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The Cabin Ch. 08

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“…really think they are?” I hear Chelsea’s voice over the loud jets echoing off the walls. I open my eyes; I don’t think I fell asleep at all. If I did, it wasn’t for long; Mom and Chelsea are still in their opposite corners just talking.

“After what David told me has been going on with you three, the eagerness I saw in her eyes and the desperate sound in her voice…” Mom trails off for a moment. “Yeah, I think she seduced him.”

“What are you going to do if they really do cross that line?” Chelsea asks.

I’ve been keeping my head on a swivel, watching from one to the other like following a tennis match. When neither says anything for a moment, I realize that Mom is watching me. After a few, excruciatingly long seconds she finally answers my cousin.

“Honestly, I think she can teach him a thing or two,” Mom finally says and both mine and Chelsea’s eyes grow wide with surprise; Chelsea’s jaw even drops.

“Really?” she asks.

“Sweetheart,” Mom calls her, “I know all that girl has done; she tells me everything. From the experimenting with girls, to the threesome she had after Prom, to the sexual contracts she’s had with doms, and even the one time where SHE was the dom,” Mom lists off. “That girl has more sexual experience than Xander would know what to do with,” she finishes bitterly and then she chokes back her emotions.

“What is it YOU need, Aunt Cassie?” Chelsea asks.

Mom looks up from the bubbling water and stares straight into her eyes, and then they soften as if she’s changed her mind about how much to share. “I don’t know,” she lies to us.

I know she’s lying because it’s the tone she uses when she’s frustrated about something but can’t communicate why. Then my mind goes back to how she took control of me and Chelsea in the living room, instructing us to fuck each other in front of her; then with the details about Angel’s experiences she’d shared with us come rushing back. She was telling us exactly what she needs but didn’t want to outright say it because of the taboo of it all. But, we’ve already come this far, we might as well take it all the way. I’m sure Angel has by now.

I stand up in the tub, my cock standing tall and proud, poking its head out of the churning water like a blue whale about to breach. Chelsea and Mom stare at me curiously, especially when I walk straight up to my mother, lean over her and take hold of her long, half-wet hair forcefully. She looks confused at first but then lust takes over as I pull back on her hair roughly, the only thing keeping her head from hitting the hard ledge of the hot tub is my fist.

Chelsea doesn’t say a word but I can feel her eyes staring, watching what I’m going to do next.

“You know exactly what you want,” I tell my mother in a dark, almost sinister voice. “Stop pretending like you don’t want this big cock in your throat and show me what you’ve wanted to do with it since you first sucked it.”

Holding back a pleased, excited grin, Mom slowly opens her mouth and I inch my cock closer. Her lips suction onto my rod and she plays with the tip like she did earlier and then without warning, I shove it to the back of her throat. She chokes on it once and I pull back so she can suck in some air before clamping her mouth back down on me once again, her face bouncing in and out of the water. I pull out of her mouth for a moment to step onto the ledge she’s sitting on to stand over her. She tilts her head back and accepts me back into her mouth, hungrily devouring my steely cock. Fuck, she’s good at this; I almost wonder if she’d taught Angel how because she’s all I can think about as my mother sucks me off. That is until I look down into her eyes and I begin thrusting into her mouth, the tip of my cock bouncing off of the back of her throat each time; she doesn’t so much as gag anymore. This is so much better than my dream yesterday.

She pulls off of my cock to catch her breath, jerking me off as she does, her hungry, horny eyes glaring up at me as if I’d offended her exactly how she wanted me to. Then I look past her face at her tits; I really want to fuck them and she knows it. But me taking control is what turned her on, so I have to be the one to make it happen. I sink down into the water, resting on my knees and then lock my mouth onto my mother’s mouth for a single, deep kiss.

“I’m going to fuck your tits now,” I tell her. “Now, wrap them around my cock,” I command.

“Yes, sir,” she says obediently and then I rise up, still on my knees and slide between her large, soft, magnificent breasts. I don’t understand why Dad can’t go multiple rounds with her; her tits alone would be worth it.

I thrust up into her tits, poking out the top of them; I love the sight of seeing my cock between two tits like this and now I have three incredible women I can do this with…What fucking world am I living in?

“Fuck my tits,” she begs in a sultry voice. “I love how your cock feels between them,” she continues as I begin to slam into her chest. “Please cum on my tits,” Konak Escort she begs. “I want to see you explode all over me.”

That might happen very soon if she keeps that up. Maybe I understand Dad’s issue more than I thought. But, I keep control of myself and keep my orgasm at bay; I’m a young stud, right? I can please a woman no matter how hot she is. I pull out of my mother’s tits and she pouts at me so I grab her hair, step down off the ledge and pull her to her feet. She winces in pain but I can tell by her breathing that she’s enjoying it all. I turn her so I can see Chelsea while I take care of my mother and I’m almost surprised to see her already sitting on the edge of the hot tub, rubbing her clit as she watches what we do.

“Put your mouth on my cock again,” I command my mother and she obeys; I think I’m enjoying dominating her as much as she is.

She devours my cock, lubing me up with her slick saliva before hefting her tits up out of the water with another pout on her face, so I nod, bend my knees slightly as she rises up and then I slide back between them again. This time, though, she doesn’t look up at me, she cranes her neck down and my cock runs into her tongue that licks me every time I pop up out of the top of her tits. I decide that this is exactly how I want to cum with her the first time; we have all night to change positions. I already went almost all night with Chelsea and Angel; what’s another night with Mom now?

This time I allow my orgasm to build, wanting it to happen, desperate to cum on her tits. I buck my hips into her so hard the slap of my balls against her ribcage can almost be heard over the jets of the tub. It’s not long before I finally feel my cock begin to pulse, warning me of my impending explosion. I double my efforts, fucking faster and then Mom looks up at me with her bright blue eyes and my first blast of hot, white, sticky cum strikes her right in the chin, some of it splashing out into the tub. She smiles at me briefly and then drops her head down with her mouth wide open to accept more blasts of my jizz. Then she begins to suck on me like you would if you were trying to get that first sip of a thick, milkshake. When I finally stop cumming, Chelsea drops down into the water and takes Mom’s face into her hands, licking the glob still stuck to her chin before planting her mouth onto Mom’s. Their cheeks suck in for a moment and then they separate, passing my cum and their saliva between each other; I almost cum again just from watching.

“Is that all you’ve got for me, sir?” Mom asks after they finally swallow their share of the creamy, white mixture.

I shake my head. “I’m not done with you yet,” I tell her. “Get out, dry off and go lie down on the bed. Chelsea, find something to tie her down with,” I demand and after the briefest of pauses from my cousin, she quickly gets out of the tub and throws a towel around her body just so she doesn’t soak the floor as she searches the house.

Once she’s gone I nod towards the bedroom door and Mom nods her head once before exiting the tub. She flashes me a smile and winks at me, and then proceeds to pat herself dry with her own towel. I watch every movement she makes, longing to bend her over and fuck her in every position I can think of.

All in good time, I remind myself and then I also leave the bathroom after quickly drying myself and retrieve some bottles of water for the three of us from the fridge. When I close the door and turn to head back to the master bedroom, Chelsea is standing there stark naked. She found two sets of pink, fuzzy handcuffs somewhere and apparently lost her towel in the process.

“Where did you find those?” I ask taking one of the sets from her hand.

“Your slutty little sister’s bag,” she laughs. “Plus,” she then reveals what she’d been hiding behind her back, “a couple silk scarves. We could tie these around her ankles,” she says.

I grin sideways at her. “I like the way you think, cousin,” I say and she blushes.

“I don’t know why, but when you called me that and reminded me that we’re related, it turned me on,” she says stepping closer to me.

“Is it bad that we’re actually turned on by how forbidden this is?” I ask her.

“Probably,” she whispers and then kisses me, pressing her perfect body against mine. Then just as my cock begins to stir, she pulls away, turns and then winks at me over her shoulder before heading back to Mom and Dad’s room. I stare at her ass until she disappears into the living room and then take a deep breath.

“Fuck,” I say to myself as I exhale a deep breath and then follow.

Chelsea is already cuffing Mom to the bed posts when I walk in so I set the waters down on the nightstand closest to where my cousin is and kiss her once more in front of my mother and then taking one of the silk scarves, we each tie Mom’s ankles to the posts at the foot of the bed.

“I found other things, too,” Chelsea says and then practically skips out of the room to retrieve Angel’s Buca Escort bag apparently full of sex toys. I’m not normally into toys, but the idea of doing things to Mom while her movements are extremely restricted gets me more excited than I’d expected.

“Can I taste him again?” Mom asks, so I walk to the right side of the bed, my half-hard cock ready for her. She tries to roll closer but can’t due to her restraint on her right wrist.

I stroke my cock standing a few inches from her face, grinning down at her sadistically as she struggles to reach him with her mouth.

“Please, sir,” she begs and I grow harder than I ever have. I love the way she calls me “sir.”

“You’ll get what you get when I decide you can have it,” I tell her and she hides her smile as best as she can. She’s trying to stay in character but I can see pride in her eyes as if she’d been teaching me to be this way for so long and I finally understand the lessons.

“Yes, sir,” she replies in a sultry voice.

“That’s better,” I praise her. “Who knew you were such a dirty whore?” I say to her, climbing onto the bed, scooting closer to her on my knees. “My mother, the slut,” I add and she literally shivers. “Such a beautiful, whore, though,” I say caressing her face gently before I slap her cheek. Fire erupts in her eyes as she glares and smiles at me at the same time. “Is my dirty whore wet?” I ponder out loud, speaking about her in the third person.

She nods and so I reach to feel her pussy. She’s wetter than I expected her to be; the degrading speech is having a real effect on her. So I continue.

“Such a dirty slut, using your son and your niece to get you off,” I say and then think about Dad and how he can never satisfy her, yet I have her literally dripping with anticipation.

I straddle her chest, resting my cock between her tits; I see the hunger in her eyes as she waits for my command, eyeing my cock as if it provides sustenance for her survival. I take hold of her tits, wrapping my cock in them and begin to slowly fuck them again; I think this may be my favorite thing to do. But then I stop and decide to reward her good behavior a little more, so I slide down the bed until my face is between her smooth, shapely thighs. Mom has a thin landing strip of hair just above her pussy; another similarity she and Angel share aside from their blonde bombshell looks.

Her scent is thick and musky and makes me want to taste her. She’s not as tight as Chelsea or Angel anymore, but being forty-seven, who would expect that? She does have a pretty, flowery pussy though, with bright, pink lips and a large clit. If Angel is teaching Dad anything about eating a woman out, he won’t have any problems finding this engorged nub. I lick up and down her pussy lips slowly; I barely hear Chelsea return with a toiletry bag full of Angel’s sex toys. I’m not ready for any of those yet, though; I work my tongue deeper into Mom’s snatch, becoming addicted to her strong, tangy flavor.

“Where do you want me, Daddy?” Chelsea whispers in my ear taking on a different type of submissive role.

I grin at her and then kiss her softly before giving her instructions. “Make Mom eat your pussy; I want to watch as I eat her out.”

“No toys?” she asks.

I shake my head. “Not yet, unless there’s a decent vibrator in there,” I change my mind.

Chelsea beams at me and then digs into the bag, removing an eight inch, bright pink dildo. She shows me the switch and then sets a small bottle of lube next to it.

“Thanks you, Baby Girl,” I say and then request another kiss before releasing her to smother Mom with her pussy.

She obeys and then climbs onto the bed, straddling Mom’s face to feed her her pussy. It’s not long before I hear Chelsea’s whines and moans as Mom expertly eats her out. I watch as Chelsea leans against the wall, holding herself up with both hands high up the wall above her head. Mom’s moans begin to join in as I shove my tongue back into her pussy, reaching as deep into her as I can. Then I move up to her clit and flick it with my tongue; her hips begin to buck and twist as much as they can with her ankles still tied off and I can hear the slight agitation in her voice as she wants to move her body. Grinning, I take her clit into my mouth and begin to suck on, nibble, and even tongue massage it. I build up the intensity more and more and then take things up a notch when I work my middle and ring fingers into her pussy.

Her voice raises two octaves, though still muffled by Chelsea’s pussy. Chelsea’s cries even rise in pitch and almost double in volume. It seems the more excited I make Mom, the more she attacks my cousin’s cunt. I switch hands and pull my mouth away from her clit as I prepare the vibrator next to me. The lube smells like berries and when I snap the top shut, a droplet lands on my tongue, proving to taste almost the way it smells. Good! I can interval between my tongue and the vibrator if I want and won’t have to worry about a nasty-tasting Alsancak Escort lube!

I press the tip of the vibrator, roughly the same thickness as my cock, against her pussy and slowly work it into her. I hear a gasp so I look up to see her looking at me from below Chelsea’s ass. Then I watch her eyes light up and then roll into the back of her head as I turn the vibration on. Chuckling to myself, I lower my mouth back down to her clit and double my efforts as I fuck her with the smooth, metallic pink vibrator. She’s stopped eating Chelsea out, so my cousin lies down and begins squeezing and sucking on Mom’s tits. Her inability to move and the complete vulnerability her total exposure gives has made every touch on her body that much more sensitive. The multiple points of contact and non-stop stimulation puts her into a case of hysterics and the only thing she can do is scream and whimper at every little thing we do. Then suddenly as I pull the vibrator out slightly, her pussy muscles contract and pushes the toy out of my hand, slippery with her juices. As soon as her pussy is clear, I’m sprayed in the face so I rub her clit more, causing her to squirt more and more until she begs for me to stop.

“Cactus! Cactus!” she screams out and I look up confused. “Safe word,” she gasps so I stop what I’m doing and let her recover, my face and chest covered in her clear fluids that blasted me during her orgasm.

I crawl up and lay on her other side but Chelsea attacks me, kissing and licking my face, neck and chest as if she’s craving for Mom’s juices.

“Should we let her out of her restraints?” I ask Chelsea and she nods.

I move to Mom’s feet and untie the silk scarves while Chelsea retrieves the key to the cuffs from Angel’s bag. She returns with a shit-eating grin but doesn’t explain why; she’s hiding something, though. There must be something in the bag she wants to play with. Once Mom is free, we cuddle up with her on the bed so she can recover from her explosive orgasm more comfortably. She switches places with me, though, putting me between the two of them.

“That was incredible,” Mom says and then kisses me on the cheek. “I haven’t cum that hard in years.”

“You’re welcome,” I tell her. “And there’s more where that came from; I love eating pussy.”

“Good,” she says with a sigh and then begins to trace circles on my chest with her finger; Chelsea mimics her.

“What did you see in the bag?” I ask my cousin.

She looks up at my inquisitively.

“I saw the look on your face when you came back with the key; you saw something in there you liked,” I say and she blushes.

“I’d rather show you, if that’s okay,” she says.

I shrug. “Of course,” I say and then she looks at Mom.

“You’ve got me curious now,” she laughs.

Chelsea’s face lights up with a huge smile and then she giggles as she scrambles off of the bed and takes the bag into the bathroom, shutting the door.

“She seems pretty excited,” Mom says dragging the back of her nails over my hardened cock and I chuckle. “Should I be worried?”

“That’s Angel’s bag, you tell me,” I reply and she laughs.

“Fair enough…oh shit,” Mom says and then grins at me.

“What?” I ask.

She winks at me and then slithers down the bed to start blowing me again. “May I?” she asks and I nod once to give her permission to suck my cock. She doesn’t suck on him for long, though, before she straddles my waist. “May I?” she asks again as she reaches behind her, gripping my throbbing cock; I nod again, so she leans forward, dangling her tits above me briefly as she lines my cock up with her pussy. I’m about to enter my mother for the first time and in one of my favorite positions: cowgirl.

I slide into her smoothly but she does it so excruciatingly slow that I want to thrust up into her while at the same time wanting it to last as long as possible; a first time entry with anyone is always a special moment. Soon, though, my entire cock is impaled in her hot, wet snatch. I catch sight of Chelsea watching from the doorway wearing a strap-on dildo, watching with a mixture of jealousy and desire. She winks at me, though, to show that she’s okay to just watch for a little bit and is waiting for her opportunity to join in.

Looking back up at Mom, she opens her eyes; she’d had them closed while enjoying the sensation of our first penile-to-vaginal connection. Her eyes are full of nothing but lust; before, there’d been a hint of conflict but now that’s all gone. She rises up slowly and then lowers herself back down again, repeating the motion until she builds into a steady rhythm. Her breasts bounce and leap like gazelles as my mind plays tricks on me, making her movements seem like she’s moving in slow-motion.

After a couple of minutes, Mom lies down on top of me, planting her mouth onto mine as we move our hips together, my hands roaming up and down her body, paying special attention to her beautiful, round ass. I squeeze both cheeks to hold her still while I give a quick, rapid pounding into her cunt. Her head falls beside mine as she gasps and moans from my slamming into her. I look over at my cousin and then quickly wave her over to join us. She grins happily and crosses the room as a ten-inch black dildo wobbles and bounces.

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