “I’ll tan your hide for you if you don’t stick to the plan, you gorgeous hussy!”

“I’ll look forward to it,” she giggled and disconnected.

John’s cock had recovered by now and was keen to react to their juicy conversation. His excitement receded as he thought of his mother and his sister.

June, his sister, was thirty now, two years older than him. He hadn’t seen her for a while. She was a teacher and taught at a school about an hour away by road from the old family home where they had both been brought up. Their father had died of a heart attack five years ago and their mother lived alone, June having bought a flat as soon as she had left college.

June had always been a pretty girl who had not made the best of herself. She wore unfashionable clothes and let her hair just grow until it needed a cut. Consequently she had few boyfriends and few girlfriends too. Her main interests seemed to be her work and reading heavy classical novels. Thinking hard, John realised it was two years since he had seen June.

At last he pulled into the General Hospital car park. He managed to find a space fairly close to the buildings and paid for a couple of hours. At reception he received directions to his mother’s ward and the ward sister was soon pointing out to him a space surrounded by a curtain.

“Your sister is still with your mother,” she said. “The curtain is just so that she can have some privacy as we are still doing tests and need to disturb her from time to time. You will have to leave in about an hour as it will be time for doctor’s rounds and then she should try to get a full night’s rest. Your mum’s in no danger as far as we can tell but we will be keeping her over the weekend to see how she reacts and for the test results.

John moved down the ward and quietly pulled open the curtain. The sight that greeted him was pretty much as he expected as far as his mother was concerned. She looked older somehow, lying in a hospital bed. Her eyes were closed but her eyelids were fluttering occasionally.

No, it was the other figure there that he didn’t recognise. He thought for a moment that his sister must have stepped out for a moment and that another friend was deputising. Then the figure turned to greet him and he saw that it was indeed his sister.

June stood to kiss and greet him. She was a revelation. Instead of the dowdy figure he had come to expect she was beautifully dressed in a smart tight fitting light blue woolly vee necked jumper and a pair of biscuit coloured slacks that fitted snugly on her hips. A pair of high-heeled black sandals completed her outfit. Her golden blonde hair was stylishly cut short, swept over her left side and glowed with health and vitality.

“Oh John, I’m so relieved that you’re here. I’ve been so worried sitting here all on my own. They keep coming in and taking blood and tissue for tests but they don’t tell you anything. Mum is so quiet. It’s unnerving.”

“Sister says that Mum’s not in any danger and barring any adverse test results they expect that she can leave here on Tuesday at the latest. So stop worrying and smile for her next time she opens her eyes.”

John held his sister’s hands and gently kissed her lips. June started in surprise but she did not pull away. They sat down beside the bed and June reached out and took one of their mother’s hands in hers.

“Mum,” she whispered, “John’s here. I told you he was coming and here he is.”

The older lady’s eyes opened and she smiled at her son.

“It’s good to see you son,” she whispered. “I’ve been worried about your sister. Take care of her for me. I’ll be all right soon, just you wait and see!”

John kissed his mother softly. “Hi mum, we’ll get you better first. June looks fine to me. Doesn’t she look beautiful? I hardly recognised her at first. Here you are with a handsome son and a beautiful daughter who are all ready to look after you.”

June squeezed John’s hand and smiled at him gratefully. Despite her transformation she still seemed to be a little low on confidence. John surprised himself by mentally resolving to build up her self-esteem.

Their mother drifted in and out of sleep. Twice a nurse coming to take samples disturbed her. After an hour they were asked to leave for the night and after leaving contact phone numbers they found themselves in the car park.

“Where are you parked sis?” asked John.

“Just over there,” said June, pointing to a five year old Ford Focus.

“Okay, follow me home. Still got your key? We’ll stay there tonight at least.”

“I bet there’s not much in by way of food,” said June as she unlocked her car.

“Yeah, we’d better just leave your car at home and then go out for some dinner. Come on. Let’s get going.”

Funny how they still thought of the old house as home, he thought as they wended their way through the once familiar streets.

The house felt cold and a little damp. John felt a twinge of guilt as he realised that he should be helping his mother more with her living expenses. The gas boiler worked fine though and he switched on the central heating.

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