The Everylasting Dinner

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I truly believe that the best feeling in the world is going to sleep with the one you love and waking up with her still in your arms the next day.

Candles lit everywhere, the dinner in the oven, and two wine glasses filled to the brim, my wife Callie went to the bed room to change leaving me instructions to come on up in 10 minutes. I was extremely curious because earlier that day she received a package from thePlayboy Bunny Store.

The next 10 minutes seemed like 10 hours, waiting with both curiosity and anxiousness, I kept myself busy by checking the dinner in the oven and making sure everything else is perfect. Making sure all the candles were lit, the dinner was not going to burn and everything else was just perfect, I headed upstairs to the bed room.

I was half way up the stairs when I smelled the most intoxicating scent I have ever smelled. It was my wife’s perfume that she only wears on special occasions due to the fact that it drives me to the point of insanity with an extreme sexual appetite that can only be cured with hours of love making. As I reached the top of the stairs and trying to control the extreme hunger, I noticed the hallway was lined with candles, like a runway, directing me towards the bedroom.

With soft music playing in the background, my wife asked how the dinner was coming along. I replayed that it would be another hour at least. She replied that that was good and that I should go down stairs and bring up the two glasses of wine. With that she closed the door and I heard her turn on the water to the bath. With the joy of a little boy who just got a puppy, I ran down the stairs skipping two or three stairs at a time. With out breaking my neck going down the stairs, I grabbed the two wine glasses and made the long and slow hick up to the bedroom. Having to go slow so that I would not spill the wine, I made my way up the stairs when I had to stop. The intoxication smell hit me like an artillery shell, rendering me to the point of losing consciousness but with the last ounce of energy I shook off the effects, for now, and continued down the “runway” to the now open door.

With the lights off and only candle light, I saw on the bed my robe with the instructions to get undress and but it on. As an obedient boy, I followed the instructions with wonder and amazement. As I got undressed, my wife snuck up behind me and wrapped her hands around my face, covering my eyes. With a huge smile, I started to turn around with my hands reached out trying to find my lovely wife. I was suddenly stopped when I felt my put a blindfold over my eyes and grabbed both of my hands. With sexual energy running through my heads, illegal bahis all of my other senses woke up, including previously sleeping parts of my body. Aroused from such mystery and erotic planning, my wife cuffed my hands together and whispered into my ear that I was her slave and must not do anything until told to. Obeying, like always, I followed my wife into our bathroom and into the Jacuzzi-Tub. The water was pleasurable with the jets pulsating on my back. Knowing that I had a hard week at work my wife must have planned this for some time now because only she could make me relax to the point that I was at right now.

Callie unhand cuffed my hands from being together to only hand cuff them to tub so that my hands where now spread out so that she had full access to my body with out any interference of my hands. She pressed the glass of wine to my lips making me drink some. After finishing the glass she set it down and asked how I was doing. Not wanting to respond, knowing full well that it would only fuel her sexual “torture” I just but my lip. She was disappointed and repeated question adding several soft kisses. Wanting more and was curious how far she was going to go, I again but my lip and began to smile. Knowing what I was doing but still wondering how my day went, she asked the again while taking my hard cock and teased me by rubbing it against her pussy without ever entering it. I could not hold out any longer. With all my energy, I tried to break the hand cuffs. With the response of metal breaking, she smiled and asked it I would cooperate now. I say that I would and answered every one of her questions. After the third questions I successfully broke the hand cuffs and grabbed my wife. Wanting nothing more then to make love to her I surprised her by just kissing her passionately. Though in the Jacuzzi, I could feel her getting wetter to the point were she broke the kiss, grabbed my cock, and said that she wants it in her now.

Wanting to obey, I stopped her before she entered my cock into her and instead grabbed her and lifted her onto the edge of the tub. Proceeding quickly knowing that she was beginning to get cold, I spread her legs and began to kiss every ounce of skin between her legs focusing mainly on her clit. She grabbed my head and started to help me by grinding my face in between her legs. I was having a hard time to breathe but I was not going to stop because I knew she was enjoying this all to well. She tried to gain control over me but it was only a small spark for she was getting real close to orgasm. I then danced my tongue in her pussy with a few short inserts and then returned to her clit. She could not hold illegal bahis siteleri out any longer, so she grabbed my head and grinded my face into her dripping pussy pushing my tongue further into her pussy while I kept pressure on her clit with my thumb.

She shuddered and collapsed. I was aroused so I impounded my hard dick into her hot, wet pussy. The impalement was tremendous and she orgasmed again almost instantly. She knew I was on the verge so she kissed me hard while she grabbed my ass and then whispered in my ear, do it, shoot that hot load deep into her burning cunt. With this, I was lost, and she felt me spasm hard shooting my life giving cum deep into her. Then I collapsed into her chest, nibbling on her nipple mimicking the action and sounds of a baby in a fashion that made her laugh.

Dinner was almost ready, so we got up dried off, preceded into our robes and then downstairs. She poured more wine into the glasses as I fixed our plates. I’m the cook no doubt, but she had an affinity for deserts, and she knew I would enjoy what was on the menu for tonight! We ate in silence, the music playing gently in the background. Weakened from out previous session but smiling mischievously at each other every now and again. She knew my mind was not on food but on her body covered only in a slinky satin robe.

When she’d eaten her fill, she allowed the belt to slip, so the center of her torso was exposed; but, half of her breasts were still covered. She noticed I almost choked with this movement and then gulp wine from my glass. She knew where my mind was and announced that she felt it was time for desert. I was confused but she answered with a smile and proceeded to the fridge. She reached in and took out: ice cream, whip cream, hot fudge, and strawberries. She then set these on the table and cleared the plates without returning with bowls. Now finding my voice I asked what all this was about, she replied we’re having dessert. I smiled in excitement and she crawled up onto the table and sat in front of him with her legs spread.

She then let the robe fall to the table and asked where I’d like to begin. I reached over, slowly, and grabbed the ice cream. Opening it and running my finger through the cold sweet, then bringing my finger to her lips to lick it off. I wasn’t as subtle with it the next time. Reaching my hand in, I took a handful and started rubbing it along her stomach and breasts; concentrating my attentions on getting her nipples hard, easy enough with the cold. I then stood up and pushed the chair back. My eyes were wild and my smile mischievous.

I laid her down and proceeded to make a sundae out of her. canlı bahis siteleri Ice cream, whip cream and hot fudge were all over her body. And I proceeded to lick it off, ever so slowly, and ever so nice. She moaned from the contradicting cold of the ice cream and the heat from my tongue. She allowed me to lick most of it until she was only semi covered and then she removed my robe and pushed me to the table saying, now it’s her turn.

She picked up a scoop of the frozen treat and rubbed it across my chest, watching it melt along its path, and enjoying the look of shock on her husband’s face as the cold hit. She poured the fudge on and added whip cream and then began her dessert. Licking gently along my body, she could feel my muscles tense. Rubbing her hands where her tongue wasn’t. My arousal became noticeable as she moved farther down my stomach. She used her sticky sweet hands to flavor and massage my dick and balls, and then proceeded with her god given talent. She started by taking one of my nuts in her mouth and massaging it gently with her tongue, then switching to the other.

She then slowly slid her tongue up my shaft flicking her tongue back and forth once she reached the tip of my head. She then repeated the action, more pretending to be licking the dessert away than actually. Again once at the top she flicked her tongue at my head and then placed just my head into her warm mouth. Backing off and the proceeding deeper, allowing most of my shaft to enter her mouth. She bobbed her head and seemed to enjoy the moaning escaping from my lips as she proceeded to did so.

She commenced a rocking motion she mastered to make the moans escaping more intentional and powerful. Slowly she slid down my shaft until my whole cock was in her mouth, deep throating, she allowed her mouth and tongue to massage my cock, all the while keeping a hand on my balls continuing a massaging motion. As the moans grew deeper with less space for breathing, she knew I was on the verge.

Now for torture, she released me from the depths of her phenomenal mouth and began her bobbing motion again, varying her speed. Speeding up, only to slow down, it was by the pitches of my moans that she knew I was being tortured to heaven. When I could take no more and her mouth was getting raw, I begged her to stop playing and suck me off, the pressure in my nuts was on the verge of pain, without hesitation she sped up her speed, pausing every now and then to keep it from seeming robotic in motion, and swallowed hard after I had filled her mouth with my hot cum. I looked down at her in amazement and she knew I was pleased. She smiled and climbed up onto the table to lay on me. I pulled her close and kissed her gently. We should have dessert more often was my reply as she buried her head in my chest, both our bodies sticking together from the experience. She said she’d bring dessert so long as I cooked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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