The Coat Room

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I used to smoke, or at least I tried it for a while. For a long time after I quit I still carried cigarettes. I hated to give them up, even if I didn’t smoke them. It always seemed like they might be useful. If I ever wanted to get away from someone, I could just reach for my smokes and look around and say something like, “I’ll be right back. Are you still going to be here?” Or it could work the other way. If there was somebody I wanted to talk to, and they were going out for a smoke, I could just tag along. I was one of the club. If I did have to smoke one, well, there are worse things. And I always had a light for a lady.

I only remember one time that my cigarettes really came in handy.

It was the weekend after Thanksgiving, at my Uncle George and Aunt Barbara’s home. We lived two miles from them when I was a kid, so I’d known them my whole life. While I was away in the Army they moved to a different house but were still in the same town. The new house was huge. It was all on one level, spread out in an ‘L’ shape. That day was the first time I saw it crowded. There was a wedding coming up, and this was the first time the two families were getting together.

They had an early dinner planned, but some of the guests, and the food, were running late. There was a football game on a television in a room thirty yards from the kitchen. It wasn’t much of a game, and the men were just killing time. I watched the game for a while before I left to mingle.

I found myself surrounded by females who were all talking about the wedding. A blonde aunt with unnaturally high breasts was telling me how beautiful the bride was going to be. I agreed. The bride was my cousin Krystal. She’s a few years younger than I am, so she was probably twenty-four at the time. She was slender and blonde, and always looked good even when she wasn’t getting married. Another cousin was saying that the timing of the wedding was unfortunate. It was too soon after Thanksgiving. Somebody said that it was too close to Christmas.

I was trapped, but not for long. I patted my shirt pocket and looked at the door. The women disapproved. I pretended to be embarrassed, and made my break.

I opened a back door and stopped. A few fat, heavy snowflakes fell from a bleak, gray sky and melted as they hit the ground. I had to stay out there long enough to smoke a cigarette, so I went back to get my coat.

My coat was in a guest bedroom, on a king-sized bed piled high with coats and purses. The door was halfway open, and when I pushed on it something inside jumped.

The thing that had jumped was a girl. I stopped short, half a step into the room, blocking the doorway. She was caught. I knew I had caught her even before I figured out what I caught her at.

The girl had her back to me, and she kept her back to me. Her hands were out of sight in front of her but I could tell they were busy. She wasn’t very tall and wore a shapeless black coat. I didn’t move. Finally, she glanced over her shoulder, one dark eye peeking through a fall of dark hair. I didn’t know her. She was younger than I was. Younger than Krystal, even.

“I don’t know where to put this,” she said, pulling her coat off. She spoke rapidly and her eyes moved quickly over me. “I guess it doesn’t matter.”

“No, it probably doesn’t matter,” I told her. “I’m Carl. You a friend of Krystal’s?”

“A relative, sort of,” she said. She used all of her wide mouth to smile a disarmingly friendly smile. She held out her hand to me and said, “Vanessa.” Her hand was small but her grip was strong. She looked me straight in the eye, but only for part of a second.

“Then we must be related,” I said. “I’m Krystal’s cousin.”

“Oh, well, not related, exactly. I’m Jamie’s stepsister.”

Jamie was the guy Krystal was marrying. That made Vanessa my future step-cousin-in-law, or something. I didn’t get far with that line of thought. Vanessa went on, chattering about how her father had just moved to a nearby town. She started to move away from the bed.

I slid past her, saying, “Is this your purse? It looks like something fell out.”

“No,” she said quickly. “I must have knocked it over when I put my coat down. I’m such a klutz.”

“Wait a minute,” I told her. “Maybe there’s some more of them that fell open. We should check.”

Vanessa stopped. Her face was the same color as those big fat snowflakes outside.

I knew everything. I knew more of everything than I could have known.

“I have to go find somebody,” Vanessa said, pointing vaguely.

“Hold it,” I said ominously. I didn’t say it loud, but she heard me well enough. I nailed the tone. I’ve heard guys try to sound like that and fail. She froze. She even looked cold. I felt like a playground bully.

“Whatta ya got?” I asked.

“I don’t have anything. What do you mean?”

“Your name really is Vanessa, isn’t it? Is it in your coat? Whatever you got, put it back.”

“I don’t have anything.”

I shrugged my shoulders. I have kind of big shoulders. Sometimes just bahis firmalar─▒ shrugging them seems to throw people off their game.

“Your coat’s right there. Whatever you took is in the pockets. It’s not going to happen.”

She started to argue, and seemed to be getting her nerve back.

“Hey!” I hissed. “Keep it down, and put everything back. Just shove everything back under the coats and leave it. Nobody will know what happened.”

“I don’t have anything,” she whined, sounding like a spoiled little brat. She was too old for that. “I’ll say you took it.”

“I’m pretty damned sure nobody will believe that. Just do it.”

She slid one foot closer to the bed. “You can’t tell my dad.” She seemed to think we were negotiating.

“I won’t. But you put everything back right the fuck now or I’ll tell a cop.”

“Shit!” Her eyes flashed with what appeared to be genuine hatred. “What’s it to you, anyway?” She reached for her coat and pulled something out of a pocket. Whatever it was, she held it in her fist and punched her fist in between the coats.

“Everything. Put it all back.”

She snorted furiously and pulled something else from another pocket and slammed it onto the bed.

“Fuck it,” I said. “Let’s go. I’m telling the first person we see what happened and I’m calling the cops.”

“You can’t,” she whispered desperately. “That’s everything. You promised.” She seemed to expect that to work. It sounded like she’d used that line before. Just like she’d used the whining and the bargaining.

“Tough shit.”

“Not the cops. I put it all back. I didn’t take anything.”

“Let’s go.”

“I’ll say you grabbed me and pulled me in here.”

That pissed me off fast. I clamped my mouth shut hard and did not turn my back on her as I started for the door.

“Don’t tell.” She spoke quickly, rushing to get the words out before I left. “I’ll do anything.”

I stopped. “Anything?” If I had been trying to do a Snidely Whiplash impression, it would have sounded a lot like that.

She glared straight at me, but she didn’t look up, so she was staring at my chest. “You can do anything you want to me, but you can’t tell. Not the cops.”

I stalled, and plainly, unapologetically looked her up and down. It turned out she was pretty easy to look at. The only thing wrong with her face was the hard expression it wore. Heavy eyebrows, but not too heavy. Kind of a big nose. Maybe a bit of an overbite, but I tend to like that. Long hair. Her dark green dress didn’t seem to fit very well, but it was an improvement over that ugly black coat. Couldn’t tell how big her tits were. She wasn’t very big, but maybe a little thick through the waist. She looked like she hadn’t gone to any trouble to try to look good.

Still stalling, I said, “You were going to fuck up the whole day for everybody.”

“I’m sorry.” She sounded so damned sincere it was hard to not believe her.

There was no way she could have gotten away with it. She knew that. I knew she knew that. There was no doubt in my mind that she had done things like that before and had been caught before. So, she must have wanted to get caught. There was no other way it could have turned out. She still didn’t like it. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but I had a lot of ideas. I asked, “How old are you?”

“Nineteen.” That sounded about right.

“Well, that’s sure as hell old enough to know better. Shit, this is probably a felony. And I know a cop.”

“Don’t. Please.” She just got sincerer and sincerer. “Nobody has to know. If you tell, it’ll fuck things up just as bad as if I took that stuff.”

“I guess you’d know about that.”

Vanessa didn’t deny it. She bit her lower lip and glanced up at me. I let myself wonder, for just an instant, if she was really nineteen.

I could go find her daddy and tell on her. That would make for a fun afternoon. I did know a cop, but that wasn’t really an option. The easiest thing would be to do nothing. Suddenly I felt like I was being bluffed.

“You said you’d do anything? You know what that means. You might not like it.” I kept my voice very low and tried to sound mean. “I might not be a nice guy.”

This was her chance to back out, but she didn’t take it. She nodded her head.

I moved past her again, to the bed, and spoke more quickly. “You sure you put everything back? Put your coat on. We’re going to my place.” I found my coat while she was making a production out of getting hers on. “I got my car out this way. We see anybody on the way, we’re going to get cigarettes. You go along with everything I say and act cheerful, you got it?”


“Show me. Look cheerful.”

She rolled her eyes and went from angry, terrified little girl to agreeably bored young woman in less time than it took her to take a deep breath. I acted pissed off to cover up the fact that I was a little bit scared.

We saw no one I had to talk to on the way to my car. The snow had turned to a light, chilly drizzle and I fought the urge to pull ka├žak iddaa my collar up. I opened the passenger door like a gentleman and she slid in like a lady. A silent, ten-minute ride took us to my apartment.

Vanessa stood in my living room while I went to the fridge and got myself a beer. When I got back I told her to throw her coat on a chair. She did. She looked better without the coat. I gestured with my thumb, toward the bedroom, and followed her.

“Take off the dress,” I told her. “Take everything off.” Damn, I sounded cool.

Vanessa stood on one foot at a time to kick off one shoe at a time. They weren’t high heels, but she was noticeably shorter without them. She bent an arm up behind her back to reach a zipper, looking annoyed and bored the whole time, like she was paying off a bad bet. Her chocolate-brown bra didn’t match her beige panties. She didn’t try to cover her tits when she took the bra off, and she didn’t bend her knees when she pulled her panties down. I sipped my beer and watched. She looked a lot better naked than with clothes on. The green dress wasn’t cutting it.

She stood there naked while I sat on the only chair in the room. When I bent over to untie my shoes her unshaved pussy was about three feet in front of my face. I’m sure my nostrils flared. She stood with her weight on one foot, with her arms crossed under her boobs. She looked at me a couple of times while I was undressing, but most of the time her eyes were aimed at a corner of the ceiling.

I went to the closet and reached inside for the leather belt I wore to work. It was hanging from a hook just inside the sliding door and I didn’t have to look to find it. It was wide and heavy and black.

“What are you doing?” She really did sound scared, and she didn’t look bored any more.

I folded the belt over and held the ends in one hand. “I was thinking I might spank your lying thief ass,” I told her. “Turn around.” She turned stiffly to face the bed, and stood with her knees locked and her arms down in front of her, her hands in little tight fists. I moved close to her side and reached down to cup a hard, tense ass cheek in my hand. “Kind of a shame,” I drawled, my lips close to her ear. “It’s a nice ass. Still, you were bad. And you said I could do anything I want, right?” I was so full of bullshit I couldn’t believe it, but acting like that was working great and it was actually sort of fun.

She nodded her head up and down about half an inch. I moved the belt to my other hand and let it hang against her hip while I felt up her tits. They were damned nice tits, good sized and firm. Her dry eyes stared at the wall in front of her.

“You said I could do anything I want to you, right? Tell me again.”

She inhaled audibly, but her voice was clear and composed. “You can do anything you want to me.”

“Lay on the bed.” I put my hand on the back of her shoulder and steered her so she lay face down in the middle of my bed. Her face was turned toward the wall and her feet were a few inches apart. I got on my knees next to her and flipped my cock up so it fell lightly on her ass. It really was a nice butt, round and not too wide. Her legs moved just a little farther apart.

I let the belt rest on the back of her thigh while I felt her ass some more. Even relaxed it was nice and firm. I could smell perfume and I could smell her pussy. The combination smelled delicious. I swung one leg over her and nestled my cock into her ass crack. My hands, one of them still holding the belt, went to her shoulders, so the belt was right next to her face. My rigid cock slid down and nudged her butthole. She didn’t try to do anything about that.

I moved off to the side again and told her to roll over. She did, and moved her legs a little farther apart. I reached for her pussy. It was wet, and she moved a little when I slid my finger in.

“I…” she started, but I shook my head at her.

“Don’t say a fucking thing,” I ordered. It seemed like I was overdoing the bossy stuff, but it was still working. I stretched out to reach the nightstand, and pulled back and showed her a condom. She nodded again.

I let go of the belt and lay down on top of her, my hand on her tit and my cock very close to her pussy. Her pink nipples were swollen hard.

Vanessa was hot. I don’t just mean she looked good, and I don’t just mean she was sexy, either. And I don’t mean she was turned on, even though she was, in fact, rhythmically humping her wet pussy up against me. She was actually hot. I could feel heat radiating up off of her body. The skin on her chest was flushed and her tits were hot against my lips.

I went lower. Her dark hair was thick, but trimmed short. It veiled but did not hide the little nineteen-year-old pussy.

“You…” she started, sounding panicked. “Shut up,” I growled. “Spread your legs and hold still.” She spread them wide. She didn’t even try to hold still.

I sucked on one pussy lip, then the other, once in a while sliding my tongue up inside her or nibbling up toward ka├žak bahis her clit. It was hard to tell if she was loving what I was doing or hating it. I quit sucking and started licking. Up and down and around I licked, down almost to her asshole, up around her clit. There was something going on with her, like she was either trying to cum and couldn’t, or trying not to and couldn’t help it. She was saying things like “I… You… Don’t…” in a high, quiet, frantic voice.

She was really hot. I mean that in every sense of the word. When I spread her lips with my fingers and started lapping her clit she let out a long, low moan from way back in her throat. When she came, there was no question about it.

I kept the tip of my tongue on her hard little clit until she seemed ready to cum again, but before she did I quit and got up on my knees. She started to follow me, sitting up on her elbows. I tore open the condom and told her to get on her hands and knees. She was there waiting for me.

I moved in close behind her. She didn’t move, not even when I rubbed my cock against her pussy lips. Then the small of her back arched down and her ass rotated up. I slid in. She was tight and wet. She had a great ass and her waist looked tiny from that angle. I was planning to take my time and really give it to her, but about twenty seconds in I thought the hell with it. I just grabbed her hips and fucked her. She pushed back against me like she wanted it even deeper.

Afterward, I went to the bathroom to get rid of the condom and wash up. When I came back, still drying myself with a hand towel, I was surprised that she was still there on her belly, still naked and uncovered. I stopped to admire the view and was glad I did. The curves were beautiful. I was still standing there when she picked her head up and looked at me with no particular expression or interest. I tossed the towel aside and picked the belt up off the floor.

“What are you doing with that? You can’t, not now.” It sounded almost like a dare. When I picked the belt up I was planning to put it away. Then she said that, and I saw her eyes, and my plans changed. There was still some heat there.

“I can’t? You didn’t think I forgot, did you?” I sat next to her with one leg on the bed and slapped her ass lightly with the palm of my hand. Her cheek quivered. I slapped the other side and watched it quiver, too. She moved a little, but not like she was trying to get away. I squeezed and petted and spanked her for a minute, not hard enough to hurt. Skin that had been white as a wedding dress turned a healthy rosy pink.

I stood up. Before I even said anything she grabbed two fistfuls of blanket and lifted her ass up off the bed.

I didn’t hit her hard at all. I pretty much just swung the belt out and let it fall across her ass, and I only did that a few times. It didn’t take much. Her skin lit up and red stripes showed the exact width of the belt. Maybe it stung more than I thought. She squirmed and whimpered like it did.

I tossed the belt and stepped back and said, “Get down here and suck me.” She moved like a cat, except she landed on her knees. My cock was already hard again, and half of it disappeared inside her mouth and stayed there as she sucked, her tongue working hard. After a few minutes she backed slowly off but never let it all out of her mouth before she sucked it back in. At first she had both her hands on my thighs. Then she dropped one hand down between her legs.

She was there for a while, but if she got tired, I couldn’t tell. She did lose her rhythm once. I think she got herself off and was breathing through her mouth instead of sucking. I put my hands on the sides of her head and fucked her mouth for a minute, and when I let go and she sucked even harder and faster.

When I got close I made sure she knew it. When I came she kept sucking. I love that. I came even better than I had the first time. Then she sat back on her heels, still stroking me fast with her hand, and looked up at me, her big dark eyes wide open. She swallowed. Then she sucked me some more.

Ordinarily, I might have fallen in love right there.

I reached down to her arms and lifted. She came up to me quickly and easily and surprised me with a quick, light kiss on the corner of my mouth.

Vanessa went into the bathroom and by the time she came out I had my clothes on. She kissed me again. This was a brief, deep kiss, with a lot of tongue and with her naked body pressed hard against me. Her mouth was minty fresh.

Her tits hung heavily when she bent to pick up her underwear. I remembered my beer and took a drink while I watched. Vanessa ignored me. She was cool. It was like a fever had broken.

“They’re going to think it took a long time to get your cigarettes,” she said without looking at me.

“Is that going to be a problem for you?”

“Not really.”

“You going to be here for Krystal’s wedding?” I asked.

“I guess. That’s the plan.” She wiggled around to get her bra right. “You?”

“Oh, yeah. I couldn’t miss that. Krystal and me go way back.” A mark from the belt peeked out from under her panties when she turned to get her dress. “Gonna be a big wedding,” I told her. “Lots of people, lots of presents.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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