Eyl 13

The Exotic Man

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I was so excited to finally be in Italy! My childhood wish was finally coming true. I had all my outings planned down to the tiniest detail. I was going to explore every nook and cranny in this beautiful Neapolitan town.

My hotel was wonderful; a cool blue room with a double bed nestled in the centre. It only had a small TV, but who comes all the way to Italy to watch the telly???? On that first day, I was just relieved to finally be at the hotel, I hadn’t noticed anyone else as I climbed the stairs. Resting on the firm mattress, I slept for three hours, with at least an hour to go before dinner.

I chose a silky green dress that was longer at the back than at the front. The material clung in all the right places showing off my generous breasts and curvaceous waist. The front of the dress split into an upside down V showing off my well toned legs, and a black under-dress hiding my sexy red knickers. I chose a pair of black sandals with a subtle heel to add inches to my height. My long blonde hair had been curled and hung loose over my shoulders. Although I had no tan yet; my paler skin complimented my large grey eyes perfectly; I felt sexy. I hadn’t come to Italy to have sex, but I liked dressing up. I’m not like most girls my age who just go abroad to sleep with any exotic stranger they can find.

Luckily my room was reasonably close to the dining room. I could see a few admiring glances as I descended to wide staircase and through the doorway. Greeted by an older gentleman, who showed me to a table (making a great show of taking care of the lonely traveller) and handed me a menu. I felt the presence of another person behind me, but I took no notice, although a strong smell of lemons clung to them. The older waiter asked me in his thick Italian accent, “Anything to drink signorita?”

I only had to think for a moment, “White wine, please.”

“Of course. Luigi!”

And the presence I had felt behind me came around to stand next to the older gentleman. He took my breath away. As intoxicating as his smell had been, I was unprepared for this gorgeous man looking at me and trying to take in what the head waiter (I assumed) was telling him. He held himself proudly, and I could tell he was in good shape through the thick black and white uniforms all waiters have to wear, I guess. He had kind, smiling olive green eyes surrounded by un-tanned skin. His mouth was a shape of a man who always saw the lighter side of life. And his hair was a wonderful dark shade held into place by a subtle amount of gel. I could feel my stomach clench İstanbul Escort at the sight of him.

He left quickly after the head waiter took my order. I waited, thinking of the exotic man I hadn’t planned to meet on my holiday. I could be professional couldn’t I? It was his job to be nice to people. The amused, double glance was NOT for me personally. He was being kind to a guest. Had that been his name? Luigi. It rolled off my tongue easily.

Luigi returned with my wine. His English was amazing, and held a strong Italian accent, “Are you staying here long?” He had such long, smooth fingers as he expertly poured the wine without dropping any on the table cloth.

“Yes. For one week.”

“Have you been to Naples before?” He removed some extra cutlery from the table. I guess they’re not used to having single guests come here.

“No. This is my first time.”

“It is very nice. You will enjoy it here.”

“Grazie. I hope I do.”

“And I hope you enjoy it too, signorita.”

“Julia. My name is Julia.” He smiled at my name, a warm smile that caused a tingle down below.

And then he was gone. I watched him as I waited for my starter to arrive. He did not say much to other guests, stopping long enough to pour wine or take an order. He did not appear to have long conversations with anyone else. And as I tucked into the beautiful, intensely flavoured food I could see him taking quick glances my way. Maybe I imagined his arousing looks. I was not going to obsess over this!

My holiday continued as I planned. This country never ceased to amaze me; it’s history so alive and current. I felt mesmerised by every new sound, taste and smell. I was in awe of this country. But nothing aroused my senses as much as the waiter Luigi. I only saw him at meal times, and only ever received quick conversations, a brief touch as me moved my seat, moving closer as he removed plates of satisfying food. But I had a hunger that no meal could fulfil, and as much as I had tried to deny it, it was becoming hungrier. His intense olive-eyed gazes burned into me again and again.

One evening as I was showering ready for bed I heard a knock at the door. Reaching for a robe and underwear, hastily pulling them on, I answered the door. And there in the doorway was my Italian God, holding my camera. “You left this downstairs, Julia.” The black tie and coat were gone. His shirt was open showing a welcome amount of chest hair and toned abs.

“Oh! Thank you. I didn’t realise I’d left it!” I went to reach for my camera and Escort Bayan our fingers touched. I could feel an electric pull as our fingers connected. Our eyes met, and I sensed that he wanted to come in to my room. I stepped back slightly, and he followed me into the room, his eyes never leaving mine. I heard the door snap closed behind him. His soft pink lips parted showing even white teeth.

We stood there staring intensely at one another for several minutes. He moved towards me reaching up to my shoulder, gripping the material of the nightgown. He slowly, never removing his heated gaze from mine, removed my night gown, revealing my lacy black underwear. My breasts gently rose and hardened at the sudden exposure to the air conditioning.

Camera dropping to the floor, I took my hands and wrapped my fingers round the waistband of his black trousers. I led him towards the sumptuous bed. His hands reached my hair and eased my make-up free red lips to his. The kiss was magical, bringing forth feelings I had not felt in a long while. My clitoris woke up at the sudden attention my body was receiving at the presence of another. A familiar wetness was building between my thighs. I pressed my lithe body against his, letting my showered wetness press against his dry, toned torso. I could feel his growing erection against my hip. Damn it felt big! But he was in no rush!

The kiss ended as slowly as it had started, he biting my bottom lip slightly as he pulled away. My legs were against the bed. I sat down on the edge. I looked up at his gentle, aroused face as I used my manicured nails to undo every button. His body felt so toned! I kissed his stomach as his hands returned to my shoulders, holding me in place. My hands came around to his fly. I hastily unzipped him, revealing a tight pair of white boxers. His erection was straining to be free. I kissed it through the material of his boxers. I was pleased to hear him groan.

I felt my body being pressed down towards the mattress. I leaned back allowing his legs to straddle mine as we lay there kissing passionately, tongues entwined in a sensual tango, my breasts crushed between his weight, My aching vagina pressed against his imprisoned penis, both longing to join!

His mouth lowered down my neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses. His hand caressed one breast, removing the material of the cup, my erect nipple standing to attention. I closed my eyes, marvelling at the sensation of having my nipples teased by his mouth. His teeth grazed my hardness as the tension built around Eskort my vagina. His hands caressed my back, removing the flimsy bra, throwing it to the floor. His amazing kissed led down my stomach, to my hips, and then achingly slowly to my clitoris. I felt his tongue swirl around my bud through the material of my briefs. My breathing became heavier as I felt an orgasm strain for release. But Luigi wasn’t going to make it easy for me. As I felt my climax reach for breath, his mouth removed itself.

I opened my eyes, and saw him smiling up at me, amused by my tension! “Enjoying yourself, Julia?”

I gave him a wicked grin. Flipping around so that his back now lay against the bed, I straddled his stomach allowing him to feel the flow of my juices down his torso. My hands felt ever muscle in his chest as I smoothly lowered my loins over his erect rod. I moved backwards and forward allowing a friction to build between our sexual organs. I felt a moan escape my lips and his hands held my hips as he attempted to take over my fun.

I stopped suddenly, using my hands to remove to boxers and I was marvelled at the thickness of his member! He was actually well-endowed. I took the head in my mouth and slowly brought his entire length into my mouth. I could taste the pre-cum as I pleasured him slowly, pressing my lips firmly but gently onto his erect penis. His breathing became courser as his pleasure built up. But just as he was about to cum, I removed my mouth, choosing to straddle his stomach. He adjusted my position so he could sit up and look into my grey eyes. “Oh, Julia knows how to play!”

Before I knew it, he’d thrown me back onto the mattress, grabbing my panties in a quick flip of his wrist, ripping them off, exposing my wet vagina. Leaning over my naked, aroused body, he pressed his member into my aching vagina. I gasped as he filled me up completely. I gripped his bum as we fell into an intense rhythm that had us both gasping for air. As his hips flexed into mine, becoming faster as our pleasure built, we came, screaming each other’s names to anyone who had been listening.

He collapsed upon me, spent for now. We lay there, content and relaxed before falling asleep.

When I woke it was to feel his now flaccid penis still inside me. Even this aroused me. My heavy breathing against his glistening body must have woken him. I stroked his beautiful exotic hair; it still had a scent of lemons! As he looked and smiled at me I felt his penis beginning to harden inside me. That feeling was the most erotic thing I have ever felt! Moving relaxed muscles back into a state of arousal.

I had not come to Italy for sex. But my God; I’m glad it came for me!

Luigi’s wicked grin was back, knowing I had felt his arousal growing. He was so gorgeous! “Ready to go again Julia?”

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