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The Best Way to Wake Up

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After closing and locking the door behind me, I toss my coat and CDs on the couch and move to turn on the light when I notice your things lying there also. I move to look down the hall into the bedroom, but the light’s out and there is only silence. I opt not turn on the lamp and instead wait for my eyes to adjust to the darkness before walking slowly to the bedroom.

In the dim moonlight, I see you in my bed. You’re on your side, one arm under a pillow and the other over your head and I can tell you are asleep by the rhythmic rise and fall of your body. The sheets and blankets are only pulled as high as your waist and you are bare above that. Your stretched position appeals to me immediately; the curve of your breast from the side attracts my eye.

In the moments to follow, as I quietly, but quickly remove my shoes, shirt and jeans and toss them aside, I realize what must have happened. I’d asked you to come by this evening, but you’d said you were working later than usual. My regular night out with the gang was often over hours before now, but since I assumed I wouldn’t be seeing you, I stayed longer. Apparently, you got off earlier than expected or simply told me a white lie so you could surprise me…and considering your current place and state of undress had planned this to be a fun night indeed. I feel guilty for a moment that I must have ruined your ideas…that you’d been waiting here for me for so long, you’d simply fallen asleep.

Standing there in my boxers looking at your semi-nude form, that guilt begins to drain away, replaced by something more. It’s been almost a week since we last had some intimate time and for us and our considerably voracious sexual appetites, that’s a week too long. I want you. Now. You may have fallen asleep a little annoyed at me for not being back sooner. You may not feel well or simply didn’t want to sleep alone, but I promise to myself and silently to you that I’ll make it all up to you very quickly. I drop my boxers as well.

I lift the sheets and slide into the warm bed with you. I move with purpose and yearning intent but still smoothly enough to avoid waking you yet. You sense my presence in your slumber and shift slightly. A soft, almost inaudible muttering escapes your lips as you shift slightly, the covers sliding further from your body. I happily note that you are indeed completely naked and my cock noticeably twitches in rapidly growing erection. I am so insanely hot and horny for you right now.

I approach you, hands outstretched, but I pause, unsure how and where to touch you first. I slowly spread my fingers across your smooth back and the heat and feel İstanbul Escort of you nearly pushes me over the edge. All I can think about is plunging deep inside you and fucking you until I come hard and loud, but I restrain…for just the moment. I caress your back and sides for a few moments, one hand straying downward, over the curve of your hip to your thigh. You stir a bit more as I move closer, needing to feel that warmth against my skin. I press close to you as I bend my head to place a series of soft kisses on the back of your neck. You move a little more now, but I can tell it’s still in sleep, responding to however my actions have intruded into your dreams. You roll into me a bit and I take the opportunity to slip my hand from your thigh to your lower belly and further… I’m taken momentarily by surprise when I realize there is no hair on the way.

“You sexy thing, you,” I whisper as I nuzzle your shoulder and breathe in the scent of your hair. You did have some plans in store for me and I’m more determined than ever to make sure they weren’t for naught.

My fingers find your freshly shaved pussy rapidly moistening, as your body responds to what it isn’t even fully aware of. I slide the palm of my hand over your wet heat and hold it there as I press my own arousal against you from behind. My cock is so hard, almost aching. I don’t think I can take this simple foreplay much longer. My lips are on your neck again, my free hand pushing your hair aside so I can kiss just behind your ear. Almost simultaneously, I push my middle finger between your slick lips and inside you, as far and deep as I can go in one quick motion. It’s at that moment that you awaken with a loud and sexy moan and seem to melt against me. You look over your shoulder at me, your eyes a mix of groggy confusion and shocked delight. I smile at you and roll you just far enough to place a quick, hard kiss on your lips before pushing you away with a tender roughness onto your stomach, my hand leaving your by now very aroused pussy.

You seem to pout with displeasure into the pillow as I pull my body from yours, reaching back blindly and managing to grasp my hot cock for a moment. I push your hand away, albeit reluctantly. I’m in control right now. I push my hand beneath you and signal you to raise the lower half of your body. You scramble to your elbows and knees and I’m pretty sure I hear a mumbled, desperate “please.”

In the faint light, with now quite adjusted eyes, I gaze at your smooth, glistening slit and literally lick my lips. That shouldn’t go entirely to waste and I just want a taste before I take you. I press my Anadolu Yakası Escort lips to yours and flick my tongue from bow to stern, nearly drinking you, you’re so wet. “Oh, god,” you cry out as I lap a few more times before giving your clit a few quick flicks. I need more, though, and I think you do, too.

I quickly get to my knees behind you and guide myself to your hole. As my hands grip your hips, I feel your body tense and shake with anticipation. I don’t keep you waiting, pushing into you in one quick thrust, and filling you as far as I can, maybe farther than ever before as I’ve never felt this hard, this absolutely potent and needing to be inside you. Gods, you feel so good around me, so hot, smooth and tight. It takes all my willpower not to just let go right now, but I’m thinking about you first as I begin pulling back again, until just the head of me is still in you. As I push back in again, you suddenly slam back against me, almost knocking me off balance. So that’s how this is going to be… I don’t remember the last time I’d seen you this excited and I’m still not sure you’re even fully awake.

The following moments are filled with nothing but the sound of my stomach slapping against your ass as we fuck in unison. Your head is bowed to the bed as you concentrate on meeting my every thrust; briefs moans, cries and profanities coming at random intervals. I feel you tense again, and you suddenly toss your head back, gasping and pushing even faster and harder. You’re close, I can feel it. I reach forward and grab a handful of your hair, tugging it as I pump away. I feel your pussy clenching around me and you call out and ram against me one last time as you come. I hold you there, flexing my cock inside you, loving the feel of your body as you shudder through the ripples of pleasure.

A few moments later, you relax and collapse slightly on the bed, your ass still up in the air, my still hard shaft buried deep within you. I hold there, near Zen-like in my patience and longing. I’m not sure how, but I wait for you to recover and look back at me, hair askew around your beautiful, glowing face.

“You didn’t cum, did you?” you ask between breaths. I simply shake my head no.

“Awww…” you sob. You suddenly detach from me and whip around, rising on your own knees and pressing your breasts to my chest. Your mouth finds mine in an impulsive, almost sloppy kiss. I hold you tightly to me as we make out for a couple minutes, your hand wrapping around my hardness between us and only subtly stroking it. You don’t want me to come quite yet, either.

You break the kiss and trail Kartal Escort your lips down my chest. I feel you grip my length in your fist and as I look down your open your mouth and take me in, your tongue swirling my head, likely finding some precum mixed with your own juices. You bob on me for a few moments before I’m forced to push you away, ever so gently. You gaze up at me with questioning eyes.

“Lay back, love,” I tell you and you obey, getting comfortable and opening yourself to me. I move above you, my raging manhood steering me right back into you. I wrap you in my arms as I enter and you sigh and press your head to my shoulder. I whisper something sweet, sexy and dirty in your ear and you groan and giggle slightly at it.

I begin flexing my abs, sliding in and out with rhythm, increasing the speed and depth and urgency each time. My head is rubbing along your tunnel, tweaking just the right spots that make your shiver. I feel my own pleasure building by the second and I long to come in you, but I plan for you to do so again, too.

After a few more thrusts, I lift myself from you and reach down to your legs, pulling them up a bit. You understand, raising and bending your knees toward your chest. Now I can get even deeper within as I position myself for the best angle to begin pounding away at you. I do so, and you cry out over and over as I fuck you harder than I’ve ever done so before. The room is alive with the energy of us–the sounds, the smells, the movement of our bodies and the bed. It doesn’t take much of this before I feel myself giving in.

“Ohh…baby…baby, I’m gonna cum…”

“Yes…yes…me, too…yes…please…”

I call out as the intense orgasm takes me. I grunt, growl and groan with each thrust that empties me within you as you scream out in your own release. This is pleasure in its rawest, sexiest form–two lovers coming together in mad, passionate, hungry ecstasy. The moment seems to stretch forever before we move again, your legs falling limply down and me collapsing heavily upon you. We are sweaty, gulping air and fatigued beyond belief and I can only hope you feel half as satisfied and complete as I do right now. I’m still in you, twitchy and throbbing as I slowly subside, the feelings almost too much for me to take.

I don’t know how long it is before I lift my head from your breast and gaze at you. You look back at me for a long moment, smiling.

“Well, that’s a hell of a wake up,” you laugh before grabbing my face and kissing me playfully.

I return the kisses with the same joy. “What’s a guy supposed to do when there’s a hot naked girl in his bed when he gets home?”

No more words are exchanged as we kiss and touch and hold one another. Eventually, I slip from you and roll to your side and you cuddle close to me. Sleep takes us both quickly and deeply. As my mind clouds, I can only imagine what the morning will bring…

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