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The Business – Chapter Four

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March, 25th 2002

The slaves slept in every Sunday. It was their only official day off and they took full advantage of it. That is, besides Lotus. Being top slave gave him more responsibility, thus he woke no later than ten, in order to get everything ready for when the others awoke. Lotus went into the living area, where the usual appointment books were laid out on the coffee table, one for each slave. Besides the stack of books was a pile of pipers, all of which needed to be handed out to the individual slaves. It was for their schedule the following week. It included client’s first names, dates and times, locations, and what the clients were into: anal, BDSM, foot fetish, or anything else you could think of. But today there were two additions to the pile on the coffee table. With the stack of appointment books was a new one, this one labeled Winter in silver calligraphy. And on top of the pile of notes was a personal letter from Petrovsky. Lotus picked it up, gently running a finger underneath the fold and ripping the envelope open. He unfolded the short letter and read to himself:

Have the slaves up, washed, and fed by eleven. They need to be in the meeting room by eleven fifteen. Any tardies and you will be held accountable, Lotus.
-Master Petrovsky

Lotus quickly rushed upstairs, waking each slave one by one. Basil and Rusty took it the hardest, seeing as they were up half the night playing billiards. However, by eleven the eight slaves were in the meeting room, their appointment books sitting on the individual desks in front of them. Winter looked around, wondering if this was a normal occurrence or something special because he had joined the house. Little did he know that the rest were as perplexed as he.


“One last chance..” Jack said with a smile, rolling in the cart of toys and torture devices. “Will you submit, Viper?” Viper looked at him, a look of pain across her face. Her wrists were about her head and she was hanging from the ceiling as Winter had the previous week. As much as she hurt, and bled, and cried, Viper would never submit. She shook her head, sobbing.

“Aw.” Jack said, trying to look hurt. “That’s too bad.” He looked through his assortment on the cart and picked out three metal clamps. He strolled over to her, flicking her nipples and causing them to become erect. Viper looked away, ashamed of her body. Jack attached one to the left nipple, the one which had been hit by the ball bearing a day earlier. Viper threw her head back, screaming. “This is nothing.” Jack hissed in her ear as he tightened it to the maximum. He grabbed her other nipple between two fingers, pinching, tugging, and twisting it roughly. After a few minutes of toying with her breasts he attached the second clamp, causing her to scream once more.

“Tell me you want me.” Jack ordered. Viper cried more, infuriating him. He slapped her, hard. Her bottom lip bled but she did not give in. “Tell me you want me.” No answer. He slapped her again. “Fine, bitch. You get what you deserve.” He kneeled down, spreading her pussy lips and tugging on her clit, rubbing it in a circle motion. Jack felt her shake, and barely made out her groans pleasure. “See, you like this. You want me, don’t you bitch? Tell me you want me.” Jack looked up, giving Viper the opportunity to swing her leg, kneeing him in the jaw. He fell backwards, on his ass. She looked down at him, her eyes burning.

“Just kill me already.” She whispered, spitting on his vest.

“Bad move, bitch.” He put the clamp on her, tightening it as much as he could. Jack stomped back to the cart, pulling out a large paddle. He began to hit her all over, but mostly of her vulnerable pussy. She screamed bloody murder but did not beg for him to stop, and definitely did not submit.

Soon enough Jack felt Viper could take no more. She had passed out twice already and her body was covered in blood, welts, and bruises. He tapped her swollen cheek, trying to wake her. “C’mon, Viper. We aren’t done playing.” Her eyes fluttered, and she looked at him with red-rimmed eyes. “Submit, and it will all be over.”

Viper began to cry again, shaking her head. “No.”

Jack was stunned. He expected her to obey by this time. They had been at this since the day before, and still, Viper refused to back down. His shock was quickly replaced by rage. She was making him look like an idiot, incapable of training one little girl. The damn bitch was tearing apart his pride, and he couldn’t allow that. He grabbed her bruised legs, spreading them to the point of dislocation. Viper gasped, trying to struggle against his hold but to no avail. He rested her ankles on his shoulders, and thrusted deep within her pussy, moving as close as Seyitnizam Escort possible and forcing her knees to touch her shoulders. He pumped his dick into her tight pussy, tearing into her and causing her to grunt with each thrust. With one hand he reached down, pulling on the clamp and twisting it wildly. “Tell me you want me!” He shouted in her face before burying his face in her neck, biting trails all over her shoulders and chest.

“I-I.. I..” Viper tried, but the pain and pressure of his cock going in and out of her prevented speech.

“Tell me, Viper, and it will all be over.” Jack smiled wildly, sensing success.

“I.. I want..” She bit her lip, crying and groaning.

“Tell me what you want, Viper, and it will all be over.” He laughed, beginning to cum in her, so much that it startled to trickled back down his shaft and exploding onto her inner thighs.

“I.. I want you out of me!” She cried out, struggling wildly to escape him, to pull him out. Jack forced himself in several more times, going as far as he physically could before pulling out. He did not go far, however. Jack lifted her up slightly, spread her cheeks, and rammed his cock into her ass. She was incredibly tight, and he could feel her insides milking his cock. Then her body went limp. Jack looked at her face, realizing she had passed out from either the pain or exhaustion. Perhaps both.


“What’s going on?” Winter asked softly, leaning over to Fauna.

“Hell if I know,” she shrugged, turning away from him.

“Where’s Petrovsky?” He asked.

“You will refer to him as Master, Winter. Now be quiet!” She hissed, ignoring his muttered curses.

Only moments later Petrovsky entered, taking a spot at the front. “Hello, slaves.”

“Hello, Master.” The slaves all said in unison, with only Winter slightly off.

“Such a warm welcome, thank you.” He smiled, clasping his hands together with a loud smacking noise before continuing. “Let’s begin. I want to inform you all that on the seventh, this coming Wednsday, a new master will join the house.” The slaves fell silent, glancing around at one another. “He will be running a web site out of the house, one which features all of you. Although he will not technically be involved with the business I run, he has the right to order and use any of you as he pleases. Is this understood?” He asked, staring down each slave, one by one.


“Here’s your book, Winter.” Rusty said, passing Winter’s appointment book over to him.

“Book?” He questioned. “What book?”

“Your appointment book, it keep tracks of all scheduled meetings with clients.” Basil replied, glancing through his. Dazzle peeked over, looking glum. Basil looked back at him, noticing the look. “What? It isn’t like I ask for him.” He hissed quietly.

“What are you talking about?” Winter asked, gesturing to the book. Basil looked away, appearing embarrassed. After a second’s thought he relinquished the book, handing it to Winter. The new slave skimmed through, surprised with what he saw. Four of the days had Basil listed as meeting with Master Petrovsky. “I don’t get it.” He said, glancing at his own schedule. “He.. um, Master isn’t listed anywhere on my schedule.”

“Nor on anyone elses..” Dazzle finished, looking at his own book. “Master calls on only Basil.”

“Why?” Winter asked before quickly turning to Basil. “No offense, of course.”

“Well, let’s just say Master has taken a liking to Basil.” Dazzle mumbled with a shrug, refusing to explain further. Not that it was necessary, Winter took the hint. He looked at Basil, offering the boy a sad smile of apology.

“Hey,” Winter said with excitement, returning to his appointment book. “I only have three clients.” He couldn’t hide his happiness, it was practically written across his face.

“Don’t be so enthused.” Fauna warned. “That won’t stop Jack from calling on you, especially with so much free time. Besides, if your client list stays like that then they won’t have much use for you.”

“Hey, Lotus.” Pink said, turning to him. “Who is this? All I have is a name and time.”

Lotus took her book, glancing at the page she had stopped at. “Howard Locke. Never heard of him, have any of you?” He asked, glancing at the others. Everyone shook their head in the negative. “Dunno, Pink. Have fun.” He grinned at her before skimming through his own book, tucking it under his arm, and exiting the room. Breeze wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed, but she realized Fauna left only seconds later, presumably following Lotus.

Breeze looked up from her book, at Winter. He was across the living area, sitting in a green lounge chair. Seyitnizam Escort Bayan She glance around, nervous, before crossing the room and sitting adjacent to Winter. “Hi.” She said meekly, unsure how to proceed.

He looked over at her, moving his hand from the arm rest to offer a two-fingered wave. “What’s up?” He asked slowly.

“Uh, well.. nothing, I suppose. I just, well.. Winter, I..” She paused, twisting her tongue and stuttering her words.

Winter shushed her, leaning forward. “I forgive you.” He said softly. “I didn’t understand what was going on then. I was scared, still am, but I get it.” Breeze nodded, obviously relieved. Winter gripped her shoulder softly before leaving the room, Breeze looking after him.

March 26th, 2002

“Master Jack?” Pink questioned, asking for permission to speak.

“Yes, Pink.” He responded, glancing up from his magazine as he lounged on the sofa, his feet kicked up while he stretched out, content.

“It is about this, um, Mr. Howard Locke. I am to meet him in an hour, but I have no information on what he desires of me.” Pink asked, fiddling with her blonde hair.

“That is because he didn’t write it down, of course.” Master Jack said sarcastically, returning to his magazine.

“Master Jack?” Pink said again, more nervous.

“Yes, Pink?” Jack sighed.

“Who is he?”

“Someone better than you, just as I am. Now be silent and go.” He demanded, staring her down. Pink nodded before muttering an apology and leaving the room.


“How old are you, Rusty?” Winter asked as the two sipped their cokes. They were in Rusty’s room, playing an old Nintendo game. Winter didn’t know what it was called, but it helped time go by.


“You look younger.”

“That’s part of the reason I am called on so much.” Rusty stated as he switched the video game out and put in an old racing game. “How ‘bout you?”

“Same.” Winter replied, passing Rusty’s vehicle on the game. Rusty grunted in response, there was nothing rude about it; he was just too busy with the video game to come up with much of a response. “What about the others?”

“Uhm, Lotus is twenty-four. Fauna, I am not sure. She’s older than me. Close to Lotus’ age, I think. Breeze is twenty-one or twenty-two. Dazzle is nineteen, Pink is seventeen, and Basil will be turning sixteen later this week.” Rusty took the opportunity to overpass Winter.

“How long has everyone been here?” Winter mumbled, gritting his teeth as he tried to slip by Rusty’s character.

“Lotus has been here the longest, about five years. Fauna came here shortly after, followed by Breeze, Dazzle, Pink, Basil, and then me eight months ago. We’re what Masters call ‘Stables’.”


“We won’t be leaving, as in traded or sold. We make money for the house, and have clients.”

“Prostitutes.” Winter said to himself, Rusty appeared to take no offense in this statement, just shrugged.

“I guess so, even though Escorts sounds nicer.” The two chuckled to themselves.


“Ah, Basil. Come in here.” Petrovsky said as the slave stood in his master’s doorway. He patted the bed, scooting over to allow Basil a seat. “Right on time.” Petrovsky smiled at the slave. “Tell me, how is Winter doing?”

“All right, I suppose.” Basil said as he took the seat beside Petrovsky, their thighs hitting one another. “He’s still adjusting.”

“Naturally.” Master Petrovsky noted before unbuckling his belt and removing it. He unzipped his pants, eying Basil and smirking. Basil took his cue and slipped his clothes off. Petrovsky leaned back on the large bed as Basil rubbed his hand on the inside of his master’s jeans, just outside the boxers. Petrovsky groaned, throwing his head back in ecstasy. Basil reached into the boxers, stroking the other man’s large, hardening cock.

“On your back, my love.” Petrovsky whispered in Basil’s ear. The boy kissed him deeply before backing away and removing the covers from the bed. He lay down on his back. Petrovsky lowered onto the boy, reverse of the direction Basil laid. The slave opened his mouth, allowing Petrovsky’s balls to enter. He sucks, nipping at them and occasionally tugging. He arched his back, moaning as the other man engulfed his cock, sucking it down his throat and licking away the pre-cum that had begun to bead on the head of his member.

Basil licked up and down the shaft, quickly swirling his tongue around the head and slowly, terribly slowly, bobbing his head up and down. He could hear Petrovsky grunt with pleasure as he pleased the older man.

Basil not only got called on by his master many times a week, Escort Seyitnizam but also only saw his kind, generous side. Yes, his master was controlling and could be abusive, but he could also show the younger boy massive affection during their private encounters. And it is for that reason that Basil touched Petrovsky happily, and he wouldn’t give up these moments for all the power, money, and friends in the world.

Petrovsky exploded in his mouth.


There was a knock at the door, followed by heavy footsteps as Lotus rushed from the kitchen to greet the stranger. He was a tall man, with a broad chest and high cheek bones. His eyes were an unusual shade of green and his hair looked coppery in the dim lighting. “Hello, son.” Lotus eyed him strangely, the man wasn’t much older than himself. “I am Howard Locke, and am here to pick up a Miss Pink.”

“Oh, come in. Most Masters send for a slave, you surprised me.”

“Let’s just say I am not a normal master.” Howard winked at him. Lotus just nodded, heading for the second floor where Pink was sure to be. And she was.

“Pink, Master Locke is waiting.” He called before heading back down the stairs, Pink right on his tail.

“My, my. Aren’t you just a beauty.” Howard smiled at her, taking the slave’s hand. He turned to Lotus. “When sure I return her?”

“Before twelve, Master Locke.” Howard nodded to him, leading Pink out of the house.


“So, your name is Pink?” Howard asked as the two arrived at a large building. Pink was puzzled by the structure, it was a restaurant.

“Yes, Master Locke.”

“There is no need for that ‘master’ nonsense, call me Howard. What’s your real name?”

Pink looked at him, unsure. “Oh, um, before I came to Petrovsky’s home my name was Stacey. But I am Pink, now.” Howard only nodded as the two entered the restaurant, arm and arm. Fortunately Pink had dressed up, fitting in nicely with this five star palace.

“Well, Stacey, let’s get us a nice meal and get to know one another. How’s that sound?”

“Fine..” Pink replied, wanting to tell him that her name was Pink, not Stacey, but scared to make an order. The two were seated in the booth at the left, both ordered sweet tea and received individual menu’s.

“Choose whatever you would like.” Howard smiled at her as the two browsed their menu’s, searching for a dish that would suit them both. “Well,” He said, putting down the menu. “I think I will be having the Bourbon Sirloin. Yourself?”

“Oh, um, the Shrimp Caesar Salad.. if that’s all right?” She asked, also lowering her menu.

“Oh course, Stacey.” Howard responded, waving for their waiter. He quoted the order before returning to Pink. “So, tell me about yourself. How older are you?”

“Seventeen.” She responded softly.

“I am thirty-one, I hope you forgive the age difference.” He flashed her a smile before sipping his tea.

“Ma-.. Howard, forgive me for asking, but why have you taken me out? You do realize what my profession is, correct?”

“Yes, which is exactly why I have asked for you. But all in good time, Stacey.”



“Call me Pink.. please.”

“Did you choose that name?”


“Do you like it?”

“I’ve accepted it. It is my name.”

“Stacey is your name.”

“It was.”

“Fine.” Howard said, looking exasperate but also entertained. “I will call you Pink if that is what you desire.”

“It is. Thank you.” Their waiter brought out their meal several minutes later. It was some of the best food Pink had ever had the pleasure of tasting. And she found that as time progress she began to enjoy herself more and more, opening up to Howard and thoroughly laughing and smiling at his jokes and statements. He was like a breath of fresh air, and she felt the tension that was also in the house slowly leave her.

“Oh, dear.” Howard said, looking at his watch. “It is nearly ten-thirty. Time to get you home, Pink.” He paid the bill and took her hand. She moved to his side, perplexed and astonished.

“Howard, what’s going on? What about… you know..” She looked down, unsure how to continue or explain.

“Wait until we’re in the car, I will explain then.”

They got to the car but still, he did not speak. She waited longer, expecting some sort of confession. Again there was none. “Howard. Tell me, please.” Pink whispered, looking down and wringing her hands in worry.

“I am looking for a wife.” He said without any real, vibrant emotion.

Pink looked at him, utterly shocked.


Viper was exhausted, sore, and crying when she woke up. She hadn’t eaten in two days and she could feel her body cry out for release as she hung from the ceiling, stretched out. Viper breathed shallowly as she looked around the small room, searching for anyway of escape. There was none. While she sobbed, rage bursting in her veins, she told herself one thing: I will not submit.

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