The Deflowering of My Daughter Ch. 03

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It wasn’t long before we were on our way; I asked my daughter if she’d had a good time and how she felt about the ass fuck.

She just beamed like a Cheshire cat and said the feeling was awesome and the ensuing orgasm was so intense she thought she was going to pass out.

As Tanya was recalling what we’d just experienced together she spread her legs, lifted the hem of her skirt and started rubbing her crotch through her panties, I suggested that it would be a good idea if she took her knickers off before they got soaked with her juices, so she hooked her thumbs under the waist band and removed her panties stuffing them into her handbag, she then returned her fingers to her naked snatch and continued to work them up and down the slit.

My daughter then asked me-through moans of ecstasy-how far it was to the restaurant, as she really needed to feel my cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

My dick was by now straining to get in on the action being offered me on a plate and as luck would have it we were just passing the entrance to the forestry and the barrier was open, (meaning that someone was still working) so I turned the car up onto the track and travelled a little way to an area used by the wagon drivers to check that their load of timber is safe for travelling on the road.

I stopped the car at the far end; I then phoned the restaurant from my mobile and told them we were running a bit behind schedule but to keep the table reserved for us, while I was talking on the phone Tanya had reached over to my jeans and was busy unbuckling the belt, after I’d finished on the phone I quickly removed my jeans leaving them in a heap, I told Tanya to lower the back rest of her seat into the horizontal position, which she did and without further to do I clambered across the centre console and positioned myself in between my daughter’s thighs, Tanya was already pushing my boxer shorts down to release the one eyed snake.

She then gently gripped the shaft and guided my rigid cock to her waiting wet fuck-hole, her cunt was so lubricated that I had no problem in sliding it into her, I pushed my cock the full eight inches up inside her vagina then pulled it back and every time I pushed into her she would moan, “Ohhh—- —Ohhh—–Ohhh——Oh yea—-Aggh—-yea——-f__u__ c__ k ME H –AÔÇöRÔÇöD, Uuuhhhh Uuuhhhh Uuuuhhhh Uuuuhhhh Y E A F A S T E R F A S T E R F A S T E R Aaarrrggghh Fuck your BABY GIRL, ram that cock up me, OHHHHh Y e a h h h , T h a t ‘s it keep going,”

We were going at it like wild animals and failed to notice the truck carrying it’s load of logs pull up outside.

All of a sudden there was a loud rapping on the passenger door window, which stopped me in my tracks, much to my daughter’s frustration.

I pulled my cock out of Tanya’s cunt and clambered back over to the driver’s seat and quickly pulled my pants on, as I was busying myself Tanya was raising the backrest of her seat to the vertical position.

Then came another rap on the window but as all the glass was steamed up we couldn’t see who it was so I pressed the switch to lower the window, standing outside was quite a muscular man in his mid twenties wearing a t-shirt and work jeans, he put his hands on the window frame and peered into the car, he looked me up and down and asked what we were doing parked on private property.

Before I could answer him, Tanya recognised who he was as he lived on the same estate as her and she said his name was Danny, he then realized who Tanya was so they started chatting like old pals, I could see that she kept looking at the bulge in Danny’s jeans then she asked him how his sex life was seeing that his wife was heavily pregnant, he admitted that he hadn’t had his end away for quite a some time.

My daughter then told him that she’d been left feeling frustrated and as she was still as horny as hell would he like to relieve some of the stress that he must be going through and help her out as well,

Tanya then looked at me and I suggested that it would be a good idea for Danny to wear a condom-just to be safe-and she agreed so I handed her an unopened pack of three that I always have handy in the car then I opened the drivers door and told her I was going for a walk bahis firmalar─▒ to give them a bit of privacy.

As I started walking up the track I glanced back at the car and could see that my daughter had the passenger door open and she was sitting side on with her legs outside and her head was bobbing up and down, I figured she was giving Danny a blowjob just to get him in the mood for the nitty gritty.

I continued walking up the track and thought it would be nice if I could find a vantage point above where the car was parked so that I could keep an eye on the proceedings, just then I noticed a pathway leading up through the brush in the direction where I wanted to be, I followed the path and to my delight it brought me out about 30 feet above the lay-by which meant I had a birds-eye view of the action going on below, what greeted me nearly made my eyes pop out of their sockets.

I was expecting to see Danny lying on top of Tanya fucking her on the back seat of the car, but what met my eyes was even more arousing,

Danny was fucking my daughter all right and he was giving her a real good seeing to but he had her spread eagled on the bonnet with his pants around his ankles and her skirt up over her waist revealing her naked lower regions for anyone to see but by the look of total ecstasy on her beautiful face she didn’t care as she was getting a fucking good pounding from his large cock.

Suddenly he pulled his todger out and in a flash spun Tanya over so she now had her feet on the ground and was bent forward over the bonnet, Danny then positioned himself behind her and rammed his rod back up into her wet cunt and continued stuffing her full with his meat while firmly gripping her luscious hips in the doggy position,

Tanya was moaning out loud and Danny was grunting heavily as they went at it and just watching them had my own cock aching to release its jism so I pulled my zipper down and reached inside the flap of my shorts gripping the shaft I pulled my very rigid cock out and started wanking off all the time looking at the awesome action that was happening on the bonnet of my car below and it didn’t take long before I was shooting spunk all over the flora.

Tanya and Danny must have climaxed at the same time because I heard her moaning in total bliss, and when I looked down again they had finished shagging so I put my cock back in my pants and made my way down to the car.

On returning to my car Tanya was sitting back in the passenger seat chatting to Danny as though nothing had happened, I got into the driver’s seat, my daughter was entering Danny’s phone number onto her mobile (which meant this wouldn’t be the last time they would get together) Danny then told me that we would have to leave the area because he was locking the barrier behind him.

I started the engine and we said our goodbyes then we carried on to the restaurant.

It didn’t take long to arrive at the country Hotel; I eventually found a parking space as the restaurant was a very popular eatery; We walked through the Hotel foyer and into the restaurant where we were met by the head waiter; I told him that we had a table reserved and apologised for arriving late, He simply said that it was lucky I’d phoned when I did as they were having a busy night, he then guided us to our table.

The reason this place is so popular is the way it’s furnished, it has a real ‘Olde World’ feel to it with the solid oak tables laid out in private booths surrounded by high Oakwood panelling and plush seating, our table was set for two with a candle in the centre, very romantic.

We sat down opposite each other and the waiter handed us the menu then wished us ‘bon appetite’.

I scanned the menu and decided to go with the crispy half duck and to my surprise Tanya went for the same, we also decided to start with a prawn cocktail so I called for a waiter and it wasn’t long before he arrived.

The waiter was in his early twenties and looked quite fit as my daughter pointed out and when he spoke you could tell he was from France although he spoke good English,

I gave him our order and he went away to the kitchen, whilst we waited for our starters to arrive I asked Tanya how she was enjoying herself so ka├žak iddaa far and she replied by saying she had had an awesome mind blowing experience and said that she loved me for it.

Then I asked her how it went with Danny, she blushed a little but said that she really enjoyed feeling his 10 inch cock fucking her, I unwittingly let it slip that it was a right turn on watching another man humping the fuck out of my daughter and especially spread-eagled on the bonnet of my car, just then I saw the waiter bringing our prawn cocktails.

After we were about three-quarters of the way through our main meal I removed my right shoe and sock (without my daughter knowing) and ran the ball of my foot up the inner side of her right boot,

As my foot touched her bare skin she jumped a little with shock but soon relaxed so I continued the movement, gliding the ball of my foot along her inner thigh and under the hem of her skirt, finally arriving at her bare crotch (as she hadn’t put her panties back on) Tanya opened her thighs a little allowing my toes access to her pussy lips and clit.

As I worked my big toe up and down her slit I asked her how she felt about trying a threesome?

She stuttered a bit but then said she’d seen some porn on the subject and wouldn’t mind trying it as long as it was with two men, then I asked her if she knew what the spit roast position was, she had an idea so I suggested we give it a go.

Tanya looked at me with a puzzled expression although she was getting really turned on by the manipulation of my toe rubbing her pussy under the table.

My daughter then asked me what I had in mind so I explained that apart from the good food the restaurant had another secret reputation involving the waiters, apparently they are willing to help out in any way they can to ensure the customers happiness!!

Tanya got the idea and said she was well up for it and wouldn’t mind involving the waiter that had served us, with that I called him over and propositioned him, He couldn’t believe his luck and said that he knew this went on but this was the first time he had been asked to perform, he then said that he was due a break and would show us where we could go to get it on.

By now I was feeling as horny as hell and Tanya was nearly beside herself with excitement, I’d stopped rubbing her pussy with my toe by now and I was putting my shoe back on when the waiter came back and asked us to follow him.

He led the way down a narrow corridor where the toilets were housed and opened a door at the end, there was a sign on the door that read ‘Private Staff Room’, we entered the room and the waiter closed and bolted the door behind us.

The room contained a table with some dirty plates on the surface and four hardback chairs positioned around it and a couple of stools, there was also a settee that had seen better days against the back wall with a sink and water boiler in the corner and a cupboard against another wall but what caught my eye -and what Tanya headed for-was an easy chair with a low back that was in the centre of the room with the back facing the door.

My daughter knelt on the cushioned chair and motioned the waiter to her, when he reached her she wasted no time in pulling the zipper down on his trousers then inserting her hand in through the opening and grasping his willy, she pulled his semi-hard cock out and pushed the skin down revealing his helmet-his cock was about 9 inches long but it must have been at least seven inches in girth-she let out a low sigh when she saw how thick it was and immediately started licking the length of his shaft which didn’t take long to become fully erect.

Tanya kept working her magic on his manhood but because of the thickness she was unable to insert it in her small mouth, as this was going on I pulled up a stool then lifted the hem of her skirt and placed it on the small of her back exposing the naked luscious cheeks of her arse which I slapped playfully, I then sat down and was confronted with the beautiful sight of my daughter’s pouting pussy, I gently pulled her labia outer lips apart with my thumbs allowing my tongue access to the pink inner lips and the entrance to her vagina and started to perform cunnilingus on her ka├žak bahis by pushing my tongue into her soaking wet cunt and slurping up the juices that were oozing out.

Tanya started to grind her pussy onto my mouth as she still worked on the waiter’s cock, moaning in sheer ecstasy, we carried on with this debauchery for a while longer until my daughter couldn’t take it any longer and said she needed to feel a cock inside her pussy, so I asked the waiter if he would like to change places with me and like a flash he was by my side, I then re-positioned to Tanya’s front and unbuckled the belt on my jeans and she unbuttoned them and pulled the zipper down she then pulled my boxer shorts down releasing my aching rock-hard erection.

As she was doing this, I noticed-with relief-that the waiter was rolling a condom onto his one eyed monster, then positioned himself against her ass bent his knees slightly and guided his cock to the opening of Tanya’s vagina where he started to push his thick penis up inside her wet cunt, you could see by the look on his face that he was enjoying the feel of my daughter’s tight pussy opening up for him as he slid his dick in further.

Tanya had my cock in her mouth by now and was busy moving her head up and down the shaft when the waiter started to push his monster in stretching her vagina; luckily she was well lubricated with her love fluid, he finally got the full length of his cock inside her then started to withdraw it and when it was nearly out he pushed it back in and this time it went in with ease which pushed Tanya forward nearly chocking her with my cock.

The waiter got into a rhythm as he fucked my daughter, starting off slowly and worked up to a pretty fast pumping action, Tanya was going mad sucking on my dick and feeling my balls and I must admit the sight of her being bonked by a total stranger and to have her suck my cock at the same time was out of this world-awesome.

We kept up the ‘spit roasting’ for a while until the waiter couldn’t hold it any longer and shot his load of spunk into the condom, I wasn’t far behind and as I started to shoot my spunk into her mouth. Tanya was overcome by a huge orgasm, which made her whole body shudder, and the smell of sex was heavy in the room.

When we came back to earth and regained our composure, I had already taken my cock out of Tanya’s mouth but when the waiter pulled his cock out of her stretched pussy I was amazed by the amount the condom had ballooned with the volume of spunk he had shot into it, he peeled it off and said that he hadn’t had such an extreme orgasm for a long time, he then put the full condom on the stool so that he could pull his trousers back up.

Tanya was now standing by me on wobbly legs after being fucked good and proper, the waiter told us that he still had some time left on his break so he would stay in the room while we made our way back to our table calling in on the toilets on the way past,

I arrived at the table first and it was a good ten minuets before Tanya rejoined me, we then ordered a coffee and as we were finishing the waiter reappeared so I asked him for the bill, he went away and came back a few minuets later with the bill inside a folder and on inspection I was pleasantly surprised because the waiter had given us staff discount of 30% so I paid up and as we were saying our goodbyes I slipped him a £10 tip.

The journey back to Tanya’s home was uneventful, I asked her if she had enjoyed herself and told her I felt really bad about having to leave her earlier than she was hoping.

Tanya said she would remember this day forever and she thought it couldn’t get any better than when I took her virginity that day in between the sand dunes on that private deserted beach but she’d had her eyes opened with the experiences she had just had and she had been well and truly deflowered but enjoyed every minute of being with me.

We arrived at her house and were both intrigued to see her mother’s car parked in the driveway, seeing as they were supposed to be away camping for the weekend, I asked Tanya to let me know if there was anything wrong and with that she lent over and kissed my cheek then got out of the car and went up to the house turning to blow me a kiss before disappearing through the doorway, I then drove-with a heavy heart- to my parents house where I was staying and started packing my gear ready for the journey up to Scotland the next day.

The End.

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