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The Billionaire’s Bride Ch. 02

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All the characters are over 18 years of age.


When Alex came down for breakfast he saw his mother and Mrs Mason sitting at the kitchen table, sipping tea. What he did not know was that they were talking about how he kept on talking about Ellen yesterday night, never letting the conversation move to another topic. It was Mrs Raymond who had seen her son talk so obsessively about a girl and she felt amused and happy by this as she always thought Ellen to be the perfect girl for her son.

“These cookies are delicious Lucie,” Alex said as he bit on one of the cookies kept on the table as he sat down “Your baking skill has improved since I last came home.”

“My baking is what it used to be Alex, Mrs Mason said with a sly smile “You should thank Ellen for these cookies.”

“Oh!” Alex said embarrassed, as he munched on the remaining cookie.

Alex’s parents had decided that he should take a break before joining the office two weeks later and during this time he should catch up on some sleep and old friends as once he joined the office he wouldn’t have much time for that.

Alex was excited the join the company as it’s vice president, taking up his mother’s vacant position from which she had retired last year citing too much work and lack of pleasure in her life.

Alex spent the rest of the day at home relaxing. Around midnight when he was taking a stroll in the rose garden he found Ellen sitting on the huge swing all by herself immersed in a drawing pad with heaps of fresh and crumpled sheets surrounding her.

A look at her left Alex’s insides jumping with excitement. He was mesmerized by her beauty, as he looked at her sitting alone in her baby pink night suit with her waist-length brown hair cascading down her back with some at the front. She looks like an angel he thought.

“Hey,” Alex said, “Can I join you?”

Hearing a very soothing and sensual manly voice all of a sudden shocked Ellen and she jumped up as the pad fell on the grass with a soft crunch.

“You almost gave me a heart attack!” Ellen said as she got a hold of herself.

“I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something happened to you,” Alex said with a grin.

“Then please don’t sneak up on me like this ever again,” Ellen said blushing slightly.

“Well, can I still join you?” Alex asked tentatively.

“You can sit wherever you want,” Ellen said as she started piling up the sheets “You own the place after all.”

Alex at once bent down help Ellen and said: “I don’t actually, it’s my father’s property.”

“Well, it’s still the same thing,” Ellen said “You’re still better than me.” she sat on the swing with crossed legs.

“How exactly an I better than you? Alex said as he sat on the swing facing her.

“You don’t know how awful I feel thinking I can never repay your parents for all they are doing for me.”

“Well, You don’t need to feel bad about any of this, you are a very talented young woman who had to stop pursuing her passion because of what circumstances and that bitch of a stepmother did to you.”

“Yeah maybe you’re right, but still I feel burdened by all the kindness and care they have showered upon me,” Ellen said looking sad.

“You don’t have to, they want you to be happy and they would not want you to burden yourself.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Ellen said and suddenly looked at the time on the watch and shrieked “Oh gosh it’s very late, I really should leave now.”

“Oh, okay,” Alex said shocked by this sudden change of subject ” Well what time you leave anyway?” as he got up and extended his arm to her which she took getting up.

“Her hands are so soft and delicate,” Alex thought lost in his thoughts, as he felt electricity pass through him the moment Ellen touched his hand.

“I take the 6:25 am a bus,” Ellen said snapping Alex back to reality “So I leave my quarter a 6 am sharp.”

“Why do you need to take the bus so early in the morning?” Alex asked.

“Because I have an early morning class tomorrow and the bus takes a while to reach FIT,” Ellen said.

“Well I presume, you don’t have breakfast so early in the morning?” Alex asked.

“No, I usually eat an apple on the bus and grab a coffee when I get time,” Ellen replied.

“Well, I am disturbed by the fact that you skip meals, no wonder you look so thin,” Alex said seriously.

“Excuse me?” Ellen said visibly angry by his remark on her appearance.

” Thin but beautiful,” Alex said rectifying his mistake immediately, making Ellen blush.

“My my someone is blushing!” Alex said teasing Ellen and plucked a rose behind his back so that Ellen could not see it.

“No, I’m not!” Ellen said blushing even more.

“Yes you are and it’s beautiful,” Alex said smiling innocently “and this is for a very beautiful young lady,” he said offering her the rose.

“Thanks,” Ellen said shyly hiding her face away.

“My pleasure!” Alex said, kissing her knuckles without warning.

Ellen turned crimson and immediately ran away leaving him rooted to the as he marvelled over the unexpected move he had made.


The Side escort next morning Ellen woke up with difficulty and dragged herself to shower. It was quite obvious she thought as she had been awake very late into the night thinking about Alex and his kiss.

As she was hurrying towards the gate she heard a voice call behind her “Not so fast.”

She turned around to see Alex running up to her, dressed casually in a white shirt and Jeans looking strikingly handsome. The sight of him turned Ellen into jelly and she just stood where she was.

” What?” Ellen asked Alex the moment she regained her composure and realized that she was incredibly late.

“Well, that’s a nice way to say good morning,” Alex said catching his breath.

“Sorry, I’m getting late,” Ellen said making a puppy face that cold melt hardest of rocks.

“Well, you’ll be forgiven if you join me for breakfast,” Alex said faking anger.

“Sorry, but I need to catch my bus-” Ellen said but was cut off by Alex.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be going that way and drop you,” Alex said.

“You don’t have to, I’ll manage,” Ellen said.

“Please, I insist,” Alex said and realized that his voice was almost pleading, but he didn’t give a damn about it.

“Um, Okay,” Ellen said and they both went into the dining room of the mansion.

“I tasted your cookies yesterday, and I must say they are the best I’ve ever had,” Alex said as they settled down for breakfast.

“That’s too much flattery,” Ellen said.

“Na! I’m telling you the truth, they’re delicious.” Alex said digging into his eggs.

“Thank you.” Ellen managed to say as she blushed furiously.

“You’re blushing again!” Alex said half teasing, half accusing.

“No, I’m not!” Ellen said and the rest of the breakfast passed away happily with both of them talking and getting to know each other better.

“I’ll arrange for a driver to drive you to college in one of our cars so you don’t miss out on meals for attending classes,” Alex said as he drove Ellen to her college.

“No, please don’t, your mom already offered,” Ellen said, ” This is too much to ask for and I don’t want to get used to luxury.”

“Why not?” Alex asked looking at her for a moment.

“Because I receive support from your parents till the time I’m studying and once I finish my studies I need to work and earn on my own,” Ellen said with slight exasperation.

Alex knew she was right and it was better her left this topic as it is, and drove on in silence.

” What time are you getting free?” Alex asked as he pulled up in front of the FIT.

“Around 6 in the evening,” Ellen answered and gave a questioning look.

“Care to have dinner with me?” Alex asked apprehensively.

“Are you asking me on a date, Mr Raymond?” Ellen asked holding her chin high.

“Well maybe,” Alex said embarrassed of his nervousness.

“Umm, Okay see you at 6,” Ellen said and got down.


Alex spent the rest of the day with his childhood friends, catching up on old times and having fun. He was at the gate of FIT at 6 sharp and Ellen came out a few minutes later.

“So where are headed?” Ellen asked as she entered the car.

“You hungry?” Alex asked.

“Famished!” Ellen responded

“Well, in that case, you have to bear with the hunger for a little longer,” Alex said smiling.

“Why so,” Ellen asked giving hi a disappointed look.

“We are going shopping,” Alex said smiling jovially.

“What and who are we shopping for?” Ellen asked.

“For you, clothes, bags, shoes or anything you want,” Alex said smiling at his brilliant idea.

Ellen suddenly became sullen and looked at him with angry eyes.

“All okay?” Alex asked afraid he might have done something wrong.

“I’m not a charity case Mr Raymond,” Ellen said with a square face.

“You aren’t what?” Alex asked again making sure he heard it right.

“A charity case,” Ellen said with an angry face but teary eyes ” I don’t want your sympathy, and the deeds you are doing because of it.”

“What have I done?” Alex asked as he pulled the car on one side of the road, he needed to clear this first.

“I know what you are doing,” Ellen said with an accusing tone “Thinking that here is a poor orphan, let me help her and she would be forever grateful.”

“No Ellen, everything I did for you wasn’t out of charity,” Alex said defending himself.

“Then why did you ask me to have breakfast with you, dropped me off and why are you taking me shopping?” Ellen asked as tears streaked her pretty face.

” I-” Alex said before he stuttered.

“You what?” Ellen asked again, still crying.

“I like you,” Alex said, finality in his voice.

“You what?” Ellen said, shocked by what she just heard.

“I like you,” Alex said smiling at her.

“You can’t,” Ellen said looking away.

“Why not?” Alex asked bewildered.

“I’m too low for you,” Ellen said still looking away “We both come from very different worlds, we can never be together, you cannot be seen with Side escort bayan a lowly person like me. Besides your parents would never approve of me, supporting me is quite different from accepting me as a family member in the future.”

“Don’t you ever think low of yourself Ellen,” Alex said, realizing he took her name for the first time and it felt oddly comforting “You are an amazing and beautiful woman. Better than any other girls I’ve ever met and my parents would love you for me, I’m sure of that.” Alex said very gently.

“You’re no playing a prank on me, are you?” Ellen asked apprehensively.

“No, I would never do that,” Alex said quite defensively.

“So where are we shopping?” Ellen asked looking at him again, her face tear-streaked but smiling.


Alex took Ellen to Fifth Avenue, where they bought clothes, a bag and a pair of sexy stilettos for her. Alex loved watching her as she tried different dresses and modelled in them for him.

Alex thought she looked extremely gorgeous doing it and he insisted she buys more dresses so that he could watch her model for him.

Alex wanted Ellen to buy everything she tried, but Ellen refused to state that she will take only what she truly likes and Alex complied.

They had dinner in a fine dining restaurant and later on, Alex dropped her till the door of her quarter like a true gentleman.

What he did not know was that his mother was standing in her balcony looking at them as he took Ellen to quarter with a very satisfying smile on her face.


The next morning Alex woke up to persistent knocking on his door. It was one of the maids and she had come to inform him that he must come down immediately for breakfast.

Alex knew this early breakfast call meant that his dad wanted to discuss something important with and he went down after he quickly attended to his daily hygiene.

Alex greeted his mom and dad as he slumped down on his chair.

“Son we need to discuss something important with you.” His dad said in his usual serious tone.

“Go on,” Alex said as he helped himself to orange juice.

“We need to discuss the party we will be organizing to celebrate you joining the company.” his mom said excitedly.

“I don’t need a welcome party, I will just join the company like any other employee,” Alex said, not liking the idea of a welcome party.

“It is necessary son, our competitors need to know that this old man is not alone, his son has joined forces with him. Besides, it would do good to stocks and our investors would also be delighted by some young blood joining us.”

“Ok, if you feel this is necessary then I’ll attend the party,” Alex said, knowing very well that it was futile to argue with his father and moreover he was right this time.

“That’s great,” his mom said, “But don’t forget to get yourself a date.”

“Why exactly do I need a date for my welcome party?” Alex asked not liking the idea.

“It’s a formal party Alex and a man needs a date for a formal party.” his mom said looking at him with an amused expression.

“I think this is rid-” Alex was about to say but he was cut off by Ellen’s voice.

“Here are your pancakes Mr Raymond,” Ellen said as she put the tray in front of his dad “Just as you like them.”

“Thank you, dear,” Mr Raymond said smiling, ” These are the best I’ve ever tasted. Come join us for breakfast.”

“Sure I will just get rid of this apron,” Ellen said and went inside the kitchen.

“Why don’t you ask Ellen to be your date?” his mom said smiling coyly at him.

“Yeah, she makes the best pancakes.” his dad said digging into the mound of pancakes in front of him.

“Seriously dad?” Alex said laughing.

“Do think about it Alex, she is a nice girl, beautiful too. Besides, it won’t be the first time you take her on a date.” His mom said smiling at him.

“How did you know?” Alex said he had meant to keep the date a secret.

“I’m your mother young man,” his mom said, ” I know when you take a girl for dinner and drop her off at her doorstep.”

“How-” Alex said but he was cut off again.

“I have my sources,” his mother said mischievously “and I don’t mind you taking her out on a date.”

The truth was one of Mrs Raymond’s friends had seen Alex and Ellen in the restaurant and informed her straightaway.

“I’ll think about it,” Alex said, slightly embarrassed.

“Oh come on son, be a man.” his father said.

Before Alex could reply, Ellen came and his insides turned into jelly once more.

“You look more beautiful every time I see you,” Mr Raymond said “A lot of boys must ask you for a date?” he continued looking at Alex with a wicked expression.

“Kind of,” Ellen said and blushed.

Alex suddenly felt angry, the thought of other men asking Ellen out on a date was very disturbing to him and he wanted to punch every one of them very hard.

Mr Raymond looked at his son and mouthed “Make a move.” when Ellen wasn’t looking.

Later on, Mr Raymond excused himself citing an urgent phone call and Escort side Mrs Raymond also left to instruct the staff about the day’s tasks. Leaving Alex and Ellen alone on the table.

“Ellen, are you free today?” Alex asked her.

“Ya, I don’t have classes on Saturdays.”

“Care to go out for a movie?” he asked.

“Sure, why not,” she replied

“Great, movie and lunch afterwards?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, sounds good,” Ellen replied.


Ellen and Alex watched a chick flick of her choice. Though Alex didn’t like the movie he was still happy, after all, he had gotten a chance to look at Ellen uninterrupted in the dark theatre.

As they were having lunch, this time in a dim sum restaurant of Ellen’s choice, Alex decided to bring up the topic of the party.

“Do you know about next week’s party?” Alex asked her.

“Ya, actually I am helping your om with the preparations,” Ellen said.

“You’ll be coming then?” He asked her.

“I don’t think so,” Ellen said looking straight at him.

“Why not?” Alex asked.

“I haven’t been to formal parties before and I think I have a business in between your dad’s business partners and other influential men invited.”

“But you need to come, you will be my date,” Alex told her.

“I don’t remember you asking,” Ellen replied holding her chin high up “Besides you’ll be embarrassed being seen with a girl like me in front of everyone.”

“Why would I be embarrassed about taking my girlfriend to a party?” Alex asked her

“I don’t remember being your girlfriend either,” Ellen said amused.

Alex suddenly realized what he had said and decided it was better to come out with the truth.

“Ya, I shouldn’t have said it like that. But hear me out Ellen.” he said getting hold of her hands ” You are an amazing girl and I like you. Will you be my girlfriend.”

The sudden proposal rooted Ellen to the spot leaving her unable to speak anything.

“Oh god, Ellen! Speak something,” Alex said, ” you’re killing me.”

Still unable to speak Ellen just nodded her head.

“Is that a yes?” Alex asked.

“Y-yes,” Ellen replied looking away shyly.

“YES!” Alex shouted and the whole restaurant looked at him.

“Sorry, Sorry” He replied and took his seat again.

Later Ellen and Alex went to a quiet park nearby and sat on a bench eating ice cream silently, both still shocked with what had happened.

“I still can’t come to the party,” Ellen said suddenly, shattering the silence.

“Why not?” Alex asked.

“I haven’t got a dress,” Ellen said very softly, obviously embarrassed by this.

“That can be remedied,” Alex said as he came closer to her and looked directly into her eyes.

There was so much passion in his gaze that Ellen felt her burning in a fire of rage, passion and longing. The distance between their lips reduced until they kissed, first gentle and loving which soon turned into passionate and hungry kisses.

Both of them drove back to the mansion with a smile on their faces and their hands laced around each other.


The next morning Ellen got a call from Mrs Mason, she told her to be ready in half an hour for some gown shopping.

Ellen and Mrs Raymond went shopping and Mrs Raymond bought Ellen a very expensive signature Halter gown and a matching pair of stiletto heels, despite many protests from Ellen who said she was fine with a simple gown.

“You shouldn’t have bought me such an expensive gown,” Ellen told Mrs. Raymond as they had lunch after shopping.

“Rubbish Ellen, This is the least I could do for my son’s girlfriend.” Mrs Raymond said looking kindly at Ellen.

“How did you know?” Ellen asked Mrs Raymond, surprised as both she and Alex had decided to keep it private for a while.

“My son cannot hide anything from me, however hard he may try.” Mrs Raymond told Ellen.

“I don’t know what to say,” Ellen said, ” If you don’t approve, I’ll break up with him.”

“Relax girl!” Mrs Raymond said “Don’t you dare talk about breaking up. Among all the girls my son has dated you are the only one I approve of.”

“Thanks.” Was all Ellen could manage to say.

“Honestly speaking, I thought my son was a buffoon when it comes to girls,” Mrs Raymond said chuckling ” You haven’t met the girls he had dated in the past.”

Mrs Raymond then told her about the weird girls Alex had dated and both the women laughed a lot talking about them

Later on, Mrs Raymond booked an appointment for Ellen in a celebrity salon on the day of the party. “I want my son’s eyes to pop out when he sees you,” she told him with a wicked.

As Ellen was taking her leave after reaching the mansion, Mrs Raymond said in a gentle tone “I know your relationship with Alex has just begun and I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but I hope it grows into something more.” she said with a motherly smile.


On the day of the party, Alex’s eyes popped out as he saw Ellen in the bootle green halter gown with her hair done in an elegant bun and soft tendrils falling on her back.

He kissed Ellen on her cheek and opened the car door for her.

Alex drove them both to the venue, one of Raymond’s hotel in New York, this time not in his truck but his brand new Lamborghini which was gifted to him by his dad just yesterday.

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