Eyl 13

The Dream

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I had a dream and unlike all my other ones, I remember this one. It has been stuck in a loop in my head and I can see it in my mind almost at will whenever I want. I do not know why I remember it, or why I still remember it, and it is weird. I wanted to write it down before it starts to fade.

We are sitting on our couch side-by-side. We are watching something on the television, but it appears that whatever is showing does not make a difference since we are not wearing our glasses. We are just relaxing together. I put my arm around your shoulders and you lean into me and rest your head on my shoulder. We are relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. I start caressing your hair, gently running my fingers around the margins. I kiss the top of your head. Your hair has the scent of orange blossoms. You nuzzle closer, reach around the front of me, and give me a hug. You look at me, and I take a moment to drink in your beauty. Your eyes are green today and they tell me that we are very much in love.

I lean in to kiss you, softly, and a small sigh escapes. We continue to kiss, short contacts between us at first, and then they become longer, more ardent. My hand is behind your head and I hold you closer as we kiss. As we part to catch our breath, I pull your hair, gently but firmly. We kiss again. You open your mouth and invite my tongue inside to wrap around yours. Our kissing becomes more intense, or more lustful. I move away from your mouth and start kissing and biting your neck. You let out a low murmur of approval as you feel my whiskers against your soft skin. I kiss and nibble your neck, and then to your ears and then back to your waiting mouth again. I again move to your neck, nibbling, licking, biting it as I progress from your lips to the top of your shoulders.

We have now turned more to face each other and I start massaging your breast through your shirt. With one hand, I begin unbuttoning your blouse. Your murmur changes to a moan as you feel my warm hand on your breast. You are not wearing a bra and you accept my touch willingly and eagerly. You are so very soft. I feel the heft of your breast and gently run my fingers over it. Your nipple rises to meet my touch. It is hard and your areola wrinkles pushing your nipple further out. I squeeze your breast and run my thumb over your nipple.

We stop kissing for a moment, as I finished unbuttoning and removing your blouse. Again, I take a moment to look at you. You see the love in my eyes as I gaze into yours. We return to kissing, only now when I move to your neck, I continue to your breast. I lick and suck the nipple. You push my head gently tighter against you. I use one hand to massage the breast not receiving attention from my mouth. I alternate between each breast, much to your approval.

You push me away gently, forcing me to take a break. You unbutton my shirt and remove it. We kiss each other again. You reach forward and run your fingers through my chest hair. You gently stroke my chest and shoulders. We kiss again, and again. You lean forward and begin licking and sucking my nipples. Tenderly at first, and then with an eagerness that starts the lust between us begin to grow. I hold you head closer to my chest mimicking your own actions. I again alternately stroke and pull your hair. You run a hand down my stomach and over my groin. I spread my legs slightly at your touch.

You stand up and face away from me. You unbutton your skirt and let it fall to the floor. I reach up and rub your ass cheeks. I kiss each side and nibble on them. You turn around and I am face to face with your pussy. I smell the muskiness of your sex and it sending an electrical jolt through me. I run my fingers through your pubic hair and İstanbul Escort take in the scent. I blow a soft breath over your hair and you shiver with anticipation. With my other hand, I reach up and massage a breast. I slide my fingers over the outside of your pussy and then back up to your hair. My hand continues around your waist to your ass and gives it squeeze. I run my finger over your pussy lips and feel the heat we have generated. You moan aloud as my finger easily slips between the labia and explores.

You are very wet. Parting your pussy lips has released a large bloom of your scent and I drink it in. My fingers explores further between your legs. I find your clit, rub around it, and then back to the outer lips. I do this a few times, and each time, your push your groin towards me. My fingers are dripping with your juices. I bring them up and rub them over your nipples.

I reach around your waist and lower my hands to your ass. I squeeze the cheeks, and push closer to me. My fingers find the split between the cheeks and gently drag them down the crack. Down and up, up and down, my fingers getting further and further to your asshole. Once they find it, the gently rub over the hole. My hands leave your ass and caress down your legs, the back of your knees, around to the front of your legs and to your thighs.

You lean over and kiss me again, pulling me to my feet and we kiss again, deeply. You reach down and pull on my belt, loosening it; then unbutton my pants. You and I push my pants down and your hands reach around and run over my ass. With my pants on the ground, we pull each other closer. My cock, trapped between us, is erect, and hot. You feel its warmth against your mound and grind your hips against it. We part and you look down at my cock. Your hands slide around from my ass to my cock and balls. You gently run your fingers over the length and then continue to my shaved balls. You grasp the scrotum and gently pull. You return to my dick and stroke it up and down. You truly enjoy and are sexually excited by the site of my cock erect. It is erect because of YOU and that is where the feelings come from.

You take my hand and lead me outside. We enter the night nude, aroused, and eager to satisfy our lust. It is a warm night but we scarcely notice the temperature as it is similar to our own heat. The air is still. We slowly walk under the pergola and over to the hot tub and the dappled moonlight splashes on your shoulders and flows down your back and ass. Its silvery light enhances your curves. It is almost as if the moon is feeling your soft skin was we walk.

You sit down on the edge of the tub and I stand in front of you. You and my cock and are face to face; its head bobbing to my pulse. You place your nose up against my body where my penis extends from my body and breathe in my scent. You hand reaches up and feels the firmness of my erection. The heat you feel matches your own. You slowly stroke my length and get a twitch between your legs as you imagine it inside of you. You open your mouth and lick my shaved testicles, turning them shiny in the moonlight. You turn your head, take the balls into your mouth gently, and taste them. Your free hand gently grabs my ass and pulls me closer to you. Continuing, enjoying the taste and feel, you lick and suck on my balls greedily. I groan with excitement and involuntarily take another step closer.

I run my hands through your hair as you turn your mouth to my cock. You lick the length and circle the head with your tongue. With one hand, you slide down my penis and grasp the base. With the other hand, you gently fondle my balls once again. Your mouth descends onto me. I feel its warm wetness surround Anadolu Yakası Escort me. You slowly slide off my cock and then abruptly back down. The combination of my scent, my hardness, my moaning, and your lust propel you to suck and stroke more and more. You are excited by the pleasure you are giving me, and the sounds that I am making. Your lower hand snakes around my ass and fingers my asshole. I push myself further into your mouth. You fend my advance off with your hand holding me still. You look up at me with saliva around the edges of your mouth. I pull you to your feet and kiss you deeply.

I let you sit back down on the tub and gently push you back onto the cover. Your nakedness is shining brightly in the moonlight and I take a moment to satisfy my voyeuristic needs. Looking at you, I know at once everything I want to do to you, with you and have you do to me. I try to slow my thoughts down to savor the moment but it is difficult. You reach up and massage your breasts. Seeing me watching you, you spread your legs wide and rub your sex. The exhibitionist in you enjoys having someone watch you. You continue to massage and rub yourself as I watch you.

My brain gains control of my body and I lean between your legs, and kiss you again. My cock rests on your belly and you feel its heat. I move down with my tongue and I find your nipples. I suck each one intermittently, back and forth. My hand massages the tit I am not pleasing with my mouth. I move my knee up between your legs, against your vagina. I feel your heat and wetness against me. I push gently against your sex and you moan quietly. You squirm against the pressure smearing more of your fluid against me. I move further down your body with my eyes, hands and tongue feeling and caressing along the way. I arrive at your pubic hair and look up again at you. You raise your hips to encourage me to continue. My hands slide down your thighs and back up again. I massage your legs, my hands kneading your muscles, working my way closer to their convergence. I run my thumb over the outside of your pussy lips and a moan escapes.

You are very wet, and your fluid has run down the crack of your ass. Using the palm of my hand, I cover your vagina and press inward feeling your heat. I slide my hand up, dragging my fingers behind. They rub your lips and slip easily through your slit. I pull apart your lips with my fingers and blow. The cool wind sends shivers up your spine. I insert one finger inside you and probe in and out. Your musky scent fills my senses and causes me be get closer. Responding to my advance, you pull up your legs, and spread them, allowing me greater access. I spread your lips and lick and your hips rise to greet me. I lick again, and again, mixing my saliva with your juices. I insert a finger, then another inside you and then start licking again. Your moans have changed from soft to a much louder, more encouraging volume, urging me to continue.

My fingers stroke the front your pussy wall finding the G-spot. I stop licking, rise up, and continue massaging your spot. I watch the pleasure I am giving you and I have to stop myself from jerking off watching you. Rubbing your G-spot is starting that tingling feeling in your body. Your breathing is speeding up and your hips are rising to meet my fingers. I return to licking your clit. Your pussy is very wet and I use your slipperiness to lubricate my fingers before I insert them in your ass. You moan loudly.

Sensing your orgasm is very close I concentrate on bringing you over the edge. My tonguing becomes more focused and quicker. I start pushing my fingers in your ass faster and faster. When your orgasm hits, it crashes on your body causing Kartal Escort you to scream out in pleasure. You squeeze your legs together tightly trapping my hands inside you. I feel your muscles clenching my fingers.

I let you catch your breath and the force of your orgasm to lessen before removing my fingers from you. I bend over and kiss you deeply. You taste yourself on my tongue and it excites you. You are very warm and you have a fine mist of sweat on your head. I kiss you again. I stand up and the voyeur in you gazes at my erect cock sticking out away from my body. I step towards you and you open your legs wider inviting me to fuck you. I push my cock into your pussy and feel its heat wash over me. Your hips rise to meet me. You are very slippery and my cock slides in easily.

I continue pushing myself in until fully inserted and I hold it there. Your muscles start massaging my cock inside your pussy. I place my hands alongside you and start to fuck you. You start to moan and that encourages me to push in and out faster. You reach up and pull at your nipples and tell me to fuck you are harder. I answer your request and quicken my pace and force. We are moaning loudly and we forget where we are and lose ourselves in our lust. I continue fucking you, enjoying every sensation of our bodies together.

You tell me to stop and ask me to fuck you doggie style. I withdraw myself and step back to allow you to move into position. You slide off the hot tub cover and before turning around for me, you kneel down and give my cock some attention. You lick and kiss my balls and then suck on my dick. In my current aroused state, it feels wonderful; almost too wonderful. I gently tap your shoulder to let you know that I am close to cumming. Understand the unspoken signal, you stand up and kiss me. Your tongue has the mixed taste of your pussy and my cock and adds to our arousal.

You turn and face the hot tub, placing your hands on the edge, spread your legs and lift your ass. Taking my cue from you, I kneel behind you and lick your pussy noisily. I continue my tongue up the crack of your ass to your ass hole. I tongue your ass hole and return to your pussy. I rub my thumb over your clit and my fingers push inside your pussy. I again tongue your ass hole and then insert my finger. You beg me to stop playing and fuck you. I stand behind you and insert my cock into you. You are so very wet that I slide in easily. I grab your hips and start pushing in and out.

We are both moaning with pleasure. We have totally given ourselves over to our lust. I continue to fuck you, speeding up and thrusting more forcefully. I reach up, grab your hair, and pull it back towards me. You purr with delight. I let go of your hair and give your ass a swat. Again, you moan with pleasure, so I do it again, and again. As I push in and out of you, you feel my balls slap against your already stimulated clit. You announce loudly that you are cumming again. You start to shake as the orgasm hits. The pleasure wave causes you to squirt and your stream flows over my cock, balls and over my legs. Feeling you cum around my cock pushes me over the edge. I pull myself without and slide my cock between your ass cheeks, much to your delight. I now return to your pussy with eager anticipation of my release.

I feel my orgasm starting and tell you I am going to cum. I pull out and you turn around and sit on the edge of the tub. I take a step towards you and start masturbating in front of you. The voyeur and exhibitionist in me join into one act as I lose myself jerking off in front of you, outside, and while watching a beautiful naked woman. My sperm erupts from my cock and lands on your tits. I continue stroking myself and more and more semen spews from me. You smear my cum into your skin and breasts. Spent, I lean over you and kiss you. The heady scent of semen, sweat and sex surrounds us. You stand up, and hug me, pressing my semen between us. I kiss you again, deeply, our lust temporarily sated.

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