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The Bike Path

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I am riding my bicycle on the bike path as I normally do several times a week to stay in shape, that is, when I don’t feel like jogging. Its a late summer day mid-morning, not too crowded just a few walkers, bike riders and joggers spaced about every five minutes as I ride.

Its one of those perfect days, quiet, only with the distant sounds of the birds chattering in the gently rustling trees and the babbling stream next to the trail. Most of the people on the trail I’ve seen many times and make a point to say hello as I pass. Everyone uses the trail young, old, birdwatchers, families, groups of teenagers, serious runners – a very diverse group who seem to enjoy being outside.

I must admit that every once in a while I can’t help but notice an attractive lady. Hey, I’m a guy, so I can’t help but let a teenie fantasy run through my mind and then keep going – I’m here for the exercise. Often times I wonder if some of the ladies don’t have their own little fantasies.

Everything is relatively uneventful as I pedal, trying to take in the sounds and smells of the forest as I keep my legs in motion. Up ahead I see what looks to be someone sitting on a fallen log next to a bicycle laying on its side just off the pavement. As I get closer I notice its a person I’ve seen a number of times on the trail and have exchanged greetings.

As I pass I say my “Good Morning” and keep moving but glancingly notice that her bicycle has a bent rim and flat tire.

About 20 yards beyond her I debate whether I should stop to help her keep on going. I decide to stop and turn around pedaling back to her position sitting on the log. When I get to her I can’t help but notice she scraped her knee as well.

I tell her that I saw that her bike had a flat and asked if there was anything I could do to help her.

She hesitates a brief moment and shyly says “I think I’m OK but somehow I need to get the bike back to my car and my wrist and knee really hurt. Nothing broken but its hard for me to push the bike.”

I offer to help her take her bicycle back to her car. She thanks me and keeps apologizing for the inconvenience as I pick up her bike and start to push both of them back toward the parking area – about two miles away.

We start talking and she mentions that she has seen me a number of times on the trail and feels safe letting me help her.

“No problem”, I tell her.

As we walk casually discussing the quiet scenery, I see that she has a fairly substantial diamond on her left ring finger.

My glance must have been noticeable because she comments – “I’m married but my husband doesn’t like to be outdoors and we find ourselves pursing different interests.”

I nod trying to remain a bit indifferent to her comment. To my surprise she keeps the conversation going about her husband and marriage. More than I need to know but it sounds like a familiar story.

Finally she pauses and asks “What about you, are you married”?

I tell her I was for a long time, but I am currently divorced and add that I know what she is talking about when couples seem to drift apart.

After walking about a half mile we finally realize we don’t know each other’s names and almost simultaneously extend our hands in a greeting, announcing our respective names. Both look each other in the eye and laugh at the fact we omitted our formal introduction earlier in the conversation. After touching her and looking into her eyes I can sense the wheels of her mind were beginning to turn – like a thought just unexpectedly came over her.

A long pause in the conversation and she blurts out “My husband and I have drifted so far apart we don’t even do it anymore.”

“Do what?” I ask.

She laughs “Come on you know.”

“Oh, that.” I respond with a nervous snicker.

“You know I see a lot of guys on the trail and often have fantasies about what it would be like to – you know.”

I confide I often have the same thoughts and wonder if sometimes they are not mutual with the ladies.

“Are you kidding!?” she says loudly.

Now I notice that her breathing has gotten a bit more pronounced as if slightly out of breath and she pauses to nervously pull her long auburn hair back from her face. She is really quite attractive, brown eyes, an interesting nose – not tiny but it İstanbul Escort complements her face. She is about 5’4″ tall, in fairly good shape with a well proportioned body as accentuated by her spandex running tights. Very sexy and getting more so with each step we take together.

She tells me that she and her girl friends really get into talking about their fantasies.

“Like what” I sheepishly ask.

“Well, like meeting an attractive stranger on the bikepath and taking him into the woods for wild sex.”

“And is this your fantasy too?” I ask.

“Yes, and sometime when I get back home alone all sweaty from riding my bike, I strip naked and grab my hard little rubber friend for some wild action on the living room floor just thinking about some of the guys I saw.”

At this she stops, moves in front of me, after glancing up and down the bike path to see if anyone is in sight, and plants a wide open wet kiss over my lips. Her tongue pushes its way into my parted mouth as she closes her lips and emits a slow moan from deep in her heaving chest -“Mmmmmm.”

She grabs my crotch with her hand and starts to massage my growing penis through my running shorts. Seizing the moment I pull her closer and grab her ass with both hands pulling her closer to me, exchanging the deepness of her kiss sucking her tongue deeper into my mouth.

I move my hands under her tee shirt to her heaving breasts – her nipples are hard as diamonds. She moves her hand from outside of my shorts over the stretch band an proceeds to push her fingers to my bare cock which is now throbbing uncontrollably as she strokes it up and down in a milking motion. Reaching lower she places my testicles in her palm, squeezing them gently and rolling them from side to side.

My hands now descend from her nipples to her waistband where I pull it out a bit to allow me to get my hand to her crotch. She moves her hips back a bit to help me get to my goal and spreads her legs slightly parting her thighs as we stand in an embrace. The fingers of my right hand touch the top of her pussy and she moans, spreading her thighs a bit more and slightly bending her knees as if to give me better access. I slip my middle finger into her warm slit and can feel the hot wetness streaming over it – as if I opened a jar of warm honey. Her pussy is soft and to my amazement clean shaven past the patch of hair above her slit. The smoothness of my fingers running over her bald snatch dripping with her own lubrication is more than I can take. I push my finger deeper – its hot. I stretch my middle finger up behind her pubic bone to find her spot, where I begin to move it forward and backward putting pressure on the inside of her love canal with each motion.

We come back to our senses, stop, look around, my ears are ringing, I am hardly aware of where we are and I sense it its the same for her. We’re about 200 yards from the car. I suggest that I have a blanket in the car and we might be able to live her favorite fantasy right now, here in the woods. There’s a secluded spot I know of in the woods.

With barely a sound she quietly murmurs “Yes.”

Retrieving the blanket and walking to the spot seems like days – we can hardly keep our lips and hands from exploring each other’s body – pausing to exchange deep kisses as we walk in the forest.

Finally I spread out the blanket in the secluded spot, under a stand of large oak trees with patches of warm sunlight filtering through the leaves creating a quiltwork of shade and sun on the blanket.

We start to rip at each other’s clothes until I suggest she let me undress her first. I remove her tee shirt to see two firmly shaped small breasts with lovely pink nipples protruding outward about 1/4 inch. She throws her head back as I lick each nipple, lightly running my tongue over each, wetting each of them ever so lightly. I focus on her right breast and suck the nipple into my mouth gently rolling it around my tongue. As I am doing this my hands are now pulling down her spandex tights. She lifts her backside to help me and I roll them over her hips, down her smooth thighs and past her ankles. Removing my mouth from her nipples I finish taking off her shorts and shoes, pausing to massage each foot and run my fingers through her toes as I remove her socks.

I Bayan Escort tell her to lie back and enjoy the moment as I run my hands from her feet up the length of her inner thighs caressing her soft sensuous flesh as I move up and down several times. I pause with her lying on her back and me kneeling in front of her thighs and ask her what she wants me to do. She doesn’t answer but places both her hands on her pussy, gently pulling the lips apart to expose her pussy lips and clitoris, glistening in a patch of sunlight filtered through the trees. With her index finger she begins to stroke it, softly at first then vigorously in a circular motion pushing hard on the little protrusion. I get the message and move my lips closer to her pussy. The fragrance is one of musk and the scent of a hot woman mixed together.

I touch her clit with my tongue and she shivers “Oh yes”.

With both of my hands placed under her ass cheeks I lift her pelvis into the air two feet as I kneel, pulling her closer to me, resting her back on top of my kneeling thighs. Her pussy is right in front of my lips and ask her to drape her legs over my shoulders and relax.

“Open her eyes and watch me eat pussy” I gently whisper. Her head resting on the blanket provided a great viewing angle.

I begin by pushing my tongue deep into her vaginal cavity at the base of her pussy, just glancing the place where her pussy and ass meet. The taste is fantastic, thick with her juices I lap it up with loud audible slurps. Her bald pink pussy lips are now swollen and open as I send my tongue exploring into each fold and cavity. Every so often I pause to suck her labia into my mouth gently stretching it then releasing it – watching it slowly retract to assume its previous form. Then I move to her clit. Pulling apart the gentle pink lips I can see she is hot. Her clit is the size of a vitamin E capsule embedded within the upper creases of her pussy lips. A very pale pink in color, shiny and looking like its wants to explode. Gently licking at first I pull her lips aside and lightly suck it into my mouth enjoying the feel of its spongy texture.

Now she is going wild opening and closing her eyes trying her best not to miss the show but drifting back into complete bliss, squeezing my head between her thighs all the while. I pause to ask what she wants me to do.

She breathlessly replies by asking me to touch her ass – “I’ve never had that done before” she quietly exclaimed.

With that I give her pussy several long licks with the full breadth of my tongue from her ass to her clit before placing my middle finger at her anal opening. Gently massaging it, I don’t know if she wants me to penetrate or just stroke it.

She lets me know and orders me to push it in, “Stick your finger in my asshole”!

Its wet from her pussy and I have no trouble pushing my finger into her anus up to my second joint. Slowly moving it from side to side and pushing it slightly in an out all the while I resume my attention to sucking her clit between my lips. Pulling gently on it while flicking the little bud with the tip of my tongue I can feel her pussy start to cream. She shudders from head to toe, climaxing with my finger in her ass and lips suctioning her clitoris. Her ass tightens and literaly squeezes my finger out. A slight rush of wetness oozes from her cunt and flows over her ass as I reinsert my finger. She continues to spasm as her ass seems to pull my finger deeper into her cavity.

I can here her saying “Yes , yes , yes… oh god this is the best…” A silent pause and she simply orders, “Fuck me!”

I move back from her, letting her back rest on the blanket and have my clothes off in three seconds, my cock harder than a rock. Lowering myself on top of her I give her a very wet kiss on her open lips, she is panting but takes my tongue into her mouth sucking it as hard as she can.

My face must reek of pussy juice but it does not appear to bother her as she sucks on my tongue.

“Fuck me now” she pleads. She is so turned on she can’t wait. Grabbing my cock she pulls it with both hands to her gushing pussy.

I push the trobbing head in where my tongue had just been and penetrate past her lips into her inner canal. There is an intial tightness that opens to her vulva, wet and Eskort hot, I can feel the heat around my cock. Slowly I move in and out rotating my hips to touch every corner of her inner pussy. We can hear her cunt and my cock generating exquisite squishing sounds as I slowly push in and out. Her pussy is so wet and open it feels as though my testicles are entering her vagina with each motion.

I can feel my cock touching her cervix when I push in deeper – she moans with ecstasy each time it touches. I am building to a come, feeling my testicles tighten and sense that she is as well. My cock is pulsating uncontrollably as I pull it out momentarily with an audible pop. She tries to put it back in grabbing it wildly and pulling it to her wet hole.

In a moment of reality I ask if it is OK to come in her.

She pauses to think saying “I think so” I push it in again and can feel her entire body under me surge forward with my thrust.

“Uh, that’s better” she quietly whispers.

I begin fucking her slowly at first, steadily building to a fast in and out pace. The feeling of her wet smoothness is fantastic as my cock glides, entering and exiting over its full length. My cock head is growing large and I can feel it filling her cavern even more. Its getting tighter.

At the last moment I pull my cock out of her and rest it over her heaving stomach. It feels like it is exploding from within and cum shoots over her stomach, chest, neck and breasts, with the most well traveled droplets plopping on our respective faces. I’m temporarily relieved but still the excitement of being with this attractive stranger in the forest naked on a blanket leaves me hard and ready to go again almost immediately.

As I am about to relax a bit she tells me that she is a microsecond from coming again and needs to let go – NOW.

She says “I want to suck your cock as you eat me again – my husband doesn’t like to eat pussy and until now I had very little interest in sucking cock let alone tasting come. Hurry before I change my mind.”

She fips me on my back and places her pussy right over my face. I am inches away, and its not pink anymore but a deep red, the labia are big and flushed, her vagina is open from where my cock had just been and I can feel the heat of our friction on my face. It has a strong but sexy smell of a pussy that has just been fucked.

She lowers her cunt to my face and starts to grind back and forth. Her entire vagina gliding across my lips and tongue she pushes down hard with her pelvis covering me with her juices from nose to chin. At the same time she takes my cock in her mouth and begins to nibble on it.

Not too skilled – I tell her to pretend its a popsicle – “suck it in and out moving your tongue around.”

She obliges and soon my hips are pushing my cock deeper into her mouth with each in and out motion – she seems to be liking it more and the feeling is fantastic. She is getting into it – sucking on the head and working her way down the shaft until it is deep in her oral cavity. Locked in our 69 we’re both approaching orgasm. Just as I am about to shoot a second load of white cream into her mouth I push my index finger to her cute little ass-bud.

I feel wetness engulfing my face as she begins to shudder from head to toe. The taste is a bit saltier now as I lap up every delicious drop from her pussy.

As I come my second time I am amazed that she does not pull away. At first she loosens her mouth’s grip around my cock as if to consider pulling it out. As the first traces of cum reaches her tongue its almost as if she discovered a new taste – she sucks it all down, pausing to run her tongue across my testicles, she pumps my cock to coax out every drop before licking the last streams rolling off the head. I can’t see her but its almost like she is telling herself she did a good job and it was much better than she would like to admit – admiring her work so to speak.

We pause to relax and savor the moment holding each other as we lie on the blanket looking up at the clouds pass over the trees. “I never had anyone eat my pussy like that before, nor have I let my husband come in my mouth. “Its just something we don’t do at home.”

I respond by saying “I’m just glad you had that flat tire. What other things don’t you do at home with your husband?”

She responds with a slight snicker, “Well I would love to tell you more but must go now, would you like to meet tomorrow and we can resume our discussion”?

“Yes”, is the only response I can muster at the moment.

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