The Cab Ride (Flash Fiction)

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The lines at the cab stands were ridiculous after the show let out. Even Uber and Lyft were busy enough to cause long waits and high rates. I was so mad at Shelley! First she got so drunk and stoned she couldn’t drive us home, and then, to top it off, she left with that loser she’d been hanging all over. To be honest, she said I could take her car home, but I’d been expecting her to drive, so I was drinking pretty hard, too.

The only consolation was that the cute guy from the seat next to mine was in line just ahead of me, so at least I had someone to talk with. We’d danced together, as much as you can dance together in crowded stadium seating, and there seemed to be some chemistry, judging by the smiles and stolen glances we shared.

“Did you come alone?” he asked, now that we could actually hear one another.

“No,” I said, “I was ditched.” He looked puzzled, and I added with disgust, “You remember the girl who was standing beside me? Well, she drove us, but she got drunk and went home with some guy.”

“Oh, that explains it,” he said. It must have been my turn to look puzzled, because he continued, “You know, because there’s no way a guy would ditch a pretty girl like you.”

I teased him about that being a terrible pickup line, but I blushed, just the same. It turns out, he was on business from out of town, and went to the show adiosbet yeni giri┼č with friends who live here, but now he was just taking a cab back to his hotel.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it when he offered to share a cab with me, at least as far as his hotel. He promised to pick up the fare. When I hesitated, he held his hands up and said, “No funny business. I’ll have the cabbie drop me first. Honest, I’m not up to anything.”

Just then a cab pulled up and I had to decide, so I hopped in with him.

“Sorry, I don’t usually ride with strange men,” I explained.

“Well, I’m only a little strange,” he joked. “Besides, I couldn’t ask you back to my hotel even if I wanted. My cheap-ass company puts three of us in a room. Can you believe that?”

“What, that you were thinking about asking me back to your room??” I laughed, with a raised eyebrow. “No, I can’t believe it.”

The electricity was really crackling now, and I felt a pang of regret that his room was unavailable. I was surprised at myself, because I never, ever hook up with strange men. My friends tease me because I’m so uptight!

He sat close in the back of the cab, and that didn’t help with the tension.

The cabbie, a mountain of a man with a rich southern accent, apologized, saying the ride might be a long one tonight. Traffic was backed up and a adiosbet giri┼č bridge tunnel was closed because of an accident. He grumbled about losing fares, and called in to his dispatcher, but still offered a friendly smile as we inched along the congested street.

“Hmmm, too bad,” I flirted quietly. “We might be stuck here for a while.”

“”Yeah, too bad,” he agreed, and leaned in to kiss me.

Soon the kisses became hungry and passionate. His hand went to my breast and fumbled beneath my bra, finding my nipple hard and sensitive.

I shooshed him away, silently mouthing “No!! We’re in a cab!”

The cabbie must have noticed something, because he glanced up in the mirror and laughed. “You kids have fun. Ol Joseph here, he don’t care a bit, and you might well pass the time pleasurable, you know?” He grinned a huge, gleaming grin, and added, “I won’t even watch much, ya hear?” And good to his word, he turned the mirror aside and kept his eye on the snarled traffic.

It made me really nervous, knowing he had noticed in the first place, but it was also exciting. Soon we were kissing again. He teased my nipples and kissed my neck, and I could hardly breathe. I gasped when his hand dropped beneath my skirt and he began to touch me through soaked panties.

“I thought you said no funny business!” I managed to whisper.

“Hmmm, adiosbet g├╝venilirmi my bad, I guess,” he grinned back.

My hand wandered up his firm thigh, and I wasn’t surprised to feel a big erection under his slacks. I looked into his eyes, and was building my nerve to do something absolutely wild and off-the-charts crazy, for me. I bit my lip nervously as I started to fumble with his zipper.

And much to my surprise, he shook his head no. I was disappointed and confused, but not for long.

“You,” he said softly, and slid my panties down.

I swallowed hard, and glanced up to make sure the driver wasn’t watching.

And then, there he was. Magic lips and tongue, sucking my breasts and leaning over between my legs. I felt like I might die from pleasure and excitement and embarrassment! I felt his mouth all over me, kissing the inside of my thighs, tongue probing and exploring me, my nipples teased and sucked.

I came soooooo fast!

And he just kept tasting me as I squirmed and wriggled in the seat, willing myself to keep silent.

When the cabbie announced, “We here!” I just about screamed.

Quickly sitting up and arranging himself, my cabmate handed over a big handful of bills, and said “Get her home safe, Joseph.” Then he kissed me, his face wet and smelling of me, and he hopped out of the cab.

Joseph thumbed the bills and said, “Your boyfriend a handsome tipper, Miss. Yes indeed he is! I never did catch his name?”

“Me either,” I said softly.

Ol’ Joseph just laughed his booming laugh and said “My, oh my!!!” as he pulled back out into the city traffic.

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