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The Brit Ch. 03: Holidays

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Apologies for the delay. Things have been weird recently.

Chapter 4 should be coming soon.


It was Monday and I was walking and into my office at McAllen, very reluctantly. Just that I wished that I had more time off during Christmas. More time to drink, be merry and fuck two sexy cock-hungry blonde sluts. Between work and flying back home for Christmas, I hadn’t had time to do any of that. I had annual leave booked in a couple of weeks, but it felt like it was months away, so I had no choice but to focus on predicting the financial markets in 2019.

As I switched on my computer, I heard a knock and I saw Alicia walk in. She looked especially sexy this morning, tight gray skirt and a sheer blouse. In the last couple of months, I have gotten used to how Alicia sexy dresses, which is a good thing for me and my career. Remembering when she first started, I would accidentally leer at her with my mouth wide open and my dick semi-hard. Now, Alicia could be topless and I could easily discuss Brexit with her without losing my mind. It helps when you have an incestuous mother and daughter, who eagerly release your sexual tension.

“Morning, Alicia,” I smiled. “Happy New Year. How was your Christmas?”

“Happy New Year,” she replied. “The holidays were awesome. I went home to Wisconsin. My family has a cabin in the hills. There was my parents, my brother and his wife and my grandparents. For New Years, me and some of the girls flew to Miami.” Alicia grinned. “How about you?”

“Not as good as yours.” I said, taking a sip of coffee before continuing, “I had to finish some things up here, so I flew home on the 23rd. Had Christmas lunch with my dad and his family. Went to Wembley on Boxing Day. Came back here for New Year’s Eve.”

“And what about Natalie?” Alicia asked, raising an eyebrow.

I took another sip, trying to hide my smirk from my personal assistant. She usually isn’t this playful with me.

After Thanksgiving weekend, I became baptized in non-stop incestuous fucking. My beautiful companions quickly showed me that there were no taboos between them, they would eagerly share my cum, eat each other out and fuck each other with dildos. As soon as we were alone together, our clothes would be off and I’d be driving my dick in either Trish or Natalie’s cunt while one tongue-fucks the other. Local parks, my car and even the desk I was now sitting at were arenas for intense fucking.

But there was more.

My relationship with Natalie quickly involved into something more than just sex. It was amazing how quick two people can instantly click. I swiftly became charmed by her personality, laid-back, calm with an offbeat sense of humor. We soon became a typical couple, going on dates, texting each other all the time and eventually using the term girlfriend and boyfriend. I felt so comfortable around her, which I believe is the best compliment I can give a girl.

That Monday after Thanksgiving, Natalie actually came to work. I immediately separated her from the rest of the team, sent Alicia away for a pointless task and we defiled my executive washroom. And just like I told her on Black Friday, I took Natalie to a romantic restaurant, got to know her better and then took her back to my condo for more sex. I just didn’t expect Natalie to FaceTime Trish while we fucked, her mother hearing every cry and moan. Shit, I even heard Trish climax as she watched us.

It was a shame that we didn’t have that many opportunities to fuck in my office. As this was definitely not a casual fuck party, so we had to talk about work sooner or later. McAllen and their code of conduct made it impossible for us to be public. I couldn’t be seen playing favorites within the team and it was causing problems. Like whenever I was allocating projects, I would be second-guessing myself if the project I assigned to Natalie was too interesting, too easy or too hard. Also if she and I had plans, Natalie would have to make up a reason why she couldn’t meet up for after-work drinks.

Then one night after dinner and getting caught having sex in the Italian restaurant’s bathroom, we had a long talk and decided what we should do going forward. We both wanted to be public with our relationship, but Natalie didn’t want the stigma of sleeping with her boss to affect her career, so she decided to resign. I would have offered, but apparently, my visa is tied to me working at McAllen. She got a job at Lockwood Capital, but they’re only a couple of blocks away so we can still see each other whenever we want.

It was at the McAllen Holiday party that we went public with our relationship.

I remember being really nervous as I walked into the lift. I’ve been to office Christmas parties before, but that was before I was a manager and had to be slightly professional. No posing with a pool of my own sick or trying to climb the Christmas tree at Trafalgar. Then there was the whole thing about dating your former subordinate. I overheard people gossiping about us; wondering Şişli Escort how long we’ve been doing it, if her work was that great and was I covering for her. Also, I heard some of the girls and a guy thinking out loud if they should try to sit on my lap for a promotion.

Walking in the empty reception area, I could hear the Christmas classics like Mariah booming from the other side of the glass doors. It was weird having a Christmas party in your actual office, back home we’d pick a restaurant, go on a pub crawl then a club, either ending up punching someone or fucking them.

Opening the door, I was shocked to see how the office floor had been transformed into a winter wonderland. Desks were changed into fake chimneys and gingerbread houses, a fake cabin that housed the buffet, some creepy-looking snowmen, and a dozen or so Christmas trees. There was also a Santa, he was handing out McAllen swag; it was mainly coffee mugs, pens, and t-shirts with the company logo.

I smiled at the pretty brunette dressed as an elf as she handed me a drink, a Christmas- themed cocktail and then went looking for Natalie. I looked around, seeing that my coworkers and bosses were really enjoying the party. Everyone was so drunk; if they weren’t spilling their drinks, they were groping each other on the makeshift dancefloor. I guess the company code of conduct is being relaxed for today.

While I enjoyed watching everyone make an arse of themselves, I wished I had a sexy blonde next to me. I was running late so Natalie said that she’d find me. The floor was dimly lit, so it made it difficult to spot her. I tried texting her, but I didn’t get a reply, which is odd since she compulsively checks her phone. I ordered another cocktail, I figured the alcohol and sugar will give me enough energy to conduct an epic search for her. As I downed my mistletoe martini, I felt two round tits pressed against my back. “Have you been good this year? Because I know I haven’t.” A voice whispered in my ear.

I turned and saw Natalie grinning at me while looking unstoppable. She had on this green party dress with a deep cut on the front and that stopped around her thighs. Our lips instantly met and we were quickly making a scene with our grinding. Actually, I don’t think anyone cared; they were doing the same.

I pulled away from her and I just stared. Natalie looked overwhelmed by our kiss. Her lips were trembling and her cheeks flushed. “Why don’t we go back to my flat?” I asked, smirking at her.

She pushed me away, laughing. “We just got here.”

“Callum! Natalie!” A voice called out.

I turned to see Simon Hawkins, tattoo girl and Alicia approach us. Simon has the same job as me, he, however, is focused on the African markets. Tattoo girl used to work on my floor but then moved to a different department. Just like before with Natalie, I can never remember the tattoo girl’s real name, only that she has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck.

Simon and I had a quick chat about work, the status on our projects and what our overlords were thinking. I could see that the girls were getting bored with this topic, they didn’t want to think about work. Thankfully, Simon offered to get us a round of drinks.

“So,” Tattoo grinned, “When did you too… you know?” she asked, pointing at both of us.

With my arm around Natalie’s waist and her breasts grinding against my side, it was evident that she and I were more than friends. I could see that there was a change in Alicia, it was like her entire body language had become stiffer. Was she jealous? If so, that will be interesting for the future.

“Err…” I nervously looked at Natalie.

“It was after my leaving party,” she replied, smiling back at them. “It was just us two in the end and things escalated.”

“Really?” Alicia asked, sounding unconvinced. Her tone was also very different from before, I really think that she might be jealous of Natalie.

“Yeah,” Natalie said, “Come on let’s dance.”

She then dragged me to the dancefloor and pushed her ass against my crotch. If anyone missed our kiss from earlier, they could now easily tell that we were together just in the way we were dancing. I had my hands all over her, squeezing her whenever I could. Natalie responded by either sucking on my earlobe or fondling my growing erection. Getting some weird looks from the other people on the dancefloor, we decided to tone down the public affection.

“So Alicia?” Natalie said, her hands around my neck as we gently swayed along with the music.

“Yeah?” I replied, smirking at her.

“Nothing happened between you two… before us?” Natalie asked, her eyes squinting at me.

“No,” I firmly answered.

“Sorry. I’m not doing the jealous girlfriend thing. But I swear that there is something up with her.” Natalie paused before grinning. “Maybe she likes you or is thinking about fucking you as a stepping-stone to the top.”

“You sound like you wouldn’t Taksim Escort mind,” I replied.

“Mmm…” Natalie then moved us, so we were facing the bar where Alicia was standing with Tattoo girl. My assistant was wearing a skimpy black dress, tight around her big ass and with a long cut in front. “With those tits? I wouldn’t mind watching. Hell, I’d probably join in.” she smirked.

“Whatever she wants, I am thrilled with what I have now,” I then pulled her in and we kissed again.

“You always know what to say,” Natalie smirked, “Now, I have something planned for upstairs,” she said as she pulled my hands down from her hips to her ass. “It’s something that I wanted to do for a while.”

“Oh yeah?” I smirked back at her.

“Yeah,” Natalie ran her hands down my chest before slipping her fingers into my blazer pocket. She lifted out my employee keycard. “Get some champagne and meet me upstairs,” she said softly before kissing me on the cheek.

I watched her ass sway as she walked away from me. Fucking hell, I’m already hard. I dashed to the bar, but it was mobbed. I think she knew that and needed the time to get ready. Grabbing two glasses, I ran upstairs. I knew that there was some crazy shit going upstairs like people fucking or doing lines, but that was just background noise to me as I ran to my office.

Walking into my office; my mouth became instantly dry while my dick literally grew another inch as I saw what Natalie had planned.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” Natalie softly spoke as she laid on the sofa. She had changed her outfit, now wearing a bright red, Christmas baby doll with a front opening. Natalie climbed off the couch and spun around, giving me a full view. I could feel my eyes actually bulge out as I saw the matching crotchless thong she wore underneath it.

“You like?” Natalie smirked. She walked towards me, playing with her hair and shaking her hips as she took each deliberate step. With one hand she took the champagne glass, the other cupped her left tit and asked, “Do you think I look good in it?” Her fingers now running through the white fur trim that just concealed her nipples. “Or maybe you should ask Alicia,” she said with a wink before taking a sip of champagne.

I tried to think of something witty to say, but my brain just told me to keep on staring at her. Natalie smiled at me again then tilted her head, her eyes focused on my growing erection. “That’s the reaction I’m looking for,” she smirked as she leaned in and gave me a long, tongue-filled kiss. Her body pressed against mine, grinding her tits into my chest. I felt her hand slither down and my girlfriend began vigorously stroking my cock.

Completely lost in our make-out session, I failed to notice that Natalie spun us around and pulled us next to the sofa. We broke our embrace and I watched my girlfriend adopt a now familiar position, getting down on her knees. With a flick of her wrists, she unbuckled my belt and yanked my trousers down. Before the cold air could hit my naked cock, Natalie had wrapped her lips around my tip and then instantly swallowed the rest of my shaft, someone’s been getting lessons from her mother.

“Fuck,” I grunted, picturing the two of them practicing on dildos.

“Hmm…” Natalie moaned as she released my dick, flashing me a wide grin. “I’d love to see Alicia’s face if she saw us like this?” Her tongue darted out and she lapped up all the trailing spit from my dick. “Also how she’d react seeing this huge monster.”

“Something you planned?” I asked, trying to stay calm.

“No. But…,” Natalie trailed off, circling her tongue over my cockhead.

“I’d enjoy it but only if you were taking part and also enjoying it,” I replied, “For me, there’s only you,”

“Good answer,” she lowered her lips down to my balls and took one of them into her mouth. Sucking on my sack for a couple of seconds, she then raised her head back up and said, “There’s also my mother. But I REALLY enjoy that,” Natalie grinned. She reached out and I helped her up, “Strip,” she ordered. “Also can you do the thing with the sofa? I tried earlier, but I still can’t get it to work.”

I playfully rolled my eyes as I stripped. I have this sofa bed futon thing in my office so if I need to work late, I can take a nap. But since Thanksgiving, Natalie and I have been using it as a vital prop for our late night office fun. My boss actually praised me for all the late shifts I been doing recently. Still, it’s a shame that Natalie doesn’t work here anymore, I have a fantasy of walking into my office and finding her naked, writhing in ecstasy as she begs for my cock.

I pushed the sofa back down and got into position, lying on my back. Natalie stood in front of me, her thong had disappeared and she fingered her herself while her eyes focused on my meaty pole. She crawled onto the bed and quickly straddled me, her achingly beautiful pussy just inches away from my throbbing cock.

“I love fucking in Mecidiyeköy Escort this office. Your big cock rampaging my pussy while million dollar deals are going on the background!” She yelled, turning herself on. Placing her hips on either side of my groin, I watched my girlfriend grab my meaty tool and slap my swollen head against the puffy openings of her cunt. With a now recognizable groan, Natalie pushed my tip past her throbbing lips and slid down on my shaft. “Ohhhhhhh…yesssss,” she hissed and shuddered as my dick slowly became buried deep inside.

“Oh…god…Natalie,” I grunted, mumbling my words as the moist muscles of her pussy enveloped my pulsating tool and squeezed it tightly. I wrapped my arms around her firm ass. Caressing my girlfriend’s pert cheeks, my mind instantly thought about plunging my dick deep in her arse and fucking her relentlessly. It was something we had talked about, but Natalie was a little reluctant; she had a bad experience with some douchebag once.

“Oh…oh…oh…fuck…” We both moaned simultaneously as Natalie worked her hips, grinding on my dick as I fucked her back. “Yesssss,” she cried, throwing her head back. She grabbed my head and pushed my face in her jiggling cleavage. I pulled on the straps of her baby-doll and I was soon face-to-face with some familiar friends. I’ve nuzzled on them, sucked on her nipples, I’ve even licked maples syrup off her tits. Natalie knows how much I love playing with breasts, lucky for me she just as eager.

Empowered by being in titty heaven, I clenched my girlfriend’s arse and slammed my member in and out of her. Ferociously thrusting my dick over and over, I kissed and licked every square inch of her breasts. “Yeah Callum…play with my tits. OH FUCK YES!” She screamed as she began to tremble, “SHIT!” I could feel her cunt tighten around my pounding cockhead, she was getting close. “Oh fuck yes! Callum! SHIT!” Natalie screamed. Thinking back, how the hell we were not caught by someone. She then shuddered as her pussy exploded, her searing juices coated my dick and dripped down on my thighs.

I held onto Natalie as her snug cunt was still clamped around me while she rocked back and forth, I remember how gorgeous she looked post-orgasm, her hair a mess, a sheen of sweat laying her body and a big, satisfied smirk. Grunting loudly, I tried to stay calm and bring myself back from my own orgasm. Natalie had recovered from her brief rest, she lifted her head up and sighed, “Oh Callum, you got me really excited. Oh, if those girls’ downstairs could see us.” She then grabbed my face and passionately kissed me, “Now let’s make you cum!”

Using my chest as leverage, Natalie carefully slid off my bulging dick and got on all fours. She glanced over her shoulder at me and wiggled her ass. Without any need for more encouragement, I quickly got in position behind her. Deftly lifting up my cock, I felt so sore down there I could cum any second. I then pressed the head against her dripping pussy. “I can’t wait to take you back to my condo,” I said slowly while plunging my tool back inside her, “I got you an early Christmas present, I can’t wait to test it.”

“YOU GOT ME THE DOOR SWING!” Natalie cried, overwhelmed with excitement. She turned her head and saw me nodding, “Oh fuck yes.” She then leaned in and our lips met again. “Shit,” she muttered in between kisses as I thrust my cock deeper. “Oh shit… Callum, fuck me!” I reached up and grabbed her full tits, roughly squeezing her creamy orbs. Natalie cried in my ear while I pinched and pulled her nipples, begging for more. Acquiescing her request, I hammered my cock in and out of her cunt, giving her no chance to catch her breath or relax. My own compulsion and ego drove me to make sure that she cums again.

Natalie lowered her hand down between her legs and furiously fingered her clit as she whimpered after each hard stroke. Grasping her hips, I pulled my cock out of her slick pussy until the tip was just pressing her lips and waited for a reaction. As Natalie moaned and begged for my dick, I slammed my cock back in as deep as I could, making her shake in bliss. I repeated this move a couple of time before switching tactics, holding onto her flat stomach and rapidly stabbing her with my rock hard tool.

Natalie started to cry and shake, reaching closer to another roaring orgasm. I actually wanted to be caught now, just for my own ego. I slowed down, casually thrusting my cock in and out of her. “Fuck…please…I need to cum,” she moaned. Chuckling to myself, I went back to slamming my prick, roughly grinding my head against her g-spot at each stroke. “Oh fuck…yes! Fuck me, Callum!” Natalie howled over the sound of my balls slapping against her as I pounded her dripping pussy.

“Oh shit,” I grunted, feeling my cock painfully throb under the folds of her pussy. “Cum for me Nat!” I yelled, knowing that I was one or two strokes from blowing my load.

I let out another guttural groan as I felt Natalie’s cunt clamped down on my shaft, tightly gripping it. Suddenly I could hear my girlfriend scream again and begin to convulse. Wrapping my arms around her trembling body, I continued fucking her as her uncontrollable pussy spasmed and drenched my member in her hot juices. “Shit…more,” Natalie demanded, her fingers digging into the sofa mattress.

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