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The Deepest Friend-Zone Ch. 06

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This is the 6th installment of the story of how Connor became roommates with 7 college sluts. Connor has not been particularly involved since chapter 2, but comes back into the story more at this point. Make sure to read the past few chapters to learn a bit more about the girls Connor is getting involved with.


Sarah had been exposed to a whole new world of pleasure over the course of one afternoon. She never imagined that anal stimulation could have such an effect on her. Furthermore, she didn’t expect to love being fucked in both holes as much as she did. She spent the better part of that Sunday afternoon fucking both Pete and Nina, fully exploring the pleasures of a devil’s threesome.

After a few rounds of sex, the three took themselves to Sarah’s bed, which was rather large for a college dorm suite. Not big enough to be comfortable, but just enough to fit the three of them cuddling each other in post coidal fatigue.


Sarah woke to her Monday alarm to find herself alone. She was still physically tired from yesterday’s escapade. She was accustomed to having sex all sunday, this was far from her first time doing that. But, the amount of hormones and endorphins released as well as the pure mechanical overload of being double penetrated for a day was an entirely new experience.

She rolled over and sat up, only to feel the soreness in her pussy, groin and abdomen muscles, as if she had done an intense core workout. She stiffly waddled to the mirror to see her disheveled hair and smeared eye make up. She was a beautifully disgusting mess. The combination of her cum and Pete’s left a dry yet tacky coating all over her abdomen, inner thighs, and pussy.

She grabbed her towel from the nearby wall hook and headed to the bathroom. She carefully shut the door as to not wake her roommate, Tina, who seemingly slept in daily and never had much work to do. Sarah’s morning routine was always carefully performed due to Tina being rather bitchy if she was woken up.

She entered their communal bathroom and hung her towel on the rack outside of the two showers. After turning the water on to let it warm, Sarah stood in the full body mirror next to the sinks and looked hard at herself. There was a tingling of excitement still present between her legs. Even after being fucked for the better part of yesterday afternoon and having her asshole fucked for the first time ever, she remained a bit horny. Her asshole had been more than just fucked, it was fully worn out, well at least what would wear the average girl out. The sensation was akin to when someone rubs your back and it feels amazing, but now you need it to be scratched.

She felt like a more powerful woman. Like a woman who has no boundaries to what she can seek for sexual satisfaction. Despite her innocent disposition and outward presentation, she really did know that she was incredibly sexy, and feeling cocky turned her on.

She turned back to step in to the now warm shower. The hot water running through her hair and down over every curve of her body was incredibly relaxing. Running her hands through her hair, vivid images of being on top of Pete came back to her. Her pussy and abs wanted to contract the same way they had yesterday, when the dual stimulation caused her to violently squirt from orgasmic pleasure. No volitional muscle contraction could recreate that sensation.

As she shampooed her hair, she felt fatigue and soreness in her neck from both Pete and Nina pulling her head back by her hair as their physicality increased with each subsequent round of sex. Her nipples still sore from pinching and pulling, sensitive to the water running over them. She turned around to let the water wash the shampoo from her hair. Her mind flashed to Pete holding her by the neck while he and Nina fucked her to an orgasm, nearly losing consciousness before he let his grip loosen.

Sarah roamed her body using the soaped up loofah, scrubbing a bit to make sure the dried cum was removed. Her mind trailed to picturing both Pete and Nina licking and suckling every inch of her chest, torso, and nether regions. Her loofah finally reached her now further excited pussy, only to find it incredibly sore. Even to the gentle touch, her clit and pussy lips felt achy and raw. Nina had become rather violent in playing with Sarah’s pussy as rounds progressed, to continually coax her into squirting again, and again. Sarah now found herself disappointed and frustrated. Her visions of being ravaged had brought her back to a heightened state of arousal, but the discomfort from her harshly used organs would not allow her to pleasure herself.

Sarah finished washing the soap from her body, attempting to touch herself a few more times, but she was unable to bear the discomfort. Disappointed and unsatisfied, Sarah turned the shower off and began to dry. She wrapped a towel around her head and walked etlik escort naked out of the bathroom to the kitchen to make a bowl of oatmeal while her hair dried.

The door to their suite opened to Jackie and Linda returning from staying at the basketball house all Sunday. Jackie, Linda, and Simran shared the only triple room in the suite. Linda had a tendency to follow Jackie around, and wind up hooking up with a friend (or friends) of a guy that Jackie was with.

The girls exchanged Monday morning “how are you’s” and agreed to share the details of their respective weekends later that day, as they all needed to get to 8am classes. Sarah sat down and quickly downed her oatmeal, then headed back to the bathroom to do her makeup and hair. Despite her penchant for wearing revealing clothes to parties, Sarah was known for dressing nicely on a daily basis to her classes, and usually rather preppy. She had a very classy look to her that made her weekend attire all that more provocative as it was slightly out of character.

She wore light makeup, only enough to accent her naturally beautiful face. She accented her full but modest lips with a light lip gloss that kept her look cute and natural. Sarah blew out her hair and added a few light curls with the iron for a full and classic look, allowing her thick auburn hair to be on full display.

Hair and makeup done but still fully nude, Sarah made her way back to her room to finish getting ready for class. She quietly opened her door again in an effort to not wake Tina, and made her way to the dresser. Her antique jewelry box sat on top, housing her valuables. Sarah opened the box and looked through her earrings, deciding on a large pair of diamonds for her lobes and two smaller, yet matching round cut diamonds for the cartilage piercings on her left ear. She sorted through her belly rings but decided to keep the gold barbell with large diamonds on both balls as she did not plan to show her midriff with her outfit today. Her more fancy and dangling belly rings were not as comfortable when covered by tight clothes. She picked a simple but expensive gold bangle on her left wrist that her father bought her for her graduation, and a somewhat large, but still preppy gold Michael Kors watch for right wrist. To finish the look, Sarah selected a short string of pearls that were slightly looser than a choker. She always felt sexy to be in full jewelry and no clothes.

Sarah’s top drawer was filled with almost every color of bra, and perfectly organized, as was the rest of her belongings. Her over-organized personality went as far as knowing what outfit she would wear, even a few days ahead of time, with options to alter based on the weather, if the forecast was not accurate earlier in the week. Sarah’s family was wealthy and her father had no problem with her using his card to buy as many clothing items as she wanted. She basically had the mall at her fingertips when dressing daily, and shopped often to keep things updated. She selected the rose red push up bra and matching lacy thong.

Sarah slid each leg into the thong and pulled them all the way up to find that her asshole was even a bit sore to the touch of her thong between the cheeks. She positioned herself in front of the mirror, clasped the bra behind her back, and pulled it up into place, making sure to adjust her breasts in each cup to primp them to their fullest. The Victoria’s Secret bra transformed her b-cup breasts into what looked like full c-cup tits. They may have looked even larger.

Sarah went to the containers under her bed, one of which housed her sweaters. Down on her knees, she sorted through the box until she pulled out a creme colored, faux-wrap sweater. She laid it out on her bed and returned to her knees to dig through her skirts to find the rose red pleated skater mini skirt. Upon finding the skirt under about 50 other variations of mini skirt, she fetched her knee high off white thermal socks that kept her warm when wearing a skirt and boots.

She easily slid the sweater over her head without messing up her hair due to the wide and loose opening, and adjusted the deep v neck to fall directly between her pushed up cleavage. The sweater showcased the top and middle of her breasts very well and the bra gave the illusion of a more full figure and hourglass shape. Sarah unfolded the red skirt and stepped in one leg at a time. She pulled the high waisted skirt up to just above her belly button, carefully tucking in the sweater as she brought the skirt into place. She turned around to look at herself in the mirror as she zipped the back of the skirt, tightening the top around her hips, accentuating her ass before flaring out into pleats.

Like most of the girls in the suite, Sarah had a large collection of boots. Being in Central New York, most of the time spent at school was boot season. The girls definitely had no problem with this as it was a rather sexy touch to any outfit. A few of her boots kızılay escort bayan would go well with the dress, but two stuck out to her. Her light tan, suede, over the knee boots or her brown Tory Burch riding boots with gold Tory logo on the side.

She opted with the riding boots since the Tory Burch logo matched her gold jewelry. She sat in her desk chair and slid each foot into their respective boots, making sure to smooth out her socks before zipping up each boot to the top of her calf. Sarah finished the look by grabbing her Tory Burch purse that matched the boots and preppy navy Barbour jacket. She did a final check in the mirror, confirming that she looked like a preppy model, and headed out the door.

Jackie was casually waiting on the same couch that Sarah spent Sunday fucking on. Sarah, Jackie, and Linda would walk from the dorms to campus together on Mondays before splitting to go to their respective classes. Linda was always late because she could never decide what to wear. Jackie was always on time since she dressed like a bum to class.

Jackie sat slouched in the corner of the couch on her phone with her wet hair up in a messy bun, a white nike sports bra, opened black zip sweatshirt, soft but tight fitting grey sweatpants that hugged her hips, and black ugg boots. She still had her long diamond dangling belly ring in, which she rarely changed since she almost always wore crop tops. Her roommates always joked that she belonged in L.A. with the lack of clothing she wore. Her look was consistently sexy despite being low key and casual, a stark contrast to Sarah’s preppy and put together.

Linda’s consistent tardiness matched her stereotypical dumb blonde personality. She was actually rather intelligent in the academic realm, but her smarts stopped at the classroom door. Truthfully, she wasn’t even a blonde, but she kept her hair dyed and definitely looked better with her light blonde locks. She was the follower in the group of girls; minimal personality, no individual style, and a rather bland demeanor aside from being moderately attractive. She stood at 5’2″, the same height as both Nina and Sarah, but was the opposite proportions of Sarah. Linda has rather full c-cup tits on a skinny frame that did not support much of an ass. She served her place as the wing woman of the group, usually hooking up with a less attractive male friend of one of the other girl’s conquests.

Linda finally walked out of the room, dressed in a black long sleeved tee shirt, dark jeans, and black suede over the knee boots with no heel. Her outfit was accented by a red vest and large red costume type statement necklace. Her blonde hair lay straight down on her shoulder and had little volume. Linda always had a knack for wearing something that matched another one of her roommates, in this case her red accents matched Sarah perfectly.

Sarah took in that she had to walk around campus with someone who matched her, but it was too early in the morning to make a stink. The three girls made their way out the door and down the hill towards the academic buildings. The November morning air was cold, but the girls were used to it by this point since Ballywood’s weather was this miserable with the exception of four summer months.

The three reached the academic quad and split ways to go to their respective buildings. Sarah headed further down the hill to the largest lecture hall on campus where she had her freshman biology class with Connor. She tended to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early (fifteen when Linda was actually on time) and would chat with Connor prior to the start of class. Connor was always there before her and saved her a seat.

Sarah had a sudden recollection that things might not be the same after the event that transpired this weekend between Connor and the girls. Connor had made attempts to hang out with Sarah for many weeks prior to this past one, but she turned him down knowing that she was on the prowl and a guy friend wasn’t going to help her in that goal. She always felt a bit remorseful because it was obvious that he had a crush on her. But since it was obvious, on top of Connor not being her type, he had no chance with her. Sarah did enjoy him as a friend. He was a good conversationalist and listened to much of the same music as Sarah, but at this point in her college career, the boys she wanted did not require anything in common with her, pure primal lust was the only requirement.

Sarah had finally given in to hanging out with Connor but kept it to going to a party together, which had no explicit implications. She purposely brought her crew of friends with her to the party, making her intentions clear. However, she did not intend to have the night turn into a group swinging session with Connor as an observer. She had been watched a few times before by her roommates and one other time by a few fraternity brothers while helping her friend Carmine from high school get through hazing at Syracuse. This was the first time that a previous friend had watched her fuck. And to top it off, Joe fucking her on top of Connor made it all that much worse.

She entered the lecture hall from the back. She spotted Connor’s slightly unkempt blonde hair, noting that he needed a haircut. Connor could actually be a bit attractive if he just groomed and dressed better for himself. She made her way down the side isle of the lecture hall and turned into their normal row where Connor’s eyes met hers for the first time since right after she was fucked to an orgasm while leaning on top of him. The pit in her stomach sank further, knowing she had to be the first one to talk.

“Hey bud! How was the rest of your Sunday?” Sarah asked with as much pep as she could muster. Connor was clearly a bit flustered, looking Sarah up and down with a flat face before snapping back and smiling to meet her eyes.

“Uhhh, good, good!” He stammered. The image of Sarah’s head thrown back in ecstasy with Joe’s head between her legs flashed before his eyes. “I was a bit hungover and woke up late, then Spent most of the day studying for that stupid chem test”

“Oh yea. That is going to suck! I’ve been looking at my notes for weeks and still feel like it’s all in German!” Sarah joked, although knowing that she rarely got less than stellar grades. She was the best student out of the two friends and usually started studying long before Connor had even thought about it.

“I don’t know how you force yourself to get started that early. I wind up procrastinating every time.” Between video games and jerking off, Connor was easily distracted from his studying. He would eventually get his shit together when his guilt made him settle down and really focus. The mental image of Sarah of dressed like a sexy J. Crew model mixed with his replays from this weekend would definitely force him to cum at least a few times today.

The two continued to engage in small talk about school as usual, both having to put some effort in to feel like nothing had happened. The class started just a few minutes later. Both did their best to keep their minds on the lecture but were distracted with thoughts of this weekend. Sarah’s focus was intermittently interrupted by thoughts of Joe slamming her from behind and riding Paul for what seemed like an eternity while his cock ceased to quit. She could still feel some of the soreness between her legs when she crossed them from Nina and Pete using her asshole yesterday. She had a quick thought about how she intended to ask Connor to live with them next year, and how he would bear witness to the craziness that was the girls in the suite.

It would be a lot to allow him to live with these girls. Each had their quirks, but were generally easy going and all about having fun, and well… sex. Most freshman college girls were pretty horny and excited to be out from under daddy’s roof, but this group of girls were a bit extra. When they all met at orientation and had the same goal of trying to hook up with guys every night of the 3 day orientation, they knew they would be friends. The girls had not slowed down since then. Brianna had gotten herself into a relationship, albeit and open one, but otherwise the girls were all single and using the new found freedom of college to explore sexually.

Sarah knew Connor was awkward around girls but she had no idea that this weekend had been his first time even seeing a girl naked, let alone getting laid. Sarah was actually his first real friend that was a girl. This was really the only way he knew to go about pursuing her. He saw how other guys scored one night stands so effortlessly at parties, and saw this weekend how easily Sarah and her friends gave it up. Connor had no idea that Sarah viewed him as so much of a friend that she would hook up with another guy in front of him. Little did he know that she felt he could even live with them.

Connor had trouble keeping his mind off the beauty next to him during class. His mind frequently pictured Sarah riding Joe’s huge cock again, but this time in the red skirt and boots she was wearing and her sweater removed to leave her topless in just her pearls. It wasn’t uncommon for Connor to get a boner in class, especially when sitting next to Sarah. He reached down to adjust himself in his sweatpants. Luckily his cock wasn’t big enough to be noticed easily.

Sarah’s thoughts took a less perverse turn as she began to mull over how she would start the conversation of Connor becoming their roommate. She had heard him mention that his roommates were struggling in school and were not sure if they would come back for sophomore year. Starting by talking about them would probably be sufficient.

Class ended before the two even noticed due to their daydreaming for the better part of the hour. Both stood up and began to put their jackets on. Connor delayed for a second to make sure he got another full view of Sarah head to toe. Sarah adjusted her hair out of her jacket then turned to Connor.

“Hey, do you want to get some studying in for that chem test? I think we could both use some more work on that.” she chuckled

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