Ağu 30

The Camp Out Ch. 04

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My legs quiver slightly as I fight to keep still, my breath coming in short gasps. I bend forward, placing my hands on the table nearby, bracing myself. I can barely contain myself as your lips travel over to the other side of my ass, your tongue and teeth finding just the right spots to tease.

You lightly lick down the back of my thigh, gently nibbling behind my knee, almost making me collapse. Whimpering, I fight to keep my legs from buckling as your lips and teeth find the back of my other knee, slowly traveling up the back of my other thigh. I can feel your breath against my sensitive skin, and am amazed at how something so simple could be so very erotic.

Before I have time to recover my senses, I hear you growl before flicking your tongue over my clit. A bolt of electricity shoots through me, causing my hips to buck. Your hands tighten around my hips, pulling me against your face, your tongue buried deep in my hot, wet pussy.

I arch my back, pushing myself backwards, my head thrown back. Quickly, I lose all sense of time and place, losing myself in the pleasure of your touch and intimate kiss. Your tongue, seemingly of its own accord, knows exactly the right spots to tease, bringing me closer to the edge then pulling me back over and over again.

After what feels like forever of you teasing me, my legs quiver so much they buckle. You quickly catch me, gently laying me down on the floor, your eyes locked with mine. I hold out my arms to you as you cover my body with yours, your Çeşme Escort hips nestling between my thighs. I whimper as your hot, hard shaft presses against my stomach.

You lower your head, lips softly caressing mine. My hands cradle your head, fingers bury themselves in your hair. My hips start rocking against you, creating a sweet, torturing friction on my clit. I whimper against your lips, whispering how much I wanted to feel you deep within me. My legs wrap around your waist.

I feel you briefly raise your hips, the head of your cock pressing against my pussy. I gasp as you slowly start to slide into me, my body welcoming your invasion. You raise up on your arms, looking down at me. Panting, I reach up to gently caress your cheeks, my fingertips tracing your lips.

My back arches, my legs pulling you deeper into me as your cock stretches me, your heartbeat and mine synchronized at the very depth of me. Slowly, you withdraw your cock, your eyes locked onto mine. I tighten my legs, pulling you back in. You smile, shaking your head at me. Pouting, I loosen my legs again, letting you take the lead.

You pace yourself, moving ever so slowly, the rhythm quickly driving me out of my mind. Driving me even more insane, your eyes caress my body, traveling slowly up from where our hips are joined to finally gaze deeply into mine.

My fingers dance across your stomach and chest, tickling and teasing every wonderful inch. My arms wrap around you, my fingers Çiğli Escort memorizing the contours of your back, my nails gently grazing along your spine. Almost imperceptibly your pace quickens.

I lightly drag my nails up your arms and across your shoulders, closely watching your face. I love how your face changes expression so quickly. My fingers tease the back of your neck, nails grazing your hairline.

My legs tighten around your waist, forcing your cock to go deeper than it had. Pure pleasure slams into me as you touch the deepest parts of me. My back arches, raising my hips against yours. I tighten my pussy around your cock, whispering to you, “Faster, baby.” I lock my fingers behind your neck, pulling you down to kiss me.

Your kiss nearly steals my breath away as your body slams into mine. Sinking my teeth into your lower lip, my whimpers barely reach your ears. My hips rise up to meet yours, your pace quickening, bringing me closer to orgasm. My arms tighten around you, hands grabbing your ass, pulling you deeper into me.

Moaning softly, my breath coming in short gasps, every inch of my body tingling with pleasure. Before I can catch my breath, my body tightens around you, pussy clenching your cock hard, as my orgasm tears through me. My screams echo through the cabin as I cling desperately to you, cumming for what seems and eternity.

One, two, three more strokes and I hear my name on your lips as I feel your cock swell, stroking Foça Escort my still pulsing pussy. I barely come down from my first orgasm when you cum, filling me, my highly sensitized body succumbing a second time to mind-blowing ecstasy.

You collapse on top of me, my arms and legs refusing to let you go. We lay there a few minutes, trying to catch our breaths, heartbeats slowing. My fingers lightly caress your back as I smile to myself, eyes closed. I feel your lips against my neck as you place soft kisses under my ear.

I feel you shift most of your weight off me, and I whimper in protest, looking up at you. Chuckling, you put a finger to my lips, saying, “Ssshhhh. I don’t want to crush you.” Quickly, you roll over to your side, pulling me with you, my head resting on your arm.

My fingers trace little circles on your hip, my lips caressing your shoulder as I whisper to you. “You know, we really should get some sleep. I wanted to go hiking tomorrow, you know?” You growl at me in response.

Your hand presses against my tummy, pushing me to my back. My giggles turn to gasps of pleasure as you lean down, taking one of my nipples gently between your teeth, pulling on it. Rolling off me, you stand up and hold your hand out to me, saying, “You’re right. We’ll need plenty of sleep for that hike tomorrow. Or, at least, YOU’LL need it.”

Grumbling, I stand up, ignoring your hand, glaring at you. You pick up the blanket, wrapping it around me, then pick me up, kissing me soundly as I start to squeal. Using the last light of the dying fire, you walk to the bedroom, standing me next to the bed. Pulling the blankets back, you gently lay me down, then snuggle up behind me, your fingers caressing my hip. I purr, wiggling farther back, my bottom pressing firmly against your hips.

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