The Beta Effect

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Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Jake frowned, dragging his feet as he approached the vaccination setting, which had been set up like when they did the annual flu shots. Although he’d not have any trouble getting those in the past, something about that time had him slowing down, hanging back behind his family, his mother, sister and, of course, his father too. There was a definite family resemblance between him and his sister, Hannah, with their blonde hair that was lighter in summer than winter, though he appeared more unkempt than her after not being able to get a haircut for a while. Hopefully, however, that would not be a problem for much longer. Their builds were similar too, in the middle, though Hannah had a hint of curve to her while their mother was slim, like a model out of a magazine.

His father, well… They had not taken after him when it came to his darker brown hair, though his strong personality most certainly had been passed on to Hannah. Their mother, Susanne, was more easy-going, though even she was relieved that they would all be vaccinated, considering how things were looking for them with the coming winter. She just wanted everyone to be safe, always looking out for them, her hair the lightest of all, though she thought that they didn’t know that she dyed it. Of course, she dyed it. The boxes never were all that well hidden in the bathroom bin, to be fair.

“Come on, Jake, hurry up.”

He dragged behind, hanging back, rubbing his arm, even though he should have been as keen to get it as they were. Shots were never fun, though he hadn’t had any trouble with them before. For that one, however, things were different.

The thing was, there were reports of some side effects coming in, side effects for men that, well… They weren’t the best, to put it mildly. Changes in personality, how they behaved, becoming…less of men.

He waited in line for his turn, everyone else in his family getting the jab before him and, to be fair, it was not that bad. A little prick and a sting and, well, that was the extent of it. He held his breath until it was done, hardly able to believe that he did not even feel lightheaded at all, which was a very good thing for him. He did feel that he overreacted to it at all, which was positive for him, at least allowing him to slump down in his room later that night, settling in for a spot of video gaming. It helped take his mind off his throbbing arm.

Yet Jake might have been right not to get his vaccine, for that day was the day that things went wrong for him.

It happened slowly, if one could consider a gradual progression slow. He thought he was just having side effects from the vaccine at first, just like when he got the flu one, his body responding and heating up, a little fever, a little soreness, nothing major really. It was just a jab and everyone was getting it, something that would better their lives, even though Jake could not have said, later on, that that would be the case for him anymore.

“Mom, can you help me put this away?”

It felt pathetic for him to ask his mother to help him put a jar back on a high shelf, but his arm hurt so much where the needle had gone in and there simply wasn’t the strength in him anymore. It didn’t make sense, but his mother smiled warmly and helped him anyway, hugging him softly — not too hard in case she hurt him, of course. Susanne was always thinking of things like that, even though he was an adult and didn’t think that he needed to be coddled anymore.

“Don’t worry, darling, why don’t you go back to bed and I’ll bring you up some hot chicken noodle soup?”

Well, maybe feeling a bit rough after a vaccination wasn’t all that bad if that was the reaction he got from it. He hugged her again, though his mother seemed…different, somehow. As if she was warmer, a little nicer to hug all over again, maybe not as thin as before? Maybe she was trying a new diet or workout, though that most certainly was not something for Jake to dwell on — she was his mother! No, no, no, he would do well not to worry one bit about that, putting all thoughts of that ilk straight from his mind.

But things were changing, his body no longer feeling like his. Any muscle mass that he’d felt that he had had at all slowly slipped away, day by day, and it was not just things on high shelves that he could no longer lift. It was normal things, though he still thought that he just had to be recovering, struggling to get the milk out of the fridge.

That did not last, but other things slipped away, his muscle mass not coming back while his mother and sister… Well, to say that they grew would have been an understatement. Their breasts obviously grew, straining over the tops of the shirts that they usually wore, though it was not the focus to him as their bodies shifted and changed. They didn’t seem to be eating anything more than usual, though their bodies certainly did not respond as if all was the same, their backsides kırıkkale escort expanding rapidly, straining at their jeans. Maybe it was only so noticeable to Jake because he was with them every day, but he didn’t know what else to say. Was he supposed to take them shopping or something, to help them out? That was a strange thought for him to have, not the kind of subservience that he would have usually felt, but it felt more “right” to him to be looking after them. And they had to have known that their clothes were suddenly too small for them too!

Thicker and thicker… Oh, it was impossible to deny, as much as Jake might have liked to, swallowing a whimper as his mother entered the kitchen, where he was making himself a snack, with only a long T-shirt on and a pair of bikini bottoms.


“What, honey? Are you still not feeling well? We really should get you back to the doctor, just to make sure everything is okay…”

Yet he was learning more and more about the side effects that happened to only one per cent of males in his situation, to his horror, the twisted nature of it roiling and curling in the pit of his stomach, not something that he wanted to remember, not in the slightest. His mother didn’t seem to care about modesty anymore either, flaunting what she had, her arse so big that the bikini bottom strings were stretched to their extent, when they had been a good fit before — or so he supposed. Jake had never really looked all that closely at his mother in her clothes before, not in…that way.

But it was there, a pull to her, an attraction that should not have been there, even as his sister proved to be the same. His sis, well… It was more normal, kind of, for her to walk around half undressed, though he always tried to get her to cover up the bare minimum, especially when her boyfriend around. Yet it felt more wrong than ever to have her lounging on the sofa in a thong, her legs kicked up over her boyfriend’s lap as he leaned back into the cushions and smirked. He’d had his jab too, of course, but nothing like what had happened to Jake had happened to him. To all intents and purposes, the rough looking “wannabe punk but not really there” was the same as always.

“Hey, Jakie.”

To his horror, he snapped to attention.


“Get us some food.”

He wanted to protest but it didn’t feel right or worth it to push back, not in any way, his eyes lingering a little too long on his sister’s wider hips, the plumpness of her backside making her body look bottom-heavy, but in the most excellent of ways. Jake shivered with the need to please, a hit of endorphins flooding him from simply doing what they wanted. Even though he didn’t really want to be sorting them food, running around after them, doing everything else that everyone wanted him to do…he couldn’t keep away the thought that, simply, as it was, it felt good.

Was that enough? Was it okay that that was happening to him?

“Oh dear!”

His mother frowned at the kitchen sink, though she didn’t do many dishes anymore. Somehow, Jake was always first to get to them, wanting to do them for her, to make her life easier in any way that he could. That it helped him steal more glimpses of her thick, curvy body, the rise of her thighs and butt the most alluring, was merely a bonus, he told himself. It wasn’t wrong, not when he wasn’t doing anything else.

“What’s wrong, mom?”

Help, yes, in some way, he wanted to help. But what she wanted help with was not something that, typically, a son of his adult years would ever have helped with. She drew her T-shirt off, revealing what he’d already known in that she was not wearing a bra underneath, the heavy swell of her breasts spilling forth. He gasped, stumbling back into the kitchen counter, but only found himself trapped between the wooden table, where they had breakfast most normally, and her body.

“Jake, honey, you can help me out with this, can’t you?”

She crooned, hefting her breasts towards him, though the weight of them was surely enough, with her increased growth to go up several cup sizes from a respectable thirty-four C (which she had been before) to…who knew what? She didn’t wear bras anymore, as far as Jake was aware, yet her nipples were swollen and a darker shade of pink than they should have been, standing out obviously from the rest of her pale skin, a tan line across the top of her chest.

“Mom! I can get you…a towel?”

For that was the only thing that Jake could think of helping her out with, for her tits were leaking and dribbling milk without any stimulation at all, as if the flow of it could not be stopped. To his horror (and even more horrified arousal, the length of his shaft half plumping full of blood), she drew him in against her chest, grabbing the back of his head, laughing out loud.

“Jake, you can do this for mom, can’t you? Be a good boy… Oh, there’s so much pressure in there!”

He didn’t know how it was for a woman who was lactating and, frankly, kırıkkale escort bayan could have gone his whole life without knowing, but there was something about helping, about serving, about simply…doing what he was told… That was good. And that could be good without being anything else, he hoped, thinking to himself, his lips forming a suckle reflex by instinct alone, though his mind was not actively asking his body to do such things. It was unexpected and so, so wrong yet any inhibitions that had been in place before, very fair inhibitions when it came to family, slipped away as he suckled down her breast milk.

It wasn’t sexual, he tried to tell himself, even if it was. The way that his lips closed around her nipple, sharing his subservience to her between both of her breasts, felt more intimate than it should have, his mind swirling and bouncing back and forth with mixed emotion. Jake groaned, trying not to feel too much, trying not to think too much, though that moment alone was the start of something far beyond what Jake could have ever expected to come from the vaccination.

His mother began using him to relieve her milky breasts daily after that, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, which gave Jake a prime view of how her body was changing. Susanne’s breasts were so large that she didn’t bother buying new bras and Jake had stopped offering to take her to buy new clothes, as wearing less and less on her thick body was the new order of the day in every way. His father was around, of course, Steve, but, well…he was not the sort to notice and help with that sort of thing. He hadn’t changed that much.

But the women of the family and Jake? Oh, their changes could not be denied and would not be…

“Yes… Ohhh! Harder!”

It was stereotypical how her cries came forth and Jake knew that he should have retreated to his room, put his headphones on, pretended that he didn’t hear anything. Heck, maybe he should even be thinking about getting his own place if that sort of thing was going to go on more frequently like that. And it was, if the knocking of his parents’ headboard against the wall was anything to go on.

Yet to get to his bedroom he needed to go past his parents’ room and that alone was his undoing. He hesitated as he passed the open door — why was it open? That didn’t make sense, but neither did him pausing to go and close it, reaching out for it as his eyes raked over the form of his mother on all fours, taking his father in her pussy.

Her cries caught him and his heart lifted, strangely, to know she was happy, warming him through, toes curling, glad to be where he was. Jake didn’t have to understand any of those sensations or emotions for them to be present, as confusing as they were when his whole body and mind was changing without his consent. But it felt good to watch, so he paused a moment more, the cuckold in the room, the one there that, truly, did not have a partner to be with.

That left him out, set him aside. Yet that no longer was to be such a bad thing.

His father grunted as he powered over their mother, leaning into her, though he couldn’t hear what Steve whispered, though it made his mother giggle. That meant it had to be a good thing at least, something that made her happy, Jake’s lips twitching in a smile. But why was he watching? And why weren’t sending him away? In the “before times”, anyone catching their parents having sex should have been disgusted, and yet it rendered him helpless, hypnotising by the smooth slide and glide of his father’s shaft taking his mother.

It was not something that a son should ever have seen, and yet moments like that could not be taken back as his father gasped, the thick flesh of his mother’s backside trembling as he slipped out, his length slapping her buttocks. It left a smear of pre-cum in its wake, their combined sexual fluids slickening the length of Steve’s moderately sized shaft, and Jake gasped, taking a step back. Time to get going!

“Oh, Jake… Honey.”

His mother’s eyes caught his and she smiled warmly, suddenly the soft, nurturing mother that he remembered all along, everything in her touch gentle and light.

“Come here… Help dad back into me, sweetie, okay? Be good now.”

He baulked. Why was that necessary? Couldn’t his father see what he was doing? Not that either of those things should have been his first thoughts there, but his mother asked him to come, waving him on, his father grinning and shaking his head.

“Come on, Jake, earn your keep.”

He was jovial and loving, but it was not a side, in the buff, that he had ever seen of his father before, a strange side, a side that didn’t seem “right” at all.

“Jake, don’t be so silly, come over here and help! You’re making a fuss over nothing, darling.”

It wasn’t necessary, yet helping seemed like the quickest way to get off and along his way, grunting as he dragged his feet into the room. It was just like being asked to do a chore that he didn’t escort kırıkkale want to do, though it was rare that his cheeks burned with embarrassment if he was ever asked to do the dishes or similar. Helping his father penetrate his mother, well… That was something hugely different.

His hand closed on his father’s length and his dad grinned, though he otherwise seemed like just his father, even if things in the household could not be denied to have shifted. There was something different there and maybe, in time, it would become more apparent what had happened, though he could only go with it, go with the flow, the feel of his mother’s big, firm buttocks teasing up against the back of his hand too much to bear.

Jake’s fingers tingled, wanting to squeeze and grope, though he didn’t quite feel that there was anything he could do, anything he should do. None of them was his partner, not really. He was only there to help. That was what a beta male did.

Thus, he acted like one, helping guide his father into his mother to keep thrusting and fucking her doggystyle as if it was an everyday thing. Who knew — maybe for his father and mother it was? Jake wasn’t sure whether that made it better or worse, but it made it something, something that he had to deal with.

They fucked as if he wasn’t there and he got to watch, his mother flinging out her hand, the pillows knocked aside. His father was everything but the man he had been to Jake, for he got to see him in a new way in the throes of sex — but it was how his mother responded to him, of course, that claimed Jake’s attention the most. How her flesh trembled deliciously when he slapped his hips up against her buttocks, her thicker backside, hips and thighs drawing the eye, her breasts swinging down under her on all fours, tipped with perfect, pink nipples.

Jake didn’t even bother to stifle his groan, helpless, fussing, trying to leave, but his mother called him back every time he tried to.

“Back here, Jake, I might need you.”

Yet there was such a look of warmth and love in his eyes that his heart tugged for her in that mother-son way, the way that made him want to see her smile. He wanted his mother to be proud of him and things were different, his stomach twisting itself up into knots, though his shaft was only half-hard at his crotch, almost as if his body was not actually that turned on. but the aching, prickling, tingling heat bringing a rise of glistening perspiration to his skin told a different tale, a moan on his lips as, after fucking his mother doggystyle, she was turned on her back.

That didn’t give her much to hold onto, however, splayed out across the width of the bed, sheets rumpled under her, twisted up. It was wrong to stay and yet Jake was in far, far too deep to back out, even if there was no longer any horror entwined in him as to what he was watching. It was hard to be horrified when there was such a big part of him that lusted for it so damn much.

On her back, his mother’s legs were pushed up as his father moved between them, moving as if he had taken that strength from Jake that he didn’t understand, not yet, that he had lost forever. His cock throbbed, but his hand did not move to it, forever the voyeur, the span and scope of his world forever changed.

“Ah… Jake… Jake, hold my hand, honey…”

His mother’s breasts leaked milk and he had wondered if he was going to be asked to clean that up — but would that even be right in front of his father? His dad hadn’t said anything at all about him suckling from his lactating mother and things… Oh, his head hurt just thinking about it!

Things were right and not right at the same time and that was how Jake came to find himself holding his mother’s hand while she screamed in climax, toes curling, legs shaking, her bosom heaving with every deliriously snatched breath. A necklace that Jake had given her for one birthday hung around her neck, though it bobbed and jostled as if forgotten, a cast aside remnant of the man in the family that her son once had been.

It would be taken off eventually, loved and kissed, stored softly and secretly in her jewellery box. But any more from her cuckold son would not be worn again.

The world became aware of the changes in men and women as a result of the vaccination, the strength that women gained in it, the comforting power and confidence — all in a good way, of course. When there were such positive effects, such women rising to positions of authority with a smile on their faces and their bodies showing just what the injection had done to them, it was hard for the world to worry that much about the men who had been left behind. The men like Jake who stood in front of the floor-length mirrors, turning one way and then the other, wondering why they looked so different, why they could no longer keep on any muscle mass, why their cocks were…smaller. Even their balls were more petite than ever before, appearing as a softer, lighter sack of skin, shrinking more and more, the virility gone from them. There was even speculation that the men who had been affected badly would not be able to father children, but there was no worry about that. After all, the news reports said, beta males would not need to father children when there were so many others capable of the task. It was only one per cent.

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