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The Cheryl Cummings Story: Early Years Ch. 04

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“Puff — puff — One!!”

Come on try a little Nothing is forever

“Puff — GRRRR — Puff Two!!”

There’s got to be something better than In the Middle

Cheryl awoke the next morning to The Wallflowers lyrics blaring at her through her bedroom wall.

Specifically, from the wall separating her and Tawnee’s room and the exercise room right next to it. This was Tawnee’s daily workout time, and Cheryl had no idea what was going on as she awoken tired and confused.

The only thing she did know for sure, staring at the clock next to her bed in disbelief, was that it was 5:08am!!

Bang, Bang, Bang!! “TAWNEE!! What are you doing over there?!?”

“Puff — Puff!!”

We can take it home — With one headlight

“Just — One — More –“

Cheryl sighed. Evidently she was going to have to get used to not getting much sleep while she was home. Suddenly her quiet, lonely apartment wasn’t seeming so bad anymore.

Resigned to the fact that further sleep was going to be impossible with Rocky IV going on in the next room, Cheryl got up, put on her robe, and headed for the shower.

As the warm and soothing jets of water bounced off her back a sudden memory of last night leapt into her thoughts. “Oh my God, how embarrassing!” she blushed, recalling Tawnee catching her ‘Red Handed’, if you will.

But then, in spite of her sister standing there, gawking at her, she couldn’t stop pleasuring herself. Was it that she was simply too far gone to control herself, or could it be something else? Was she actually getting some kind of rush out of being completely exposed to someone? True, she was a virgin, and apart from fairly infrequent masturbation, she had never really even messed around with anyone.

She had made up her mind that Chris could be the one, but they had never really had an opportunity to do much more than kisses good night. Cheryl couldn’t help but wonder if Tawnee had already done more with boys than she had? If so, this would be terribly embarrassing.

But, she did seem so confident and self-assured. Not at all like Cheryl who was so shy about anything regarding her body. Looking over at her reflection in the shower door, it wasn’t like she had a bad body. In fact, she was far more curvaceous than her younger sister. “If nothing else, my tits are still bigger!” she smiled to herself as she reached her hands up and cupped her large breasts, lifting each one, as if measuring and weighing them with her hands.

“HURRY up in there Cheryl! There’s no time to be jerkin off again, I gotta go!!” yelled Tawnee through the locked bathroom door, smiling to herself at her clever comment.

Cheryl jerked out of her daze and blushed. If Tawnee knew how close she was to being correct she’d never hear the end of it. It seemed to Cheryl that it was going to be more & more difficult to control Tawnee’s haughtiness after being humiliated by her young friend, then (Oh God) after being caught masturbating by her little sister!

It seemed that Tawnee had somehow sensed that she was not quit as strong and authoritative as she tried to appear all the time. True, Cheryl had been almost like a mother to Tawnee as she grew up. Since that afternoon in the backyard with Karen, it really seemed like Tawnee was challenging her on every front.

Well, she’d have to worry about all this later. Chris would be here in less than half an hour and she had to get ready for him! She shut off the shower and stepped out, only taking another moment to survey herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door.

Then she quickly started getting dressed. She put on her white cotton panties, then a pair of elastic jogging shorts, a fairly revealing bikini top, but a loose fitting button-up blouse to keep Chris from getting too much of an eye-full she smiled to herself as she finished up drying her hair.

In the meantime, Tawnee was back and banging on the door again. Cheryl angrily swung the bathroom door open to confront her younger sister. As the door opened she couldn’t believe how her sister looked. She was wearing short-short cutoffs (that showed half of her butt cheeks) and a half shirt, and the way her nipples were protruding through the shirt, it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra!

Tawnee smiled to herself as she noted the surprise in her big sister’s eyes. This was really getting to be rather fun! Her sister was really so uptight about everything! Little did she know the mischief she had planned for today!

“Tawnee, I’m going to be out back with Chris this afternoon. Would you mind giving us some time alone? I really haven’t had much time with him, and would like to spend some time with him,” asked Cheryl.

“Tell ya what, I was planning on catching some rays, just for a short time, but I’ll take off pretty quickly. How’s that?” replied Tawnee, smiling inocently at her older Şişli Escort sister.

Cheryl wasn’t thrilled at the idea of Tawnee hanging around while she was with Chris, but she really didn’t see that she had many alternatives. If she made a big deal out of her being there, surely Tawnee would think it would be great fun to hang around just to get her sister’s goat.

However, if she simply went along with Tawnee’s plan, without letting her know that it was bothering her at all, perhaps Tawnee would stick to her promise to only stay for a very short time.

“OK. But remember I’d like to have some time alone with Chris. We really only started dating, and we’ve had hardly ANY time together,” replied Cheryl as she headed back to her bedroom to finish getting ready.

“You bet!” smirked Tawnee as Cheryl walked away. Her older sister left so quickly she never had an opportunity to notice the mischievous grin on her younger sister’s face.

Cheryl was combing her hair in her room when she heard Tawnee’s familiar giggle from the backyard. Opening the curtain a bit, she saw that Chris had arrived and Tawnee had already let him into the large deck area that circled the in ground pool in their backyard.

She also noticed to her dismay that Tawnee hadn’t even bothered to put on anymore clothes and even from upstairs she could detect Chris’s seemingly hungry stare at her little sister!

“Damn!” mutter Cheryl under her breath as she hastened down the stairs and out the back door to meet Chris.

“HI!” Cheryl called out to Chris.

“OH, ummmm, hi,” replied Chris, scarcely taking his eyes from Tawnee.

“How was your drive?” asked Cheryl, already becoming a bit annoyed by the way Chris was devouring her little sister with his eyes. She angrily turned to Tawnee, and could see what was going on.

The little bitch still had on her short-shorts and half shirt. Her toned body truly looked spectacular in the outfit, and her nipples were rock hard and impossible to miss under her tight little half shirt.

Cheryl looked down at her rather conservative outfit, one that showed hardly anything at all, and suddenly felt very silly. Chris was sitting in one of the patio chairs, and Cheryl sat down in one beside him.

“Hey sis,” bubbled Tawnee as innocently as she could manage. (It was obvious that she was devouring being the center of attention with Cheryl’s new infatuation).

Chris was just telling me about how he was totally in love with my big sister!” Tawnee mocked in a silly little voice, as she batted her eyelashes and smiled at Chris.

This quickly brought a blush to Chris’s face, as he turned to Cheryl. “Your sister is kinda silly Cheryl!” he beamed at her. Oh that’s nice, thought Cheryl, the first time he’s even looked at me since he got here.

Tawnee wasn’t about to lose his attention that easily though. “And I was just telling him how jealous I was of my sis, having such a big strong man doting after her!” Tawnee giggled, plopping herself down on Chris’s lap, putting her arms around his neck, and smiling as his eyes locked with hers.

“OK Tawnee, that’s about enough!” Cheryl nearly yelled. “Get off his lap, and go play with one of your little friends now. We’d like to have some time now.”

“But I want to visit with my ‘BIG’ sister and her strong young boyfriend” teased Tawnee, stressing the word BIG in a way that made Cheryl feel like she was implying that she was anything but bigger than her. Suddenly Cheryl was starting to see shades of red.

“Tawnee, I said get off his lap and leave us alone — NOW,” demanded Cheryl.

“What did you say, “BIG” sister,” giggled Tawnee.

“You heard me Tawnee. I’m quickly loosing patience with the way your acting. Now stop showing off, get off his lap, and leave us ALONE!”

“Hmmm. . . tell you what, ‘BIG’ sister, if you want me off of this big strong man’s lap, why don’t you make me?” asked Tawnee. She was suddenly becoming aware of the fact that she could feel something rather hard underneath her.

Chris’s getting a hardon from me sitting here, she realized to herself with unrestrained glee! I’m turning him on! Cheryl probably has him bored to tears, and I’m turning him on. The idea made her suddenly feel very excited. Very powerful. And very wet. She also started to feel a slight twinge of guilt, so she was just about ready to get up and quit teasing her sister, when all at once Cheryl leapt up from her chair and sprung at her.

Tawnee didn’t really mean to do anything. However, some of her instincts from wrestling just seemed to take over. Cheryl angrily stormed toward her, attempting to grab her arm and jerk her from Chris’s lap.

Tawnee first allowed her sister to grab her arm, and right at the time Cheryl tried to jerk her off of Chris’s lap, Tawnee made her first defensive move. Taksim Escort She took her free hand, and using a move she had learned from Gwen, pulled back on the hand that was gripping her arm. At the same time Tawnee pulled her arm away hard, which had the effect of sending Cheryl topping backwards hard onto her butt!

It was a pretty comical sight, and once again it gave Tawnee a rush of feeling power and excitement seeing her sister being placed rather quickly on her butt.

Cheryl, however, was not amused. “You little bitch, you’re going to pay for that,” scowled Cheryl at her little sister, as she again charged up to the chair, grabbing for Tawnee’s arm.

This time Cheryl was able to get Tawnee’s arm and pull her off of Chris, mostly because Tawnee was still laughing so hard. The laughter was short-lived, however, as Cheryl let loose a stinging slap across Tawnee’s face as she pulled her to the ground with her. From this point, Cheryl did have the advantage, outweighing her sister, as well as being larger.

Cheryl quickly climbed onto her sister. She was going to put an end to this impudence once and for all, and send this little brat to her room crying. That’d serve her right for making Cheryl look silly in front of her new friend.

“Get off of me!” Tawnee yelled, her shirt sliding up dangerously high under her pert-young-boobs. “I was just playing around a little bit!” The brunette tried to push her bigger sister off of her with her hands.

“Too bad.” Cheryl laughed, as she took hold of Tawnee’s wrists, and quickly pressed them down to the grass next to the sides of the brunette’s head.

Tawnee began to struggle and squirm beneath her older sister, as Cheryl sat astride her stomach. “Let me up!” Tawnee demanded, as she tried to topple her sister off of her by bouncing her legs, it pushed her shirt up a bit more exposing the bottom of her breasts slightly.

Tawnee glanced down, seeing one of her pink nipples come into view, and glancing over at Chris. He was staring at her, unblinkingly. It was obvious that he was rock hard too, she could see it sticking straight up from his shorts. Hmmm . . . so she wants to play this way, huh? Thought Tawnee to herself.

“No way,” Cheryl smiled, as she slid her cute butt forward just slightly, and pressed her knees down onto Tawnee’s shoulders. “This is way too much fun.” Tawnee couldn’t help but smile as she suddenly realized that Cheryl thought she was in total control of the situation. She decided to give her one last chance to get out of the situation with some dignity.

“Come on Cheryl.” Tawnee said to her sister, looking up at her. “You’re really asking for it……Let me up!”

Cheryl just smiled down into Tawnee’s frustrated face and shook her head no. “If you want up,” Cheryl laughed, “You’ll have to do it yourself.”

In a very quick move, Tawnee’s legs came up from behind Cheryl, and on the first try, the brunette managed to get her feet between her sister’s arms and the sides of her body. Digging the heels of her bare feet into Cheryl’s breasts.

As her legs wrapped around Cheryl, the loose-fitting shirt her older sister was wearing had every button on it tear off, completely separating it in front of Cheryl, exposing her large breasts, constrained only by a loose-fitting, and rather risqué (especially by Cheryl’s standards) and revealing bikini top.

Tawnee didn’t realize that she had ripped her sister’s shirt at this point. She only knew that with her legs up in this position, wrapped around Cheryl that it had to be quite a sight for Chris. She knew her ass was facing him from this angle, and with these shorts on, and her legs stretched around her sister, she could feel that they had wedged completely up her ass, giving him an excellent view of her exposed ass!

First he sees my tit, now he’s probably staring at my ass, thought Tawnee. Adrenaline surged through her, and she felt like she might cum right on the spot as she pictured him looking at her, and realized that he had probably already seen more of her than her big sister.

Now, the younger girl was easily able to use her toned and conditioned legs to push Cheryl back off of her, and the older girl suddenly lost her balance, and fell backward between Tawnee’s tightly grasping thighs.

As a slightly dazed Cheryl tried to get to her knees, Tawnee was suddenly all over her. Tawnee jumped up and grabbed hold of Cheryl’s right arm, wedging it behind her back, and began pushing Cheryl forward in front of her.

“OUCH!! Hey, let go of my arm Tawnee.” Cried Cheryl and she bent forward trying to avoid the pain that was shooting through her arm as her younger sister pushed it still further out of it’s socket.

Tawnee took this opportunity to quickly get herself into position, wrapping both of her arms in under her sister’s to get Mecidiyeköy Escort her into a classic full-nelson.

Now Tawnee had complete leverage on her sister, and Cheryl was pretty much helpless to get out of it, or do much of anything, though she struggled and fought as hard as she could.

It quickly became apparent, however, that Tawnee was in much better condition, and was simply a lot stronger than her older sister. She simply held the position until Cheryl had exhausted all of her strength, and then hung somewhat loosely in her sisters arms.

“Hey, ‘BIG’ sister, you seem to have lost all your spunk!” taunted Tawnee, turning her big sister around so that she was facing Chris. Since Cheryl’s shirt had torn open, and Tawnee was bending her over so far with her skimpy little bikini top, Cheryl’s big tits were really showing, and really pretty much hanging directly in Chris’s face!

As Tawnee looked up, she could see that he was rock hard. Looking over her sister, directly into Chriss eyes, she smiled at him, making eye contact with him. It was as if he was under her hypnotic charm or something. Tawnee was pretty sure she was going to cum soon. Her pussy was dripping wet, she looked down, and could see that there was a wet spot forming between her legs.

She also caught sight of her sister, bent over in front of her, and got another electric jolt of excitement surging though her. She looked back at Chris, puckered up her lips at him, staring him directly in the eye, and kissed the air at him. Chris simply sat there, slack jawed, and stared back and forth between Cheryl’s nearly exposed big tits, and her extremely sexy sister. This was definitely the most exciting spectacle he had ever witnessed!

“What do you think of my sisters big old titties Chris?” asked Tawnee as she wedged her knee into her sisters butt rather hard, causing Cheryl’s whole body, especially her big tits to shake.

“MMMMMMM,” you could hear Chris audibly moan as she did this.

“Cheryl, I think Chris has enjoyed watching me kick your big ass!” boasted Tawnee as she repeated bringing her knee up into Cheryl’s ass, bouncing her tits again for Chris. Both sisters could see his cock jerk under his shorts as she did this. They could see his throbbing, straining cock through his shorts, and they could also see that they were becoming wetter and wetter from pre-cum.

As Tawnee kneed her sister’s ass a third time, she let up on the full-nelson, still maintaing a half-nelson, Tawnee reached up behind her sister, staring directly into Chris’s eyes the whole time, and untied her sister’s string bikini, pulling it away from her suddenly livid sister.

At this point, a few things all happened simultaneously. First, as Tawnee saw her sisters huge tits come into full view for Chris, she looked down from his eyes to his cock, and could tell that he was shooting his wad into his shorts.

She too, at this point had the most intense orgasm she had ever had in her life! It was so intense, that she lost her grip on Cheryl, and Cheryl attempted to jerk away. Realizing that she was getting away, Tawnee grabbed at her with all her strength.

All she was able to grab was the Cheryl shorts, and Cheryl pulled hard, fueled by anger and embarrassment, causing her shorts and panties to rip hard at the elastic! Fortunately for her, Tawnee lost her grip as her orgasm intensified.

Cheryl jerked away, and started running for the door. Just at that very instant, their stepfather appeared at the backdoor to see what all the hubbub was about. Seeing his eldest daughter running toward the door, bare breasted, made him immediately think that they had been goofing around and that Cheryl had taken things too far.

“What do you young ladies think you are doing?” he demanded.

Cheryl immediately started crying hysterically. She couldn’t even begin to tell him what had just transpired.

“That’s quite enough! This is no way to act in front of a guest and your little sister. What kind of an example are you setting anyway?!? I think that your young man visitor needs to go home, and I also think that both of you will simply have to be grounded until further notice!”

Cheryl knew better than to argue the fact that she was a full-grown woman to her father at a time like this. Plus she was far too embarrassed standing there, in front of everyone trying to hide her enormous breasts from everyone’s view. So she simply ran past her father into the house, crying hysterically, not even looking back.

“Sorry daddy,” said Tawnee, in her best little girl voice that she knew always softened her father when he was angry with her.

“What kind of outfit is that to be wearing out in public young lady? I think you know better than that missy. You get inside with your sister, you are also grounded until further notice.”

Tawnee turned and secretly winked at Chris as she jogged triumphantly into the house. Chris, for his part, was doing his best to try to hide the huge cumspot on the front of his shorts. Fortunately for him, the girls’ father was way to upset to even notice. “You’ll have to leave now, young man.” Chris gladly accepted this invitation, and got the hell outta there.

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