The Day Two Twink’s Came To Town

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We went on holiday together

The Day Two Twink’s Came To Town

and what a time we had.

I was sitting at a pool complex on holiday with the sun beating down my online look alike who I had never met in person before, only online walked over to me.

We were both engineering students at twined Universities in Glasgow and Gdansk, part of the twinning process each student filled in a questionnaire about themselves which was processed by a computer for compatibility arriving at a buddy system. I was buddied up with Eric Valensky.

Not only did we study the same propulsion engineering subjects, we were look alkies at five feet six inches, black hair and fair skinned, an unusual combination with thin body frames weighing in at less than 120 lbs each. Initially we chatted together on the Universities open chat lines and Facebook, then more discreetly on Skype and WhatsApp.

We shared our lives intimately with each other as we both though we might be gay, in Poland it is not a good thing to think or to be heard discussing such things. Our video calls became more intimate as our friendship grew. As fate would have it both our parents, who had never met, were going on holiday to Barcelona at the same time, with a little bit of coaching we had them select the same hotel where we had agreed to meet in person for the first time.

For the holiday we bought identical swimwear, white speedos with a rainbow badged hip pocket which we would wear when we first met. As we met we physically hugged each other intimately, but contained ourselves, definitely not the same as viewing each other across a computer screen. We had been sitting chatting for about a half an hour when Eric suggested we go for a walk to the nearby gay naturalist beach which we had both explored on the internet.

We walked along the promenade with only swimwear, trainers and fake Ray Ban shades on until we came to a sign indicating more by picture we were about to enter the gay naturalist beach area. Walking along the promenade we could see same sex couples in front of us embracing each other or walking holding hands. This really challenged us and turned us both on particularly Eric who had never witnessed this in public before. I could feel my anatomy start to respond to it Eric then knocked my constraint for six when he reached down and held my hand, leaned over and kissed me in front of everyone, not that anyone was looking at us.

We both realised that our anatomies might be overstating our intentions in public and discreetly moved down onto the less crowded beach, as we walked along the warm sand I put my hand round Eric’s back sliding my fingers down into the back of his speedos. He returned the compliment, by now our bulges were noticeable no matter how discreetly we tried.

As we passed some igloo tents a local beach trader invited us to rent one of his love huts as he called them for €20 for 30 minutes, but as a new customer we could have it for €15 for an hour. Eric looked at me I nodded in agreement, each paying our share using our phones, the trader also handed us two sealed boxes containing condoms, wipes and oils.

We went inside although bright due to the transparent top of the dome the heat and humidity was oppressive. Both of us unsure we actually wanted to do this, Eric made the first move by slipping off his speedos, I froze until he reached over and slipped my speedos down. We both stood naked facing each other with our now very hard erections touching waiting for each other to make the next move. I did as I sat down on what was no more than an air mattress on the sand, Eric joined me kneeling over my legs.

It was my first time that someone else had held my erection in their hand, as he started to stroke I became so excited that I started to squirt almost immediately, that didn’t deter him he continued to bring me on until I had to let go over both of us. Eric then lay alongside me inviting me to bring him on too, he was as excited as I had been but managed to last longer before unloading over both of us. This was both our first time and felt we had crossed the unknown fantasy to reality.

Afterwards we lay together recharging caressing each other in foreplay that we had watched how to do on Utube, it was then we opened the first box. Eric pulled on a condom as I lay face down kneeling he applied oil, fear being quickly dispelled by erotic experience. Then, I felt him press against me, it wasn’t working like it did on the Utube videos, suddenly it felt like velcro parting then a wonderful infilling experience as we coupled.

Each time he undulated I could feel anticipation and an uncontrollable erotic excitement build it was then I started to back push as he pressed home, it didn’t take long before we learned to work in harmony. Suddenly Eric’s rhythm was replaced by stuttering lunges as a prelude to unloading, I felt it build then drain out, our parting was slow and prolonged.

Separated we lay together heat, humidity and our exertion having muş escort taken its toll, my excitement was overwhelming, it was my turn. Eric fitted a condom on me, by now I was on such a high I was about to explode, Eric readied himself then I applied the oil, neither of us had read the instructions as it was in Spanish.

This is where things became undone, my hands firmly on his hips I pressed like Eric had but anticipating resistance, the entheaustic oiling still on my hands caused me to slip and lunged heavily forward fully engaging in one lunge coming abruptly to a stop as Eric expelled in Polish something I didn’t understand but understood its meaning. I sort of draped over him, my oily hands not helping, I retreated by flopping off sort of sideways.

After we had gathered our composure wiping the oil off my hands I tried again but gently and a lot less entheausticly. It worked, I felt us engage softly and slowly then I started to undulate, Eric soon took up a harmonising motion. We could now feel each other start to get excited out breathing’s became deeper and prolonged, I could hear Eric moan until I lost it in my enthusiasm and climaxed. Both of us kneeling like an intertwined frozen statue in ecstasy with sweat dripping off us, eventually we separated and lay side by side looking into each other’s eyes with an erotic satisfaction.

An anonymous timer dinged we had ten minutes to prepare ourselves to leave, we used all the cleanup wipes from the second box taking the remaining condoms and oil packets with us.

As we left were met by two taller and a bit older than us long haired platinum blond Germans from the adjacent hut who introduced themselves saying.

“You sounded as though both of you were enjoying yourselves.”

Eric excitedly replied “Yes we did.”

We explained we were students on holiday, they said they were on a working exchange holiday but normally worked as dancers and entertainers in a night club in Bremerhaven, Eric asked innocently what does that entail?

“Dancing for and having sex with the Club’s clients.”

I think both of our silent opened mouths asked a question without actually speaking.

Steph the taller of the two said “we dance for them, fuck each other or they fuck us or we fuck them, whatever they want. You should try it it’s a great job and the money is good. We were trying out a new routine for tonight in the hut next to you. You should have joined us as you both sounded as you were athletically fucking each other.”

It was then that we both lost our nerve in the face of experience as Eric said.

“No that was our first time.”

Aral smiled as he said.

“Had we known that we would have invited you to join us let us take photographs together so we can remember today and each other.”

By now we had walked away from the huts into the naturalist area which was reasonably busy with naked bodies sunning themselves or playing ball games.

We took turns photographing each other with our phones in our swimwear, Steph was particularly taken by their rainbow badged pocket which became a focal point of some of his photographs. Aral suggested we become naturalists too and photograph each other. As both Eric’s and my family were holiday naturalists were both comfortable doing this.

Aral and Steph switched their camera’s to video and took it in turn to have us dance with them on the beach, they were very good dancers, other naturalist onlookers joined in. Someone produced a ghetto blaster and we all had music to dance too as Steph and Aral photographed us all dancing. Eric and I had already confessed that our mothers had sent us to dance classes before we went to University and had already danced naked with each other over Skype.

We discreetly left the impromptu beach dance party, dressing before leaving the naturalist beach and returning to the promenade. As we parted Aral produced complimentary tickets to a Molly-Club which was part of our hotel complex that they were going to that night, inviting us to join them. We agreed to meet them at nine after having a family meal.

When we arrived back at our hotel there was no sign of any of our families. Eric produced the left over condoms and oil suggesting we went to my room as I was the only one with a room of their own. Eric was sharing with his parents, my sister and her girl friend had their room but had to share a bed but seemed ok about it. My parents had their own room and I had a complimentary but very small single room with a single bed tucked away in a corner on the top floor.

We went to my room although it was a single bed between two it was much better than the beach hut that we had already shared and the room was air conditioned. It didn’t take us long to finish off the condoms and oil, our confidence building together allowed us to enjoy our repeated bedded assignations. Then we shared a shower in a very tight cubical which was actually quite a lot of fun too. We agreed to meet after our respective family meals.

My family escort muş and my sister’s friend were sitting at our table as Eric walked in with his family whom he brought over to introduce them to me. By now we had shared with our respective families that we were internet friends, so no real explaining to do, mothers being mothers agreed that we should all have our meal together which we did.

My sister and her friend made their excuses, they had found on their afternoon shopping trip an all-night disco off La Ramblas to go to, and Eric and I said we had found an all-night night club to go to. Both our parents agreed to go into town together and sample the adult nightlife. Our grand plan worked we were both together and free of our families.

We had already scouted out where the Molly-Club was, all we knew about it was from the internet, it was an old Edwardian name for a sex club where everyone dressed up in sexy dresses. Both of us had wanted to try cross dressing and Aral had assured us the Club would provide the clothes, including makeup. Tonight was a Japanese themed night we had to dress in Japanese attire the club selecting who wears what. How could we refuse such an invitation we were excited about what it would entail and it was free.

We were met at the door by Aral and Steph who showed us into the dressing area, the clubbers didn’t actually arrive until nearer midnight but this would allow us time to see the club and get into character for the night. They showed us the club stage area where they would perform, asking us would we like to join them, we said, no another time. We were then shown the private themed rooms and the rest of the club facilities which was impressive.

Over rather strong Dutch rope coffee, Aral and Steph’s boss explained what would happen, dressers would get us ready including makeup, we would be two Japanese Sukiyaki Girls in uniform. Initially would parade on a stage and as he had seen our dancing on Aral’s video of the beach, he suggested we could dance if we liked and he would give the commentary.

Selective clubbers would bid for our company in five hourly slots which we would be paid a minimum of €50/hour, anything over a bonus. Clients would talk to us in Japanese using hand gestures we would only speak in English, that’s what they want. Anything else you may agree to do with a client and it’s up to you is between you and your client, we deal with any payment issues. You can expect tonight a minimum of €250, depending on what you agree to this could more than double.

He left us to think about it, we had €150 each spending money for a week’s holiday and a student loan to repay, all we would be doing is what we did this afternoon. So we said yes to his offer.

Raul a Spanish student was to be our dresser. Initially we were given a full body waxing then sprayed with a sparkle oil and a jet black wig fitted, I had to wear a loose fitting blue top, white flared skirt with blue piping, matching love heart underwear and dance pumps. Eric was dressed the same except his outfit was red. Printed on my top was my name Jin and Eric’s Kata; we were now in character.

Steph and Aral coached us in a stage dance which we took too quickly, maybe our dance classes were not wasted after all, others prepared photographs that were taken at the beach or we had our phones to be projected on the walls behind us as we danced.

The moment arrived there were four other’s being auditioned I was first on, the music started I couldn’t see who or how many bidders they were due to the lighting. It was a very girly dance from a stage play that I had been in complete with streamers.

My photographs were projected on the walls, naked from the beach to dressed as a Sukiyaki with a black shadow profile of my dancing displayed, what I understood from the commentary was my name was Jin and I was a virgin looking for my first time experience from a Master, the rest was in Japanese, I think. Eric, rather Kata, was on next.

The clubbers bid for our company on their Ipad’s we had no idea how the bidding went, it took just under 30 minutes to do all six stage auditions. The Entertainment Manager then announced who had won the bidding, I as Jin had one person for all four hours and Eric as Kata had two for his four hours.

Raul introduced me to my Master for the night he was very well presented wearing a silk white Kimono with gold trim. His name was Haru, Aral had schooled me how to approach, not to make eye contact but head bowed looking down at his feet, a Japanese way of submitting to their superiority over you. He bowed polity and spoke my name Jin, the rest was in Japanese that I couldn’t understand, guiding me by hand gestures to a low floor level table.

We kneeled at the table drinking an Indonesian herbal green tea in tiny cups, I later found out it was a potent aphrodisiac it didn’t take long before we were both hard and on a high from it.

Haru led me into his private cabin complete with Japanese markings, on the floor was a low muş escort bayan lying Japanese Bukkake mattress. As we stood facing each other he removed my top gently sliding it over my head and carefully laying it over a clothes bar then reached round my waist to undo my short skirt which I stepped out off. My micro G-string had easy release tie bows which he gently undid my now hot and pulsating erection was freed.

I undid his kimono tie rap and slid it off his shoulders his pulsating erection was now freed too. He moved to me where our erections intimately touched and rubbed I could feel an uncontrollable rush pass between us. I stepped backwards onto the mattress and lay on it which was contoured appropriately. I then moved my knees up and legs apart as way of an invitation.

He leaned over and slowly started to caress me in preparation of our now impending sexual engagement until we were both fully aroused as to the prospects of what lay ahead of us. As he touched, it felt so erotic that I was pulsating, his slow entry was heavenly no rush a gentle ever so fulfilling feeling, ecstasy started to build as he touched my P-spot, I twitched in excitement and felt my pre-cum start to drip almost immediately. I was ecstatic as he undulated ever so slowly, my head started to roll my body twitched as I moaned.

His movement became more committed and exhilarating each time he touching me which gave me such a rush of adrenalin or something. I tried to hold him back his rhythm was building and I could feel his excitement build too. His rhythms quicken and started to convulse as he began to climax, I was also convulsing at an increasing rate. Haru’s rhythm broke as he convulsed and stopped. I could feel his flow press inside me then a fantastic feeling as it eased out. We parted and lay there side by side on our backs, both exhausted.

We lay there for what seemed a long time before we recovered, Haru then confessed why he chose me, I was untainted innocence, looking for a lifetime of experience to be imparted a challenged which could not refuse. He also wanted to face his own challenge of still being able to climax three times in each hour we were together tonight. Haru then said can you sit on me the American cowboy way. I straddled over him slowly lowering as I engaged on him like I had seen on Utube, he held me steady as we engaged.

I started to undulate slowly at first then built my rhythm, I felt him start to respond, quicker than I had anticipated. I was getting a rush with each stroke as Haru reached up to me, again it was gentle and exhilarating intermittently touching my P-spot, I could see from Haru’s facial expression’s he was enjoying it too.

His eyes were now closed head slightly canted as he rolled it from side to side. Suddenly without warning he let go, I wasn’t prepared it was a solitary moment of ectasia. We both sat there frozen in time like a white marble statue, neither moving nor responding. Haru broke our mutual moment of extreme ecstasy by removing his grip allowing us to separate and lay back side by side. As we lay there Haru thanked me for this moment of enjoyment. That night was one of continued ecstasy Haru achieved his goal of sexual prowess, my first once in a lifetime adventure.

As we lay their in silence Haru said we’d better get washed. The shower was warm with a slow copious gentle flow of water, Haru first washed me then I him. I later found out that this was a sign of high respect for someone of the Samurai class to wash you. Haru dressed in his Kimono and I in my Sukiyaki Girls apparel returning to where it all began five hours ago.

After dressing the Entertainment Manager said to us all that our client’s that night were very happy with us and that we had earned €850 each, if we came round tomorrow after twelve we could collect our money. On the way back to the hotel we discussed what we did, Eric’s two clients wanted a threesome on a large waterbed that developed a leak but they all continued in the slowly deflating wet water bed. Apparently it was meant to do that.

By the time we arrived back at our hotel breakfast was being served, although we were tired after an enlightening day and night we decided to have breakfast. My sister and her friend were already at our table with two new girlfriends they had met at the all night disco. We said nothing and they said nothing about last night.

After both our parents arrived we went up to my room and slept until my alarm went off just before twelve. By now the sun was gone replaced by torrential oppressive and humid Spanish rain, no rain clothes so we dressed in swim shorts putting our tops in a plastic bag. By the time we arrived at the Club we were soaked through and dripping on the floor, Raul was on desk duty enjoying our predicament he led us to the changing room and found us dry Club wraps to wear.

The Entertainment Manager sorted our payment, no problems. As we left his office Steph and Aral asked if we would like to see them rehearse on stage for their late afternoon show in the private party room. Let’s say they went the full way, my first time seeing a live sex show and boy o’ boy both Eric and I were turned on by it. Eric in his adrenalin fueled excitement said to Aral we sometimes did an erotic fan dance together across Skype, Aral kicked in saying show us.

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