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The Cougar Meets Her Sommelier

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“You can call me Nando.”

A bullet of shimmering electricity raced down my spine as I turned to see the handsome bearded younger man standing behind me. He leaned in close, a little too close so I couldn’t help but pick up a hint of his cologne. I had a feeling he knew exactly the effect his nearness would have on me.

Where could this possibly lead?

Tipping one of the two stemless wine glasses in my direction, his smile stopped me mid stride. Speaking at the International Cruise Travel Event in Miami, of course I was racing to the next venue and had zip, zero, no time to spare. Well, I didn’t think I had time to spare.

Smiling up at him, I inhaled deeply, so what is one innocent little glass of wine, I thought to myself. I glanced at my watch only to hear the deep voice croon, “Bella, you work too hard.” How could I argue with that? Besides he was young, impossibly young, where could this possibly lead?

“I remember you from last night, you are the Master Sommelier for Royal Traditions Cruise Lines aren’t you? I believe they said you were the youngest Master to hold that position in the cruise industry.”

“Ah, Senorita, you are too kind, though I am flattered you remember me.”

How could I forget?

I felt myself flushing as I reached up to brush my hand through my hair. Listening to Nando tell his career story was mesmerizing. His eyes lit up when he talked about his love of all things grape. He had the whole room laughing at the story of his mom acting like the unhappy wine customer trying to return the champagne because it was too bubbly. I would be lying if I didn’t hope he noticed me.

“I have Tire Escort just 30 minutes,” I tried to say confidently, wishing I had more time. “I am speaking to the Singles Cruise Directors at four o’clock.”

“Excellent,” he purred (I know that is lame but as God is my witness, he purred) handing me a wine glass in exchange for my stack of clipboards and dice cups. I saw his eyebrows go up at the sight of the dice cups. “I have a table for us out on the patio, follow the young man.”

The Fisher Island Club and Hotel was hands down the nicest property the cruise industry trade show had selected yet and I loved being part of the Single Travel Initiative. Ever since I met Murphy, all those years ago, I am single focused on getting younger men on cruise ships to enjoy the company of older women. Once the cruise companies got on board, lol, literally, the ticket sales for women travelers over 50 in the cruise industry quintupled.

The hotel is filled with gorgeous men and amenities and I am missing it all because I have to run another meeting. Yes, I am way too fucking busy. Yes I love my fucking job. But, when is there time for me?

“So I have 30 minutes.” He said swirling the velvetred in the glass nestled into the palm of his hand.

“Yes, 30 minutes.” I said, mustering a lot more swagger in my voice than I felt.

He made no secret of his desire to admire my body with his eyes. I felt the heat of his gaze as he eyed my form fitting knit sheath. I knew the tropical print accented my curves in all the right places and truthfully, I loved how he was looking at me. I tried to hide my unconscious Torbalı Escort lip biting, but I couldn’t help myself. Even though we had barely met, I was smitten.

“Mi Vida, you work too hard. You have forgotten the pleasures of life.” That voice again. Speaking directly to the intense chemistry between us, he lowered his voice, leaned closer and whispered, “If you are too busy for sex, you are too busy!” That whisper sent waves of trembles and shivers down my spine and into my lady bits. Fuck, he was hot.

Easy for you to say, I thought to myself thinking about his cushy position with the cruise lines and all of his opportunity for travel and adventure.

As if reading my mind I heard “Don’t think I have it easy,” as he gently tucked my hair behind my ear, “I have full, never a dull moment days that are always 12 to 15 hours minimum and I love it.”

I put my hands on my hips and pulled away from him. “Come on,” I said.

“No, really. Many years ago I met a woman who taught me how to leverage my sexual energy. She taught me a series of games you can play for the purpose of creating success by training the mind through erotica.”

“Now I KNOW you must think I am very naive, that I would believe something like that.” I laughed, a giggle turning into a real laugh. He was so adorable and laughed right along with me, pouring a refill into my glass before I could stop him. “Oh my,” he said, looking at his watch, “I guess our 30 minutes is up.”

“You can’t leave me stranded at this point of the story,” I laughed again checking my watch to see that unfortunately, he was right. I Urla Escort had only ten minutes to get to my meeting. I took a long sip of the lovely red he had thoughtfully picked for me and stood up.

“Mi Vida, don’t you worry. We will definitely see each other again – soon.” Taking my hand, he pulled me close. Holding me snugly against his chest he whispered to me, “Let me hold you for a moment, don’t let go.”

My heart started to race and I felt myself stiffen. “It’s ok, I’ve got you, just relax for a couple of breaths, let me hold you.” He squeezed harder and it felt so good. In fact, the firm envelope of his hug became intoxicating. It felt like every square inch of me was being caressed. My breath was shallow and I felt attraction but more so, I felt my body slowly relax.

“I have a meeting to run!” I panted out laughing. “Where can I sign up for another one of these hugs?” Instead of letting go, he held me stronger and laughed in my ear, “Of course, Mi Vida, you shall have so much more, there is a deep secret in the power I am showing you.”

I didn’t want him to let go, but I tried to pull away, hating the thought of it. He didn’t make it any easier, squeezing his resistance. “I do have to go,” I said, nervously looking at my watch again.

“OK. On one condition.” He winked at me.

He was adorable and I was smitten. “What is the condition?”

“The condition is that next time…”

“Yes?” I asked.

“Angel?” I heard as I turned away for a moment to look at the insistent assistant tapping on her clipboard with her pencil. “Yes, I know, I know…” I turned back to Nando who lifted his glass in my direction and stood to go. He winked at me and mouthed, “You will see me later.”

Special Turn On Tip: You will find that ladies over 50 love to be teased and tempted like this. Super important to remember that a little investment in this kind of light weight erotica can win you a lot of fun later.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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