The Doctor Will See You Now Ch. 03

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Part Three ::: Jason Finds a Woman

Jason Turner didn’t quite feel like himself. Anger seethed in his heart. He wanted to get revenge on Ashlee. He wanted her to feel pain when she saw him in another woman’s arms. He wanted her to discover this ache he was feeling after witnessing her making love to his worse enemy. He vowed he would do whatever it would take to make Ashlee suffer.

Jason left the waterfront, taking the familiar street which would lead him to ‘The Bucket O’ Blood,’ the tavern where he once drank, played pool, and caroused with loose women. He hadn’t been there for months now, for Ashlee had forbidden him to hang out in such a shameful place. He decided he would head over there now and make up for lost time.

Jason hadn’t been inside ‘The Bucket O’ Blood’ since a new owner had taken over the establishment. As Jason entered the smoke-infested building, filled with raucous laughter and the raunchy swearing of drunken men, he knew that the place was now even more sleazy than ever before.

Country music played on the beat-up juke box, but Jason could barely hear the drawl of Randy Travis over the noise of the beer-drinkers. The new owner of the joint stood at the bar, serving mugs of frothy beer and potent whiskey, and Jason immediately recognized the man to be Eddie Layne, the notorious sex-crazed ex-con. Jason didn’t think much of the man, for he was known to be an ugly brute and a corrupter of young women. bahis firmaları Rumors were circulating all over that Layne had forced his own daughter into becoming a porno actress, seriously ruining the young lady’s reputation.

Jason sat at a circular table in the corner of the bar, his brown eyes drinking in his surroundings, yet finding very little to like about what took place before him. Half-naked, young waitresses were serving pawing drunks. The men were fondling the pretty women as they walked by carrying laden trays of beverages. Sometimes a bold one would pull a waitress down on his lap, his hand grasping a breast or a thigh. Jason wondered what happened to the days of playing pool and joking around with the guys. This certainly was a different scene.

Then Jason’s heart dropped in his chest. A lovely young woman walked across the room. She wore a revealing uniform like the other waitresses, but she looked somehow out of place, as though she despised the lustful comments and touches of the men. A sad expression came to her face, as she appeared to be longing for something better.

She approached Jason’s table, a tentative smile coming to her lips when she thought she saw kindness behind his eyes. “Hi. Can I bring you anything?” she asked.

“How about a dance?” Jason asked, suddenly longing to hold this lovely young woman close in his arms.

“I—-I don’t know,” she said softly. “My….. daddy doesn’t like me to dance kaçak iddaa with the customers.”

“Ohhh. Is Layne your father?”

“Yes. I’m Jennie.”

Jennie. The one who was said to have been a porno queen. *That’s weird,* thought Jason. *She sure doesn’t look like a x-rated movie star.*

“Nice to meet you. My name’s Jason…. Jason Turner.”

“I’ve heard about you,” she said in a barely audible voice.

Jason searched her eyes, but her expression told him nothing. Had she heard about his wild motorcyle days? The times he had slept with countless women, drinking and partying to all hours of the night? That had all ended when he met Ashlee, when…. It didn’t matter now. He was going to forget Ashlee, and he would do so by taking another woman into his arms….. and into his bed.

“Come on, Lady. Just one dance,” Jason coaxed, his voice husky and persuasive.

Jennie didn’t know what came over her when suddenly she blurted out, “Yeah!” and then took Jason’s hand in hers, leading him to the dance floor where she glided into his embrace. She had wanted to turn him down, but her heart had been longing for just a few moments in his arms.

The music seemed to get louder as Jason held Jennie daringly close, his hot breath appearing to entwine with hers. Another country love-song began to play, and Jennie listened to the words of the song, her eyes growing misty as her dark head rested on the strength of Jason’s chest. The words of kaçak bahis the song seemed to be written for her and Jason, and somehow she prayed he would hear her heart’s yearnings through the words of the song —-

“To hear you say my name……… to see you search my eyes,
To feel you touch my hand……… it more than satisfies.
If I was not the first…… just say I’ll be the last,
It’s too much to expect…….. but it’s not too much to ask.
Now I can only dream of being all you need,
And I can only try, to be the reason why……
You think about today and forget about the past,
It’s too much to expect, but it doesn’t hurt to ask……
It’s too much to expect, but it’s not too much to ask.”

~Not Too Much to Ask~ lyrics by Joe Diffie and Mary-Chapin Carpenter

Suddenly Jennie’s mind was pulled away from the words of the song, when Jason looked deeply into her hazel eyes and said, “I want you, Jennie Layne. I want you in my life.”

“Do you mean it, Jason?” she asked in amazement.

“I mean it. I think I’m falling in love,” he replied, his body reacting to the luscious press of hers.

His mouth swooped to hers and he kissed her hungrily, his tongue possessively entering her mouth. She felt him cupping her buttocks through the thin cotton skirt of her uniform, his hands gently caressing the rounded flesh. Jennie shivered, tasting the potent heat of Jason’s kiss.

Jason’s mouth drew away from hers and he said in a heated whisper, “Stay with me tonight, Jennie. I need you.”

“No, Jason. No, I can’t!” she protested, much pain in her eyes as she tore herself from the band of his arms and ran out of the bar.

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