Kas 03

The Duncan Family Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This is my first submission and constructive feedback is appreciated.


Bobby Duncan woke up slowly. His room was dark and he wondered for a moment why he was awake. He looked at his clock and saw that it was 4 AM. Then he remembered. He had feigned a headache and gone to bed early, unusual for a Friday night. But Bobby had a plan that could only be safely carried out in the dead of night. He had willed himself to wake up at this hour, and it had worked.

As was often the case on awakening, Bobby’s penis was fully erect and he enjoyed a moment of grinding it into the mattress below him. Ever since he had discovered masturbation it had become his favorite pastime. If he could, he would have spent hours giving himself that wonderful feeling. Touching his hard penis felt wonderful, and orgasms were even more amazing. For now he was content to just push his hard-on into his bed and picture his most recent obsession, Miss Johnson, his English teacher. He had a serious crush on her and she fueled his erotic fantasies on a daily basis.

Not only was Miss Johnson a tall, beautiful blonde, Bobby loved the way she dressed. She wore skirts of modest length, but she always wore a white button up blouse. Bobby had gotten glimpses down the front of those blouses on many occasions. His friends said that women loved to tease men by letting them peek down their shirts. Miss Johnson seemed to prove that theory correct. She seemed oblivious to the view she was providing and, when called to her desk to review some work of his, he took advantage of his opportunities. He loved seeing the swell of her breast, which is all he had ever really seen, until yesterday. Miss Johnson had reached for a paper on her desk while turning her head away. Bobby was treated with a deeper view into her blouse. There, not a foot from his face, were both of her breast as they met the edge of her white lacy bra. He even saw the clasp between her breasts that kept the garment closed. Bobby’s cock became hard immediately and he stuck his left hand into his pocket to pull his penis to that side and hoped to hide it. He stammered an answer to Miss Johnsons question and hurried to his desk.

Now, in the dark of his bedroom, he pulled his T-shirt up to his chest, pushed his underwear down to his thighs and released his throbbing penis. He grasped it with his right hand and began gently stroking its length. He imagined himself next to Miss Johnsons desk, with his pants pulled down, masturbating his hard cock just inches from her pretty face. He imagined her looking çapa escort at it and smiling up at him as he stroked his penis. Then, Miss Johnsons hands raised to her blouse and she began unbuttoning it. As each button separated he could see more of her. Her firm young breasts were exposed, encased in a very sexy white lace bra. She pulled her blouse open and turned toward Bobby letting him see directly what he had been peeking at for months. Bobby could see her nipples beginning to poke out against the material. He imagined her reaching up and fondling her breast through her bra and it was too much for Bobby. He had only intended to tease himself but now he was about to cum. His pace increased and his butt left the mattress as several ropes of sperm spewed from his cock and landed on his stomach and chest. The sensation was incredible as he bucked against his hand and ejaculated.

Bobby laid still and let his orgasm wash over him as several aftershocks made him shudder. He didn’t have anything to wipe up his cum with so he simply pulled his shirt back into place and pressed it against his cum covered body. He pulled his boxers back on and rolled off the side of his bed quietly.

He opened his door and looked at his parent’s bedroom door. Closed as usual. He looked to the left at his younger sister’s door. Also closed. He crept quietly down the hall toward the stairs and listened for any sounds. His parents had been out late. Beth always stayed up till one in the morning texting her friends. There was no chance anyone was going to wake up at four in the morning. He passed the spot in the hall that creaked no matter how carefully one walked. He stopped and stood still, listening. For a half a minute Bobby stood and listened for rustling. He heard nothing.

Bobby padded down the carpeted stairs into the living room. Even though he had just had an orgasm, he was still very aroused. His covert action had an erotic objective and it made his penis start to swell again to be executing it. He stopped in the middle of the living room and pulled his boxer shorts down to his feet and stepped out of them. He loved walking naked through his home. It was a turn-on to be in this state. His penis was beginning to harden as he walked through the kitchen, swaying from side to side. He could not resist stopping and gently stroking it for a moment.

Bobby walked to the door leading to the basement. He turned on the light switch. The entire basement swelled with light. Bobby closed the door behind him and started down the stairs into a completely different environment. He was walking into the fatih escort family room with all the lights on and his body nude from the waist down. His erect cock leading the way, Bobby slid into the room and stood next to the couch. He remembered last weekend when his sister had a friend over. Beth, Bobby’s sister had known Ashley since they were both in sixth grade. She was the prettiest of his sisters friends. She had a knockout body and knew how to flaunt it. Last Saturday night Bobby had stood at this spot and looked down at Ashley sprawled out on the couch. She had a blanket up to her waist and wore a t-shirt with no bra. Bobby pretended to ask about the movie they were watching while trying to discretely examine her breasts. He hoped to see evidence of her nipples, maybe hard and poking through her shirt.

Bobby pictured the moment again as he slowly stroked the length of his erect penis. He imagined Ashley staring up at him as she showed her body to him. He saw her reach up to her breasts and fondle herself through her t-shirt. She pinched at her nipples and they responded by standing out against her thin shirt.

This time Bobby stopped himself before he came. He let go of his cock and let it bounce in front of him. He took a breath and then turned toward his prize. He walked to the door leading to the garage. He stepped out and looked at his feet. There was the kitchen trash bag, tied up and waiting to go out to the can in the morning. Bobby took the bag and carried it to the door leading to the back yard. He opened it and peered out into the dark night. He passed through the door and stood in complete darkness, naked below the waist. Under the tree shaded moonlight he was able to untwist the tie holding the bag shut. He carefully opened it and reached in to where he knew the catalog was waiting. He found it and pulled it up to examine it. Under the moonlight Bobby could see the exquisite form of a Victoria’s Secret model gazing into his eyes. She wore a baby-doll nightie. Bobby knew that on page 27 she appears wearing a lacy bra and panty set.

Bobby retied the trash and placed it in the trash can by the gate. He held his prize in his hand and looked at his fantasy girl. He reached down and began stroking his hard cock. He reveled in the fact that he was standing in his own back yard almost naked and masturbating to his favorite subject. He stopped stroking and walked back inside.

Only part of the basement was finished. Behind one wall was the bare basement where the laundry room was supposed to be. The washer and dryer held baskets full of the weeks laundry. sarıyer escort bayan Bobby cleared the top of the washer so he could stand on it and reach his secret hiding place . at the top of the concrete wall was a recess that was meant for duct work. Instead it held Bobby’s collection of catalogs. He felt the top of the stack and brought down another Victoria’s Secret catalog from last month. He had already cum to it countless times, but now he had the sequel.

Bobby arranged his spot, a folding chair with a full laundry basket on each side. He placed last month’s catalog on his left and the new one on his right. He pulled off his t-shirt so that he was totally naked. He sat on the cold metal chair and let his cock bounce around in front of him. He picked up the catalog on his left and looked at the cover. There was the model with whom he was currently obsessed. She had a name, but he didn’t know what it was. To Bobby, she was just Miss Johnson.

Bobby had what one could call a rich fantasy life. As a typical male teen virgin all he could do about sex was fantasize and masturbate. He had become extraordinarily good at animating pictures and blending them with his vivid memories of the female body, at least the parts he had seen. Now he was looking at the picture of the model dressed in a skirt and blouse that matched Ms. Johnson’s. Next he found the picture of the same model in a very sexy bra. He brought in the vision he had seen down Ms. Johnsons blouse and the scene came to life in his mind. He watched as she unbuttoned her blouse and looked up at Bobby.

“Bobby, I know you have been trying to see my breasts. Young men like you are ruled by your surging hormones and you need to relieve yourselves often. I’m very flattered that you find me so sexy that you masturbate over me.”

Ms. Johnson was on her knees in front of Bobby. She pulled her blouse open and reached up to fondle her breasts through her sheer bra. Her nipples became erect as she pinched them between her fingers. Bobby began stroking his cock in earnest.

“I would love for you to cum on me, Bobby. Would you like that? Here, aim your lovely cock at my breasts and shoot your cum on me.”

Bobby’s orgasm began down in his balls and he felt the surge of sperm rise through his cock. “Oh, god yes! I’m gonna’ cum on you!”

At the last moment Bobby picked up the catalog and aimed the tip of his cock at Ms. Johnsons breasts. He thrust his cock through his fist and began spraying the image with his cum. He watched as his semen covered the page and began to drip off onto the floor. He shuddered as his orgasm pulsed through his cock and kept discharging several more dribbles of cum. Bobby dipped his fingers into the puddle of semen and rubbed it all over his half hard penis. He was tempted to jack-off again but decided he was risking discovery if he stayed too long.

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