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The Descending of Jessica Ch. 10

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This story begins where Chapter 9 left off. If you haven’t read the previous 9 chapters you might be lost. Also, you wouldn’t know about how we used giant robots to defeat the aliens. So you might want to read them. Or not, its your call.

In the comments before Chapter 9 I mentioned that some had written about the word “Descending” in the title. I didn’t answer that, as it is more appropriate to answer it here. I got the idea to include it from the DuChamp painting “Nude Descending a Staircase” which I love. It occurred to me that the events at the end of this chapter made me feel as though I was falling down the stairs emotionally, and hence the reference. That it is not a story of “Descending into deviance” by the standards on this site was unknown when I picked the title though and I apologize for any confusion it may have caused. Basically, I just like the word and the imagery.

I apologize again to regular readers and the kind folks that have been commenting and writing critiques to me for the delay in getting this chapter out. Life is busy right now, and in addition chapter 9 and this one are somewhat painful for me to write. I hope you understand.


Brent, my foster brother for two years, boyfriend for three months, and fiance for a week, had asked me to dress “kinda sexy” for when we took him to school. He assured me his fraternity brothers would be there to help so I wouldn’t have to carry anything, although I would still drive my pickup, a Ram 1500, to haul his things as only myself and my foster father Ron could drive a straight of the family. As it was August, and quite hot, I was able to wear a fairly flimsy dress that came to just below mid thigh, and some cute little boots (not the ones I used to kick Danny’s face in, a different pair. I could never get the blood stains out of those. If you don’t know about me kicking Danny’s face in, you really need to read the other chapters first. He deserved it.) The dress barely covered the top of my thigh high nude stockings, which I had over the course of the summer become addicted to wearing as Brent loved them and I felt incredibly sexy when I did. Other than the garter belt holding the hosiery up and a cute little white thong, I had a matching white push up that made the most of my C cups. The dress was a lemon yellow that worked well with my long auburn hair and green eyes, and as I looked myself over in the mirror I thought I looked pretty darn good. The boots had spike heels on them which made my long legs look even longer, and the dress was low cut just enough to show a hint of cleavage without being overly slutty. I sprayed, curled and teased the shit out of my hair to give it more body, and applied make up as Allison and the sales ladies at the mall had taught me; just enough to accent what looked great about me, hide anything that didn’t, and without being caked on so as to look look like a whore. When I did it right, it looked like I wasn’t really wearing any, and that day I had, I’m pretty sure, done it right.

We had our last lunch for a while as a couple at home with Ron and Allison, and then we were off. I went to our room to get my purse and keys. While there, Brent came in to thank me for dressing sexy for him, and expressed great approval at my look through a long kiss and running his hands all over me sensually until Allison called from down stairs to tell us it was time to go. For a guy that claimed he loved me best when my hair was in a pony tail, had no make up and was wearing sweats, he seemed particularly aroused by my appearance.

“I wish we could be together just one more time.” he said.

“Me too, but I would have to shower, change, redo my hair and put all this shit on my face again.” I giggled.

“Totally worth it.” he smiled as he released his tight embrace and gently held my waist as my hands still hung around the back of his neck.

“I’m going to miss you.” I told him, a tear rising in my eyes.

“Its just ’til Tuesday,” he smiled, then added “I wish we were at the same school though, I’m going to miss you too.”

“What is keeping you two?” Allison asked as she knocked on my, well now days, our, door.

“Just saying our good byes!” I said, smiling at Brent.

“Brent, let that girl up! You’re going to see her Tuesday!” She laughed.

“Okay we’ll be down in a sec,” I replied, then added with a laugh, “as soon as we find our cloths!”

Ron drove his Lexus as he and Allison planned to shop after dropping Brent off, and Brent took his Accord so he would have it at school, while Allison and I rode in the truck with all of Brent’s boxes in the back. This gave Allison and I a chance to chat more, and I reassured her I had no doubts about my upcoming nuptials. It wasn’t irritating in the least to have Allison ask me if I was really sure, as I knew she and Ron both just wanted what was best for Brent and I, and that they were quite happy we were to wed as well. Allison’s questions were just another way Ümraniye Escort for her to say “I love you” and made me feel a warm love for my foster mother and, since they had been able to adopt Brent, my soon to be mother in law.

“So let’s talk about something else.” Allison finally said, now assured that for at least the time being I was quite happy being engaged and set to marry her son.

“Sure, what shall we talk about?” I asked.

“Well, I thought maybe we should talk about the birds and bees a little.” she smiled.

“Ummm, I think I’ve got that covered.” I laughed.

“Oh, I’m sure you have the basics down pretty well now, but there are some things you might not expect.” she said with a slight smile.

“Like what?” I asked, and now truly wondered what she was talking about.

“Well, its just that we all have certain desires, and we choose our mates somewhat based on those. Now, I don’t mean to discount love, love is the most important reason, but there is compatibility too, and sometimes you find out that you might not be 100% compatible with someone you love.”

“Oh, we’re pretty compatible. Brent’s emotionally dumb sometimes, but we want the same things out of life.” I replied.

“No, I mean… well, Brent may want somethings that might not be to your pleasing or taste.”

Now I was truly confused. “What do you mean?”

“Well, what would you say your best attribute is?” she asked.

“Ummm, I guess my personality.” I answered honestly.

“Well, yes, that’s true. But I meant physically. If a guy you didn’t know saw you on the street, what would you think he would find most attractive about you?”

I thought about this, trying to figure out where Allison was going but was still at a loss. “I don’t know, I’m tall. Brent says he likes my hair and my eyes.”

“Granted you are quite beautiful Jessie, and your hair and eyes certainly have their admirers I’m sure, but what else? I’ll give you a hint, you picked your engagement photo based partly on it.”

I thought about this and recalled joking that in one of the two shots I said I picked it was because my legs, ass and boobs looked fantastic, which they did, but I was basically kidding when I said it, I’m not that vain. Then I recalled Brent telling me about all the guys he knew loving my ass…

“My butt?” I asked.

“Your butt. Exactly.”

“So,” I said, still trying to figure out where this was going, “ummm, what about my butt?”

“Well, I just worry that Brent may want to try somethings, you know, in the bedroom, that..”

“Ohhhh!” I said, interrupting Allison as I finally understood, “No worries, we…, well we have an understanding where that is concerned.”

“You have an understanding?” Allison asked, it now being her time to be confused.

“This is embarrassing,” I finally admitted after a long silence, and I could feel myself blushing. Its not every day one’s foster mother wants to talk to you about your fiancee having potential expectations of butt sex.

“You can always come to me to talk about anything Jessie, if you want to talk about something else we can, I’m just worried that, well, you’re young and haven’t been involved with a lot. I’m not saying you’re naive, but, well, inexperienced, especially when it comes to some of the things a husband might expect.”

Allison and I had always been open and talked about everything, she had gotten me a birth control prescription when I first moved in two years before even though I was a virgin and didn’t have intercourse until earlier this summer with Brent. She and I had talked openly and frankly about sex several times, but just the basic biology as well as love and desire. We had never talked about freaky things in the suburban bedroom. Still, it was clear she was worried that I might divorce Brent the moment he went to the back door, and I owed her peace of mind I guessed.

“Okay, I don’t want you to worry about us. So, let me tell yo… wait, first tell me, has this been an issue for you? I mean, I don’t want to know what you guys do, but I mean, if its a touchy subject,” I babbled.

“Well, early on we had some issues, but I was raised to believe that a wife should do what she can to make her husband happy.” she sheepishly replied.

“So Dr Ron’s an ass man!” I giggled.

“Don’t you dare tell him I said that! I didn’t say that!” Allison said vehemently, but without anger in her voice.

“Its okay, its our little secret.” I smiled, but it was clear I had embarrassed my foster mother.

We rode in silence for a minute or so, and it was clear that Allison had no words to break the quiet. Finally I confessed “Brent is too.”

“What? He’s already tried to…”

“Oh, we did more than try!” I grinned as I interrupted her.

“Well, I guess you didn’t need this talk after all.” Allison smiled.

“No, but I’m glad we are, because now I know I can truly talk to you about anything.” I replied.

“So, does he want to do that İstanbul Escort all the time?”

“Geez, getting kinda personal aren’t we? Are we talking as mother and daughter or sisters here?” I laughed.

Allison thought for a moment and laughed “Sisters. I would never tell my mother something like that!”

“Well sis,” I giggled “No, thankfully he doesn’t. I mean, it’s okay, but you know… uncomfortable? But he does other stuff back there that’s great.”

“Uncomfortable? Tell me about it! At first it hurt like hell! But, Ron is worth it. He doesn’t try that often either. Its more of a thing to spice his drive up every now and then.”

“Yeah, same with Brent. I don’t think I could do it back there very often. The first time I decided to try it I took half a day getting ready.” I giggled.

“Wait, what does he do that’s great? Back there I mean.” Allison asked.

Now it was my turn to blush. “Well… Brent is, ummm, very oral in his affections. Lets just leave it at that.”

“Oh my gosh Jessie, you made him kiss your butt?” she said laughing.

“No, I didn’t make him!” I declared, “He did it all on his own, can I tell you something?”

“Of course, you know my dirty little secret.”

“The first night we were together, he, well, he calls it eating me, I knew they did that in porno and stuff, but I didn’t think it happened in real life. Anyway, I was all worked up, and then he turned me over and started do the same thing back there, and I was like… Wheeeee! So that has become something we do a lot more.”

“Ewwww, you do that to him?”

“Oh no, that would be gross. It would make me vomit.” I didn’t tell her that the one time I tried it, or sucking ass juice off his cock, I became so repugnant to myself I asked him to leave so I could loath myself privately, “But he’s into it on me, and its the surest way he’s found to turn me on. So,,, well, don’t think bad of him! Please, if he knew I was telling you this…”

“Don’t worry about it. That’s your next lesson in being a good wife, we don’t tell them everything!” she said as we both cackled with laughter.

“There are some other things. You never know what a guy might fantasize about. They can get really weird and still be great guys.” Allison said once we stopped laughing.


“Well, they are almost all visual where women are more in touch with all our senses, and our hearts. So a man might look at other women, and even lust for them, but that doesn’t mean they will cheat. They may have a fantasy about watching you with someone else, but that doesn’t mean that you should. It can get weird, but let your heart and your brain guide your actions and you will be fine. And I’m never more than a phone call away.” She said.

“You mean like Brent asked me to dress sexy today so he could show me off? And geez, what the fuck is Ron into? He seems so normal.” I asked.

“Never mind that, we have to keep somethings private. And don’t say fuck so much, Brent wants a nice girl, not a gutter tramp. I just want you to know if you are ever troubled by anything like that you can always call me. Just don’t call Ron. He might get worked up hearing about it.”

“Dr. Ron is a perv. Who would of thought it?” I giggled.

“Oh, Ron’s not a perv. Well not too much of one anyway. But he can make things interesting sometimes!” Allison smiled.

We talked about more mundane things the rest of the trip, and soon were pulling up in front of the fraternity house. Brent and Ron were already there and directed me in backing up to the front porch. I slipped the truck into high 4 and backed it into the yard and up the sidewalk until the rear gate was right at the back porch. Several guys were standing around gawking as I deftly backed up the truck, so it looked like Brent was right, I wouldn’t have to carry any thing.

I opened the door and slide out as daintily as one can from a 4×4 pick up, and Brent was there to embrace me and give me a kiss welcoming me to this part of his world, and a porch full of his frat brothers mentally undressed me, which, given how I had dressed wasn’t much of a surprise and didn’t require much imagination either I suppose. Men can be so predictable, and it felt nice that each of them was envious of my Brent.

“Let me introduce you to the guys.” he said with as big of a smile as I had ever seen on him.

“Nope, we’ve got work to do” Allison interrupted, as she dropped the tail gate, then looked at Brent and added “and wipe that shit eating grin off your face.”

I almost choked at Allison’s words, but Brent didn’t notice and dutifully grabbed a box. “Well, come in and let me show you the place.” he smiled at me.

As we got to the porch, Brent said “Hey guys, this is Jessie, my fiance.”

His fellow fraternity members chided him, saying things like I was too pretty for him, and asking me if I could ever marry a guy as ugly as him. “Oh sure,” I replied and held up my ring for all to see “Its official.”

“Wait Anadolu Yakası Escort a second, I remember seeing your picture last year in his dorm. He told me you were his sister.”one guy said.

“I’m that too, that’s the great thing about living in the south.” I smirked. “So, are you guys going to help Brent unload the truck?” I sweetly asked as I took the box from Brent and handed it to the one that had seen my picture the year before. The other guys started grabbing boxes and I asked Brent “So, show me this room?” I locked my arm around his and he escorted me in.

“That’s a handy trick, I’ll have to remember that one” Brent whispered referring to all the guys jumping up to help.

“I don’t think it would work as well for you.” I grinned.

The frat house was a dump and smelled of cigarettes and stale beer. This was not unexpected, but the house was otherwise clean I suppose. The furniture was old and worn, and badly mismatched. It was clear that it had been furnished by generations of guys on budgets with little taste and less interest in matching decor over the years. Brent’s room was upstairs, and the walk up gave his fraternity brothers a good look at my long legs, and probably the top of the hosiery I was wearing. It had two beds. It was then that I realized he would still have a room mate. Damn it.

“So, what do you think?” he asked.

“Its a dump. And filthy.” Allison answered for me.

“Well, we’re going to clean it up!” Brent replied.

“Its okay,” I said, then added, “I didn’t realize you would have a room mate.”

“Oh, I won’t be here that much, and if you ever want to be alone Brent will let me know.” said the guy I had handed the first box. After he set it down, he turned and extended his hand. “I’m Steve by the way. Brent didn’t want us to know each others names apparently.”

“Pleased to meet you Steve.” I replied and shook his hand.

“And I’m Carolyn.” said a voice behind me,

“Hey honey,” Steve said as they embraced. “Jessie, this is my girlfriend, Carolyn, this is Brent’s fiance Jessie.”

“Brent! You got engaged? When did this happen? I thought you were all about that girl back home you always talk about!” Carolyn exclaimed as she hugged him.

“I was. I mean, I am. I finally took your advice and told her. And, well, we’re getting married in December.” Brent said.

“Wait, you put him up to telling me his feelings and stuff?” I gasped as I asked Carolyn as the box moving crew continued in and out and she released her arms from my fiance.

“Yeah, he used to go out with us and reject every girl that ever approached him, he said he loved some girl back home he couldn’t talk about. So I asked him last spring before classes got over if he had talked to her about how he felt and he said ‘derrrrp not exactly.'” Carolyn said, gently mocking Brent’s demeanor. “So I made him promise he would tell this girl. And I guess he finally did!”

I knew nothing of this story. I stared at her with my jaw almost to the floor at this revelation. I stood there for a moment while everyone was trying to figure out if I was angry, or upset, or what, as though this revelation would somehow reduce the sincerity of Brent’s affections I suppose, then I wrapped my arms around Carolyn, saying “Thank you, thank you so much.” I was almost crying as we released from our embrace.

“You’re welcome!” Carolyn replied, her eyes bright with glee. “Why don’t we let the guys unpack and I’ll show you around campus? Brent, can Jessie take your car?”

“If the boxes are all out, we can take my truck.” I offered.

“You drive that truck? How cool is that?” she exclaimed.

“Allison, Ron, do you mind?” I asked.

“No no!” Ron replied, “Go find out what Brent did up here all last year. And be sure and tell us the good parts!”

“Hey now! Don’t be telling stories on me!” Brent exclaimed.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it!” Carolyn replied with a wicked grin.

We jumped in the truck, giving several guys probably a pretty good view of my legs, as well as Carolyn’s as she was wearing running shorts and a tank top that barely covered anything but were well suited to the late August heat in the south, and took off. I liked that the guys were staring, and I loved that Brent had wanted to show me off. But what made me happiest was meeting Carolyn. She was quite pretty, much shorter than me and had shoulder length brunette hair. She a great figure, toned I suspected, and when later asked she confirmed, from running. She showed me around campus as we drove, as well as some of the local sites in the small college town, all the while chatting up a storm about what a great guy Brent was and how much she looked forward to me moving up in the spring. We finally landed at a little deli that she swore had the best iced tea, and went in to rehydrate and gossip.

“So, you really told tell Brent to tell me how he felt.” I said, more as a statement than a question.

“Yeah, he was miserable all last year. He said he had flirted with you every way he knew how, stuff that had worked on every other girl, even tried to make you jealous by dating other girls, and you just acted like it didn’t matter except for when he left for college and you kissed him. What was that all about?”

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