The Cheerleaders Panties Pt. 03

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Days later, I was lying on my bed with a towel around me after a shower. The fresh air got to my loins, and soon my cock was rampant. I leaned down and reached down under the bed for my stash of porn magazines. Under the bed, surely no one could possibly look there in an illicit search for sexual contraband. They had belonged to my older brother who had left them to me years ago as his wife to be, didn’t want them in her new house. They were all left to me, in pristine condition and in order.

I pulled up the magazine from the top of the pile expecting to see my latest favourite model. Instead, it was an older publication that had somehow moved to the top of the collection.

Any porn in a storm, I thought and began Idly flick through the magazine until I came to the’ letters page.’ The page had been dog marked recently, and my suspicions were immediately aroused. I read each and every letter, and the one that stood out was about a guy who stole panties from his neighbours washing line. Sally!

Sally burst through the door full of vitality.

“I want a word with you,” I declared summing up the courage to confront her about her invasion into my privacy.

“Sorry I forgot to tell you, Gemma can’t go on a date until after her exams, after that she’s yours.”

“Oh!” I reacted in shock, thinking I would never get a date with Gemma.

“She’s going to give you something special for your birthday,” Sally teased with a wink.

She thwarted my attack immediately as dreams of Gemma saturated my mind. I was soon broken out of my reverie when Sis asked, “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

The invasion of my bedroom and the perusing of my magazines hardly seemed relevant now. The prospect of Gemma in my life corrupted my rational thought.

“Nothing,” I managed to say.

“Come on, you sounded quite threatening for a moment.”

Intoxicated by my newfound love gave me the confidence to interrogate more personal matters.

“Have you been looking at my magazines under my bed?”

Sally turned and blushed, “Guilty as charged,” she confessed gaily. “I only like to read the personal letters,” she quickly added.

“Yes, they’re great fun.” I ventured still a little uneasy talking sex with my sister.

“I’m sorry, I felt ever so guilty, reading them without your permission. I did think of asking you, but I’d thought you’d be embarrassed.”

“No, that’s okay, you can read them when you like,” I gallantly granted.

“Aww, thank you, but I’d still feel a bit, you know if you walked in while I was reading them.”

I ran the scene through my mind, me bursting into my bedroom, catching Sally all horny and wanton maybe to the point of playing with herself.

“You could borrow some if you like,” I offered to dispel the act of catching her horny.

“Thanks again but that would be like saying, hello bro, I’m feeling horny, can I borrow your porn?”

She had a point, and out of nowhere, I aired an idea, “Do you think we could read some together?”

“Yeah, that would be fun, its a date,” She merrily quantified and skipped off to her room.

Come Sunday afternoon Mother had ordered me to walk Sally home after her cheerleader rehearsals. I wondered why I had to do this as Sally was old enough to look after herself and had made it home alone after any other practice. It was a warm November afternoon, and I casually walked up to the sports ground. I could hear the girlie chants celebrating and encouraging the mythological wonders of our football team.

All the girls were going through their steps, and I sat in the stand and watched. They all had a tight red cheerleader uniform, very tight up top with the collage name emblazed across their pert youthful bahis firmaları breasts. All the girls were marching on the spot giving the occasional high kick in the air exposing their white panties for a twinkle of a second.

I always noticed this with a smidgen of embarrassment, especially now as Sally had made the cheerleader team. This time the panties were really getting to me, and I became aroused as I awaited each flash of those tight white flashes. I liked the brief flashes rather than the full-on exposures that I got now and then when the girls’ cartwheeled across the rest of the team. The kicks were my favourite along with the teasing flashes of their bottoms made with a deliberate flip of their sexy little skirt’s.

The girls would turn with their well-tanned athletic legs well parted and bend over rotating their upper body. Throwing out their arms, giving me a full view of their white panties stretched taut across their young unyielding ass’s.

Smutty thoughts crossed my mind about their firm breasts, just who’s wobbled the most and who’s just jiggled. Whose ass was the plumpest, whose legs did I prefer?

I studied them all, and the girls who were my sister’s friends were my favourites bar the girls who obviously had sweaty pussies. They couldn’t help but draw my eye. That slightly darkened patch in the gusset of their panties sodden with moisture mesmerised me. It was difficult to see who had the sweaty gusset and who was in a light that made them look nice and moist, but as the practice went on and they sweated more, it was a good deal easier to tell. The thought of their wet, sweaty panties making their pussies easier to slip into aroused me no end.

My thoughts wondered if they were the same style I was wearing that Halloween night. Then I realised. They were my sister’s cheerleader panties. That thought brought an extra twitch to my already hard cock. I had worn that style of panties! They all had white panties on; something I had never gave a thought to before. Of course, white panties were a part of the uniform and were supposed to flash out brightly from under that dark red pleated skirt.

I wondered why Mother would pick Sally’s cheerleader panties for me to wear? Did it coincide with Mother wanting to walk Sally home as well?

This niggled at my conscience but was soon forgotten as I made my panty study more concentrated. I homed in on my favourite girl, Gemma flaunting her big boobs and long legs. Her hair was long and dyed blood red. She had an elfin face that had a permanently inviting smile, which instantly relaxed a shy boy like me and made her open to engaging with.

I always got to have friendly chats with her when she was at our house as I did most of Sally’s friends. In truth, they were the only girls that had time for me.

There was a tinge of studying forbidden fruit as Gemma flashed her tight little panties, but I couldn’t help the overriding arousal that went with it.

The whole team bent over and flashed their panties by teasingly flicking and lifting their skirts, but this time I noticed Gemma smiling and looking back at me.

A shrill whistle quickly brought everyone to attention, and the whole team stood up and relaxed.

“Excuse me?” Cried a loud female voice from the sidelines. It was the team coach a thirty-something lady attired in a tracksuit top, team skirt with her hair fiercely tied back. She was there to train and not entice the likes of me.

“What are you doing? She aggressively asked.


“For what?” she forcefully


“Misses Kelly, Misses Kelly!” I heard Sally shout as she jaunted toward us.

“Sorry, Miss Kelly, but that’s my brother, he’s been instructed to take me home,” kaçak iddaa Sally gasped between her heaving breaths.

“Really?” said Miss Kelly Sternly, “Well, could you please wait elsewhere.

“Would it be alright if he waited in the changing hut, it won’t be for long.” Suggested Sally.

Miss Kelly looked at me with all the suspicions of a Jew with a foreskin before eventually giving her consent.

“Okay then, but just sit and wait.” She instructed and begrudgingly handed over the keys to the changing hut. With that, she turned to her team and shouted, “let’s go girls from the top.”

Sally laughed and looked at me, “Lucky you! Getting to sit amongst all those girly clothes,” she laughed, “just wait, you know where my clothes and hanged.”

I unlocked the door and gingerly stepped into the changing hut. There was a sweetly perfumed air about the place mixed with the slight sweat of clothes that had been worn all day and disinfectant emanating from the floor.

I found Sally’s clothes and sat down a little embarrassed to see her hanging bra, panties and blouse. I looked to the side, feeling wildly out of place wondering what the girls outside were thinking about me wandering amongst their clothes. It was like being in Santa’s grotto, and I walked around for ages taking in the lingerie delights. It was easy to see whose clothes belonged to who.

There was little Liz with her tight jumper and black slacks; the rebel Mandy with her torn jeans and of course Gemma with her sexy black pleated skirt, silk blouse and ample bra. Also hanging from her peg were two un-rolled stockings. Imagining Gemma in them caused me instant arousal, which was ill-timed as I heard the whistle being blown for the end of cheerleader practice.

I panicked and begged for my erection to relapse and rushed to the toilet to hide. I heard the girls come in with their high-pitched squeals of humour, chants and good-natured insults. To my horror, I could hear the acute high-pitched spit of the showers and the girls’ shrieks and wails of displeasure at the temperature of the water. I looked at the ceiling from my toilet cubical hiding place now turned prison and silently mouthed.” Fuck!”

I decided if I just stay put I was just waiting to be caught and so I thought it best to make a run for it and hope for the best. I sneaked out of the cubicle to the toilet doorway. The showers were to my right and in front of me. I peeked out from the door through the forest of hanging clothes and saw most of the cheerleaders naked drying themselves off in the drying area. There was a bevvy of cute bottoms as they faced away from me, oblivious as they chatted to each other while rubbing themselves down. One girl was pulling a towel back and forth between her legs to nobodies’ derision. There was the odd playful flip of a wet towel on some girls unsuspecting bottom, followed up by a cry and an act of naked revenge. I saw Gemma suddenly face me and caught a fleeting glimpse of her magnificent rack. She idly chatted while caressing her flawless body with a towel and I yearned to stay and watch.

This wasn’t the time to be caught as a peeping tom though, and when I thought they were all looking away, I ran for it.

The door slammed behind me, and I listened for any voices of abhorrence, but luckily none were forthcoming.

“So what did you think of our routine?” merrily asked Sally full of life as we made our way along the sidewalk home.

“Not bad.”

“You weren’t even watching, were you?”

“Oh yes I was, I can assure you of that,” I put right with a smile spreading across my face with the thought of all those flashing panties.

“Ha-ha, I bet you couldn’t take your eyes off Gemma?”

“You could say that, but there kaçak bahis were other things of note that caught my interest,” I smirked.

“Oh yeah! Like what?” Sally pressed.

“You’d never believe it,” I tormented.

“Really? Try me.”

A huge grin broke across my face, “I saw the lot of you naked in the shower!” I cheerfully confessed. Sally stopped in her tracks in disbelief.

“You what?”

“Yep! Me! I saw you all stark bollock naked in the drying area of the shower,” I boasted with an exposé designed to make her squirm to the maximum.

“You perv!” exclaimed Sally.

I quickly confessed as to why, “I didn’t want to, it’s just that you all rampaged in while I was in the toilets.”

Sally laughed, “I wondered where you had got too?” She said as the mortifying realisation that her body had been studied naked sunk in. “So who do you think has the best body in the cheerleader squad?” She quickly moved on, trying to make out that she was exempt from my perusing.

“Nobody! I was bloody terrified, I just had to get out of there before I got caught and expelled!”

“I thought you might have stolen Gemma’s panties,” You’re the number one suspect,” Sally declared out of the blue.

“What!” I cried in disbelief.

“Don’t sweat it,” Soothed Sally,” It happens all the time.”

“Your joking?’

“It’s true, nearly every week someone steals a pair of her panties, it got so bad that she always brings a second pair in reserve, so she doesn’t have to walk home sans panties,” Sally flatly told.

“But I’m innocent!” I cried.

“Innocent of what?” came an accusatory voice from behind. Sally and I looked around in fright.

“Gemma!” exclaimed Sally in relief; I was just telling James here about your phantom panty thief.

“Gemma laughed, “That’s good timing because the bastards only went and stolen another pair.”

“Another pair,” tittered Sally, “I was telling James that it’s becoming so regular you bring a reserve pair.”

“Not this time,” I forgot,” jovially remarked Gemma with an air of resignation in her voice.

“It’s getting a bit silly, I suppose you’ve got to wear your sweaty costume panties?”

“No, I gave them in to be washed,” lamented Gemma.

“So you’re” Sally’s voice trailed off replaced by an uneasy attempt to stop herself laughing.

“Go on say it,”

“So you’re on the street panty-less again!” laughed Sally.

“That’s right, and it’s a bit windy and cold to be without them at the moment.”

Sally continued to laugh where I was taken with the apparition in my head of walking beside a panty-less Gemma. I blushed for her as every skirt-lifting breeze was met with her hands boldly pushing down her attire so she didn’t show her naked under state.

“You’ve got to report it,” proposed Sally as I timed my pace, so I was just a fraction behind Gemma. My eyes locked on her skirt only covered bottom. She was always checking it was there because of the phantom hands of the breeze revealing her.

I found it hard to concentrate as she still had her stockings on. The image my x-ray eyes portrayed her with hosiery and no panties and left me struggling with an erection.

Gemma took the route to her house, and I watched her for as long as possible after we bid farewell. I willed a breeze or the draft from a passing vehicle to lift her skirt and let me see her ass. Surprisingly Sally watched with me, the two of us laughing as Gemma awkwardly walked down the road doing her hardest to keep modest. Her walk had changed as she somehow tried to keep her legs closer together, putting one foot across the other, giving her model on the catwalk gait. Every three steps, her hand would go behind and feel her ass just to make sure she was well covered.

“You’re getting off on this, aren’t you?” accused Sally while enjoying my same view.

“I don’t see you in a hurry to get away,”

“I’m waiting for you!”

“Sure, you are!”

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