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The Chauffeur (#14) New Business, New Problems

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The Chauffeur (

4) New Business, New Problems


Copyright 2019


The drive to the OB/GYN was uneventful. When we arrived, Dr. Ronda had already alerted her receptionist to move us to the top of the list. I went in with each of the ladies one by one. Jill was first. Dr. Ronda prescribed an ultra sound to check on the baby. She had moved into her second trimester. The doctor also gave her a preprinted diet plan and now expected her to begin taking prenatal vitamins. Her and Jill hugged before she left the exam room sending Dakota in next.

This young woman is the one that I worried about the most. I somehow knew that Jill was ok. She would have said something if she felt there was a problem.

Dakota, on the other hand, may or may not say something. I thought to myself what she had in front of her might just be one of the biggest challenges of her young life. Certainly not the same challenges that Tina has gone through, but a woman being pregnant is a big challenge.

Dr. Ronda did the usual things that most doctors perform when one is in the exam room. Her words to Dakota were much the same as with Jill; start taking pre-natal vitamins, watch your diet closer, drink plenty of water, stay away from smoking and limit your liquor intake. Before Dakota left the exam room, she kissed Dr. Ronda very erotically. The doctor responded by wrapping her arms around Dakota, whispering something that I could not hear which made Dakota smile.

When Tina entered the exam room, I stood up to give her a hug trying to give her assurance that everything would be ok. Dr. Ronda began her exam. The doc has no poker face. I knew right away something was amiss. Tina’s answers to the doc’s questions seemed a bit puzzling. It wasn’t but a few minutes of examination that Dr. Ronda began talking about something called an ‘ectopic pregnancy’. She ordered several tests to confirm, however because of her years of experience she was positive. She cited the previous attack as the probable cause of the pregnancy.

I put my arms around Tina, pulling her in close. I whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. We are all here for you. We all love you. You are not alone in this.” I kissed her forehead. She looked up at me with sad tear-filled eyes.

Dr. Ronda handed me several preions and recommended taking Tina to either LabCorp or another blood testing facility depending on which one our medical insurance directed.

As we left the exam room, Dr. Ronda asked to speak to me alone for a couple of minutes. Tina kept walking towards the lobby.

“David, I’m concerned about Tina. This ectopic pregnancy may be an indication of something larger. The testing will find things out, blood tests, MRI, ultra-sound should all help diagnose the various issues I suspect she has. The attack may have had a deeper trauma than originally suspected.” Dr. Ronda said.

“Is there anything else I need to know before I take her home?” I ask.

“No, but I’ll keep you informed as the testing goes on.”

I give her a hug and a quick kiss before leaving. I see her assistant smiling as I give her a small kiss. On the way out, I hear the assistant asking her about me. I get outside before she answers.

As I arrive at the car, I see Jill sitting in the back seat with her arms around Tina. I knew she would be a mess, but thankfully Dr. Ronda gave me the information about Tina, even though her actions probably violated several HIPPA rules.

Fred hops out of the car and holds the rear door open. I see that Dakota has moved from the back to the front seat next to Fred. I get in and put my arms around Tina giving her a peck on the cheek. “Don’t worry about this, everyone is here for you. We all love you.” I say quietly in her ear.

As I was hugging Tina, I noticed Dakota with a big smile. It was obvious that she was very happy that she was indeed pregnant, however until her exam when she admitted to taking a home pregnancy test, I wasn’t aware she already knew.

My head began to go through several questions: Is Tina going to really be ok? How will Dakota being pregnant affect Tina? What about Jill, will the stress of the new job affect her pregnancy? Do I tell the Jaxson’s that Dakota is pregnant?

This was just a quick list in my head about the gals, but what about the new businesses?

I decided to call Mark Newberg.

“Hey Mark, it’s me David. Do you have an answer from Sacramento yet?”

“Actually, you were on my list to call you in a bit. Yes, I do have an answer. Sacramento removed the listing from the MLS. They have ruled in your favor saying that clearly Jaxson’s Inc. owns all property and that the company assumes all leases to any rental property.” Mark explains.

“Well, I have further news then for you. In addition to Tulip Productions, it turns out that we also have acquired several horse tracks, an industrial trucking company, a recording studio, and a pharmacy business. Hopefully, I can send you some work. If I can get you anything, be sure to send a note to that Brooks guy thanking him for being so shady.” I said laughing.

“Hey David, can I ask you for a favor?”

“Of course.” I reply

“I have twin nieces that need work. They’ve both graduated college, tops in their classes. One from USC and the other from UCLA. They are sweet, smart, hard working and very competitive. Kay, the one from USC graduated with a master’s degree in accounting. Kim, the one from UCLA graduated with a master’s degree in Statistics with a minor in Business Management. Both graduated in the top 1% of their respective classes.

“Um, Mark, why do they need jobs then?”

“Because they keep getting job offers for work in the $35,000 a year salary range. They believe that they didn’t work that hard in college to get a job that pays less than being a McDonald’s manager.” He explains.

“I certainly understand. Let me text you my assistant Dakota’s contact information. Pass it along to Kim and Kay. They need to call her and set up an interview time. Dakota controls my schedule and will put them down to meet me and have a discussion. One question, should I interview them separately or together?” I ask.

“Hmm…. My instinct as their uncle is to say separate, but since they are so competitive maybe they will both show their skills if they are interviewed together.” Mark answers.

I told him to let the ladies know that Dakota would be waiting for their call. He thanked me, and we ended the call. I texted him Dakota’s contact information.

I decided that since I hadn’t heard from either Diane nor Amy, I thought I might give each of them a call.

“Diane how are you. It’s David Greene.” I said when she answered the phone.

“It’s great Mr. Greene. Jennifer and I are making plans and setting things in motion to progress on your consolidation idea.” She answered.

“Well, that’s not why I called you. I hadn’t heard from you and decided to check in with you.”

“Well, John’s on my shit list right now, if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Really? May I ask what happened?”

“Well, you already spoke to him about his ‘recruiting’, it seems that he idolizes you so much that he now sees himself as a younger you. He’s trying to recruit other women to join us. I wouldn’t mind playing with others, but he only wants to recruit women. With him, it’s only a threesome with two girls. I never get to have two guys to play with. It’s just not fair.” Diane says.

“You know, you’re welcome to play with us anytime you get lonely. But, there’s only me, so you would need to bring a guy that you could trust……. unless……. you’re willing to do your step-brother Marcus.” I said throwing out something I was sure would say was too gross.

There was an inordinately long pause.



“Um, I don’t know what to say.” She replied.

“You know I was just throwing out something. I’m not trying to get you to do something that would gross you out.”


“Diane…. what are you not telling me?” I asked.

“Ok, I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you this, but you have been so open and honest with me….so here goes……Marcus and I used to fool around about my 18th birthday. We haven’t done that in quite a while. I still think of how nice he was and how gentle he was when we played.” She explained.

“Well then, go pick him up and bring him to our house. Come over tonight.” I tell her.

“Ok sir, if it won’t weird you out thinking about me doing my step-brother.”

“Weird me out? Diane, this is hot!” I say to her tipping my hand at just how freaky I am.

“Um, should I tell him why or just bring him?”

“Just bring him. He seems to be a normal horny guy.” I say.

“Great! We’ll see you tonight then.” She says with excitement in her voice.

We ended the call.

Before I could dial up Amy, Mark Newberg called again.

“Hey David, I forgot to tell you something. I don’t think I told you that Michelle and I got divorced about a year ago, did I?”

“Um, no Mark. I had no idea you and Michelle were on the rocks. Should I ask what happened?”

“Well, it’s the same old song. Routine marriage leads to boredom which leads to looking around which leads to action.” Mark says.

“Oh Mark. What did you do? I thought you and Michelle had a good marriage.”

“Not me you, jackoff, her.” He says.

“Michelle? What the hell happened?” I’m stunned.

“Our life had become really routine. I was working a lot and she was spending more and more time at work. Her boss was hitting on her and she finally gave in thinking it would only be a one-time thing. But he videotaped the whole thing and used it to blackmail her to keep things going. Eventually, he used her as the pass-around girl at the office. She willingly became the office slut doing anyone he requested. Hell, she even did the janitor one night. She’s pregnant by someone, she’s not sure whom though. She told me that she fucked 57 guys in 23 nights. A couple of times he filmed her with 3 or more guys at once. And, just to make sure that I divorced her, he sent me a blank DVD that said watch me on it.” He said in a tone that I had never heard from him before.

“So then, are you seeing someone right now?” I ask thinking he might just need to come over and play with Jill.

“No. Really haven’t been in the mood for any sort of relationship. Our divorce, while civil broke my heart. I guess you could say that my girlfriend has been my right hand lately.” He said in a defeated tone.

“Then come over to my house tonight.”

“I don’t know.” He says.

“Get your ass in your car and come over. Don’t make me come get you because you know I will. I’m not taking no for an answer. I’ll see you tonight.” I say as I end the call.


When we all got back to the house, I tipped Fred, and everyone knew that we were to expect guests. As we all went inside, Dakota shed her clothes asking me to join her in a shower. I looked to Jill for approval. She nodded that it was OK and off I went with our lithe little pregnant beauty.

As we headed down the hallway, she stopped at the bathroom door to kiss me passionately. I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tightly into me. Her tongue passed my lips to begin the dance that lovers make with their mouths.

She whispered in my ear, “I love you so much. Daddy. We’re having a baby! I love that you have me carrying your baby. I’m yours, now and forever. I will do whatever you want me to do, with you or anyone else. I only want to please you. You have fulfilled my deepest wish. Please make passionate love to me.” Dakota said with her heart in her eyes.

“Then we can take a shower after we’re done.” I say as I lead her into her own room.

We close the door behind us. Dakota begins taking my clothes off. She’s untucking my shirt, unbuckling my belt, and unzipping my pants. Within moments, I’m standing before her as naked as her.

I scoop her up, honeymoon style. I place her on the bed. I lay down next to her and begin kissing her softly. I gently bite her bottom lip causing a small sigh to escape her lips.

“Make love to me Daddy.” She whispers.

“I will my darling.”

I begin to kiss her neck, long slow kisses. Licking and sucking on her neck. I work my way down her neck to her shoulders gently biting on her skin around her collarbone.

As I’m doing this, I hear the bedroom door open.

“I should have guessed she would have drug you in here. I figured it out when there was no shower running. Have fun my dear, remember we have guests coming soon, and I’ll start without you.” Jill said chuckling as she closed the door.

Dakota turned my head back to her. We kissed. I roll on top of her. My cock is at the entrance to her womanhood. She pulls her knees up towards her head. Her legs are spread wide. Her pussy is wet with anticipation. Clearly her want for sex has gone up not down. Dr. Ronda told me that arousal of pregnant women can go to either extreme. Makes them not be interested in sex or makes them ten times hornier. Clearly, it was the latter, as if she needed to be ‘hornier’.

I thrust myself forward. The head of my cock parts her labia. I slowly push my manhood into her. I hear her gasp as my rock-hard cock reaches its full depth inside of her. I begin my slow gentle thrusting in and out of her sex. I hear her moaning into my ear as her ankles are now over my shoulders. I push myself deeper into her. I feel her womanhood clamping down on my cock. It is milking me looking for more of my seed. I increase my thrusting. I put my hands on her shoulders pushing in and out of her with some force.

“OH, GAWD DADDY, I’M YOURS, I SO LOVE YOU!” she exclaims as I feel her body shudder with an orgasmic crescendo.

I feel my own orgasmic release begin its ascent. “FUCK ME BABY. I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. I DO LOVE YOU.” I announce loudly as I peak.

After a few minutes, my body and breathing return to normal. I know she is already pregnant, but if she wasn’t the amount of man-seed that I just pumped into my lover would probably have created a baby.

I held her in my arms in a post-coital embrace. She snuggled up tightly to me, gently rubbing her delicate fingers along the hairs of my chest.

I think to myself just how lucky I am. Jill loves me. Tina still loves me. Dakota loves me. How could any guy ask for anything else? My mind drifts off to work once again.

With the new companies, we have a whole new set of issues. I know virtually nothing about the pharmacy industry. The industrial trucking company could probably be folded into our trucking and logistics company. I do love music but running a recording studio might be a different egg all together. Then there’s the race tracks. Jill and I need to get financials on them and have the lawyers look at the rules concerning licensing for each track in each state.

Dakota has fallen asleep on my chest. I do love her. Somehow my feelings for her are different than those for my wife or for Tina. Maybe it has to do with her carrying my baby or maybe it has to do with her seeming to be able to anticipate my needs before I even ask.

I try to get out of the bed to shower without disturbing her. No such luck. She awakens with a dreamy look on her face and whispers, “Where are you going darling?”

“To take a shower. I’ll wake you when I finished.” I say to her.

“Maybe I should join you.” She says with a devilish smile.

“Darling, you stay here. We have guests coming soon and I want to have some left. If you shower with me, I’ll have nothing left for our guests. OK my dear Dakota?”

She put on her pouty face, but I just winked at her and leave the room.

Before I even got to the bathroom, my phone buzzed. I went back into the bedroom to answer it. It was Roger.

“Hey Roger, what’s up?”

“Dakota texted me that your limo driver has two guys that might be good for our security team. Yet, she didn’t text me their contact information. How do I get ahold of them?” Roger asked.

“Hold on, I’ll get Dakota for you.”

I handed Dakota my phone and told her that Roger needs the contact information on Fred’s two nephews. She popped out of bed and headed for her notebook. I headed into the shower.

As I got to the door, Jill opened it. I startled her. I put my arms around my beautiful wife and kissed her.

“Care to take another shower?” I asked.

“No, no. We need to get ready for the guests. I was thinking that maybe I could teach our poor girl Diane how to properly give a blowjob. I remember you saying she really didn’t do well, and what guy doesn’t like a good BJ?”

“You got me there. If my count is correct, we will have Marcus, Mark Newberg, Diane, and us four. I’m not sure if Tina will want to play or not.” I tell Jill.

“No, she’s already asked if she could go to a movie tonight. She feels she let you down. I told her she didn’t, but she still feels that way.”

“Remind me tomorrow to spend some time with her. I think she needs to hear it again from me that is just life. She didn’t let me down at all.”

“You’re wonderful. I love you.” Jill says before she plants a very erotic kiss on my lips.

“Good Night Daddy!” Tina says to me as she passes Jill and I in the hallway.

“Um, if I’m Daddy, does that make you Mommy?” I say grinning to Jill.

“No. It makes me Jill, your wife and your play partner.” She says with a frown.

“Hmm, I’ll have to work on that one.”

“Don’t bother. It doesn’t affect me. I know she loves you and probably always will love you. I’m guessing that she see’s you as a ‘father-figure’ that will have sex with her and hopefully impregnate her.” Jill says in a now serious tone.

She gives my ass a quick squeeze as I move past her into the shower.

The water feels good as it cascades over my body. The heat begins to loosen tight muscles. I wash the sex off me. My mind keeps thinking about Dakota and Tina. I’m hoping that Tina is just taking the night off to think about something other than her body wouldn’t allow her to play tonight. I know in my head that I need to sit down with her and have a private discussion.

As I finish my shower, the bathroom door opens. To my surprise, its Diane. A big smile flashes across her face.

“Jill told me to come in here and help dry you off.” She says with a big smile.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to take a shower with me? I’m up for another one if your game.”

She begins taking her clothes off quickly.

“Should I be calling you ‘Daddy’?” She asks as she steps into the shower with me.

“Um, why would you ask that?”

“Well, I have now heard both Dakota and Tina call you that.” She says

“Darling, you can call me whatever you want. They call me that because they both want to get pregnant by me.” I answer, carefully.

As turn the water back on, she reaches for me stroking my cock until it is pointing at the ceiling.

I spin her around so that her back is facing me. I use my cock to rub between her legs, feeling her pussy already moist from her juices. I stop the head of my cock against her opening. I thrust into her.

“OH, MY GAWD DAVID, I FEEL SO FULL.” She exclaims as I push my manhood all the way into her. My mind flashes to John. He’s a bit larger than me and yet she says that its my cock that makes her feel so full. Maybe Jill is right, maybe John needs some training on how to use that thing properly.

I begin my thrusting into Diane. She is so wet. With each thrust I feel her warm, moist cunt bathing my cock with her love-juices. It doesn’t take very long before she is announcing her first large orgasm.

“OH, FUCK ME DAVID. I MISS THIS SO MUCH. FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE!” She announces as she reaches her first climatic crescendo.

As she is orgasming, I hear a quick knock on the bathroom door and see it open. There stands my wife with a big smile on her face.

“Diane, I thought I sent you in here to dry him off, not make his cock wetter.” She says laughing the whole time.

Diane still cannot answer as she is just coming down from her orgasm.

I offer, “Darling would you like to join us?”

“Hell no! I just finished my makeup. You don’t want me to look plain for Mark and Marcus, do you?” She says with a smile.

“Well Darling, since you’ll probably be naked rather quickly, I’m sure they’re not going to judge you by how your makeup looks.” I say smiling.

The whole time Jill and I are chatting I keep fucking Diane, who now reaches her second big orgasm. “OH DAVID, DAVID, DAVID, I’M CUUUUUMMMMM….” Her voice trails off as she peaks yet again.

“David, I think you need to stop fucking poor Diane. At least for now, you can have her later, after I’m done with her.” Jill says smiling her big cheesy smile.

I put my arm around her to hold her up. I reach over and turn the water off. I feel her wetness on my cock, pelvis and even on my thighs.

I stand her back up and hold her from behind whispering in her ear, “Jill and I have a surprise for you later.”

I kiss the back of her neck and release her. I step out of the shower and grab my towel again to start drying off. Diane stays in the shower for a moment or two longer leaning against the wall trying to recover from our quick little play session.

“Diane, since you’re here, is Marcus also here?” I ask.

“Yes, he came the moment I told him we were coming to your house. He really wants to see Jill.” She says to me.

She whispers, “I think he’s really smitten with her. Oh, he likes the doctor well enough, but Jill really rocked his world in Vegas. He’s been talking about her ever since that night. He wants to play with her as much as you’ll let him.”

“Well, he doesn’t need my permission. He just needs to ask Jill.” I reply.

“Really? You’ll let your beautiful wife just play with anyone?” She asks in a serious tone.

“Diane, I’m not ‘letting’ her. She’s a grown woman. She gets to make her own decisions on whom she wants to play with. Sometimes I join in, sometimes I don’t. It’s a huge trust thing. We both trust each other…. immensely.” I explain to her.

Judging by the puzzled look on her face, I knew she really didn’t understand.

I handed her a towel to dry off with, but she wanted me to dry her off. I declined saying I needed to get dressed before Mark Newberg shows up.

I lean into the shower stall and give her a kiss and whisper to her, “We’ll play again tonight, I promise.”

I turn and leave the bathroom, completely naked heading into the master bedroom to the wolf-whistles from Dakota and Jill.

I put on a pair of dress shorts, and one of my Columbia brand Cuban shirts. I check the mirror, dark blue shorts, light blue shirt. I skip the boxers as I don’t think we will be clothed long enough to worry about them. I also decide to pass on socks and sneakers deciding to just go barefoot tonight.

I comb my hair and spritz on some cologne before leaving the bedroom. I pass Diane in the hallway as she has her clothes under her arm. I tell her to feel free to use the master bedroom.

I head down the hallway and see my wife Jill already on her knees in front of Marcus giving him a delicious blowjob. His head is laying back on the top of the reclining chair, his eyes are closed, and his mouth is open and moaning.

I say to them chucking, “Jill, is this how we greet our guests? They arrive, and you pounce on their dicks?”

Marcus’ eyes pop open. Clearly, he didn’t expect me to find him getting a BJ from Jill.

Jill stops for a moment and says, “Well, I heard Diane say that Marcus has a ‘thing’ for me, so I thought I would check out his ‘thing’.” As she lowers her head and goes back to the blowjob.

Marcus is stunned. I’m not sure what has stunned him more: getting a blowjob from my wife, Diane outing him about his crush on Jill, or me standing there watching them. Really, it didn’t matter. He has shown nothing but manners the whole time he joined us in Vegas.


The doorbell rings. I head over to the front door expecting to see Mark Newberg. To my surprise, it’s Donna.

“David, I’m hoping I’m not bothering you.” She says at the door.

“No, you’re fine. C’mon in.”

As she stepped inside, Marcus announced his crescendo and shot his worth into my wife’s waiting mouth. Jill swallowed it all.

“Um, this isn’t a good time. I’m sorry I bothered you and showed up unexpectedly.” Donna says.

“Donna, follow me.” I tell her worrying about what would have her show up unannounced.

I walk her through the house to the TV room where Dakota is playing with her phone.

“Dakota, can you give us a couple of minutes?” I ask of her.

She gets up and kisses me on the cheek and leaves the room, heading towards the kitchen.

Donna sits down on the couch. I sit across from her on the same couch.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Roger and I broke up a few minutes ago.” She says with her eyes filling with tears.

“I’m sorry. May I ask what happened?”

“He said that his Mother told him that he’s not to date a white girl. Do you believe that? A grown man still taking direction from his Mother.” She says as a single tear rolls down her cheek.

I reach up and wipe the tear away, pulling her into me for a heartfelt hug. She rests her head on my shoulder. We just sit there for several minutes.

Her next question surprised me. “May I stay here tonight and play with you guys? I think I need something to get Roger off my mind.”

“Absolutely! You know you’re welcome anytime.” I say to her.

I call for Jill, who was just outside the entrance to the TV room and overheard the conversation.

She comes in and puts her arms around Donna, giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

The doorbell rings again.

I get up from the couch and pass Marcus who is now trying to stuff his deflated cock back into his pants as I head to the front door.

I open the door and see Mark Newberg. I invite him in. He’s dressed sharply. Dress slacks, long sleeve dress shirt, belt, dress shoes and is holding a bottle of wine.

I give him the ‘man hug’ and let him inside. Before I even close the door, I hear Jennifer Seyrantepe Escort and John’s voices. I just smile. I think to myself how this is going to be an incredible night.

Jennifer says, “John wanted to come over here to try and talk to Diane. He knows he’s in the doghouse with her and wants to fix it.”

“And you’re here why?” I ask with a cheesy smile painted on my face.

“Well, to get another shot at you, silly.” She says smiling her beautiful smile.

I hold the door open for them both. John enters first. I stop him and say, “John, before you leave here tonight, you and I need to sit down and chat.” John lowers his head like a kid being scolded. I pat him on the back as he continues into the house.

Jennifer on the other hand pins me against the doorframe putting her tongue into my mouth with force. I feel her hands reach for my crotch grabbing and squeezing.

“Mmmm, This, is what I want.” She whispers in my ear as my cock begins to harden immediately.

I hear some moaning behind me. I pull Jennifer into the house and close and lock the door.

As I turn around, most of my guests are already naked. Only John, Jennifer, and I remain with clothes on.

The three of us strip rather quickly.

I see John approach Diane, who is riding Mark Newberg’s manhood. He sees she is in the throws of passion and moves past her. Donna, grasps John’s cock bringing it to attention. She kneels and takes as much of it in her mouth as she can stuff in. John begins moaning. His hands gently grasp the sides of her head thrusting himself into her wet wanton mouth. I hear the gurgling of her sloppy wet blowjob as he reaches the back of her throat.

Jill and Dakota are tag-teaming Marcus. Dakota has her pussy on Marcus’ face grinding it with force to his hard-working tongue. Jill is riding his cock making him moan loudly into Dakota’s sweet pussy.

That left Jennifer with me, for the moment at least. I lean in and ask, “Whom are you today?” Hoping she will say Sindee.

“Darling, I’m anyone you want me to be.” She replies.

“Well then, Sindee, you need to please me and every guy in the room, as well as any woman who wants you to please her.” I direct to my new slut.

“Yes, Master.” She replies in a subservient tone.

Jennifer looks into my eyes with both excitement and obedience.

She reaches down and begins playing with my cock. It only takes a few strokes of her hand to get my manhood fully erect. I walk her over to the couch.

“Bend over, my slut” I direct.

I play with her pussy. It is so wet, almost dripping from her juices. I step forward putting my cock into her wanton womanhood. I thrust into her until I reach my full depth. I begin a continual thrusting in and out of her. Moaning escapes her lips as I’m fucking her. Just to make things interesting, I move my cock from her wet wanton pussy to her anal rosebud.

I lay the head at the entrance. I push in gently, but with a bit of force.

“OH, MY GAWD MASTER, IT’S TOO BIG. PLEASE, PLEASE…. I’M CUMMMMMMMIIIINNGGG” Sindee screams as I plunder her tight little asshole.

She collapses onto the couch. Her beautiful body still spasming from her intense orgasm.

I pull out of her and look around the room. I see Donna working on John’s cock feverously. I move over to her placing my cock at the entrance to her pussy. As I enter her, I push her body further down onto John’s rock-hard cock. I begin thrusting in and out of her. With each thrust into her it pushes John’s cock deeper into her throat. I hear her gagging as it reaches the back of her throat. With my cock sufficiently wet, I again place it at the entrance to her asshole. I push into her gently, but firmly.

This elicits a verbal response, “OH MY GAWD. YOU TWO ARE TOO BIG. FFFUUUCCCKKK MMMEEE….” Her voice trails off as she peaks to her orgasmic crescendo.

I hear Mark Newberg reaching his crescendo as well. “I’M CUMMING…. OH, MY GAWD. YOU ARE SOOO TIGHT. FUCK ME.”

Diane also reaches her orgasmic peak announcing, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME” She says as she slumps forward onto Mark’s chest.

I waggle my finger towards Sindee to summon her over to me. She comes obediently.

“Yes Master, what can I do for you?” She asks with a gleam in her eye.

I whisper in her ear, “Bring me Dakota.” She smiles and pads off to get my lithe little darling.

I see her tap Dakota on the shoulder and whisper in her ear. Dakota smiles and hops off Marcus to come over to me.

“Here you are my Master.” Sindee says to me as she arrives over with my darling Dakota.

“Sindee, I want you to please my darling Dakota. You don’t stop licking her pussy until she cums.” I direct.

Dakota lays on the couch with her legs spread wide for Sindee to get to her wet pussy. Sindee kneels taking a long whiff of Dakota’s delicious womanhood. I see Sindee part the outer lips of her pussy as she lowers her head and begins her oral assault on Dakota. My lithe little darling begins giving direction to our slut.

“That’s right. Lick it slut. Make me cum. Use that talented tongue for something other than talking. No, no…don’t play with my clit just yet. Maybe Daddy should be fucking you while you try to please me. What do you think about that slut?”

“MMMMMM” is all that Sindee moans as she is licking fervently Dakota’s very wet pussy.

“Daddy, Please, come here and fuck our slut. She needs your fat cock in her. Put it back in her ass, maybe that will motivate her to make me cum.” Dakota directs.

I step behind her once again putting my cock at her tight anal rosebud. I see her eyes get large as she continues her licking and sucking of Dakota’s womanhood.

I dip my cock into her cum-filled pussy to get it wet again before I move it to her anal entrance. I push it into her.

“OH MASTER, OH MY GAWD, MASTER, ITS TOO BIG…. OH FUCK…. FUCK ME MASTER…. I’M YOUR SLUT…. FUUUUUCCCKKKK!” Sindee says as I plow her ass. On each thrust into her it pushed her face deeper into Dakota.

I see Dakota now beginning to orgasm. Dakota grabs hold of Sindee’s head and pulls it deeper into her wet wanton pussy.

I lean into Sindee’s ear and whisper, “You’re going to blow John next.”

That statement took a moment before it sunk in.


I see Dakota smiling as she is continually orgasming. Woman juice is splashing all over Sindee’s face as Dakota has begun to squirt her hard orgasmic crescendo.

I summon Diane over to me as I keep plundering Sindee’s ass forcing her to cum again and again.

I whisper into Diane’s ear directions. She smiles and kisses me. She walks over to John taking him by the hand and leads him down the hallway to the master bedroom. I could see his face happy with anticipation thinking he would get to fuck Diane. A few minutes pass before Diane is leading John back to the living room with two dress ties wrapped tightly around his eyes.

As they stand in the center of the room, she announces that she has a surprise for John. She sits him on the couch next to a recovering Dakota.

My cock is still deep into Sindee. I lean in and say to her, “Either you’re my slut or you’re not. Say your safe word and this all stops or do what I tell you.”

“Yes Master” she says in a defeated tone.

She bows her head. Her hand begins to stroke her son John. I never thought that she would go through with this. Part of me felt a bit guilty, but part of me, the freaky part was very excited that she decided to go ahead.

“All you have to do is say the magic word and everything stops. You revert to Jennifer and no one will think any less of you. This is completely consensual. You control your own destiny.” I whisper into her ear.

She pauses for a moment. I can see she is seriously thinking about moving forward or stopping. I remove my cock from her.

Jill now has moved next to me. She is playing with my ear as I kneel behind Jennifer/Sindee. Dakota is whispering into John’s ear trying to get John as hard as she can without touching him. Even Diane is caressing his thighs but not his cock.

John tilts his head back moaning and asking the room to please stop tormenting him.

Sindee reappears and moves over to John. She grasps his large manhood stroking it. The whole room is stunned with amazement. Dakota leans in and kisses John passionately on the lips. Diane begins licking on his ear and neck.

Sindee has John’s cock very hard as she lowers her head and puts his cock into her mouth. John lets out a long loud groan. I summon Marcus over and point to Sindee’s pussy. He gets my silent hand directions as he mounts her from behind as she continues her oral assault on John’s cock. I see her eyes bulge out as Marcus enters her from behind.

Mark Newberg approaches Jill. She turns around and begins sucking his erect cock. Almost instantly Mark’s eyes begin to glaze over as Jill sucks his manhood.

Looking back at John I summon Dakota to join me. She smiles and gets off the couch moving over to me quickly.

“Daddy, you are so evil. I love you.” Dakota says to me.

John is closing in on his orgasmic peak. Diane leans into Sindee’s ear and reminds him that John is getting really close to cumming. Sindee keeps going, knowing the end of this is fast approaching.

I summon Diane over to me and whisper in her ear, “You need to replace Sindee sucking John’s cock.”

Diane agrees by nodding her head. She taps Sindee on the shoulder and moves her own head down on John’s cock. Marcus doesn’t know what to do. He stops fucking her and moves back away from Sindee.

Sindee gets up from between John’s legs and sits on the couch next to John. I summon Sindee with one finger to come join Dakota and me.

With her head down, she moves over to us.

“Yes Master. I’m yours to do your bidding.” She says obediently.

“Now, you are Jennifer. Sindee is done for the night.” I tell her.

A smile returns to her face. She leaps forward kissing me and forcing me down to the carpet. “GAWD YOU ARE SO SEXY. I WANT YOU INSIDE ME NOW, PLEASE.” She says to me. I see Dakota smiling knowing that I’m about to get my brains fucked out with a passionate lover, Jennifer.

Jennifer straddles my cock and lowers herself onto me. It didn’t matter that I was dry as she had enough wetness to allow me to slide right into her.

She begins forcefully raising and lowering herself on my cock. Dakota sees this as and opportunity to straddle my face.

Just before Dakota’s sweet pussy is lowered onto my face, I see Diane remove the blindfold on John as she continues to give John a blowjob. Marcus has moved behind Diane and puts his cock into her eliciting a moan from her as she continues to blow John.

My tongue leaves my mouth to lick and suck Dakota’s sweet pussy. I feel Dakota lean forward. Although I can’t see what is happening, I hear the sweet sounds of two passionate women kissing. I know my new lover, Jennifer and Dakota are in an erotic lip lock.

I lick Dakota from the top of her slit to her anal entrance. I use both of my hands to part her labia and begin my oral assault on her clit. She is now grinding herself down on my eager tongue. Just for fun, I begin nibbling on her clit. This causes her to jump in surprise. Jennifer is now working herself into an orgasmic frenzy.

“OH GAWD DAVID. FUCK MEEEEEE” She announces as she has such an orgasm that she literally squirts my crotch with her woman juice.

I feel Jennifer dismount me a bit awkwardly. She snuggles up to me putting her head on my chest. She whispers into my ear, “Thank you David. I’ve never cum so hard. You are truly my Master. You can summon Sindee anytime you wish. I know now why Jill married you and Dakota loves you.”

Dakota reaches her crescendo and I feel her orgasmic juices flowing from her sweet pussy announcing, “OH GAWD DADDY. I LOVE YOU. I’M YOURS FOREVER.” My face is splashed with her woman juice. I lick and suck for all its worth trying hard not to let even one drop escape my willing mouth.

Just about a minute later I hear Mark Newberg and Jill cum together. “OH, FUCK JILL. YOU ARE SO AMAZING.” As Mark shoots his man juice into my wife. Jill responds, “FUCK MARK…. YOU FEEL WONDERFUL”.

Of my couch trio, John is the first to erupt. “OH DIANE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. YOU ARE SO AMAZING.” As he shoots rope after rope into her wanting mouth. Amazingly she has gotten better as she swallows everything John shoots into her.

Marcus is still fucking Diane. At this point, Marcus is just banging away at her womanhood with his balls slapping against her loudly. The peak together.


“FUCK MEEEEEEEEEE” Marcus announces.

John sits there watching his girlfriend cum on some other guys cock. He smiles. I think to myself that maybe he is learning and maturing a bit.

As we all lay there spent and completely sated. Diane crawls over to me asking what her ‘present’ was from Jill and I.

I smile having completely forgotten that I promised her a present. I tell her to go ask Jill for her present. When she crawls across the living room carpet, she whispers into Jill’s ear causing a big smile to come to Jill’s face.

Jill gets up and takes Mark Newberg’s hand and leads him to the couch. She shoo’s John off the couch. She then grasps Marcus’s hand and leads him to the couch.

“Take your pick. You get either one.” Jill tells her.

Diane doesn’t understand what’s going on but chooses Mark Newberg as she still has Marcus’s cum dribbling out of her well used pussy.

“Now kneel between Mark’s legs and begin stroking him until he’s hard again.” Jill directs.

Jill does the same between Marcus’s legs.

John sits quietly with his back leaning against the wall watching. He is smiling, but I can see his curiosity. I get up and move over to the wall next to him.

“John, we need to talk a bit.” I say in a lowered tone to him.

“You’re mad at me aren’t you. I did something wrong again didn’t I?” John asks with his head bowed like a child being scolded.

“No John, I’m just here giving you a bit of advice. I’m not here to scold you. Actually, I’m quite proud of you. You seem to listen and learn. My advice is on taking care of my girl Diane. If you are going to expect her to be willing to accept a second girl in your playtime, you need to reciprocate and allow her to have a second guy. Fair is fair. I’m sure you will be more than rewarded, but you have to be willing to play equally.” I tell him.

He sits there and ponders what I have said.

I continue, “John, do you know why Jill and I are so successful with our playtime? It’s because we absolutely trust each other. I love her, and I want her to be happy. She is so beautiful, I have no misunderstandings that she could get any guy she wants, but she chose me. I look to her for some approval. Let me give you a piece of advice my Grandmother told me many, many times…. HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE.”

John smiles. He is now getting that I’m happy with him and just want to help him mature a bit more.

“Sir, you know you’re my idol, don’t you?” John asks.

“No John. I don’t want to be your idol. I’ll happily be your mentor, but not your idol. OK?”

“What the difference?” He asks.

“An idol is someone you worship. A mentor is someone you come to for advice, to learn from, to be friends with. I’d much rather you allow me to be your mentor.”

“Besides, I think your Mother really likes you hanging out with us. She sees a whole new John. The one you say she never sees.” I add.

“Thank you, sir. I’m really trying to be a better guy.” He replies.

“I know you are. Just keep going in the right direction.” I say as I get up from sitting next to him.

I look over at Jill and Diane. Both guys are loving the teaching session.

I put myself down next to Jennifer. I put my arm around her and pull her into a passionate kiss. Her mouth opens a bit allowing my tongue to enter her mouth. As we are doing that, her hand begins to stroke my cock.

I see Dakota step over me to get over to John.

John says, “Really? I didn’t think you liked me.”

“Shhhh!” Dakota says to him.

“Oh, fuck that feels good.” He announces to the room.

“Probably not as good as this” Marcus says. Mark Newberg just agrees.

Jennifer says in my ear, “May I tell you how much you turn me on? You bring out the slut in me without me having to worry that you will hurt me. No other man that I know of or have ever been with would treat me so well.”

Then she adds, “I love you David Greene.”

I don’t know what made me look, but I checked the clock on the cable box telling me it was 1:11 am.

“Will Jill share you with me?” she asks meekly.

“You need to ask her. But, before you do, you probably need to know that Dakota and Tina also have said the same things. They love me as well.” I tell her quietly.

“That’s OK. I’ll stand in line. You are an amazing man. I’m available to you anytime you or Jill want me. Just call and I’ll come running.” She says.

I begin to think she needs some food, hell, maybe we all need some food and fluids.


I hear both of our men on the couch reach their orgasmic peak together.

OH, FUCK” They both say in unison as they shoot rope after rope into their partners mouth.

Jennifer whispers into my ear, “Will you make love to me?”

“Of course, my dear. But not here. Somewhere more intimate. Love isn’t made in the middle of an orgy.” I say to her.

She smiles at my answer. Kissing me again and again. I sit up breaking from her kisses. I take her hand and lead her down the hallway to the master bedroom.

I leave the door open but lead her inside. I point to the bed which she happily gets on. I move on the bed with her. I lay beside her putting my arms around her and hugging her tightly. I kiss her passionately.

“Take me David. Make me yours.” She says with a passion. I see the love in her eyes for me.

I kiss her hard, pulling her body to mine. My cock stirs between us. Without breaking from the kiss, I roll on top of her. My cock is touching the entrance to her pussy.

I begin to slide my manhood into her. She gasps then moans loudly. She raises her knees up towards her head holding each one with her hands. This allows me much better access to her pussy. I push myself into her as deep as I can go. I feel my pelvis meet hers. I begin my rhythmic fucking of her womanhood.


I continue to keep up my rhythmic fucking. I’m pushing as deep into her as I possible can get. My balls are slapping her ass with each thrust into her.

I begin to increase my pace of fucking my new lover.

“Jennifer, you are a beautiful woman. I love you too.” I say into her ear.

I see a huge smile on her face. I thrust harder and harder into her. Sweat was now forming on my forehead as our lovemaking has been a bit of time.

She peaked first, “OH GAWD DAVID. I FUCKING LOVE YOU!” She announces as she reaches her huge orgasm.

I peak moments later, “JENNIFER, HERE I CUM. I LOVE FUCKING YOU AS WELL!” I announce.

Unbeknownst to me, we had gathered an audience. Dakota and Jill were both watching me and Jennifer from the hallway.

As I began to regain my bearings and my breathing returned to normal Jill and Dakota entered the room, much to my surprise.

They both climbed into bed with us. Jennifer was frozen, not knowing what to say or do.

Jill took the lead saying, “Jennifer, we all love David. Welcome to our little commune.”

Dakota just smiled and put her head on my chest, kissing Jennifer whose head was also on my chest after I rolled off her. Dakota’s kiss was very erotic and passionate.

I could hear Diane being ravaged by at least two of the guys in the living room with her.

I think to myself, maybe Diane is our new slut. She’s taking on three guys all by herself…. nice!

Again, for whatever reason I look at the clock. 4:44am. Really? I think to myself.

I kiss all three ladies with me and get out of bed. I head down the hall to peek in on Diane. John is sitting on the couch as Marcus is fucking her mouth and Mark is pounding her from behind. She’s clearly having a wonderful time.

I head into the kitchen. My turn to cook.

I pull out all the fixings to begin making breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, veggies, milk, and of course butter…. lots of butter. I pull out some fry pans to be used to make the food. I put a half stick in each of the three pans getting them to melt.

I unwrap the bacon and the sausage. As the pans heat up, I put the bacon in one pan and the sausage in another. I get a plate down and line it with paper towels to soak up any grease from the cooked meats.

As all my bacon gets cooked and all the sausage finishes cooking, I move them to the waiting plate. I pour the bacon grease into the other pan. I toss in another half stick of butter into the empty pan. Once it is melted, I add some of the sliced veggies that I prepped while the meats were cooking. John was the first one to join me in the kitchen.

“Oh, my gawd, that smells so fucking good. Oops, I’m not supposed to say that. Sorry.”

“John, its fine. We’re not working so off time whatever you want to say is fine with me. I just remind you, so you won’t slip up and say it to a customer.” I tell him.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“How about you set the table for everyone.” I say.

It occurs to me that I haven’t seen Tina. Here it is nearly 6 am. Did she come home, and I just didn’t see her?

“John, go check Tina’s room to see if she’s in there please.”

He gets up and heads down the hall looking into the other rooms checking for Tina.

“No sir, she’s not in any room.” He says when he returns to the kitchen.

“Check the driveway for her white car.” I direct John to do.

He opens the front door, even though he’s naked, he still looks out. “No sir, no white car in the driveway.” He shouts to me as he shuts the door and relocks it.

Marcus, Diane, and Mark are all snuggled up in a post fuck embrace. John notices that Diane has this big smile on her face as she is snuggled up onto Mark’s chest.

Jill and Dakota come out of the bedroom to the kitchen. They have both heard John tell me that Tina’s car was not in the driveway.

Dakota begins dialing Tina’s cell phone. It goes to voicemail. Jill does the same thing. I pick up my phone and text her, thinking that she will answer a text.

Nothing doing. Silence from Tina.

I continue to make breakfast.

“How do you want your eggs?” I ask everyone.

Surprisingly, a voice from the living room says, “Can I get two sunny side up?”

I peek around the corner to see Marcus smiling and sitting up.

The veggies have sautéed to a nice crispness. I crack two eggs into the unused pan to make Marcus’s request.

I put two slices of bacon and one sausage patty on the plate. I push some of the veggies on the plate as well. When the eggs are just perfect, I slide them onto the plate calling Marcus to the table.

Dakota and Jill both ask for scrambled eggs. John requests fried hard eggs.

In a bowl I crack 6 eggs and put in a splash of half & half, whisking them. Dakota whispers in my ear, “Daddy, you’ve never made breakfast for us before.” I thought about that and realized that she was right. I had never made breakfast, or lunch, or any meal for my ladies. Stupid me, I thought to myself.

My phone buzzed. It was a text.

Dakota picked it up. She read it aloud. “Daddy, I’m sorry for all the trouble I have caused you. I’m not coming home.”

Jill and Dakota both began dialing Tina. The calls went to voicemail. Dakota tried texting Tina. It went unanswered. Dakota used my phone to text Tina. “Darling, come home. You have not caused me any trouble. Everyone is worried about you. We all love you. Please come home.”

The text went unanswered.

The mood in the kitchen took a dramatic turn for the worst.

I asked Jill to try Roger. She dialed him and got him. She quickly told him that we were missing Tina, as she went to the movies last night and now, we just got a text from her. He said he would call her directly. Jill ended the call.

I put three eggs into a fry pan not really thinking about the eggs, only about Tina.

I put two slices of bread into the toaster for John. By the time the toast popped the eggs were done. I put three slices of bacon, two sausage patties, some veggies and of course the toast and eggs on a plate for John.

I put the eggs into a pan to cook the scrambled eggs.

John poured me a glass of pineapple juice and one for himself. Marcus was feasting on his breakfast.

My mind was a million miles away from the kitchen worrying about Tina.

As the eggs finished cooking, I slid them onto two plates for Dakota and Jill. I put two slices of bacon and a sausage patty on each plate along with some veggies. They took their plates. Both kissed me on the cheek, knowing that I was thinking about Tina.

Jill had started the coffee pot. By the time she put her plate on the table, the coffee was ready. Dakota poured a cup for Jill and one for herself asking Marcus if he wanted a cup, which he did.

Jennifer came out of the bedroom asking, “Hey, why didn’t anyone tell me we get breakfast as well as great sex?” The joke was met with silence. Jennifer didn’t understand.

“Jen, how do you like your eggs?” I asked in a monotone voice.

“Over easy please.” She tells me.

I see that it is getting light outside. Every moment that passes, I become more worried about Tina.

I hear a knock at the front door. Dakota in her robe jumps up to answer it. Everyone exhales. It’s Tina standing at the door. Dakota hugs her and kisses her on the cheek.

She pulls Tina into the house. Tears are streaming down her face. Jill jumps up from her dish and runs over to Tina putting her arms around her.

I finish the eggs and put them on a plate. I add two slices of bacon, a sausage patty, Escort Seyrantepe and some veggies handing the plate to Jennifer as I pass her heading out to the living room where Dakota, Tina, and Jill are.

I grab Tina and hug her tightly.

“What brought you home?” I ask.

“Roger. He told me that everyone was worried about me and I needed to get my cute ass home. NOW.” She said.

At this point, my own eyes are filling up with tears of joy. Our darling Tina is home, safe and sound.

John gets up from his plate and walks over to all of us. He steps between Tina and me wrapping his arms around her. He whispers in her ear, “Tina, everyone here loves you. Hell, I love you. Please don’t scare us like that again.” He kisses her passionately, hugging her tightly.

I look over John’s shoulder to see both Mark and Diane are now awake, but not really understanding what is going on.

I begin to smell something burning and head back into the kitchen. I had forgot to turn the burner off and the butter was scorching. I rinsed out the pan and put more butter into it.

My whole demeanor changed as Tina was now home. Jill and Dakota stayed in the living room with Tina.

I asked Mark how he would like his eggs. He knows my history in the restaurant business and asks, “Will you make me an omelet?”

“Sure” I reply.

“Just cheese and meat. None of the healthy veggie stuff.” He says chuckling.

Diane comes up from behind me and whispers in my ear, “Can I have my eggs on you? I promise to eat everything put in front of me.” She says chuckling.

I begin to make Mark’s omelet, just as he asked. I pull some shredded cheese from the fridge. As the eggs get to that point, I add the cheese, bacon and sausage to the omelet. I flip it over, holding my breath as I hadn’t made an omelet in quite a while. However, it flipped perfectly.

When it was done, I slid it onto a plate and handed it to Mark.

Tina came into the kitchen. I stopped what I was doing to put my arms around her. I pulled her into me.

Diane pulled my buttered pan off the burner, so I wouldn’t have another scorched pan of butter.

Jill and Dakota had returned to their breakfast. Marcus was finished and just sat there enjoying his coffee. John was feasting on his breakfast, stopping only to take a gulp of pineapple juice.

“Tina, my darling, what can I make for you?” I ask gently.

“Anything you make will be just fine. I love you Daddy.” Tina says.

My mind begins racing about what to make her. I want it to be supremely special and delicious for Tina. I decide to make her an omelet, but different than the one I made Mark.

I reach into the fridge again, pulling out some Gruyere and D’ambert cheeses.

I slice up some new veggies adding mushrooms to the mix as I know Tina loves mushrooms.

I crack the eggs putting them in a bowl and adding a splash of heavy cream. I whisked them all together, pouring the contents into the pan that was loaded with melted butter. As it heated up, I sliced each of the two cheeses onto the eggs as well as adding the newly sliced veggies. The heat was just perfect melting the cheeses. I flipped the omelet. In just a couple of minutes I had Tina one of my special omelets. I slid it onto a plate and handed it to her, with a kiss of course. “Darling, I hope you enjoy it.” I say to her.

I see poor Diane still standing there waiting for eggs.

“How would you like your eggs cooked?” I ask.

“Scrambled would be just fine.” She replied.

I crack two more eggs into a bowl again and put another splash of half & half, whisk and empty the contents of the bowl into another butter filled pan. It only takes a couple of minutes before the eggs are done. I put two slices of bacon on the plate along with one sausage patty and some veggies. I hand Diane the plate and give her a kiss.

I turn everything off. Heading out to the living room to just sit and think. Oddly, John follows me out to the living room.


John sits quietly with me. I’m not sure why he is there, but somehow it feels a bit reassuring him just sitting with me. My mind is still thinking about Tina. I make a mental note to myself to call Dr. Ronda and tell her what happened tonight. I also thought that I should thank Roger somehow.

Jill came out of the dining room and sat on the other side of me. She put her arms around me, just silently hugging me. Again, it felt nice that she was there.

Mark and Marcus were finished with breakfast and they began cleaning up the dishes. If anyone hadn’t done so, clothes were being put back on. Dakota went to our master bedroom and returned with a pair of shorts and a white tee shirt for me. I gave Dakota a small kiss on the cheek thanking her for the clothes.

My mind was still miles away. I was thinking about all the horrible outcomes that could have been the actual result of tonight. In my head, I decided to add LoJack to the girl’s cars. I know it costs about a $1000, but to me having piece of mind about my girls it would be money well spent.

Jennifer came into the living room. She came over to me and gave me a passionate kiss. She whispered into my ear, “Remember what I told you. You and Jill can have me anytime you want.” She gave me a second kiss on the cheek and collected John to head home.

Donna also came over to Jill and me, kissing us both passionately. Jill told her that everything will be OK. Don’t go thinking about Roger. We loved having her here. She gathered up her keys and purse and headed out.

Before Jennifer went out the front door, I beckoned her over. “Jen. Don’t tell John what I made Sindee do. It will freak him out. Jill and I love you and want you to come to us and cum with us again and again.” I kissed Jennifer with a passionate kiss. She paused for a moment or two before heading back to the front door. Jill said to her, “You can share David anytime you want.” She also kissed Jennifer passionately.

Jennifer and John left. Donna left. Mark Newberg said his goodbyes to Jill and Diane, telling them both that he hopes he gets invited to another of our parties as he hadn’t had that much fun in a long, long time.

Mark left.

Marcus collected Diane. Diane came over and straddled my lap. She said to me, “I didn’t get to show you what Jill taught me. I’ve never dreamed I could have as much fun as you two gave me tonight. Anytime you want me, you can have me. I love both of you.” With that, she leaned in and gave me the most passionate kiss of anyone parting her lips to put her tongue inside of my mouth. She pushed herself up against me and tried to wrap her legs around my back.

Marcus gave Jill a nice friendly kiss on the lips saying that he hoped he would be invited to another party. Jill assured him that we certainly would do so.

Jill kissed Diane on the cheek. This was a subtle signal that the night was over. Diane reluctantly got off my lap, giving me one more kiss before she followed her brother out the front door.

Tina stayed in the dining room. Dakota sat next to her gently caressing her back. Clearly Tina had finished her meal, yet she just sat there.

I took Jill’s hand and we went over to Tina and sat with her.

“Please don’t be angry with me Daddy.” She exclaimed.

“Darling, why would I be angry with you? We all were worried about you. Please tell me what happened.” I say in an almost begging tone.

“Because I’ve caused you nothing but grief. You agreed to give me a baby and I can’t even get that right. Dakota is pregnant. Jill is pregnant. But my body betrays me, and I get some fucked up type of pregnancy that must be aborted. I’ve had abortions before. Didn’t Sasha tell you?” She says with tears streaming down her face.

“No Darling. Sasha never said a word.” I gently said to her.

“Then you must know.” Tina says to Jill.

“No Darling. I don’t know anything about you having an abortion.” Jill responds.

“Abortions… plural. Five of them to be exact. All because my stupid body is allergic to latex, so Sasha made me have unprotected sex with anyone she chose.” She said with an amount of venom in her voice, but with tears still streaming down her face.

I put my arms around her and pull her in tightly to me.

“I love you Tina. I hope you know that. You’ll get through the ectopic pregnancy and we’ll make a great baby together. OK?” I say to her, looking her directly in her eyes.

“Daddy, I so love you. So much so that it hurts sometimes. Please just hold me and tell me that you love me. I want so much to have your baby.” She says to me with tears streaming down her face.

Jill leans over and kisses her cheek. Dakota gets up from her chair and walks behind her caressing her back and giving her a hug from behind.

I just keep holding her tightly and repeatedly telling her that I love her. Jill loves her. Dakota loves her. We are one family.

“Daddy, will you at least fuck my ass since you can’t fuck my pussy? I ask that you be gentle, but I know you will.” She says with the tears now stopped.

“Darling, I’ll be happy to do whatever you would like me to do. I love you too. I will be gentle, but you already know that. Let’s go to your bedroom.” I say gently.

Jill kisses me. Dakota kisses me. Each one of them kisses Tina. I stand up and gently lift Tina off the chair into my arms. Her head leans on my chest.

“Darling, would you like to take a sexy shower first?” I offer.

“Could we?” She seems interested in that suggestion.

“Of course, I wouldn’t have offered otherwise.”

Tina is finally bearing a smile, not her usual bright cheery smile, but a smile none the less. She takes my hand leading me to the main bathroom, the one that has a larger shower stall.

I begin by gently taking her top off. I kiss her, cupping her cheeks with my hands holding her in place as I try to give her the most passionate kiss that I can. I nibble on her ear. I whisper into her ear, “Darling I love you. Don’t worry, we are all here for you. We’ll get through this and you and I will make a wonderful baby. It will have your eyes, your smile, and if it’s a girl your sexy body.”

“Daddy, I love you so much. You always know what to say to me to make me feel so much better.”

I continue undressing her. In just a couple of moments she is standing before me, her ebony body looking beautiful. I drop my shorts. Tina takes off my tee shirt.

I pick her up off the floor. She wraps her legs around me. My hard cock is touching her pussy. She begins to moan in my ear. “Daddy, its been so long since I’ve felt you inside of me. Please fuck all of me.” She requests.

“Absolutely, whatever you want my Darling.”

I slowly lower her down onto my cock. I feel it slide into her easily as she is so wet. I lean her into the wall as I begin my gentle thrusting into her. I’m raising her up and down on my cock. She is moaning into my ear. I feel her first orgasm roll through her body.

“I love you Tina” I say to her looking directly into her eyes.

“Daddy, I love you too.” She says in a heartfelt manner.

I thrust up into her putting my entire length into her as deep as it will go.


“Darling, we are preparing for when your body is ready to have our baby.”

“FUCK DADDY, I’M STILL CUMMING. I’M CUMMING SO HARD. ITS BEEN TOOOOOOOO….” Her voice trails off as she goes limp in my arms.

She’s out cold. Her breathing has stopped. I gently set her on the shower floor only to slap her.

She takes an enormous gulp of air. “Welcome back my Darling. I fucked you unconscious again. That make you the only FOUR-time member.” I say to her.

She puts her hand out for me to stand her back up. Once back on her feet, she turns around presenting me her ass. I direct the shower head away from us. I grab the bottle of baby oil off the ledge and squeeze some on her ass crack and on my still hard cock.

I see her eyes roll back in anticipation of my cock making her ass its own. I gently push the head of my manhood into her anal entrance.


“Darling, I do love you. I will always love you. I love you more than you will ever know.” I say gently in her ear as my cock is plundering her anal cavity.

I begin to sense that my own orgasm is drawing near. I gently increase my anal rhythm.

“Darling, I’m going to cum in your beautiful ass. Is that what you want?” asking even though I know the answer before she does.


“HERE I CUM MY DARLING” I say into her ear as my orgasmic crescendo begins.

Surprisingly I seem to shoot much more than usual. I continue to thrust into her as my manhood is filling her bowels with my seed.


We’ve been in the shower so long making love that the water is rapidly becoming cold, not cool, but cold.

I turn the shower off.

My deflating cock begins to withdraw from Tina. I hug her from behind kissing her neck, her ear, and telling her that I love her so very much and will do so till the end of time. She turns around in my arms and kisses me very passionately.

As we stand there and kiss, I hear the bathroom door open. Jill and Dakota are standing there smiling. I break from our kiss turning my head to our visitors.

“Tina, we all love you. You are a part of our family. You should never forget that.” I tell her.

She smiles and wraps her arms around my neck and hops up onto me locking her legs together behind me, monkey style.

I notice a much different attitude from her now that we have made love in the shower.

I step out of the shower with her wrapped around me. Both Jill and Dakota each have a towel and are drying both of us off. Tina just keeps kissing me, over and over.

As we are told that we are dry, I walk her out of the bathroom to her bedroom.

“Daddy, will you lay with me a while. I haven’t slept yet.” She tells me.

I avoid telling her that I haven’t slept yet either, nor has Jill, or Dakota.

I walk her to her bed and lay her down gently. I climb into the bed holding her tightly with our bodies snuggling into each other.

I don’t really know how long it took, but Tina was out like a light in just a few minutes. I laid there for a bit ensuring that she was going to stay asleep. After I was convinced, I gently left her bedroom, closing the door behind me.

I walk over to my bedroom. Thankfully, only Jill is in our bed. I climb into bed, kiss my gorgeous wife and snuggle up with her as we both drift off to sleep.


Again, the sun intrudes on our peaceful slumber. I open one eye to see Jill still sleeping, but I feel someone behind me. Trying not to wake whomever is behind me, I glance over to see Tina snuggled up into me. I just smile, pull Jill close and allow myself to fall back asleep putting a pillow over my head to block the sun’s annoying light.

By mid-afternoon, I decided that my bladder wins out. Both of my gorgeous women are still fast asleep. I gently lift myself off the bed, caring not to wake either of my bed mates.

I leave the bedroom to use the main bathroom as I didn’t want to disturb Jill or Tina.

As I’m doing my business, Dakota knocks and walks in.

“Daddy, may I hold that for you?” She says with a devious smile.

“My Darling, you can hold anything on me you want.” I reply.

She walks over to my cock still spewing its morning contents and grasps it firmly. I think to myself that I’ve never had a woman hold my cock while I was peeing. I’ve had a couple of truly freaky women who wanted to watch, but never had I had someone hold my dick.

As I finished, Dakota shook my manhood. I wasn’t sure what I should do next. Dakota took care of that for me. She began to caress my cock making it hard in just a few strokes. A droplet of pre-cum appeared at the tip of my cock. Dakota leaned down and gave it a lick before she swallowed my entire bulbous head.

I gently grasped the sides of her head to begin my fucking of her mouth. I could hear her trying to swallow my entire cock as it hit the back of her throat.

I thrust in and out over and over. This goes on for a few minutes before I get that familiar twinge of my impending orgasm.

“FUCK DAKOTA, I’M ALREADY READY TO CUM. YOU DO THINGS TO ME SO WELL. I LOVE YOU MY DARLING.” I say to her as my manhood erupts rope after rope into her willing mouth.

Oddly, I see stars while I’m shooting my man seed into her mouth. She swallows every drop. It takes a couple of minutes for me to regain my composure. I withdraw my deflating cock from Dakota’s pretty mouth.

“Daddy, will you come lay in bed with me for a while? I slept all alone last night and I would like to feel you against me as I fall asleep.” She asks in a heartfelt manner.

“Sure Darling, I’ll be happy to do so.”

We leave the bathroom and head to her bedroom. She gets into bed first. I follow her; snuggling up to her; wrapping my arms around her and kissing her gently. She drapes a leg over my thigh and buries her head into my chest. We stay like that for several minutes until I again drift off to sleep. Just before I fall asleep, I think to myself how nice it is in her room as she always has the shutters and the blinds closed. It stays dark, even in the early morning when the sun should be shining in.

It was three or four hours before I woke up again. Once again, I felt someone in front of me, whom I thought should be Dakota. However, again someone was snuggled up against me from behind. I looked over my shoulder, to discover it was Tina once again.

I just pushed my ass back into her as she pulled me tightly. I pulled Dakota towards me and she easily slid her beautiful body into me as well. I let myself drift back off to the land of sleep.

It was dinnertime before Jill woke all of us sleeping beauties. I could smell something delicious cooking. I kissed Dakota. I kissed Tina. I kissed my gorgeous wife Jill.

Both Tina and Dakota began stroking me. I just looked at them both, clearly their sex hormones are in overdrive (like that needed to happen, I think to myself).

As we all finally get up, Jill has an amazing meal cooking for us. Pork chops, fried potatoes with onions and mushroom, sweet corn and sweet iced tea. YUM, YUM!

I come up behind Jill holding her from behind. I kiss her on the neck repeatedly. She pushes her body back into me, our bodies meld together wonderfully. I think to myself just how lucky I am. Jill, Dakota, Tina….and apparently Jennifer, and Diane now as well.

I whisper into Jill’s ear, “Gawd baby, I love you.” As she wiggles her ass on my growing member.

The past 36 hours have been filled with debauchery, lust, sex, and lots of orgasms. However, now it was getting to be time to focus on work. We have several new companies thanks to the Happee, Happy Limo acquisition.

I think to myself that I need to make some phone calls in the morning. Bob and Melanie, of course. Touch base will all my corporate leads. Touch base with Donna, Paula, and Jennifer to ensure things are moving along. In addition, I need to remember to call Dr. Ronda and update her on Tina’s actions over the weekend. I worry about her, now more than ever and I believe that Jill does as well. Mark Newberg and the FBI guy need to be contacted. Dakota has my itinerary and I need to check when Kim and Kay are scheduled to meet with me.

Jill tells me to go sit down at the table, dinner is almost ready. Damn, it smells so delicious.

Dakota comes out to the kitchen in her usual attire, long tee shirt no panties. Damn, how does she look so beautiful when she just got out of bed? Tina follows her, also long tee shirt but she has panties on. She is beautiful as well. I just shake my head thinking how lucky of a guy I truly am.

“Good Morning Daddy!” Tina says to me.

“Daddy, good morning!” Dakota chimes in.

They both sit on either side of me at the table. Each one resting a hand on my thigh closest to them. I feel my cock already beginning to stir. Something tells me that right after dinner something else will be going into their mouths. I just smile with that thought.

“Dakota, in the morning, I need to know when you scheduled me to meet with Kim and Kay, Mark Newberg’s nieces. Also, tomorrow will be filled with phone calls, please try to keep me on point as best you can.” I direct to Dakota.

Jill adds, “Tina, I need some financials on our Finance company as well as the new acquisitions. I want to check out where each is financially. Also, I have lots of phone calls to make in the morning, please keep me on point as well.”

They both answer in unison.

As I expected, dinner was delicious. I ate everything Jill put on my plate. I guess lots of sex and just some scrambled eggs don’t really fill the hunger need.

Tina and Dakota both volunteered for clean-up duty after dinner.

Jill tells me to push my chair back from the table a bit, which I do. She steps across my lap and sits right down facing me. I smile at her gorgeous face. She is so beautiful. She begins teasing me by grinding her pelvis on mine. My cock doesn’t need much incentive as it begins to get hard almost immediately.

I whisper in her ear, “I want to fuck you right her, right now.”

“What’s stopping you?” She asks.

With that answer, I begin to remove her clothes. As I remove each garment, I just drop them on the floor next to the chair we’re in. Unfortunately, I must ask her to stand up a bit for me to remove her shorts. She stands up and sheds the shorts all on her own. Before she sits back down on my lap, she removes my own shorts.

She sits back down on my lap. My cock at full attention. She without hesitation, pulls me to the entrance of her womanhood. She is so wet, that I slide right in. Putting her feet on the floor on either side of me, she begins raising and lowering herself on my hard cock. I feel her glorious wetness soaking my pelvis and thighs.

“OH DAVID, ITS BEEN TOO LONG. I LOVE SHARING YOU, BUT I NEED YOU TOO.” Jill reminds me as she is approaching her first orgasm.

Dakota and Tina are just sitting and watching, although both have one hand in their own delicious pussies. I hear Dakota moaning along with Jill. Something very erotic when you have an audience while you are fucking your gorgeous wife.

I grasp Jill’s hips and begin thrusting upwards to meet her downward thrust. I feel her velvety smooth pussy grasping my cock trying to milk it for all it has. Up and down she goes, repeatedly. Finally reaching that big crescendo of orgasmic release, “OH DAVID, I LOVE YOU. YOU FUCK ME SO WELL. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.” She leans her head into my shoulder giving me a strong bite just above my collarbone. While I don’t think she broke skin, it did hurt enough that I wasn’t sure one way or another.

After a few more moments, I reached my own orgasmic pinnacle. “I LOVE YOU JILL. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL.” I say at the top of my lungs. Once again, I see stars as my heart races with the orgasmic release. I’m not sure what is happening, but now Jill and Dakota both seem to be able to have me seeing stars when I peak.

The rest of the night was uneventful. We all watched a little bit of TV as a family, before we decided to head to bed. I directed the two gals to sleep in their own room tonight. Of course, I got two pouty faces.

Jill and I got up early on Monday morning. We figured about 6am LA time would be about right for the east. I went into Dakota’s room kissing her to wake her. Jill went into Tina’s room, although I don’t know if she woke her up in the same manner.

As Dakota and Tina got ready for a very busy day, Jill and I went to the kitchen. Jill started the coffee pot. I poured myself a glass of pineapple juice.

Before the girls made it to the kitchen, I put my arms around Jill and kissed her. I whispered in her ear how much I love her.

Tina arrived first, heading directly for the coffee. Dakota rolled in moments later and poured a cup of coffee.

Dakota had her assistant’s book open. I opened my laptop checking the numbers for each brand. Dakota started making a few phone calls. I noticed once again the restaurant in Vegas that I had visited has moved inside the top 20% of the company. I send the district manager, the chef, and the new restaurant manager an ‘Atta boy’ letting them know how happy I am with their turn-around.

I send out several emails to various department heads both thanking some and questioning others on their decisions.

I call a head-hunter friend that I had made throughout my years in the restaurant business.

“Hey Dave, it’s David Greene. Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

“Hey there Mr. Greene. It’s been quite a while since I talked to you last. Rumor has it, you have really moved up in the world. What are you now? A top ten manager of a major corporation.” Dave Burgundy says.

“Well, um, I’m now Director of Operations for all the brands of Jaxson’s Inc.”

“Holy Shit! Really? You’re not kidding me?” Dave said completely floored.

“No, shit Dave. It’s a long story, but I need something from you right now.”

“Ok, what can I do for you?”

“Dave, who is hands down the best manager in the pharmacy business? My company just acquired a pharmacy organization and we need someone that I can trust to run the company right but will be willing to accept constructive criticism. Do you know anyone like that?” I ask him.

“Well, I have two names for you. The first one is the best of the best. Well liked, runs a solid shop, got downsized when his company was bought out by Omnicare. His name is Jack Williams. He’s been in the pharmacy business over 30 years. However, he’s going to cost you a bit. Having that track record and his years in the business will most likely cost you about Seyrantepe Escort Bayan $200K annually. The second guy is former military, Jonathan Rakes. Was one of the top logistics guys, went to pharmacy school after the military. A bit of a maverick, top money-earner but usually has high turnover due to his military background. Would you like for me to set-up an interview with either one or both?”

“Absolutely. Let’s start with the Williams guy, then the next day Rakes. I would like you to be at both interviews. How’s your schedule this week? I ask because I have an east coast swing for a large part of next week.” I say to Dave.

“How about Wednesday for Williams and Thursday for Rakes. I’ll tell you that Rakes will most likely come to you much cheaper since he is former military if that matters.” Dave says to me.

“No, not really. Do you get your usual cut if I hire either one of them?”

“Of course, but for you I’ll knock an entire 1% off. Ha ha ha.” Dave says to me laughing out loud.

“Wow! A whole one percent. You have become to generous in your old age. We should get together for food and catch-up. Hey, is that beautiful assistant still working for you?” I ask.

“Oh, you mean Darleen. The one you nearly wrecked with all your horniness and wanting sex all the time?”

“Yes, that would be the one.”

“Um, yeah, she still works for me. I’m not sure I should let you know that she broke up from her long-time boyfriend about two weeks ago.” Dave says to me reluctantly.

“Well, I’m married now. I have the most beautiful wife in the world. So, not to worry, I’m spoken for.” I tell Dave, thinking to myself that he has no idea what I’m up to these days.

“That’s GREAT! Now I won’t have to worry about her coming to work all wobbly-legged from your weekend antics.” Dave says to me laughing.

“Dave, just text me or call my assistant Dakota with the interview time. Will it be at your office?”

“Yes, that would be an OK place to have the interview. You know we’re in the Kraft Building right?” He asks.

“No, did you move? I thought you were in an office on Sunset Boulevard.” I tell him.

“Well, we moved here about 18 months ago. You know, I’ve heard that the Kraft company wants to sell the building to concentrate on their manufacturing and distribution. Not sure if they will ever find a buyer. Oh well, that’s not for me to say as my business is in finding people the right jobs.” Dave says to me, which has my mind thinking about the Kraft building.

After hanging up from Dave, my next call is to Jennifer.

“Jen. Hey, it’s David Greene.”

“Do you know what time it is?” She says.

“Um, yeah, about 10 am.”

“Ah, no…. it’s 7am. What the hell? Don’t you ever sleep. Especially after this past weekend. Ok, Ok, what can I do for you?” Jennifer asks.

“Are you familiar with the Kraft building?”

“The 40 or 50 story building downtown? Yeah. It’s been there since early 2000’s. Why do you ask?”

“I just heard from an old friend of mine that Kraft wants to sell the building, but no one seems to be interested. This might be the first one for us to seriously consider. It’s about the size I was thinking of for us to buy, but we need to know pricing, financing available, repairs needed, things like that. Also, what zoning is it? Just office or other things, such as restaurant/deli availability. In addition, what is the parking situation. Does it also have a parking garage or are there ones nearby? Please check into all of this and get back to me soon, of course I hope I don’t have to tell you to keep this as quiet as possible, do I?”

“Absolutely. I’ll keep this our little secret. You have Sindee’s word on that.” She says with a chuckle in her voice.

We say our good-byes.

Dakota spins her assistant book around to me and points to a couple of calls I wanted to make.

My first call is to Donna, our Call Center Director.

“Hey Darling. How are you feeling this morning?” I ask with a chuckle.

“I’m walking a bit wobbly, but other than that OK. What can I do for you?”

“A couple of things. First how are reservations going for both the Pinetree and the restaurant group? Second, how is my boy doing, John?”

“John’s been a huge hit in our Pasadena call center. They are considering him to be a team lead. Lots of people already look up to him. He seems to have a natural way with customers. He currently leads everyone in the Pasadena center and is in the top 5% of all our call centers in every matrix that we use, including upgrading customers.” Donna explains.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. Now, how about the Pinetree and the restaurant group?”

“The Pinetree is flat to last years numbers. I just don’t see it getting any better. By the way we lost one of our AAA rating stars. The Pinetree now only has 3 stars out of 5. The restaurant group has pockets of great results, like the Vegas group or bad results like Boston, Tampa, and Phoenix. All three of them have had issues and we’re not even counting the two that were closed last week. Other than that, I want you to know just how much this past weekend meant to me.” Donna says in a heartfelt manner.

“Donna, I’ve got to go. Jill and I will be on the east coast next week. I’ll check in with you later. Bye for now.” I hang up.

The next call I make is to Paula. It’s been a bit since I have chatted with her about how Happee, Happy Limo is doing.

“Good Morning Paula, it’s David Green.”

“Oh, good morning boss. What can I do for you…? or to you?” She says with a chuckle in her voice.

“Well, as sexy as that sounds, how about we just talk about business for a few minutes. We can make plans for another time for the other. Sound OK?” I ask.

“Yes, sir. Reservations are down. However, I hear from the manager of Black Car Limo that their reservations are way up. I’m not sure why. We’ve lost a couple of drivers, not good ones, but still that puts a couple small holes in the scheduling. You had mentioned moving cars around and dividing up teams into client teams and customer teams. Are we still heading in that direction?” Paula asks.

“Absolutely! How much is Black Car Limo up in numbers of customers?” I ask thinking about how much inventory we need to move over to them.

“They’re up 41% in the past three weeks. That amounts to an increase of 67 limo rentals, and we’re not even into the peak of season yet.”

“Hmm, lets move 7 black cars over to them. I’ll have legal do the paperwork and reregister the cars with the DMV. Let’s also put an ad in the online job search engine, Indeed.com. That’s where I looked when I was looking for the Chauffeur’s job.”

“Yes, sir. What about the division of the teams into client versus customer?”

“Jill’s working on that one. She has an idea about getting each client a special financing card to allow the client to pay the Chauffeur without having to have lots of cash and the money would be debited from the client’s bank account immediately. What do you think about that idea?” I ask.

“WOW! That’s an incredible idea. Who’s going to contact each client and go over their personal wants/needs and explain the whole debit card thing?”

“Well, I thought maybe you could.” I say in a deadpan voice.

“Um, me?”

“Yes, you. You’re smart, beautiful, and know the business probably better than anyone else. We can talk about this tomorrow night when you join Jill and I for dinner.”

“Yes, sir. Just shoot me an email or text me where and when to meet you.”

“How about our house when you get done with work tomorrow night. I’ll look forward to playing….um, I mean seeing you tomorrow.”

I end the call, smiling. I see Dakota smiling as well.

“Daddy, may I play tomorrow night as well?” Dakota asks.

“Darling, you may play anytime you want to. You know that. I love you.”

Dakota just smiles and goes back to doing her assistant stuff.


The rest of the morning was uneventful. Lots of business calls. Made one to Bob and Mel Jaxson. Let them know how the business was running. Also let Melanie know that Jill, Dakota, Tina and I would be on the east coast next week and would come to see them for a couple of days.

Melanie made it clear she is ready to put her hands, mouth, and pussy on me again….and again….and again until she couldn’t cum any more.

So far, I haven’t told anyone that Dakota is pregnant, nor have I told anyone that Tina has a screwed-up pregnancy that would need to be aborted. I figured they should be the ones to decide whom to tell and whom not to tell.

I really love all three of my girls, but now Jennifer/Sindee and Diane have joined what Jill jokingly called ‘the commune’. I just shake my head about just how lucky I am.

Dakota reminded me that I had the interview with Kim and Kay at Mark Newberg’s office at 1pm. I checked the clock and needed to get showered for the interview. Dakota called for a car to come get me in about an hour.

“Dakota, I would like for you to join me at the interview. I would like your take on what you think of them.” I tell her.

“Yes, Darling. You know I’d do anything for you.” She says lovingly.

I get up from the table and head down to shower and dress for the interview.

When I’m dressed, Dakota is sitting on the couch in the living room waiting for me. I peek outside just as the car is pulling up for us. I yell back to Jill that we are leaving and head out the door.

Fred has the back door open waiting for us.

“Hello, Sir. Where are we headed?”

“The Kraft building downtown. Mark Newberg’s real estate office.”

“Yes, sir. Traffic might be a bit difficult as there is an issue on the 101 so to avoid it, I’ll take the surface streets, might add about 10-15 minutes but it will save about an hour in the long run.” Fred says to me.

“That’s great Fred. Let’s go.”

Dakota was sitting right next to me in the back of the car. I could smell her delicious perfume. It was definitely a distraction. Here I was trying to think about business and my mind kept drifting over to ravaging her delicious delicate body.

Fred was correct. It did add about 10 minutes to our drive but that really wasn’t much at all.

He parked us in front of the main doors to the Kraft building. We got out and he said he would wait close by and to just text him when we’re ready to leave.

Dakota and I went in to the building and met with their security. They told us that Mark’s company was on the 38th floor. Dakota and I took the elevator up. On the way, I leaned into her and kissed her, wrapping my arms around her pulling her tightly to me.

I whispered in her ear, “Damn, you make me so horny. Let’s hope I make it to tonight.”

I break from the kiss when the elevator dings on a floor other than the one we need.

Dakota inches closer to me, deftly reaching behind me grabbing my ass. I just smile.

When we arrive at Mark’s office, we are greeted by his receptionist Polly. She buzzed Mark announcing our arrival. Mark came to the receptionist area quickly.

He invited us back to their conference room. I asked to see the view from his office. It was stunning. While not the top floor (as it turns out there are 54 floors) but the view from the 38th floor is breathtaking.

“Mark, if I may ask, how much is your company paying for this office space?”

“About $6.50 per square foot. We have about 1500 square feet, so about $9700 per month. They also have additional perks such as up to 10 parking spaces in their garage at no additional charge. They offer a customer get-together once a month, fully catered but with no alcohol. In addition, they supply bug spraying, security, and car detailing every day at a nominal charge, but believe me it’s worth every penny as they do a top-notch job.” Mark says.

“Is there a restaurant, bar, or deli in the building?”

“Unfortunately, no. Several restaurants around the building will deliver for a small fee, but here is nothing actually in the building, which does kind of suck.” Mark says.

“C’mon, Kim and Kay got here about 10 minutes ago. And…. Darleen really wants to say hi to you. She said this morning when she saw your name on my calendar she wanted to know if it was really you. Reluctantly, I told her it was you. She hasn’t stopped smiling since then.”

Mark leads us to his office. I look over at Dakota, who has a huge Cheshire Cat smile plastered across her face.

When we arrive back at his office, we walk straight back to the conference room to meet Kim and Kay.

“Kim, Kay…this is David Greene and his assistant Dakota.” He says introducing us.

“Hello ladies. Please, sit down. This is not a ‘formal’ interview as you are probably used to. Instead, this is more of a conversation. I would like to know why you two with all your school credentials what type of career you’re looking for and what type of salary you need to accept any possible position.” I explain.

Kim leads the conversation.

“Mr. Greene. Both Kay and I have master’s degrees. We feel that we might have made a mistake in our choices of degree. We keep getting offers of $35,000 to just under $40,000 annual salary. We certainly didn’t have to get our master’s to make the same money that we could make running a McDonald’s.”

I like what she is saying. One doesn’t go into debt to make 35K a year.

“Then tell me what you each are expecting to make?” I ask

“At least 75K each.” Kim says.

So far Kay has yet to participate in the conversation.

“Kay, how about you? What do you think your worth is in my company?” I ask trying to bait her.

“75K would be just fine as a starting point. I have a master’s in accounting. I’m good at finding out irregularities in financials. I can smell a coverup. I don’t know why, but it seems to be an instinct. During my days in college, I interned for the IRS. I found more than a million dollars of hidden monies from 11 different people.” Kay said with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Nice. How about you Kim?”

“Mr. Greene, my strength is statistical analysis. I analyze work flows and look for simpler ways to create work-arounds to eliminate issues. I interned with Aetna Insurance. They had me fixing issues for customer service people who hit dead-ends with client’s accounts. My job was to figure out how and why they hit the dead end and create a work-around. However, when my internship was over the offered me a position for 39K. I’m sorry, but that is just insulting. No one goes on to get their advanced degree for that little type of money.” She says to me with a bit of venom in her voice.

I look at Dakota. She is smiling. I can tell she thinks highly of the twins. They are both beautiful. Each one shoulder-length blonde hair, small C cup chest, thin, almost petite maybe 5’1” each. Kim wore a conservative dark blue dress with 4-inch black heels. Kay wore a white dress with white 6” heels. Neither one wore a wedding ring or any jewelry for that matter. As I listened to them, my mind wandered for just a moment thinking about having them over for a play weekend, maybe in the new home.

“Ladies, do you have any questions for me?”

“Absolutely! What types of positions do you have open that you’re discussing this with us?” Kay asks.

“Good question. Kay, since you seem to have a nose for financials, my wife is the Director of all Financial operations for Jaxson’s Inc. She is really looking for a top-quality person to analyze the financials of all the new companies that we have been acquiring lately.” I say to Kay.

I move on to her twin sister. “Kim, I would like you to work with our Real Estate Director and our Call Center Director to help them with specific projects each one is working on. Their projects overlap a bit, which is why I think you could be the liaison between them. Coordinating their efforts so to speak.”

Both women smile. I know I have the interested, so I decide to rustle them a bit.

“Since you’ve both been offered 35-40K how about 50K?” I say deadpanned. I see Mark smiling from ear to ear. He’s seen my act before and doesn’t want to give it away.

“What?” they both say in unison.

I smile. “No ladies. I’m not offering you a job for a measly 50K. I was thinking more in the range of 100K, with full medical/dental/vision/hearing/student loan repayment assistance/and other perks we can discuss later.” I say seeing each of them exhale relieved.

“Mr. Greene, did you say $100,000?” Kim asked in disbelief.

“What? Too much?” I say with a smile on my face.

“No, sir.” Kim says

“First off, It’s David or Mr. Greene depending on if we are in company or not. Sir, is my deceased Father.”

“Second, I would expect each one of you to sign a 5-year contract with us. Since you will be privy to some proprietary information, I need to ensure the safety and security of our company. How does that sound so far?” I ask of them.

Kay accepts the offer for both of them. Kim nods in agreement.

“That’s great. How about each of you start on Monday. Dakota here will get your contact information and text you the things you need and where you will go on Monday. Fair enough?”

“Mr. Greene, thank you. This is such a relief to know that we will be valued for our efforts.” Kay said.

In the last couple of minutes that we were there, Dakota got each one’s contact information and gave them her, mine and Jill’s contact info.

At the end of the meeting, Mark asked me to hold back a moment.

“David, thank you for hiring them. I’m hoping you hired them on their own accord and not as a favor to me. They will be hard workers for you, that I can promise. Oh, and one more thing, I know them well enough that they would be a hit at one of your weekend parties, if you know what I mean.” Mark said with a wink.

“Mark, I hired them because they spoke their mind. One of the things that I value the most in my confidants. Now that they have the opportunity, now they just need to produce. I’ll give them 6 months to learn the ropes by then I expect to see some results of my investing in them. By the way, I want to establish a closing on that mansion the Russian brothers are trying to unload. However, I am not willing to see their attorney. They both must appear for me to see them sign the papers. I will be bringing my legal people. Let’s set this closing up for 1pm this Friday. We can do the closing right here.” I directed.

“How big of a conference room will we need?” He asks.

“Large enough for about 10 people. The two brothers, their lawyer, my group plus me and Dakota and your notary and you. Remember, this Friday 1pm. They must attend otherwise the deal is off. Also, where is Darleen?” I ask.

“She’s at her desk. Should I assume you want to see her?” Mark asks rhetorically.

“Yes, of course.”

He walks me over toward her. Before I get with in 20 feet of her desk she is out from behind her desk and leaps into my arms. She is kissing me all over as Dakota stands and watches with a smile.

Darleen whispers into my ear, “Honey, I want you so badly. When do I get to have you?”

“Well tonight if you want to come by my house. Although, I’m married now, if that matters to you.” I say back to her.

“Married? Does that mean you won’t play with me?” She asks sounding defeated.

“No, it means my wife might join us, maybe even my assistant, Dakota you see behind me. We’re a very playful bunch, much, much more playful that I ever was before.” I say to her.

“Give me your address and I will be there probably begging your wife to share you.” Darleen says in my ear.

I put her down and write my address on a single post-it note for her along with Dakota’s cell number and my own cell number.

Mark and I shake hands. He asks me, “Can you please go easy on her? I kind of need her to come to work tomorrow and not all knock-kneed. Have you noticed, Darleen could be your assistant Dakota’s sister? They look so similar its almost eerie.” I agree and leave with Dakota.

She has already texted Fred that we’re coming back down in a couple of minutes.

In the elevator, I ask Dakota “Would you like to know a secret?”

“Yes, I would love to know a secret.” Dakota says with a smile.

“Before I met you, Jill, and Tina, Darleen and I were fucking like bunnies all the time, virtually everywhere we went. She has a sexual power that rivals yours. And, unless her last boyfriend screwed her up, she loves women as well as men. Mark pointed out that she looks very similar to you, which I must agree. She could be your slightly older sister.” I say to her.

“That would be yummy, a sister whom I could play with that really isn’t my sister at all. We could tag-team you and make you cum so many times you would beg us to stop.” She says giggling.

As we get on the elevator, she says, “Kiss me Daddy. Please.”

I put my arms around her and pull her in close. Our lips meet for a long tight passionate kiss. The elevator stops three or four times and people get on and others get off, but we don’t break our kiss.

Once we reach the ground floor, we break from the kiss and head out the door to Fred waiting for us.


The ride home was uneventful, although Dakota kept rubbing my thigh making me hard for the entire ride. Fred said that the issue on the 101 had been resolved and that would be the way we were going to travel.

Jennifer called me.

“Hey lover. I have some news for you about the Kraft building. It is 95,000 square feet of office space. There is zoning permitted for a deli on floors 1-5 and zoning for an actual restaurant only on the first floor. Current occupancy is at 41% which is great, it gives us the room to move all the LA district offices into that building and still make money. They have a parking garage across the street that is connected on the fourth floor of the building and an underground connector as well. They are currently getting just under $7.00 per square foot of office space, but if you sign a long-term lease of 5 years or more, they will drop the price to $6.50 per square foot. The parking garage across the street holds 575 vehicles, while the underground parking garage holds only 300. They do have a dual loading dock to allow more than one client to move in without disturbing the daily functions of the building. Now, here’s the fun part. They have had the building on the market for $121 million, but the people that I know in the business say that they will most likely take $40 million. They are barely operating in the black mostly due to badly written vendor contracts that are due up in January of next year. Personally, I think this may be a steal. That is my professional opinion. Oh, and Diane is a god-send. She tracked down so much information for me allowing me to focus on other important details. If you get a chance, please drop her a line and tell her how proud you are of her.” Jennifer says to me.

“Do we need to locate financing, or should we just buy it outright?” I ask.

“If you have the money available, I would just buy it. If not, financing of this would be easily available.”

“Sounds good. Call Jill. Give her the same information. Tell her that I think we should buy the building if we have the money liquid, if not then let’s take a short-term loan and finance no more than half the price. Also, I would like for you and Diane to join us on the east coast trip next week. We’ll be heading to Tampa, Atlanta, Boston, and New York and the Hamptons. The trip will be about 5 days long. I do not want John trying to join us, so please do not make him aware that Diane will be joining us. He needs to focus on the Pasadena call center. I hear he is doing very well, and I want him to continue doing well.” I tell Jennifer.

As I hang up the phone, I realize that I’ve been talking almost the entire drive home. Fred pulls into the driveway, gets out and holds the door open for Dakota and me. I hand him four folded $100 bills, thanking him for his hard work.

Fred leaves as Dakota and I walk inside. She is holding my hand as we enter the house.

“Hello you two. How did the meeting go with Mark Newberg’s nieces? Did you hire them?” Jill asked.

“Yes. I hired one for me and one for you. Kay is the accounting genius. She’ll be working for you. She has a nose for finding out shady shit and uncovering money. I think she’ll quickly find all the monies that Sasha and her Russian friends have hidden in the companies. Kim, her sister, will work as a liaison between Donna and Jennifer. I also invited Diane and Jennifer to join us on our east coast trip next week.” I say to Jill.

“That sounds wonderful Darling. By the way, whom is Darleen? She called asking to play with us tonight.”

Dakota piped in, “She’s an old girlfriend that David used to fuck until she couldn’t walk straight. Mark and Daddy both think she looks like an older sister to me. Mark made Daddy promise that he wouldn’t wreck her for work tomorrow.”

“Oh wow. Now that sounds like fun. When will she be here?”

I say, “She gets off work at 5 so maybe 6-630ish depending on traffic.”

“Well, let me take a shower, if we’re going to play, I want to be fresh.” Jill says.

Dakota agrees and heads to the other bathroom.

I look around and ask, “Where’s Tina?”

“She’s meeting Roger tonight. They are going to have dinner and then look at some condos that Mark Newberg sent him addresses to drive by. He’ll set up actual viewings if he is interested in any of them.” Jill answers.

I hear the water in both bathrooms start. My head wants me to sneak in to see my gorgeous wife in the shower, but I know that if I’m going to play with Darleen AND Dakota, I need to save my energy. I decide to go have another glass of pineapple juice.

After a few minutes, I hear one of the showers turn off. I head to the bedroom to pull out a pair of dress shorts and one of my Cuban style shirts. No underwear needed as I don’t think we’ll be clothed very long.

Dakota comes out of the second bathroom. I walk past her to go in and get cleaned up. She stops me and says, “Daddy, with my new ‘sister’ we’re going to rock your body tonight. Hope you’re ready.” She kisses me, squeezing my cock for fun before I head into the bathroom.

I still can’t believe that becoming a chauffeur would change my life so dramatically for the better.

Please leave a comment (good or bad) so I can craft my stories to be more palatable for everyone.

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