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The Cuckold Throuple

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Kent had at first brushed it off like wind in the willow. Jamie however fell into a deep well of questioning. The guy who had tried to hit on his husband had been brazen to say the least. He was lucky Kent was brought up to respect all men however annoying. He had stage whispered to Kent: “If your husband’s willing I’m the more available,” like Jamie wasn’t there nursing his drink. Kent just smiled politely and waved off the guy.

Jamie was pensive on the way home. “Did he turn you on?”

“Babe, I’m driving.”

“He did, didn’t he? Or rather you did,” Jamie continued, looking at his husband. At 6’4” Kent towered over most people, and he had the big build to go with his height. His brown gray-streaked hair made him look distinguished. Added to a classically handsome profile and that made for a very attractive guy. Jamie’s hand roamed on Kent’s crotch. There was a definite bulge there.

“Honey what would you like me to say? That I wasn’t turned on by a guy who practically twerked on my lap?”

“It’s okay, I’m not mad.” Jamie’s hand grasped at Kent’s unyielding bulge. “You want a blowjob?”

“Babe, I’m driving.”

Kent’s erection was not wasted. The moment they reached their apartment Kent slammed Jamie against the door and pulled away Jamie’s T-shirt and pants, before withdrawing his thick nine inches. Jamie had grunted before sliding onto the cock fully and withdrawing, creating a deep and satisfying rhythm. Kent did not even bother undressing fully as they migrated from the doorway to the couch. Kent’s load was considerably heavier than usual, too.

After the third round, Jamie was holding his husband while Kent was starting to fell asleep. “You were turned on, weren’t you?” Jamie murmured.

“Umm. Yeah, sure honey,” Kent answered, half-asleep from his exertions. Beside him Jamie’s heart tickered and stopped as he heard his husband of four years, his forever love, admit he was turned on… by someone else.

A few days later, Jamie was all a-twitter as he called Kent at his job. “Be sure to come back early tonight, I have a surprise for you. Love you, honey!”

The surprise came in form of Drew, Jamie’s gym partner. He was all smiles and not much else, being fully naked. His sleek muscular body was in contrast to Jamie’s swimmer’s build, and he had the dark coloring to complete the picture. His ass was high and tight, though not like Jamie’s bubble but no less attractive.

Kent was definitely surprised. And slightly angry. “What the hell, Jamie! And Drew? What’s happening?” That’s when Jamie launched into his explanation about his deep desire to watch Kent with someone else sexually. He had first encountered this when he came across cuckolding porn on the net, and felt everything came to a head when the guy from the club tried to hit on Kent – and had led them to have such great sex as a by-effect.

“Please do this for me, honey, it’s… it’s who I am, who I should be.”

“But… fucking someone else?” Kent shook his head, and the smiles withered on Drew’s and Jamie’s faces. “No, I’m not going to do it. I’m sorry Drew, but there has been a terrible misunderstanding. Please leave.”

Drew left after dressing himself. The tension in the room was palpable after Drew left. Finally Jamie relented. “I’ll be going to my mom’s for a few days. To cool off.”

“I think that’s for the best.”

They were quiet as Jamie packed. His mom lived in the suburb, so he’d be taking an Uber there. Kent agreed. Kent came in the next day from his weekly groceries shopping when he almost had a heart attack. There was Drew in his birthday suit on his knees, ass up and waiting facing the door. “How… Why?”

“I had a key, Jamie gave it to me before I left yesterday. As for why, well, I’m horny. And judging from your bulge you’re horny too.” Kent realised with a start the tightening in his crotch area. “I know you have a large sex drive, and Jamie’s away for the weekend, if not the week. He’d never know.”

Kent dropped the groceries and approached Drew. Slowly his large hands came to rest on Drew’s mounds. “He’d never know?” He whispered, even as his hands start kneading Drew’s ass on their own accord. He had always been partial to guys with dark coloring, and Drew was picture-perfect.


It was as if a switch flipped in Kent’s brain. He divested himself of his clothes, knelt and began by giving great licks of his tongue on Drew’s small hairless hole. “Fuck, your hole’s delicious,” he murmured against Drew’s ass skin, before continuing to eat the hole. He was larger than most, so he knew he’d have to prepare Drew well before taking him.

The first time they fucked was at the hallway, where Drew had waited for Kent on a sheet of towel. Drew’s asshole was soft and welcoming as Kent drove mighty thrusts into the hole, pounding Drew into submission. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Give Beylikdüzü Escort me your married load!” Drew had screamed before his mouth was shut by Kent’s kiss. Kent grunted as he came, and just realized he had been going bareback as the spasm of the climax wrenched his thick cock. He pulled out, but the damage was already done.

“Fuck.” He watched slightly perplexed as his load leaked out of Drew’s puffy hole. They proceeded to anoint every surface of the apartment with their mingled sweat, cum and ass juices. For two days Kent and Drew lived on sex, taking rests only for food and wine, before going deep to fuck again. It was as if Kent found himself another cock, that’s how his stamina was. Drew thrived on it, though his hole lost some of its former tightness over the course of the two days – inevitable seeing he was being fucked with a beer-bottle equivalent each time Kent fucked him.


Jamie returned, much subdued. It took much persuasion from Kent to draw out his husband from his shell and to approach the subject of cuckolding on Kent’s terms. Jamie was attentive as Kent explained to him because of his Midwestern upbringing he might have a slight hesitancy in these matters but he would forgo his values so that Jamie could be happy. He just wanted his husband to be happy, and if he had to fuck strangers to achieve that then so be it. Jamie had smiled widely and kissed Kent. “I know you’d understand. Now, I have someone…”

That was how they found themselves sitting across a booth at a local diner while their guest sat facing them. “Hi I’m Norman. Jamie’s friend from night school.”

“Hi Norman,” said Kent. “And you know why you are here today?”

“Yeah, you want a third in your relationship. Or something.” Jamie coughed gently. Norman had a loud voice, and a few other diners turned to look at them at the mention of a third.

“Bearing that,” Jamie said, “I trust you can be discreet about this?”

Norman whispered, “Yeah, sure.”

Norman really had a loud voice. He kept screaming, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” as he hang from Kent’s cock. His ass also had the tightest vise grip, which almost rendered Kent weak at the knees as he gave the most intense pounding he’d ever given. “Come on man, give me that thick cock!”

Jamie was delirious as he watched the proceedings from his vantage point underneath the two studs fucking for life. Kent’s cock looked so beautiful ramming into Norman’s asshole, while Norman’s uncut erection bobbed in time to the thrusts. His hands were blurred as they raced up and down his cock, grasping and gripping. Finally the three came simultaneously – it was the stuff of legends.

The next week it was another stud, and the next week another, the similarity being they were all Jamie’s acquaintances. They had intense sex after each session, as if Jamie couldn’t wait to reclaim his husband’s cock. So they proceeded, and they were happy, until one day everything unraveled.


“Babe I have a suggestion,” Kent lightly panted as he gave another deep thrust into Jamie’s receptive ass, “Why don’t I find our next partner? I know someone, and he’d – unh – be perfect for our – unh – arrangement.”

Jamie groaned and tried to formulate a reply – difficult seeing he had nine inches of iron-hard cock stuffed up his butt. “Well okay, oh fuck, I’ll take him if he fancies us.”

“Great, I’ll arrange everything,” Kent said, before dissolving into a giant heap of muscle and brawn as he came up Jamie’s asshole.

They met Luke at a downtown club, not too sleazy for their purpose but with just the right ambience. Luke was one of the new hires from Kent’s job, a transplant from faraway Chicago, and just recently came out to his family. They hit it off over coming out stories and – particularly Kent and Luke – over sports. They were having a marvelous time when Jamie had to excuse himself to the john.

When he came back Jamie was mildly surprised to find Kent and Luke tongue-fucking each other. One of Luke’s hands was even palming Kent’s pronounced bulge. Jamie gave a mild cough and noted as Luke gave him a strange look before withdrawing the hand on Kent’s bulge.

They returned to the apartment, where Luke proceeded to give a strip tease for Kent. Jamie sat in the sideways as Luke swayed his body to Toxic and pulled off each article of clothing with practiced aplomb. His body was beautiful: leanly muscled with smooth skin, largely hairless save for a patch above his slender mouth-watering cock, and toned six pack that Jamie could never replicate on his own body. “Fuck, I know you’d have a nice body underneath all those suits and ties you wore to the office,” Kent murmured under his breath.

Luke was grinding heatedly on Kent’s lap even as the violins of Toxic screamed higher and higher. “Oh yeah, you’re going to fuck me. At last.” Jamie Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan perked up at that mention. Did Luke and Kent had prior encounters? What did he mean by at last? The questions ran in his head, but they did not confuse his own erection.

They moved to the bedroom. Kent feasted on Luke’s ass like he wanted to devour the man whole. Jamie watched dumbfounded as Luke gave him a sly look as he reached behind him and push Kent’s head into his asshole. “Give me your tongue. Deeper, deeper, a little to the left – ahh, fuck.” He turned around and lifted his legs, showing the tiny hole winking at Kent. “Now give me your cock, your big married cock.”

Kent gave a deep growl and thrusted – no, attacked – Luke’s asshole. Luke moaned and scratched at Kent’s broad back before giving him a searing kiss, making Kent pump even harder. Jamie’s cock was drooling precum and his hand gripped his cock tight. Kent groaned, “Fuck, you’re so tight, so fucking soft and tight!”

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck I could feel your balls hitting my ass!” Luke called out, before he gave a wink at Jamie. “This is worth all that waiting in the office,” Luke murmured against Kent’s ear, almost too low for Jamie’s hearing. Kent just gave a huge grunt and his thrusts turned even wilder. Luke suddenly gave a wail as he came hands-free, his ass constricting around Kent’s thick staff.

“Fuck, I love… your ass!” Kent called out before he groaned like a dying animal and sent the ropes of his scalding hot cum up Luke’s ass. The Freudian slip was not missed by Jamie even as he reached his orgasm.

“Yes, yes, fucking breed me with your married cum!” Luke’s final scream echoed in the room as everything quietened down after their respective climaxes. Jamie, who had been standing beating off in the corner of the bedroom, collapsed onto the floor in a heap. Kent did not even realize this as he was busy making out with Luke, his hips still making little thrusts into Luke’s hole, Luke’s hands roaming the broad expanse of Kent’s back.

Jamie stood up by himself as he realize Kent wasn’t going to help him up. “So I’ll be washing up,” Jamie quietly announced before leaving the room. The pair on the bed was still in their blissful embrace. It did not surprise Jamie when he returned from the washroom and watched as Kent and Luke started round two of their sexual encounter, this time with Luke straddling Kent. The tears ran down silently down Jamie’s flushed cheeks as he murmured, “I’ll be out on the couch.”

“Fuck yeah babe, and,” Kent and Luke looked up at Jamie’s tear-stricken face, “Close the door on your way out.”

Jamie gently closed the door. He never reached the couch, instead he slid down against the door and lay there listening to the sounds of bestial sex within. By his count Kent and Luke fucked four times that night, each for every year Kent and Jamie were married, and he had a suspicion Kent’s cock never left Luke’s ass the whole time.


“Honey I’m home, I bought you -” Jamie stopped talking as he took in the sounds emanating from the bedroom. There was a definite screeching of the bed frame and the grunts of two men nearing the sexual peak. Jamie watched mesmerized from the door as Kent groaned like a wild animal, his balls hitting Luke’s taint in a rhythmic tattoo, his large cock obscenely stretching Luke’s tiny asshole to the limit, while Luke’s own half-hard cock lay underneath his balls. Jamie retraced his steps to the kitchen and waited as the two studs screamed their completion.

“Oh hi, Jamie,” Luke called out, naked as the day he was born, “Look at what your husband just gave me,” he turned and spread the mounds of his ass. Jamie could see the puffy hole winking at him, a stream of white cum dripping down one thigh. “That’s some husband you’ve got.”

Kent and Luke had been going strong since that first time they fucked. They had hit pause on their cuckolding life while Kent and Luke were together. Sometimes they went on dates at the clubs with Jamie bringing up the rear, nursing a non-alcoholic drink while the two danced and made out. Sometimes they didn’t bring Jamie with them, and those times were when the pain of jealousy stung the most. Those, and the times he caught them at their lunch-hour trysts.

Things came to a new level last Saturday when they went to visit Jamie’s mom in the suburbs. Luke had insisted on coming, and Kent had introduced him as a close friend and office buddy of his. Jamie’s mom Katie was slightly bewildered but was immediately charmed when Luke presented his hostess’ gift – blueberry pie, his specialty. Jamie knew this because he had seen Luke make blueberry pie naked in Jamie’s kitchen, whence Luke and Kent proceeded to reenact the infamous pie scene from the American Pie movies. As the meeting progressed Jamie thought everything was going well and Escort Beylikdüzü dandy and happy, like a normal family.

Until Kent drew him aside and stated matter-of-factly that he was going to fuck Luke in Jamie’s old bed and he was to distract his mom while they were doing the deed. Luke was talking to Katie but had his eye on Jamie – did he imagine a sneer? In any ways Jamie swallowed, adjusted the tent that was forming in his pants and went to his mom and began pestering her for her meatball recipe, while Kent and Luke slithered upstairs.

When they appeared forty minutes later, slightly disheveled with a bright wide-pupiled glint in their eyes, Jamie could have died from the shame and the arousal. Luke started a conversation with Katie, while her son’s husband’s cum percolated inside his anus. Kent adjusted his crotch, where his fuck-stick still hung heavy though depleted. Jamie could have cried there and then, but held back his tears. After all he knew Kent would just argue it was his own fault that they had approached this lifestyle. Only he hadn’t realize how deep and debauched it was going to be.


Kent bent down and pushed down his dark blue boxers – his favorite pair, and threw them to the hamper. His rampant erection sprung free, almost funnily like a preloaded spring. He was already dripping delicious precum, of which Luke could almost taste in his tongue. The thick staff of his cock even cast a slight shadow on the floor against the light from the washroom.

Luke licked his lips and smiled widely. He was already naked, lying on the sheets like a blatant twink whore, a whore who’s going to be fucked by someone else’s muscular husband. His own erection abided its time, being encased within his running fingers. His left hand was rubbing against his nipples, twirling the strawberry nubs that Kent so loved. He opened his home-wrecking thighs, wet and oh so ready for Kent’s humongous cock.

They had been fucking for a year now. Luke thought of the first moment when Kent came to the office, a new transfer – when he saw his plain platinum ring he had thought he had no chance with this hunk of a guy. He hadn’t given much thought after that, but had realized now the late nights and the lunch dates the new guy seemed to enjoy with him was all but his so-called mating ruse. He laughed about it now, reminiscing about the sweetness of it all as he was about to be fucked by his, well, boyfriend’s cock, the cock that belonged to someone else.

Kent laid on top of Luke, just enjoying the closeness and the warmth of another person, his cock pulsating between Luke’s warm thighs, the large glans so close to Luke’s secret entrance. They were kissing deeply, deep soul-searching kisses that preceded the sex that would soon enough happen. “Where’s Jamie?” Luke asked suddenly.

“Jamie’s cleaning up in the kitchen.” Of course, the ever kind and dutiful Jamie. The party had been a blast, with presents from Jamie’s mom and Kent’s parents, punctuated by bites of Luke’s signature blueberry pie and the rest of Jamie’s undeniably delicious cooking. And now here they were, about to fuck after Kent and Jamie’s sixth anniversary party, while Jamie was somewhere in the kitchen. Fitting, really, seeing how it was Jamie that first suggested the cuckolding lifestyle to Kent. Luke smiled as he caught Kent’s cockhead in his grasp.

“Now fuck me like you love me. Right here on your anniversary night.”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

The moment when the cockhead breached his first resistance was a moment Luke would always treasure. The deep warmth of the glans, the smoothness of the head, the slip of the foreskin, the slight burn simply because the cock was too large – these were the things that had made Luke stayed. Yes, despite Jamie, despite everything.

It didn’t take long for Kent to start his customary pounding of the tight hole that Luke offered. His large balls pounded on Luke’s ass like thieves on a locked door. At the end of each thrust Kent pressed down slightly, as if confirming his stake inside Luke’s hole. Luke had it all memorized, down to the little gasps that Kent would emit when he was four-five minutes away from cumming. And once he came, the semen would run down Luke’s taint like a briny Milky Way, etched against the skin of his thighs.

Once wouldn’t be enough, but even Kent needed his recuperating time, so Luke would crawl down the bed to suckle on Kent’s spent cock, patiently bidding his time when the cock would be rejuvenated. Then Luke would take a ride on Kent’s up-surging cock, once, twice, three times. Four times seemed to be Kent’s limit, but then dawn would have arrived outside. The last time was when Luke was having a shower with Kent, but by then Kent’s balls had been so thoroughly sated that he was cumming dust, which tickled Luke pink.

As he went out, Luke passed by a sleeping Jamie on the couch, who had his hand in his pajama pants. There was an electric smell of cum on the sleeping form – Jamie had masturbated to the sounds of Kent and Luke’s fucking. Luke sniggered slightly, before bending down to kiss Jamie’s forehead. “Thanks for lending me your husband. Happy anniversary.”

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