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The Child Becomes The Parent

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[©2011 by Clinton09; all characters are over the age of 18 with identities disguised; for ages 21 or above]

[A small devout family of a religious sect decides to retire in rural Texas. Their only son was now adrift with no one of their ‘kind’. He had to find someone…]

I was a financial wizard on Wall Street. It was almost assumed that someone from my background would be good with money. So, I did well, married someone of the same faith (of course) and prospered. When we were in our early forties and realized that time was running out, we had a son: Jacob.

I tried to indoctrinate him into our (religious) world with only mixed results. It was hard enough keeping him in line when we were living in the Bronx, with girls of our own kind he could date.

Now, it was a REAL problem. (As a settlement for a lawsuit, I was given this tiny ranch west of Dallas. I did the math and realized; with Texas’ lack of income tax and low property tax, I could retire there immediately. I jumped at the chance. The three of us moved.)

Immediately, I saw a problem. There were no young women of ‘our kind’ around…not a single one. On the other hand, there were unbelievably beautiful women of unknown backgrounds around to tempt my pure, innocent Jacob. My wife and I lived in dread that he would succumb to their lures.

We promised Jacob a real ‘wing ding’ for his 18th birthday if he only stuck to his studies and the Good Book(s), including the Bible of course. He agreed.

We had the first of some really nasty fights when he was seventeen and a half. My wife noticed Jacob was really getting in shape, far more ‘buff’ than his father ever was. He said it was due to the weight room, two mile daily runs, AND junior varsity football.

We were stunned; we never approved any football. It turns out that he had forged our names on the release forms. At this point he thought we’d just rubberstamp what he did with some angry comments. To his dismay, we told the school what he’d done and ordered him off the team; they had no choice but to do that. Jacob was humiliated…and furious. And so it began.

More and more, every weekend, Jacob would not come home directly from school. It was a small town and he had few places to hide, so I could always round him up. However, his frustrations were growing. He had this great physique now with nowhere to use it.

He couldn’t play football and be a school hero. We wouldn’t let him date; though several of the cheerleaders found him so incredibly handsome they didn’t care if he was an atheist or a pagan.

Like the Space Shuttle at takeoff before they removed the braces, some powerful forces were building in that young man. It all came to a head on his eighteenth birthday.

We had promised him a ‘wing ding’ party when he turned 18. Truth was, we had no idea what we could do being stuck way out on the Texas prairie. I tried to cover that by saying he had broken his word by making me constantly having to find him when he didn’t come right home.

That was the final straw. He stormed out of our house and took the Oldsmobile 98 without permission. Forty-five minutes later, he was back. He wasn’t alone, either.

Jacob: “Mom, dad, this is Tracy. She’s eighteen, a high school dropout. Her mom’s a stripper; her father drives a tow truck. Here look at her.”

My wife and I gasped as our innocent son Karabağlar Escort grabbed at the blouse of this…this hussy, opening it up. There, without benefit of a brassiere, were the two largest most perfect breasts I’d ever seen.

They were like some Playboy foldout, like the ones under Jacob’s bed. My heavens they were big, so very very big! The nipples on them popped into erection; I could almost hear them. To my wife’s fury, I stared openly, subconsciously licking my lips.

Enjoying the shock value of this ‘theatre’, he then ripped open her wrap-around skirt. What we saw was astonishing. Instead of black hair over her private area, there was a forest of this pale, almost golden, hair: So much of it, so soft and welcoming. Right next to her opening, she had this crass, low class, skin illustration. I think they call them ‘tattoos’ or ‘tats’.

Anyway, it had a heart pointing to her place down there. Jacob told us to look closely. My wife almost fainted as we both saw that the names etched in ink were ‘Tracy’ and ‘Jack’ (Jacob.) It was like some nightmare. It only got worse as he flexed his huge muscles: he had a tattoo himself (!) This was just not done by our people. What more could happen?

Jacob: “Mom, dad, you didn’t want me to have a girlfriend if it meant that I’d be with some ‘low class tramp’ that wasn’t one of ‘our kind’. Well, it’s hard as a young dude to handle that, especially when the area’s women are incredibly hot. I want to show you what YOU drove me to do. You just watch, AND KEEP QUIET.”

My wondering about ‘what more could happen’ was answered. Jacob removed his clothes (the first time that we had seen him in the nude for years and years.) Now it was his mother’s turn to ever so slightly lick her lips seeing his Samson-like physique, with muscles bulging everywhere.

He pulled a chair up before us and sat. Only then did we notice his most private part sticking upwards at an incredible angle and height. The damn thing must have been ten or eleven inches and stood parallel and above his navel.

He motioned for Tracy to come to him. She did. He commanded her to kneel before him. She did. Then, without further commands, she tried to bend his manhood towards her. It didn’t bend. She then used both her hands and strained to bend that granite monument towards her waiting mouth. My wife gasped, putting her hand over her mouth in shock. I was stunned too, mouth agape.

That ‘tramp’ Tracy proceeded to take the entire long shaft into her warm, welcoming mouth, and then pull back until only the edge of his manhood lay against her pliant soft lips. She did this again and again until he looked to the ceiling. He moved in the chair and then closed his eyes, moaning as if stricken. We then saw her cheeks expand as if she was holding several quarts of water.

She stood up slowly and came up to my wife, who cowered before this unbelievably sexy, if trampy, eighteen year old.

Jacob: “Okay, mom, it’s your call. Where do you want Tracy to dispose of my jizz; down the hatch or all over you? I have to warn you; if you want it all over you, it will be quite a mess.”

It was a shocking moment. My quiet, submissive wife literally shook when confronted by this question. She looked at me, then Jacob. Wordlessly, she turned her head up like a chirping bird, her mouth wide Karaburun Escort open. I was in shock.

Tracy bent over with cheeks puffed out and then drooled out a huge river of thick white goo. It seemed like it would never end. Every drop, every single molecule of his virile spend had now filled Tracy to the max and now was coating my wife’s tonsils as it slowly slid down. When it finally ended, she swallowed, and then did it again and again. Finally, she had taken in every drop. She slowly licked her lips. Again, I was in total shock.

Tracy immediately ran to Jacob and keyholed him frantically while caressing his now empty reservoirs down below. In almost record time, he got re-charged, his cock hard and his balls even more swollen with seed, if that was possible. He motioned for her to get back up and prepare for round two.

She raised the most beautiful tanned, shapely leg up and over as she screwed herself down upon his manhood. At that point, his hands closed around her pert behind. He took a firm hold and then began to lift and lower her at greater and greater speed.

My conservative wife and I looked on in goggle-eyed amazement at this spectacle. We should’ve looked away, but no one could. The driving slap-slap-slap sound as her body was repeatedly dropped onto his manhood was mesmerizing. Finally, they slowed. They kissed fully as his hands gripped her in a vise-like hold. His mother noticed his scrotum was hugely swollen, like two large oranges. Her eyes bugged out as she saw the two large globes tense up and pull tight against him. Then she saw a wave go thru them as if they were pumping and releasing their stored reservoir of saved-up liquid. They were.

Each time he pumped, we could hear his girlfriend Tracy whimper, wince, and then give out a sigh of utter bliss. This happened five times. On the sixth and final time, Jacob joined her in a mutual sigh of utter pleasure. You could say that they finished with a simultaneous orgasm (I think they call it), but to me it clearly was SIX simultaneous orgasms.

Tracy collapsed against Jacob like a ragdoll. She was spent. As for my wife and I, we were in shock. We could easily have run away, but we were utterly mesmerized by this ‘theatre’ and just had to stay for the final act…if any.

Jacob put Tracy on another chair as if she was a stuffed animal. We both stared at her, lying on the chair totally nude. As I looked at that wondrous blonde fringed pussy, I noticed ever so slowly a flow of white froth was percolating up and out from her fertile depths.

It emerged and became a torrent of thick white goo. It seeped, oozed, and then flooded out, making both of her silky thighs glisten in the light of the living room. It was quite a sexy moment. We should have left (once again) but were curious as to how this whole thing ended…

Well, that curiosity cost us in the end. Jacob said he was leaving home, but that we owed him for all the chores and jobs he had held to ‘help out the family’ over the years. To be honest, we HAD used him and never gave him much in the way of presents or parties. Always he was directed to read the Good Book and make do.

We reached a turning point when he said he wanted the safe combination. I told him he must be mad. To my dismay, he saw two pokers in the fireplace. Each was an inch and a Karşıyaka Escort half thick and quite heavy. He then flexed his muscle, his bicep almost obscenely large from all of that football and weight training. He then proceeded to bend both pokers at the same time. Tracy cheered and even his mother applauded, her tongue hanging out slightly.

That was a demonstration that he was too much man for me and I’d better surrender. I did. The safe was opened.

What happened next was like a scene from ‘Boxcar Bertha’. In that movie, a sultry Barbara Hersey stole the valuables of a line of wealthy women. Lord, it was oddly sexy to see wealth transfer from those swells to that lowly but oh-so-very-hot tramp. Well, this was like a living re-enactment. Jacob found things of my wife, showed them off to her, and then called for Tracy to put them on.

At the end of this ‘robbery’, that low class tramp Tracy had diamond earrings, a natural pearl necklace, two diamond rings, one flawless emerald, and two 24K wedding bands. That floozy put everything on, however silly it looked. She put the wedding bands on as toe rings, her precious demure feet highlighted by that gold. A thick gold charm bracelet became an ankle bracelet, a sexy addition to her fantastic legs.

Now Jacob had my entire wife’s jewelry, all our cash, and most everything else which had been kept in negotiable securities. In other words, he was wealthy and we were now poor.


My wife and I now had the option of going back home with absolutely nothing, facing ruin AND humiliation, or of staying out there. We stayed.

With that little ranch already paid off, we could endure ‘roughing it’. True, for extra cash we now had to scramble, like working flea markets every weekend. Even that was okay, as it helped us settle in.

Miracle: our neighbors found out we didn’t have horns or two heads, and we learned they weren’t all bumpkins (well, not ALL of them…) The only missing element was Jacob. Then one day, unannounced, he arrived as we were heading off to the flea market.

As we looked on in our dreary Goodwill attire, a man looking just like Jacob (now ‘Jack’) got out and opened the door for his wife. Well, I could see her gorgeous tanned shapely legs come out, a blue tattoo on her right ankle, her slender ankle sporting a gold chain. Her skirt was cut up to her waist on the side; her thighs were toned and perfect.

As Tracy stood up on those trampy Lucite stripper’s platforms, my wife and I were in utter shock at the sight of them. To be honest, they were shocked (and amused?) at the sight of us. ‘

Without commenting further, Jacob opened the huge sliding door of the mini-van, letting us see the twins, triplets and the other baby resulting from their getting ‘hitched’ at the county office.

Jacob closed the mini-van, held the hand of his gorgeous slut of a wife, and made out with her. He helped her back in, jumped in himself, and rode off. We didn’t see Jacob again for some time.

He was now a success with a gorgeous wife and a fine home. He also had a large, wonderful family. We had done our jobs as parents in spite of ourselves. Okay, the Good Book was neglected or read in a different translation than ours; somehow that lost its importance.

My wife and I couldn’t have been happier for them and regretted nothing. When we had reconciliation a few years later, all was forgiven and forgotten. Best of all, now Jacob could spare a few dollars for his old man. With that, we could afford to depart from the exciting world of the flea market and actually retire.

What was the old saying about the father becoming the son, and the son becoming the father…?

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