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The BnS Ball

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Charlie cast her eye around the crowd as she nodded methodically to a bloke trying his best to gain her attention. She took a swig of her rum can as her eyes came to rest on a figure at the back of the shed that housed the band.

He was here.

She wrapped her arm around her body as the intruding man to her right droned on. Cursing her decision to wear the little red dress she had purchased. This wasn’t the first bloke she had to tactfully turn away. She had purposefully bought the dress a size smaller than that which she usually wore. The way it clung tightly to the curves of her body left little to the imagination. She’d chosen it because she knew he would be here. She knew he couldn’t resist a ball.

The lure of good music, good mates, sweet rum and the opportunity of a carefree fuck bought the country men swarming from all over Australia. She’d caught glimpses of him through the crowd, but for the most part of the night his time was monopolized by a short bloke with a thick black mullet and a tall lanky red head. They bounced and leapt around his heels spitting food dye and throwing rum.

At that moment his sexy blue eyed gaze met her own from under the brim of his old bashed hat. Eyes unmistakably smoldering as they roved over her body. She dropped her arm, running her hand over her hip to smooth the dress and took a quick swig of rum. Her resolve now set.

This time she would concur this man, she’d make damn sure of that. She turned on the heel of her old wrangler boots and left the ball, left the thumping music and it’s accompanying crowd and made her way back to her ute.


Luke stood with his back to the wall of the shed. A mix of rum and food dye dripping from his old worn out akubra hat. He’d been watching Charlie all evening. Of course he knew who she was; they’d been to many of the same balls before. But tonight, man tonight she looked stunning. Every red blooded blokes fantasy in that thin material number barely fit to be called a dress.

He’d watched her talking, laughing easily with her friends. Completely unable to tear his eyes away from the contours of that body. The fabric rudely obstructing his view left little to the imagination. Just enough to tease him, make him want more. It had one of those low cut necklines, one of those fancy ones that showed off the silken flesh between a woman’s breasts. A place Beautifully crafted for a man to rest his head. He followed the dress down over her slender body, wishing like hell his hands could make that journey. Down over her hips to where the fabric ended mid thigh. From there her strong tanned legs took over, muscled from work.

Damn, how he wanted them wrapped around him. How he wanted her wrapped around him. Her sweet groans and sighs clouding his mind as took them both higher.

But now she was gone.

He skulled back the last of his can and threw it at the 44. Gallon drum, a makeshift bin.

How dare she walk away after that, he thought, Christ didn’t she know what she’d done to him?

As he strode towards the exit jhonno, his longtime mate tackled him from the side.

‘Oi! Where ya goin’?’ jhonno yelled over the music. Luke shrugged him off with a playful upper cut to the ribs.

‘I’ll catch up with ya later’. With that he left the ball in search of the siren in the red dress…


Charlie lugged her swag out of her old red Holden ute. Tugging at it furiously as it jammed against her esky; cans sloshing around with the ice inside. A stick cracked underfoot somewhere in the darkness alerting her she wasn’t alone. She turned to see luke’s six foot four figure standing a few meters from her on the other side of the campfire.

‘ah shit Luke, you scared the heck outta me’, she murmured as she turned back to the tailgate of her ute and dug into her esky. ‘want a can?’

Luke kicked at a burning log in the fire. The force sending tiny glowing sparks dancing up into the night sky. He nodded when she turned back and threw the can over to him. Cracking open the top he took a long swig. The ice cold liquid doing nothing to extinguish the fire in his belly. He watched as she sat herself down on the edge of the tailgate. Crossing those marvelous legs at her ankles and tugging self consciously at the hemline of her dress.

His mind raced as his eyes trailed the expanse of her legs, lit beautifully by the flickering light of the fire. Oh what he’d give to run his fingers over her thighs; part them with his knee. It took every ounce of strength he had not to leap over the fire and drag her back to his swag caveman style.

She looked up at him then and smiled. Hell, smiled isn’t even the word to use. She melted him there and then. Any thoughts he’d had about leaving her and heading back to the ball alone all shot to hell. He didn’t just want Charlie, he had a carnal need to claim her tonight.

She sipped at her can nervously. There was no denying her intentions of leaving the ball. She had hoped he would follow, not quite Alsancak Escort believing he would. Now she had no idea what to do. Why hadn’t he said anything? Was he just going to stand there? She tried her best to make polite conversation.

‘Not a bad ball’ she spoke. ‘a really good band too this year’.

He cleared his throat. ‘yea one of the better ones’.

She nodded, fidgeting with the ring pull on her can.

‘why’d you leave?’ his question surprised her. She smiled.

‘was a bit tired’ she lied faking a yawn to make a point.

‘I can go If I’m keeping you up’ he replied. Painfully aware she was keeping him “up” in many ways.

She ran her hand down her leg brushing off some ash that landed there. If he didn’t know any better he’d have sworn she was trying to tease him.

‘nah it’s ok, one last beer won’t hurt’ she smiled.

She watched him from across the fire, wondering what he was thinking. It wasn’t possible for a man to look any more desirable than he did right now. His strong jaw, clean shaven earlier now had the beginnings of a five o’clock shadow. His white tailored shirt browned with rum and patches of red and blue dye fit his large frame well, accentuating his broad shoulders. Her fingers itched to undo the buttons that ran down the front ending neatly at his black dress pants. Her eyes took a quick survey of his groin. How she wondered what lay beneath. She watched him curiously as he kicked at the dirt with the toe of his boot, unaware of her gaze. Despite the warmth of the fire and the warmth growing between her legs Charlie was beginning to feel the cool of the night air. She stood. Not minding that her dress rose slightly up her thighs. A movement that hadn’t escaped Luke’s attention. She smiled to herself as she watched him shift uncomfortably on the spot. Not sure if it was bravery or the alcohol Charlie reached up and ran her fingers through her hair. The movement causing the dress to rise up further.

Luke cleared his throat and swallowed hard. The dress had slid a good two inches up revealing more of that tanned expanse of skin. His pants began to tighten as his thoughts started to race. He removed his hat and ran his fingers through his short dark hair, frustration getting the better of him as he slammed the hat back on his head. It was at that moment she threw him a coy smile. He needed no other confirmation she was as frustrated as he was. He covered the space between them in less than a second, throwing his can at the fire as he went. The flames hissed and roared behind him.

Luke’s sudden approach forced Charlie back up against the rear panel of her ute. He cornered her there, his hands resting on the cold steel either side of her body. Excitement ripped through her at the sudden intimacy of their closeness. The smell of rum, smoke and Luke’s musky masculine scent intoxicating her senses.

Cautiously she placed her hands in the middle of his chest and tried to push him slightly away. The move only causing him to push further into her, pinning her to the steel. Looking up at him she saw desire grip his features as her hands slowly slid upward, over his hardened chest to grip the collar of his shirt. He bent his head slightly to the side watching her intently. She knew it was a game in an instant. If she wanted him she had to close the distance between them. Licking dry lips she began to rise on the tips if her toes as she pulled him down to her awaiting mouth. He complied, brushing his lips lightly across hers and back over to her jaw where he stilled, breathing in the scent of the woman that would be his tonight.

She tugged once again on the collar of his shirt snapping him out of his thoughts, guiding his lips back to hers. She kissed him hard. Mouth to mouth, breath for ragged breath. He held his composure. Until that is, she parted his lips with her hot little tongue deepening the kiss further. He lost it then. Gave into the carnal feelings snarling within. He needed this woman more than he needed air.

His hand left the side of the ute traveling the full length of her body and back up to where they rested against her jawline. Holding her still so he could slowly plunder her mouth.

Charlie’s body rippled with excitement as his tongue expertly explored the delicate heat of her mouth. She pressed her hip into the hardness of his groin, swaying against him seductively. He broke the kiss with a low growl. One hard thrust pinning her back to the ute again. His solid erection an unspoken warning of what she was playing with. She shuddered at the hard heat pressing against her stomach. Relentlessly he nipped, licked and sucked his way down her jawline to the base of her throat. Callused hands memorizing the shape of her curves. She wound one hand around his neck and used the other to remove his hat, placing it onto her own head.

‘you wear the hat, you wear the cowboy’ he mumbled, his voice muffled by her silken neck.

Her only reply was a drawn out ‘mmm’ Ayrancılar Escort as his tongue ran slowly along her collar bone to her shoulder. His hand travelled down to cup her tight little ass. One quick squeeze, barely satisfying, and it traveled down further over those strong tanned legs he had been dying to touch. As his fingers delicately traced the contours of her thighs he memorized the silky smooth skin, puckered lightly in goosebumps. He hooked his hand around the back of her knee and pulled it up to his hip. She wrapped it tightly around him, pulling his erection into alignment of her own heated core. Just a few layers of material kept her from what she really wanted.

His hard throbbing cock burried deep inside her.

He tenderly eased the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and tugged the material down. Awe washed over him as he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts popped free from the fabric, exposed and swollen in the night air. Her creamy mounds tipped deliciously with two perfectly pink swollen nipples.

He cupped one as he smiled down at her, licking his lips. She arched her body into him further, he knew what she wanted. He bent drawing a perfecty hard bud into his mouth, sucking slowly as his thumb strummed the other. She moaned quietly as his mouth closed over her, sucking feverishly, gasping as his tongue flicked her deeper into submission over and over again. Mad with hunger she took his face in her hands. Kissing him tenderly, almost pleading as she took his hand and slid it down her body to where she desperately needed it most.

He smiled triumphantly against her lips as his fingers reached the hem of her dress, tickling the smooth skin of her inner thigh. He kept it there. With each ragged breath he slowly caressed her thigh higher and higher, until he stopped and dropped it back to the hem again.

‘please’ she begged against his lips.

Smiling again his mouth claimed hers feverishly as his fingers trailed the remaining distance up the inside of her thigh. He could feel the heat of her before he reached the lining of her panties. Brushing his knuckles against the damp material that encased her womanhood, marveling at her obvious desire for him. She wriggled against him. Parting her legs wider she smiled seductively up at him, her blue eyes almost daring. He cupped her hot, wet mound in his hand and pressed his palm against her. She bucked wildly against his palm, moaning her delight into his shoulder. Her breath coming in rapid little bursts as he pressed into her harder. She whimpered when he removed his hand. Sure she would die if he didn’t touch her again, give her the release she so desperately Needed. He lowered her leg and hooked his thumbs into the sides of her panties. Slowly dragging them down her legs, kneeling before her to get them off over her boots.

He stilled, looking up at the woman before him. Awash in the glow of the flickering fire, breasts free and exposed, her hair wildly draped over her shoulder, looking like sex on legs in HIS hat. She looked down at him curiously through hooded eyes as he drank in his fill.

Damn. Her legs went on for miles before him as he sat back on his hunches and studied them slowly.

God she was beautiful.

Charlie was panting as she looked down at luke. His eyes surveying her body made her feel self conscious yet exhilarated at the same time. His expression giving nothing away. He lifted his hand to caress her calf muscle, slowly rubbing it as he looked up at her. Her heart skipped. The urge to break his gaze was strong but for the life of her she couldn’t. Leaning in he gently placed a kiss on her thigh, just above her knee. She parted her legs slightly, holding his gaze as she did so. He made a low gravely sound before placing another kiss further up her thigh.

She had to admit looking down at this man on his knees before her was easily the sexiest image she had ever seen. Even in her wildest fantasies this image would never have been as good. As he ran his hand up her leg he looked up at her and grinned before placing another kiss just below the hemline of her dress. Tingles began to engulf her, starting at her toes and ending with an electric jolt at the swollen bud nestled in the juncture of her thighs. Both hands on her legs he used his thumbs to slide the hem higher on her hips exposing her pussy to the light of the fire.

God damn, he thought as he drank in the skin he had just exposed. She was bare, waxed and perfect before him. She smiled down at him shyly as a dusty shade of pink began to seep into her cheeks, even in this light he could see that.

‘your beautiful charlie’ he whispered ‘so, so beautiful’.

Her scent swirled, fogging his mind. Never had a woman smelled so inviting. He hooked his hand behind her knee again, lifting her leg and resting it over his shoulder as he kissed and nipped the rest of the way to her hot little pussy. With each hiss and sigh she made his Balçova Escort anticipation grew; as did the pain hardening in his groin.

Carefully he parted her lips with his tongue. The sensation sending shivers throughout Charlie’s body. She leaned back against the cold steel of the ute, gripping the metal as his tongue delved inside her again. As he licked and sucked expertly she could feel herself catapulting closer to release. When his mouth closed over her clit and sucked hard she let her head fall back in ecstasy. Forgetting the very public setting in which they were she let out a loud yelp. He bit down lightly on the hard little bud and flicked his tongue over the tip until Charlie was sure she couldn’t take any more. He took her down slowly with long luxurious strokes. She was desperate to have him inside her, any part of him, she didn’t care she just needed to be filled. Used. Satisfied by this man.

‘Luke please’ she moaned between gasps ‘please fuck me’.

He tore his mouth away from her and replaced it with his thumb. He toyed with her clit in slow excruciating circles as he looked up at her, marveling at the wonton beauty of the woman he was controlling. With each new movement of his thumb he could make her gasp or moan in just the way he liked. She was his puppet and he was going to make the most of it.

‘say it again’ he demanded, rubbing his thumb the full length of her crevice.

She hissed, shaking against him.

‘please Luke. F-fuck me please’

He slid his thumb back towards her hot dripping hole, circling it slowly.

‘how bad do you want it?’ he drawled.

She opened her eyes, looking down at him, moving her hips to try and slip onto his teasing thumb. With each time she tried he would move with her, keeping what she wanted just out of reach.

‘so bad luke, I need you s-so bad. Please’.

With that he dropped his hand and rose to his feet, tugging at his belt buckle as he went. Feeling suddenly alone Charlie reached for his shirt, she wanted him as naked as she was. The buttons were so damn stubborn and in her current state Charlie couldn’t tame them. She opted instead to lean down, tearing the first one off with her teeth. As she spat the button to the ground she ripped the fabric as hard as she could, sending buttons flying. Luke looked up from his task of freeing his fly and laughed.

Charlie leaned back and surveyed her handiwork. There he stood, his tanned chest bare for her to see, thin tufts of hair wound their way from his belly button down into the band of his pants. She stretched out her fingertips and splayed them across his abdomen. Hard muscles bunched and tensed under her hand. He stopped moving and watched her with interest as she ran her fingers further south, hooking her index finger into the band of his shorts. She slowly ran a finger from side to side, one hip to the other before slipping it inside to caress the tip of his pulsing cock.

Her touch was more than he could take and in one quick movement he shoved his remaining clothes down and pushed her hard up against the ute again. He kissed her the exact way he intended to screw her, hard, furiously. Tongues mating, teasing. She whimpered beneath him, moaning and grasping at his ass trying to pull him closer. His hands were everywhere. Clutching her ass, tweaking her nipples, grasping at her hips before sliding down her leg and pulling it up to rest on his hip once again. With every intention of plowing into her hot little pussy he positioned his throbbing cock at her centre, but before he slammed it home he tore away from their kiss to watch her. His intention to impale her quickly fading away. She clung to him panting, eyes closed, puffy pink lips parted. His intentions replaced by a need to see more than shock and release wash over her, he wanted to see wonder, adoration and satisfaction all in one.

Slowly he pushed into her. She was tighter than he could ever have hoped. Hotter than he dared imagine, wetter. As her body moulded to fit him he watched the raw emotion flicker across her face; Ecstasy, wonder, need, and something more. Always more. When she had adjusted to his size and he’d drank his fill he thrust deeper. Fully impaled on him he stilled them both, enjoying the feel of her adjusting around him.

As he began to thrust Charlie closed her eyes, hugging into his neck. His cock fit her beautifully. Thick and long it filled her, so much so she could feel it throbbing. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he began to slam into her harder. With one hand wrapped around her waist pulling her close, holding her steady, the other under her knee at his hip he fucked her. Charlie buried her face deeper into his neck as an intense orgasm threatened. She bit down on his shoulder as the pleasure rose. The pain she inflicted spurring him on. He bucked harder against her, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her then slamming it home again. As he felt himself begin to unravel he slipped his hand between them and rubbed her clit, determined to take her over the edge with him. Her cries intensified, moans, gasps, sighs came quickly, as one and just as he blew his hot seed into her she came crashing around him. Her spasming inner muscles milking him dry. In a matter of seconds he had nothing left to give, she had hungrily taken it all.

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