The Club’s Back Door

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The line up for the newest club in town was always long by 11pm. 40 or 50 guys waited patiently, jumping up and down a little in the cold while the hot young women strode through. This is what Jenna and her friend Allison did. They were both only 18, but they had fake id’s and cleavage so they usually slipped by the bouncers with no problem at all. All it took was a flip of the blonde hair and a couple short jumps up and down while the bouncer was speaking with someone else, a cute smile and they were in.

Justin was getting a drink at the bar when he saw them come in. Being the manager, there was no wait in line and a promo tab for him. Being 6 feet tall, blonde, 32 and well built he had little problem with the women anyway, but the bar helped. He eyed the fresh meat appreciatively and decided the blonde one would do for tonight. He guessed her height at 5’6, (he cocked his head slightly as he decided) probably a 32 24 34C, short skirt with those leather boots that always come up over the knee and 2 inch heels. The skirt came down perhaps halfway down her thighs and hugged her ass showing off her nice figure. The tube top was strapless and showed quite a lot of cleavage from her nice sized perky tits. Smooth creamy skin and wavy hair completed the ensemble, giving her a slightly dirty look that the bar was so well known for.

Jenna glanced at Justin and saw him eyeing her up. She smiled, tossed her hair and then turned towards her friend and commented on the hot guy at the bar looking at her. When she turned away he walked away in the direction of the DJ booth to let the DJ know he had to change the type of music because he was playing too much hip hop. When Jenna looked back to where he’d been standing she frowned slightly and then got in the line up for a drink.

In less than 2 hours Jenna and Allison had put away almost 10 drinks apiece and only paid for half of them. There were always guys crowding around them and offering drinks and they were both glad to take them. When Justin walked up and introduced himself as the manager the two girls giggled a little and Jenna blushed from the way he looked at her. When he put his arm around her and invited her into his office to have a drink in private she felt herself get wet. She could feel his muscular arm around her and because of the way he leaned into her neck and spoke so closely she could feel his breath on her neck. An involuntary shiver ran through her before she could answer and then she didn’t have to.

When he felt her shiver like that he knew she was his. Leaving Allison to dance with a couple of the guys they’d met, they walked in the direction of his office. More than a few guys gave him a dirty look when he took bets10 her into the doorway marked “private” and the bouncer seated near the stairs just shook his head and smiled. Justin had to take his arm off her waist in order to get his key into the lock and open the heavy door, but he put his hand to the small of her back and gently guided her into the softly lit office. She had a few seconds to look around as he closed the door and locked it, then he spun her into his arms and kissed her passionately. The small piece of material she called a top was off her in seconds as he lifted first her arms and then the top over her head and tossed it unceremoniously on the chair beside him.

She shivered again and her nipples got even harder when the air conditioned office air ran over her naked chest. She put her arm over his neck as he kissed her neck and shoulders. Finally they backed into the desk and she leaned back slightly while holding onto him and he flipped her arm off and then picked her legs up off the floor and she went flat on her back with her skirt riding up around her waist revealing her little thong. She momentarily noticed that the desk was clear of any clutter at all even though there were papers littered over every other part of the office but that though was quickly lost when he ripped her thong off over her boots and dropped it on the same chair as her top.

He could see her wet sex as the thong came off and the view was exquisite as he held her ankles together with her legs sticking straight up in the air so he could pull the underwear off more easily. When he dropped her legs she sat up on the desk and started ripping at the buttons on his shirt while he pulled down his pants. When his shirt was open and his dick was out she gave a small start as she noticed that is was the biggest cock she’d ever seen. She had slept with 4 guys before this night but none of them had been bigger than 6 inches, and now this 9 inch monster as thick as her wrist was winking at her. She couldn’t wait to get it inside her so she leaned back. He picked her legs back up and placed his dick against her pussy, rubbing it around slightly to get her juices on it before easing it in.

It was a tight fit so he only got in the first three inches as she grunted and moaned, before pulling out a little and then forcing it farther in. She could feel herself stretching but the feeling of being filled was far better than the slight discomfort she felt. After a few strokes he was all the way inside her and their pubic patches met as he ground his pelvis up against hers forcing himself as deep as possible. She moaned and ground her hips back and after a few minutes he pulled out and then rammed bets10 giriş all the way back in. She gasped as he did this and he immediately repeated it. Soon he had a good rhythm going. Her ankles had settled on his shoulders and he was using his hands to pull her hips to him as he repeatedly filled her with his meat.

They were both breathing heavily at this point and her tits were whipping up and down on her chest as he alternately pulled her to him and drove her away with his crotch. Soon she was grabbing his hands, digging in her nails as she thrashed her head back and forth on the desk in ecstasy. He could feel her tight pussy walls contracting as the start of her orgasm hit her and she cried out as the waves of pleasure spread through her entire body so he pounded her harder and faster for a few moments before slacking off and putting himself as deep as possible and holding still.

After a few moments her pussy muscles started to relax slightly and he pulled slowly out. She was trying desperately to get her breath back and she could feel the sweat cold against her chest and nipples. “That was great” was all she could exclaim. “We’re not done yet either.” He commented as he picked her up and kissed her on the lips. She kissed back and before she knew it he had spun her around and bent her over the desk with her legs on the ground. He leaned over her with his cock pressing up against her wet pussy, then reached between her legs and started playing with her wet snatch, keeping mostly clear of her ultra sensitive clit while spreading her juices back towards her asshole.

She barely registered the steady way he was getting closer to her back door because he was showering the back of her neck, earlobes, and shoulders with soft kisses that were so wonderful she could really only lay there and accept the bliss they offered. When his first finger slipped into her ass she tensed up slightly and turned her head. He continued his soft kisses and without moving his finger and soon she became accustomed to this new sensation. When he started stroking the finger in and out she started to get a little more excited and moved her ass up and down a little to accommodate it. When he placed the second finger against her asshole and pushed the two in together her eyes opened slightly more and she gasped at the pressure and the new feeling of being full back there but she didn’t push away. Soon he added a third finger and it wasn’t long before he had them in as far as possible. He twisted them around, bent them in and stroked them in and our for a few minutes as she gasped on the desk and when he withdrew them she missed the feeling of fullness they had brought her.

When bets10 güvenilir mi he put his cock back in her pussy she moaned again and moved against him. It was only when he pulled it out, freshly covered in her juices and put it against her asshole that she began to be a bit worried. She moved farther onto the desk when she turned her head and said no, it’s too big.

He smiled as he saw her big beautiful eyes so full of fear and her thick, sensuous lips trembling slightly as her sweaty hair fell across her face in clumps because it was one of the most beautiful sights he’d ever seen. He put on his best managers smile and said, it’s ok, you’ll take it with no problem, I’ve done this before, you’ll like it. She put her face back down to the desk and he started pushing in. At first he thought she had been right and it wasn’t going to go, but slowly her ass opened to him and the head started to slip in. The pressure was intense as the head passed her sphincter and he had to lean his head back and exhale as he got used to the pressure and let her relax a little. She was making little squeaking sounds as she tried to choke back tears at the burning, stretching feeling he had in her ass.

Taking a deep breath, he dove farther into the depths of her ass and slowly, inch by inch he pushed in. When his hips were up against hers again he pulled out a little, then pushed in, repeated, and then ground his hips against hers. Her tears were staining the desk in front of her but when he just stopped moving and held himself there the pain diminished rapidly. She began to feel full and exited at the same time and when he pulled about halfway out (practically pulling her off the desk in the process, her asshole stretching towards him, not wanting to give up it’s prize) and then pushed back in she started feeling some pleasure from it.

He closed his eyes as he got a rhythm going and concentrated on the tight sphincter muscle and the silky smooth interior of her rectum. The pleasure was fantastic and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load in her ass. She felt him picking up the intensity and knew the same thing. Every thrust was pushing her flat against the desk making a loud thump and she was moaning more loudly than the furniture when he grabbed her hips tight, buried his cock as far into her ass as it was physically possible to be, and pumped her ass full of cum. Spasm after spasm gripped his body as his cock pumped jet after jet of the ropey creamy white stuff. She could feel her ass get even hotter with the extra pressure inside her and when he let his cock slip out a moment later she turned around and kissed him deeply on the lips. Exhausted, they dropped into the chair with their clothing and just sat for a few minutes.

After getting cleaned up he asked her if she had enjoyed it and she said yes. He said maybe we should do this again sometime, and she said yes. Then he told her he had to get back to work, and he did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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